Being Nice to the Naughty

Big Dicks

“Your turn, ” I said as I pointed the child towards Santa. “Don’t for get to tell him you’ve been good.”

The thin young girl with blonde hair and a runny nose gave me a nervous smile and walked toward Santa, climbed on his lap, and started blabbering away. I could hear true joy in Santa’s laugh.

I turned and started to tally the sales for the day, December 23rd. I usually love Christmas and the whole holiday season. But twelve hour days since Thanksgiving were taking a toll. One more day. This day had been the best yet, with parents flooding the store for last minute buys and to get the kids to see Santa. We had sold nearly three hundred photo packages this week.

“Ho, ho, ho,” Santa said to me, so close to my ear that I swear I jumped a foot off the ground.

“Do that again, and you’ll be working solo for the last day,” I said when I finally had a heart rate under one hundred.

“Just trying to spread some cheer. “

“Save it, will you.”

“Sounds like we’ve got a grumpy elf here. A cute elf, but grumpy.”

Santa stepped back and his eyes danced across my body. I felt my face blush. The guys who ran Santa’s Workshop were regular elves, curly shoes, striped leggings, and green felt shorts and smocks. Nothing attractive about the look at all. Someone in marketing figured that if the girl elves looked sexy, the fathers would stay longer, buy photos and spend more money on the kids. So I was wearing a tight, candy cane body suit, with a micro mini that barely covered my ass and a low cut smock that had my breasts prominently displayed. I think the look explained the personal best one hundred and twenty photo packages that I had sold. The winner was getting a gift card. Also, I tended to “casually” brush my ass against the fathers when extolling the virtues of the photo package.

“Just remember, grumpy elves don’t get on the nice list.”

I looked at Santa. We had been working together seven days a week, five straight weeks. I don’t know if the store couldn’t afford to hire more than one guy, or he was like me: out of work and needing the cash and willing to work eighty hours a week at a little more than minimum wage. I was tired. Tired of parents bitching about the line or the toy selection or their kids. I was tired of whining children who slobbered and coughed and fussed the whole time they waited for Santa. I’d put them all on the naughty list and give the old guy an easier gig on Christmas Eve.

Despite all of that, there was still a smile in the old man’s eyes. He wasn’t really old, but he had to be fifty. He wasn’t some twenty year old with a bad wig and a fake beard. It was his hair and his beard. His entire face smiled with his eyes. He smiled naturally. I had to fake it.

“Yeah, the nice elves get the gifts, but the naughty elves have more fun. I’ll try to be better tomorrow, Santa. I promise.”

No one really wants to work on Christmas Eve, but I got there knowing it was a short day. And the last one. A lot of people want to shop, trying to find that last minute gift. When people have real shopping, there is literally no tomorrow, they tend to leave the kids at home. Santa did not have a lot of visitors that day.

We had an hour to go and the store wouldn’t let us close up shop. Who knew, we might sell one more photo package.

“You haven’t told Santa what you want,” Santa said when we were the only ones left in our area.

We had been together all these weeks and he still referred to himself in the third person. He had never come up to me and said, “I’m Bill or Mike or Ed.” No, he was Santa. He didn’t wear a goofy name badge like all of the elves; I was named ‘Sparkle Toes’. No, he was Santa and played the role from the moment he walked onto the floor.

“Tell me what you want,” he said. He threw back his arm, offering me his lap for a place to sit and give him my wish list.

“It’s all right; I don’t need to tell you.”

“But I want to know. Especially about naughty girls having more fun.” His eyes smiled again.

I looked at my watch. Thirty minutes. There was no one in line.

“Randi, how am I going to make sure that you get what you want if you don’t tell me?”

I stared at him. Hard. I had not told anyone my name. No one really cared anyway, but I was “Sparkle Toes” the elf, not Randi.

“How şişli escort did you …”

“Santa knows.”

“Yeah, what else does Santa know?”

“Well, I know that you work hard with the children here every day. I know you never complain about the parents, at least not out loud.”

“Well, that’s not much.” I turned and walked away from him and back to the register area.

“I know that Brad left you four months ago.”

I stopped and turned. “How did …. I never told …. What are you ….”

“Santa knows. Come over here and tell me more.”

I slowly walked back to him and he patted his left thigh. I sat down and he placed his hand on my back. I looked at him, his blue eyes sparkled.

“So, what would you like from Santa this year?”

“A job would be great.”


“A real job, something that made me happy to get up in the morning. And a new car.”

“A new one?”

“Well it can be used, just something that starts so I don’t have to take the bus.”


“And give Brad a bad case of impotence that no pill will fix and let’s see how long that new slut stays with him when he can’t get it up any more.”

“I don’t know who started the coal and switches story. I don’t punish people. There’s some good in everyone.”

“Well, not Brad.”

“Well, then he just won’t get anything this year.”

“Yeah, right. At least he’ll be getting laid.”

“Well, I can’t …”

“You try going four months without getting laid. You know what I really want for Christmas? I want a new vibrator. And maybe a nice new dildo. And I can be naughty whenever I want and not worry about Brad or any other guy for that matter.”

Santa blushed.

I looked at my watch. It was quitting time.

“You be careful with that sled on the way home tonight,” I said as I took off my elf hat for the last time and shook out my hair.

It had started to snow while I was at work and I decided to walk home from the store. My job was done, I was alone for the holiday, and in the morning I would be unemployed again. My cat Sammie greeted me at the door, rubbing against my legs. I scratched behind her ears and she started to purr. I poured a glass of eggnog, topped it off with some bourbon that Brad had left behind. I got in bed, pulled the covers over my body and started reading a trashy romantic e book. It was a good trashy. Not just stirring loins and heaving breasts. I mean a story when the sparks flew there was nothing left to the imagination trashy. It talked about big cocks and tight pussies and what happened when the two got together.

The bourbon, the warm cozy bed, and the book got me horny. After reading the third chapter when the two main characters were going at it in the back seat of their car, I couldn’t help myself. I put the book down and pushed down my sweat pants and slid off my panties. I closed my eyes and imagined myself in the back of the car, some sweaty, well hung guy pinching my nipples, squeezing my ass, and trying to shove his big cock into my tight wet pussy. My hands slid down my body and while gently twisting my right nipple, my right hand started playing with my clit. I circled my clit first, wetting my finger with the warm nectar from my pussy and then making small circles around it. I touched my clit, softly at first, then harder, finally brushing my fingers back and forth across the small bud. It greeted me like an electrical shock, a sudden surge from my pussy to my back, a glorious sensation of ache and warmth, and I arched my back and gave out a small cry of pleasure and collapsed back to the bed.

Sammie jumped on the bed to make sure I was all right.

“Nothing’s wrong. Mommy’s just giving herself a gift,” I said as I pulled up my panties and sweat pants and went back for more eggnog and bourbon.

That was how I spent my Christmas Eve. In bed, getting a good buzz going, and every hour or so jilling off to some sexy story on my e reader.

At ten o’clock I finally fed the cat and made myself a peanut butter sandwich. I wanted eggnog, but the bottle was empty. I looked out the window and saw the snow continue to fall and everything was wrapped in a soft snow blanket. The street was empty and the apartment was quiet. I changed into my nightgown and crawled into bed.

The istanbul escort room was dark when Sammie jumped on the bed and started licking my face. I was sleepy and hung over and the licking was really annoying.

“Merry Christmas Randi,” the voice said.

I sat up in the bed. Suddenly awake. Suddenly a little more sober.

“You’re my last stop,” the voice said from the door.

“Get out, get away, I’ll scream,” I said trying to find the light switch for my table lamp.

“Ho, ho, ho don’t scream.”

“Santa?” I said, turning on the light.

There he stood at the door. Decked out like I had last seen him, wearing the suit and the hat. There was snow on sleeves of his coat and his shoes. He had a small white cloth bag in his hand.

“I don’t know how the hell you got in this apartment, but get out right now or I’ll call the police.” I reached for my cell phone.

“Got your gifts right here.” He reached into the bag and pulled out a business card and handed it to me. “Call her in the morning and she’ll tell you when you’re starting work. It’s a preschool program, at risk kids. I think it will work for you.”

I stared at the card. It was a real place, it was down the street. He handed me a small box. I shook it.

“Open it.”

I tore through the wrapping paper and a set of car keys fell into my hand. He motioned me to the window. I pulled back the curtains and looked at the street. A red Toyota coupe, not a flake of snow on it, sat at the street light.

“Late model, low mileage, has an extended warranty,” he said, the blue eyes smiling.

I turned toward him and put my hands on my hips. I suddenly realized that I was standing there in my nightie and he was dressed. I had threatened to call the cops, now I didn’t care that his melting snow was leaving water all over the floor. He reached into the bag and pulled out another box and handed it to me. I shook it and felt something slide around in the box. He laughed out loud.

I opened it and took out a classic silver seven inch vibrator. I turned the handle and it started to shake in my hand. I started to laugh. I turned it off and placed it on the bedside stand. I stepped over and threw my arms around him and he hugged me.

“Thanks, Santa, for the best Christmas ever.”

We stood there for a few moments. I leaned my head on his chest.

“You probably need to get going, Mrs. Santa is probably wondering where you are.”

“There is no Mrs. Santa.”


He slid his hands down my back and came to rest on my ass. I looked up at him and placed my finger on his lips and then I left the room. When I came back in the room, he was standing in the same spot.

“Ho, ho, ho,” he said as he looked at me, his eyes starting at my face and slowly drifting down my body. I was in my elf costume.

“It seems like Santa has been very, very good this year. And he has brought joy to even the naughty girls. So, this naughty girl needs to thank him.”

I stepped up to him and started to unbutton his coat. He tried to help, but I stopped him and continued to take off his coat. The beard and hair were real, but the bulk was padding and there was a thin Santa under the coat. I slipped off his suspenders and unbuckled the pants. They dropped to the floor. I pushed him back onto the bed, pulling down the candy cane underwear as he fell onto the bed. He kicked off the boots and tugged off the pants. There sitting on the bed was a naked man with a big cock. I had been reading all afternoon. I knew exactly what to do.

I got on my knees and placed my hands on his thighs. There was no foreplay. No pretense. No teasing. I grabbed his hard cock and put it in my mouth and started sucking. I licked his cock, getting it wet in my hand and stroked it with my small hand as I licked and sucked the head. I took his balls and rubbed them while I sucked. He moaned and fell back. I moved closer and kept sucking. I stepped back and watched as I jerked him, my hand sliding fast up and down his hard wet cock. My pussy tingled as I watched what I was doing to him. He had some thick precum appear and I leaned forward and licked it. It was thick and warm and salty. I grabbed my nipple and twisted it, just like I had earlier in the day. But unlike then, when I only imagined mecidiyeköy escort the sex, I was there between his legs, jerking his cock and twisting my nipple.

It had never happened to me before, but I was really getting off on the hand job. I looked in his face and the blue eyes were glazed as I sensed mine were. I never touched my clit but the sight and smell and jerking that huge cock gave me an orgasm, starting in my pussy and shooting up to my breasts.

“Santa, I want your cum. Give it to me.”

I stood up, standing over him, his cock in my hand.

“Give it to me!”

I leaned over and took him in my mouth again, my tongue licking across the head of his cock, my handing sliding up and down the shaft. I took him out of my mouth and looked at him. “Give it to me,” I hissed. I spit on his cock and moved my hand up and down. He had not made a sound during the entire time, but he started to moan. I smiled and took him in my mouth just as he shot into it, spurt after spurt of hot thick cum. I swallowed it.

I fell onto him and started to kiss him, my tongue pushing against his, his cum still on my lips. I ground against him, feeling the warmth of his cock against the thin tights covering my cunt. He kissed me back. We rolled over in the bed and Santa was on top of me. He kneeled and helped me sit. He pulled off the smock and skirt and I was sitting on the bed in the body suit. It was his turn to slide it off me, exposing me to his gaze. He pushed me back on the bed and lifted my hips bringing my cunt to his face. His beard tickled at first, but the moment his tongue touched my clit my body was tingling. He licked around my clit, like I had earlier in the day with my fingers, and then he plunged his tongue into my open hole, sucking at my lips, lapping the wetness from me as quickly as I made it. He went back to my clit and like a man possessed licked it, slowly at first, then faster and harder.

This one started differently, it started in my core, like a river of molten joy rushing through my body to my clit and cunt. I beat on the bed as wave after wave ran through me, pushing me further and further to ecstasy. I collapsed on the bed and Santa fell onto me. He kissed me, and I tasted myself and lapped at the nectar covering his whiskers.

“Santa’s got one more gift for you,” he said, smiling.

He reached down and took his cock and started to rub it against my lips.

“Santa, how did you get hard so quick?”

He slid it into me, slowly at first, because it was a big cock and I had a very tight pussy.

“You’re too big,” I said.

“But you’re a naughty girl. Naughty girls like big cocks, don’t they?”


“Especially naughty girls with tight pussys.”


“Then take it. Take my cock.”

I reached down, grabbing him, he was even bigger than when I had sucked him, and I guided him into me. He was gentle, slowly at first, letting me adjust to the size. And then he fucked me. Hard. And fast. And the best I had ever been fucked in my life. It was like riding the surf, with waves that were slow and shallow and then long deep ones. I had always had to rub my clit to cum. Not with Santa. He slid that cock in and out in ways that I had never imagined. I had three more orgasms while he fucked my pussy. He started to moan again and I knew I was going to get it.

“Cum in my cunt Santa. Fill me up. Give it to me.”

He did. I don’t know where he got the strength, but he rose up and slammed into me, harder yet and I could feel his cocked as it pulsed and filled me with his liquid. He leaned down and kissed me and we both collapsed into the sheets.

Sammie licked my face and purred loudly in my ear. I opened my eyes and saw the bright light from reflected snow filling the room. I was alone, in my nightie, the covers pulled up and covering me. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and vowed never to drink again. Well maybe not never, but only in moderation. And never when I was horny.

It had clearly all been a dream. Not a bad dream, in fact, one of the best dreams ever. But still a dream. I sat on the edge of the bed and stood. I was sore. I reached down and felt my pussy. It was wet and sticky. I brought my hand to my lips and licked them. Cum! Santa’s cum!

I looked at the bedside table. There was the vibrator. And the card with the number to call. I ran to the window and looked to the street and saw the red car. I walked into the kitchen and found the car keys. There was a note.

“I keep a special list for the naughty girls.



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