Bill , Lauren Ch. 1


“God, I love this girl,” is what Bill thought as he watched Lauren his girlfriend of 3 years spin around and laugh in front of him. She had done this before – the idea was to get herself all dizzy so that Bill would catch her from falling and carry her. This time was different – she got herself to dizzy and was almost on the sidewalk when Bill went into action. He caught her just before she hit the ground.

She smiled up at him, “Fancy meeting you here.”

“You were lucky that time,” Bill warned. Bill was the running back for the football team she was lucky Bill was the fastest guy in school and had excellent reflexes, if it were anyone else she would probably be unconscious at the moment.

“Daddy please carry me, I’m to tired to walks anymore” Lauren whimpered.

“Hop on, Darlin”. Lauren jumped on Bill’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Bill trudged along with the extra weigh in the dark night; Lauren began to nibble on his ear and blow into it. Bill tried to move his head out of the way but it was useless, he had to endure it until they got to his house. Bill was definitely in love with Lauren, she was also very much in love with him. Bill also knew that he was a lucky son of a bitch because he was not the most attractive guy in school not that he was ugly in anyway, Bill stood at 5 feet 10 inches and was about 154 pounds with blue eyes and short brown hair. Lauren on the other hand was hot; she was a real head turner. Lauren was 5,7 light blonde shoulder length hair, and 23C tits that were perfectly round and didn’t need any support, she had an innocent little face with a devil behind that smile and a wonderful personality to go along with it all, she was on a natural high all the time.

They finally arrived at Bill’s house he fiddled with the keys and got a hard slap on the ass “Get a move on it” Lauren ordered. Bill slowly pushed open the door of the dark house, he wasn’t worried about waking his parents fatih escort they weren’t home and he hated them anyway but he didn’t want to wake up his twin sister Michelle who took Bill’s Lincoln Navigator home earlier in the night because she didn’t feel well. Bill motioned Lauren to be quiet and to go upstairs, she responded with a mock salute. Bill moved further down the hall to his sister’s room. He cracked open the door, she called out to him in the dark, “Bill, is that you?”

“Yeah, I’m home,” Bill said as he approached her bed in the dark. When he reached the bedside he knelt down beside her and put his hand on her forehead. “How are you feeling?”

Michelle whispered “I’m alright it was probably something I ate.”

“Alright, me and Lauren will be upstairs.”

Bill walked up the stairs he found Lauren’s jeans and her AF shirt on the upstairs hallway. He opened the door to his room and Lauren was laying on his bed in her white cotton underwear plus a her white gym shoes all the mean time she was playing a video game.

“You’re so fucked up,” he said upon his arrival in the room.

“I know” She responded playfully. Bill knew what she was offering but he didn’t go for it, he always had a problem with it. For some reason he just couldn’t take the initiative he was always afraid of being told no, or rejected for some other reason. So, he just took a seat in his chair after about 3 minutes Lauren looked at him. She turned off the game and walked over to the chair.

She knelt down in front of him placing her hands on his knees. “I really love you, you know?”

“Yes” Bill answered.

“So why don’t you ever make a move?” She responded.

“I don’t know it just doesn’t feel right to me, sorry” Bill spoke softly.

“Ok Hon,” She said as she now straddled his waist “I want you so much, I want you to fuck me badly” She started breathing heavily. “I’m yours forever, you can touch any part of me, kiss any part escort istanbul of me and put your dick into any part of me you wish at anytime you wish”

With those words Bill was a new person he kissed her shoving his tongue deep into her inviting mouth. She kissed back with equal lust. Bill picked her up and dropped her on his bed. He took off his shirt and Lauren undid his pants, and pulled his cock out of his boxers.

“I see someone is happy to see me,” Lauren said happily as Bill s 8-inch cock stood to its full extent. She took it in her mouth before Bill had anytime to respond. Lauren was an expert at sucking dick, she would do it to Bill almost anytime like when they were driving or she would pull him into an empty classroom and blow him until he shot his load into her throat. Lauren was bobbing her head around his dick and putting pressure on the underside of it with her tongue.

“Here it comes” Bill warned, Lauren was a good little trooper and stayed with him when he started cuming. She began sucking on his dick like it was a straw, all the while she was letting out little moans of delight. When she had drunk every last drop of his cum she pulled away; Bill removed the rest of his clothes while she undid her bra and panties. Bill knew there was only one thing to do know, and that way to get her clit going, after that she was like a beast she would fuck anything that would fit in her pussy and keep on going until she passed out. So Bill got in between her legs and she giggled as he kissed the inside of her thigh, he moved to her pussy, she was soaking wet. Bill licked her lips sending a tremor through her body.

He slowly parted them and stuck his tongue as far as it would go into her, her pussy gripped his tongue like it was trying to pull it in “Jeez this girl is tight”. He shoved a finger inside her and her body moved trying to get more from it. Bill moved his mouth to her clit and put his hot breath on it. She bucked her hips maslak escort to meet his mouth but Bill pulled away. He waited a moment and then put his tongue on her clit and started licking it and sucking on it like she did to his dick. She started humping his face always trying to get a better feeling out of it. She started moaning from the sensation. Bill placed another finger in her pussy. She yelled out with pleasure.

“Oh yess, yess, suck it, suck on it Billy. Bill almost had her at the breaking point. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she cried, Bill flicked his tongue over her clit and that did it, Lauren screamed in ecstasy “I’m cumming you bastard, oh fuck”. Bill let her juices run along his tongue and he took some in his mouth, he pulled himself up to Lauren and while kissing her he let her cum into her mouth, she swallowed it all.

“Ooh I taste pretty damn good,” she said “There’s only one thing to do now” she smiled. Bill s cock sat up in the air like a battle flag big and proud, Lauren mounted it no quite putting it in yet but she rubbed her slit up against it, finally her animal like instincts got to much of her she impaled herself on it. She pumped herself on top of him like an animal “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard Billy”. Bill pus

hed himself up next to her and he pushed himself into her as far as he could go. “Ooooh, oh, fuck me harder Bill, fuck my cunt, I’m your whore so treat me like one” “Ahh, ugghh ” Lauren screamed in the pleasure of Bill stretching her pussy to the limits. “I’m cumming, oh I’m cumming for you” Lauren released her juices at the same time Bill did and they flowed all over Lauren’s little pussy.

Bill leaned back on the bed with Lauren in his arms, “You’re amazing” he said.

“I know” she responded quickly. Bill caught the small black intercom on his wall in the corner of his eye. It was different than before the red receiver light was on.

“Hey” Bill said softly, “Look” he motioned to the intercom. Lauren glanced over at the wall and saw the light she got an evil smile on her face. She got up and walked toward the intercom. She clicked on the talk button “oh Michelle could you come up here for a second?”

“What, no absolutely not” Bill protested.

To be continued…

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