Beth Gets a Lesson


The students in Professor David Scott’s Calculus class were struggling. It was a Wednesday Afternoon, and unusually warm for the fall. The warm weather didn’t make it any easier to teach or learn calculus.

David was a Math professor at a prestigious university in upstate Pennsylvania. On this fall afternoon, he was getting as frustrated as the students. None of the students in this calculus class was a math major, they were just taking the class to fill a requirement. But they should have been learning it faster than they were. It was three and a half weeks into the semester, and this was shit they should have remembered from high school. Now he remembered why he preferred morning classes. Students were more alert in the morning. The effects of late night partying didn’t usually catch up to them until later in the day.

When the class finally ended, David gave the students their assignment, and encouraged them to review the sample problems in the textbook. Then he retreated to his office.

David kept regular office hours so that he could be available for any student who needed help. He did not expect anyone to come in today. Most students came in right before an exam for last-minute help, or right after an exam, to bitch about their grade. He used the time to go through his emails, and think about what he could do this weekend.

Thinking about the weekend made him a little depressed. Although he was thirty-five years old, he had no significant other at this time. He recently got a divorce, after he learned his wife was having an affair with a corporate executive at the company where she worked. He continued going through his email, and answering requests from university administration.

David’s office hours were until four PM. At about fifteen minutes before four, he was finished with his email, so he just decided to surf the internet to pass the time until he closed his office. He was staring at his homepage, when he sensed that he was not alone. As he turned sideways, he saw that someone was standing in his doorway.

“Sorry to interrupt.” It was a young female student. David recognized her as a student from one of his morning classes, but he did not remember her name. “Not at all,” he responded. “Can I help you?”

“Um, I wanted to ask if you could give me a little help with equations. I’m sorry I didn’t come in earlier, but I was in the library, working on a term paper, and I just lost track of time.” David told her to come in and sit down at the chair beside his desk. She was wearing flip flops, tight, low-rise jeans and an oversized, bright red sweatshirt. She was carrying a backpack and a small purse. She sat down, putting her backpack and purse on the floor. As she bent over to take her textbook out of her backpack, her jeans exposed the crack in her butt. David also noticed that she had a small tattoo on her lower back.

David thought she was kind of cute. He could see that she had a pretty face, even though it was covered up by a big pair of glasses. She was not petite, but not overweight, either. She had dark brown hair that flowed freely down to her shoulders. “And your name is?” asked David. “Elizabeth. Elizabeth Hart. Everybody calls me Beth” she answered.

“OK Beth. What are you having trouble with?” Beth was almost apologetic and said she was never really a good math student. She told him she was having trouble starting or setting up the equation. “For example, how would I approach this one” she asked, pointing to one of the problems from the assignment he gave last week.

David flipped open a notebook, and turned to a clean page. He started to write down the problem, explaining what each variable was for, and how to work through to the answer. The he told her to do the next one, to see how she approached it. Beth began working on it, but stalled after a minute. He explained to her what to do next. She stalled again, and he gave her the hint for how to complete the problem.

“OK, you try the next one” said David. This time, she did the problem from start to finish, and got the right answer. “I think I’m getting it now. Let me do another esc şişli one.” Beth then did several more, and it was becoming easier with each one. David gave her encouragement, but allowed her to work it through on her own. After the last one, she smiled with satisfaction.

They were both surprised to see that it was almost 6:00 PM. They had been working on the calculus problems for almost two hours! “Oh, I’m sorry I kept you here so long.” David didn’t really mind. “That’s Ok, I’m just glad I was able to help you.”

Beth was grateful. “Thanks. I really think I get it now. Since you spent so much time, let me buy you dinner.” David had not expected to hear that. “Oh, you don’t have to do that.” But Beth insisted. “No really, I really appreciate you staying so late. Besides, you would be doing me a favor because I eat almost every meal in the dining hall.”

David was reluctant to accept a student buying him dinner. He also knew it was risky to be seen in public with a female student. The university warned the faculty about conduct and appearances, and putting themselves in situations that could be misinterpreted. Still, he had no plans that evening, and did not mind having the company of a young female. He suggested that they go to a pizza restaurant a few miles from campus. “Sounds great” said Beth, and they went outside to the parking lot. David could not help but notice how the late afternoon sun glistened on her dark hair.

When they entered the restaurant, David was relieved to see that no one there recognized him or Beth. They sat down at a table in a dark corner of the room. When seated at the table Beth took off her glasses, exposing her big, dark eyes. The waitress quickly came over, greeted them, and asked if they wanted anything to drink. “Do you want a beer?” asked David. Beth rolled her eyes and said, “I’d like one, but I’m only nineteen and they won’t serve me here.” Even the waitress laughed at that. “Sorry” said David, a little embarrassed. They both ordered iced tea.

“Remember, it’s my treat” said Beth. David replied, “If it costs you too much, I would be glad to pay.” Beth would not hear of it. “My dad sends me money all the time. More than I need.”

They both ordered small Caesar salads, and a medium peperoni pizza. Beth seemed very friendly and chatty, and comfortable talking to David as if he were another student, and not a professor. She talked about her hometown, her family, her friends and her roommate. Beth said that her roommate was always getting dressed and undressed in front of her, as if she was flirting with Beth. She mentioned that she played soccer and field hockey in high school, and missed the physical activity. She thought she gained some weight after she stopped playing. She told him that her father owned a construction business, and that her parents were divorced.

David mentioned that he was divorced, but did not want to get into any of the sordid details. He also told her some gossip about faculty members, and some stories about them that made her laugh.

The waitress left the check and Beth picked it up, as promised. “Thanks for the pizza, Beth.” My pleasure, she replied. As they got back into David’s car, he asked which dormitory building to take her. “I am in Walnut Hill, but would you mind if I could just stay at your place for a while. My roommate’s boyfriend is coming over tonight, and they like their privacy.”

This made David a little nervous. Having a student alone in your apartment clearly was against university guidelines. “Well I don’t know, my place is a mess and we are not supposed to-”

“Oh please. The truth is I don’t really get along with her boyfriend, and I want to vomit when I see them with their hands all over each other. If I come over, I won’t bother you, I’ll stay out of your way.” David didn’t fight too hard. “Ok, just for a while.”

David’s apartment was the first floor of a single family home which was converted to a duplex. He lived there with his wife until they divorced. The mess was obvious when they walked in the door. There was a pile of unopened mail, mostly şişli esc unpaid bills, on the coffee table. The sink was full of dishes which had accumulated through the week. Various pieces of clothing were scattered in the living room. “I told you my place was a mess.”

Beth did not mind. “My dorm room is worse. My roommate is a real slob.” David told her to make herself comfortable and handed her the remote control to the television. She took off her flip flops and sat down on the couch, folding her legs under her. “I’m just going to clean up a little. Do you want anything to drink, a bottle of water?”

“How about that beer you offered me at the pizza place?” He had a few in the fridge, so he opened one and brought it to her. Then he quickly picked up the clothes on the floor and threw them in a laundry basket. He picked up the pile of unopened mail, separating the junk mail so he could throw it in the recycling bucket. Finally, he took all of the dishes out of the sink and loaded them into the dishwasher.

With the apartment looking neater, David told Beth he would get a beer and join her. Beth had already finished her beer, and asked if she could have another. David obliged quickly. They continued to channel surf and each had another beer, and then another. Beth was starting to feel a little bit of a beer buzz. They began talking about some of their past summer vacations spent at the Jersey shore, and shared some amusing stories about vacation adventures. They each had another beer. After drinking and talking for a long time, they each went to the bathroom to piss out the beer they were drinking.

“It’s getting late, I should drive you back to your dorm. Thanks again for the pizza.” said David. “My pleasure” said Beth. “I had fun. It was like being on a date. I haven’t been on one of those in a while.” David answered too quickly. “If it was a date, maybe we should make out now.” He immediately was horrified by what he said.

But Beth smiled wistfully and said, “Make out? Don’t you mean hook up?” David knew this kind of talk was inappropriate. “No. I’m sorry, I did not mean that. No, I was-“

“Don’t be sorry” said Beth. “It’s OK.” David was nervous, but also getting aroused. “I shouldn’t even joke about it, I-just forget I said it.”

Beth could see that his cock was bulging in his pants. “How about just a blow job?” she said, looking at his crotch. David took a step back from her. “No. Let’s just go, please.” But Beth took a step toward him, and reached down to rub his crotch. “Come on, professor, it’ll be fun. I won’t tell anyone.” David was terrified. First he had her to over to his apartment, then he gave her alcohol, even though she was not legally old enough to drink. Now he was having inappropriate contact with her.

It felt good having her rub his cock, even with his pants still on. “Sit down, professor.” He sat down on the couch, and she started to undo his belt and unzip his pants. She began to slide his pants down, and he helped her. When Beth pulled his underwear down, his dick popped up.

Beth gently grabbed his cock and pointed it straight up. She kissed the head softly and began to lick it, as if she were licking an ice cream cone. Then she took it into her mouth and slid her tongue up and down on it slowly. She rubbed the head of his dick on the roof of her mouth as she bobbed up and down on it. David thought Beth was quite good at giving a blow job. She didn’t get her teeth on his dick like some girls did. It reminded him of his ex-wife, Cheryl, who also gave a good blow job. Then he thought about Cheryl giving a blow job to the guy she had the affair with, and he became less excited. He decided to forget about Cheryl and just focus on Beth. While holding his cock with one hand, she rubbed his balls with the other. She reached under his balls, tickling them and almost running her finger down to his asshole.

David was getting more excited and he began to breathe heavy. He closed his eyes and leaned back. With her wet lips and tongue on his dick made it feel like it was inside of a pussy, which he had not experienced in a long şişli bayan escort while. Sensing his excitement, Beth stopped. Still holding his cock and pointing it straight up, she asked him, “Do you want to come now, or do you want to fuck me?”

By now, David forgot all about the university’s code of conduct. He pulled Beth toward him and kissed her passionately. She stood up and pulled off her oversized sweat shirt, revealing a skimpy black bra. The bra held her large, firm breasts. David stood up too. As he stood up, he was oblivious to his pants falling down to his ankles. Beth was not fat, but he noticed that Beth’s belly hung slightly over her jeans. He thought this was sexy. He reached down and rubbed her stomach before cupping his hands on her breasts. They kissed again.

Beth started to unbutton his shirt. When it was unbuttoned all the way, she ran her fingers down his chest. He kissed her again, and unhooked her bra, freeing her breasts. David bent down enough to lick her nipples. When her nipples got hard, she pulled away from him and walked to the bedroom. David dropped his shirt to the floor, stepped out of his pants and removed his shoes and socks. Then he followed her to the bedroom.

Beth had just taken her jeans off and was lying on his bed. When David came in she spread her legs open, inviting him to lick her pussy. David now saw that she had a small tattoo above and to the right of her pussy.

David picked up her right foot and slowly massaged it with the palm of his hand. He ran his fingers along the bottom of her foot, then he ran his hand up to her ankle and above. He gently squeezed her toes, the kissed them. He repeated the same sequence with her left foot.

After massaging and kissing her feet, David rubbed the insides and back of her thighs. He put his head up far enough to kiss her tummy, before going down to lick her. Beth had a clean-shaven pussy that was real tight. He began to lick it on the outside, slowly working his tongue into her.

Beth didn’t know if it was all the beer she drank, the way he massaged her feet, or the way he slowly licked her, but she was feeling very relaxed. She started running her fingers through his hair. Her pussy was starting to open up. First he licked her from bottom to top, then he started to lick mostly on her clit. David seemed to get his tongue on exactly the right spot. While David was licking, he slipped his finger down the top of her pussy and rubbed her hood with a gentle, circular motion. When he started to lick faster Beth started to breathe heavy. She began to get a warm feeling in her body. Beth gushed and let out a moan. Her legs locked around his head, making him stop licking. She squeezed on his arms and said, “Fuck me now.”

David came face to face with her. Beth reached down and pulled his cock inside her. She hooked her feet around the back of his thighs and thrust him into her. Their bodies were now intertwined. David fucked her the same way he licked her pussy, starting slow and gradually getting faster. His dick seemed to hit the right spot, just as his tongue did when he was licking her.

As he kept pumping, her head leaned back into the pillow. She wrapped her arms tightly around him. Soon her knees were almost up to his shoulders. They alternated between kissing and coming up for air. Pretty soon they were both almost breathless.

It didn’t take long for Beth to come. She was already starting to come when he was licking her. When he started going faster she started to rock back and forth on him. When she reached the point of no return, she let out a long, deep moan. He came shortly after, also moaning, but not as deep as hers. She held him inside of her by wrapping her legs completely around him. She squeezed his dick so that a few more drops came out. They stayed locked together for a moment, having one more passionate kiss.

Beth had sex a few times before. A couple of boys in high school and a couple of guys at college, but this was the best fuck she had yet. He pulled out of her and they cuddled for a while after. They reveled in having had spontaneous, hot sex.

David drove her back to her dormitory. The campus was quiet and a light rain was falling. “Remember, you can’t tell anyone about this” David said as they kissed goodnight. “Don’t worry. I won’t. This was so good, I want to keep it to myself.”

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