Best Friend Best Ass


It was the summer and my parents left me alone with the house for an entire week. I don’t know what convinced them I wouldn’t take advantage of the situation, but they were wrong. Almost the second their car was out of the driveway I told my best friend, Lacey, to get her ass over to my house.

We both were only 18, just graduated high school, so neither of us legally could drink yet. My parent’s didn’t drink much at all so their alcohol cabinet was full, and they wouldn’t notice any of it missing.

With margarita mix and tequila, I poured two drinks into large glasses. I tasted one of them and realized I was not a natural bartender. I was pretty sure a margarita shouldn’t just taste like tequila.

I hadn’t heard back from Lacey, but I knew she was on her way over. She never had anything better to do, and wasn’t good at responding to texts.

I took the drinks downstairs. I mainly had the entire area to myself. Even though I had the entire house to myself, I still felt more comfortable in my own area. I set the drinks down on the coffee table and turned on the TV.

I spent a half hour searching through Netflix, but still hadn’t found anything I wanted to watch when the doorbell rang. I knew she was coming.

I hurried to the front door and opened it. Lacey was waiting for me. Lacey was my friend since middle school and I thought she already had filled out, but damn did she get sexier. She was a good head shorter then me, so unless she was looking up at me, I was just looking at her straight blond hair.

She never was super confident with her bust and I wasn’t sure why. She wore a D cup and from what I could tell when she wasn’t wearing a bra, they were a perky D cup.

The only reason she had to be unsure of her boobs, was because her ass is what got her all of her attention. It was the juiciest ass I had ever seen. It didn’t seem like she worked out a lot, but her body begged to differ.

Her legs and ass were perfectly toned and drove everyone in the school crazy. When she walked down the hallways it was like a human wave as all of the guy’s heads turned to try and get a glimpse of her ass as she passed by.

It took me a while to realize how hot she was because I was always more of a boobs guy. Even so, I still couldn’t help but watch her ass sway whenever she walked away.

“They are really gone for the whole week?” she asked.

“Yeah, I got the whole place to myself. I made us margaritas. They’re downstairs.”

Lacey paused. It seemed like she wanted to ask me something, but just couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. I already knew what they were going to be. She wanted to stay for the entire week.

I knew because her home situation wasn’t the best. She jumped on every opportunity to avoid her house, and I didn’t blame her. I did have other plans though. If she wanted to stay, she would at least have to ask.

“Could I stay here with you?” she asked.

Dammit, I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t be able to summon the nerve to ask. escort bayan şişli


“It’s okay if you don’t want me to,” she said hurriedly.

“No, it isn’t that. I was actually planning on inviting Maddie at some point,” I said sheepishly.

She knew all of the reasons it was a bad idea for me to talk to Maddie. She had heard all of the stories. She also knew the only reason I would invite Maddie over.

“Oh my God. Are you really going to pick your ex over me? Give me literally any other reason.”

“Well I can’t help it. She gives the best blowjobs, and I’m horny,” I said.

“Please? I’ll do anything you want to make it up to you.”

There was a pause in the conversation. Sometimes it took her a couple moments to process what she just said.

“I mean like, I could buy you milkshakes or something.”

“Alright fine,” I said, “but you owe me.”

“Thank you!”

“Whatever, let’s go find something to watch.”

I couldn’t say no to her. I was horny as hell. I hadn’t came in over a week, but Lacey was always there for me when I needed her. I couldn’t turn her down for Maddie, who was a bitch to me week after week.

We sat on the couch. She made fun of how strong the drinks were, but she kept sipping on it. She was able to find something to watch within minutes. A show called you. It was about some stalker or something, stalking a girl in New York.

We poked fun at the show, but it was pretty decent. Everything was going well until the first episode finished. That’s when Lacey decided to reposition herself. She knelt on the floor in front of me and lay her front half on the ottoman.

I was doing fine, but I was starting to feel the alcohol. Between the alcohol and how horny I was, I couldn’t resist looking at her ass. She was basically bent over right in front of me showing off her ass. She would shift her weight every once in a while, from side to side, which just looked like she was wiggling her ass at me.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t even pay attention to the show as I was mesmerized by the hypnotic sway of her ass. My dick didn’t care that it was my best friend, when the best ass I ever seen is swaying in front of me, it started to grow.

It didn’t take long before I had a raging hard on straining against my jeans. The last shred of rational thought left my head as my boner arrived. I couldn’t think of anything beside grabbing Lacey’s ass. I just wanted to feel how firm it was.

Fuck just feeling it. I wanted to put my dick between her ass cheeks and feel her ass on my dick through those tight yoga pants. I wanted to rub my dick on her ass until I was straight up dry humping her. I would ram my dick against her until I shot my load all over her back.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My dick was so hard it was starting to hurt. Lacey didn’t notice anything was different. She was still fixed on the show. I unzipped my pants, slowly so it wouldn’t make any noise.

She didn’t notice. I reached into eskort şişli my pants and pulled out my dick. My dick was harder than it ever was before. Normally, it was just over eight inches, right now I seemed more like eight and a half. I gripped my dick and slowly started to stroke it.

Right as I started to stroke it, Lacey decided she needed to shift her weight. She did a slight jump with her ass and tugged at her sweatshirt. Watching her ass bounce, then jiggle almost made me blow me load right there.

I was too horny to just cum right away though. I kept slowly stroking my dick as I watched her ass. I wasn’t sure why I thought this would be any better then when I had my pants on. It only seemed to make it worse.

Enough precum oozed from my dick that my entire dick was glistening. The cum made a noise as I stroked my dick though. I froze, wondering if Lacey heard it. She did.

“What was tha-“

The sentence was cut off because she turned around far enough to see my engorged dick standing at attention. Her eyes widened in shock and she started to bounce her gaze between my face and my dick like she couldn’t decide where to look.

She ended up deciding to stare at my dick. Her mouth moved, but she didn’t make a noise. She knew I had a big dick, but she had never actually seen it in person. I was too horny to stop so I kept stroking as she stared.

She didn’t start freaking out like I expected her to. She just silently watched as I jerked off. Her silence and staring made me bolder.

“Turn back around,” I said.

She didn’t move or respond. It was like she didn’t even hear me. More likely, that she didn’t process what I said.

“I said turn back around and let me see you ass.”

This time she listened to me. She turned back around and resumed the same position, showing her ass off. It looked the same as before, but I knew she wasn’t watching the show anymore.

“Shake your ass for me.”

There was a short pause. It was short, but long enough for me to start worrying. I was worried that she was going to change her mind and get mad at me. Say that anything more was too much, but then she started to shake her ass back and forth.

I couldn’t stop myself. I started pumping my dick hard and fast. Her ass jiggling showed off just how perfect it was. I wasn’t thinking about dry humping her anymore, now I wanted to fuck. The only thing that saved me from cumming already was that she paused for a split moment.

I stopped stroking my dick and without thinking, leaned forward and slapped her ass. The smack made a perfect sound, telling me I didn’t hit her too hard or too lightly. She jumped in surprise, then started shaking her ass for me again.

“Pull down your pants.”


“Take off those yoga pants. I want to see your ass and you owe me.”

Lacey hesitated, but reached back and pulled down her yoga pants. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was overjoyed to see she was only wearing a thong underneath her escort sisli pants. I didn’t think the view could get any better, but see her bent over with her bare ass on display somehow made me even harder.

I got up off the couch and kneeled behind her. I slapped my dick against her left ass cheek, leaving a cum mark on her ass. I couldn’t help myself anymore. I positioned my dick between her ass cheeks and started grinding against her.

She let out a slight moan. It was small and quiet but I heard it. She was trying to stay still, but I could feel her push back against my dick every once in a while.

“Ya? You like feeling my giant cock rubbing against you, don’t you?”

Lacey didn’t respond, at least not with words. Instead, she started to press back against my dick in rhythm. Her thong was made of some amazing fabric because I couldn’t even tell it was there as I grinded on her.

I was about to tell her to take off her shirt. My mind started racing, thinking of all of the things I was going to make her do before I came. I was too horny. I just wanted to dominate her. I was going to take my time and do everything. That was the plan until she made me cum.

“Oh fuck,” she said.

Something about the way she said it. How airy her voice was, how it had a slight tremble of pleasure. I already felt like I was on the verge of cumming since I pulled my dick out. I wasn’t expecting her exclamation so it easily sent me over the edge.

I pulled my dick away from her ass in an attempt to keep myself from cumming, but it was too late. Pleasure pulsed in waves through my body and I groaned as I shot, what must have been the largest load straight on her ass.

“Are you cumming?” she asked.

She sounded both surprised, but also had a hint of disappointment. She turned around to see if I actually was cumming. The second strand of cum shot out and landed on the side of her sweatshirt. The third hit the center of her forehead.

“Oh,” she said.

I wasn’t sure if she was going to say more, but she stopped ass the fourth strand of cum got into her mouth. She sat still and watched as my dick twitched and pumped my semen all over her. I never came so much in my life.

Whenever I thought it was over, I would see her face covered in my cum with her mouth slightly ajar and a new wave of cum started shooting out of me. It wasn’t until her face was completely covered and cum was dripping from her chin onto her sweater that my dick finally stopped shooting.

She didn’t move for a couple moments until she was sure I was done cumming before she slowly wiped the cum from around her eyes so she could open them again.

Lacey didn’t even look up at my, she just stared hungrily at my cock. After cumming, my sense rushed back to my and I suddenly realized what I had just done. I jeopardize my relationship with my best friend.

“I’m sorry,” I said. I wasn’t sure what else to say.

“I wasn’t expecting that but… I did say anything.”

“Does this make us even then?”

“No, me owing you lasts as long as you are letting me stay here.”

Lacey broke her eye’s gaze from my cock and looked up at me. I knew her for a long time, but I never saw the mischievous look that she wore and she looked up at me.

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