Birthday Party


The card was simple…. “Happy Birthday Kate. We’re having a party and you’re the guest of honor. Come to the Marriot Hotel, Suite 23 at 6:30 pm. Dress comfortably.”…”P.S. On your birthday..of course.”

You laughed as you read it.

“Will there be cake and a clown?” you asked when you called to thank me for the invitation.

“Yeah, I will be there and I will get a cake. Do you want Barbie decorations?”

“Smart ass” you laughed.

You weren’t sure what to expect when you dressed to go that day, but just to be safe, you wore your blue dress. It would look good no matter how casual or formal the party was, you thought. Your husband knew you were going to join some friends. You had invited him to attend, of course, knowing that he wouldn’t, and you were now ready to go.

You parked near the lobby and found the suite. I opened the door and welcomed you in. The room was decorated with balloons and glitter streams. The bar was stocked with champagne and wine. Food was setup on the breakfast bar. A cake sat at the end of the counter. Everything was ready.

You sat down as I prepared a drink for you.

“How many people will be here? Who is coming? When will they arrive?”

You were full of questions.

I laughed at you and said “Relax, I promise this will be a night to remember. That’s all you need to know. Trust me.”

You frowned overly dramatically and said “Now I am really worried”.

You relaxed more then and took a drink. I sat near you and we talked about Yankees and maple sugar and trees. A few minutes passed and then we heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and three guests came in. Actually they weren’t guests, but the entertainment I had arranged for the night, but I told you they were friends of mine and that your usual friends would be here also.

They introduced themselves. Ed was about 6′ tall and was muscular and had a shaved head and a couple of tatoos. Elle was tall and very muscular, but yet still feminine with flaming red hair. Julie had long curly hair, almost the same length and color as yours. I introduced you and they all gave you hugs and birthday kisses.

We sat around and drank and ate little sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres and got comfortable. They were clever and funny and we all enjoyed ourselves. You sat on the couch and I sat next to you. Julie sat on the other side of you and the others found chairs.

Time flew by as we drank and relaxed more. Elle and Ed went into the other room together, and in a few minutes we could hear them making passionate sounds. I went to see what was happening and I saw her sitting on his lap as they kissed and felt each other.

I came back laughing. You and Julie next crept in to see also and came back whispering and grinning. We sat back down and snickered about them, and we were jealous, I know. Julie was very animated and as she talked and laughed, she would touch your hands or brush your legs as she gestured.

It seemed innocent and you weren’t upset by it. It was natural then when she was telling a story and after the punch line she hugged you tightly and kissed your cheek as sort of an apology for it being so silly.

She left her arm there and when you didn’t object, she very carefully slid closer to you when you were facing me. When you turned to her, she smiled at you and looked directly into your eyes. That made you a little uncomfortable and you looked away.

I found a good station that played old disco music and we all laughed at my choice. Julie asked me to dance, and I declined. She looked pouty and begged me, but I still refused.

She stood up and took your hands and pulled you up and said “OK Mister partypooper, we’ll show you how to get down with your own bad self.”

You were laughing as you danced. I got fresh drinks and then went to the bedroom to make some calls. Actually I watched from the crack in the door as you two danced. After a couple of fast songs, the disc jockey played a slow smooth couple song.

You started to sit down but she insisted you dance with her. You were hesitant, but she grabbed you and pulled you to her and led. You put your arms around her neck as her hands held your ataköy escort waist.

You slowly circled the floor and I could see by your expression that you were confused and more than a little excited. I could also see that her hands had moved down onto your ass and she was gently feeling your buttocks.

Your breasts were against each others, and soon she kissed your neck. You didn’t flinch, but only turned slightly. She kissed you again and this time she moved across to your cheek and softly kissed you there.

Emboldened by your acceptance, she pulled you tighter against her. You were now dancing with your legs between each others. She squeezed your ass and pulled you tighter against her, then leaned forward again and kissed your lips.

I saw your eyes close as you opened your mouth welcoming her. Your head tilted as you pulled her to you too. Your lips crushed together, your tongues played against each other. You held each other tight as you rocked slowly in your embraces.

The song was long and you were caught up in this new experience. Her hands felt your ass and carefull lifted your skirt until she could feel your panties. She cupped her hands full of your ass and let the skirt fall back down over her hands. My cock was hard and I was very excited as I watched. I could imagine the condition your pussy must be in.

I tried to stay quiet as I watched. You now felt her ass and your kisses were more passionate. The music ended and the station was playing commercials now, but you both stood there feeling and grinding against each other, lips and mouths locked together.

I quietly went back in and walked up behind you and pressed my body against your back. I reached around to Julie and pulled her tighter. You were startled at first and started to separate from her, but I held you tight.

My hard cock was against your ass. We three stood for a minute. Our bodies tight each against each other. Then she backed up a little and I felt your breasts and began to squeeze them and cup them in my hands. She unbuttoned your top and pulled it open. Your hands reached back to hold my legs as you pushed your ass against my throbbing cock.

She looked at your wonderful full breasts and pulled your bra down a little. Her lips sucked at your nipples and she reached around you to unfasten your bra. The cups slipped forward and your breasts spilled out. She immediately began to hungrily suck and kiss and lick them. Her hands were busy feeling and massaging and fondling and playing with your breasts.

I reached under your dress and caressed your legs and then moved up toward your stomach. My hands crept up your inner thighs and when I came close to your crotch, I felt you move your legs apart. My fingers reached between your legs and rubbed up against your pussy.

My hands were soaked from the wetness dripping out of your panties. Your head was back as she worked on your tits and I worked on your pussy.

It was time to lay you down so we could really please you.

I removed your dress and panties and bra and led you to the bed and helped you get positioned across the bed, in the middle. Your legs were off the edge. As I knelt down between your legs, you bent them at the knees and rested your feet on my shoulders.

I kissed your soaking pussy, covering it completely with my lips. I sucked your cum out and swallowed it. UUMmm, so good. My cock twitched and jumped from the thrill of having your pussy. I was excited more than I could ever imagine, and I was eager to show you how much I wanted you by pleasing you beyond any pleasure you had ever known.

I held your lips apart with my fingers as I licked between them and probed inside you. You were very wet and hot. You pushed your hips up to raise your pussy to me. I licked you slowly, savoring your musky taste, being sure to get every drop of your lubrication that I could. Your scent and taste drove me on.

I was responding to some primeval urging that told me to eat your pussy. And I did. I sucked your lips dry. I tongue fucked your soft tunnel. I nibbled and sucked and flicked and licked your hard little clit until I know it felt like bursting. It was so swollen escort bayan istanbul and engorged and was dark red. As I held it between my lips, I could feel it throbbing.

I eagerly devoted all of my passion to your pussy, seeking to touch your most sensitive areas, and to bring you to the brink of climaxes over and over and then to let you crash through with your orgasms. You thrashed and rolled and heaved against my face and hands as I worked and played with your wonderful pussy.

When I finally looked up, I saw that Julie was lying next to you sucking and playing with your breasts. Ed and Elle had come into the room and they were standing at the end of the bed watching. I thought my cock would explode then.

As I continued licking and tongue fucking you, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you and them. Elle climbed on the bed and she began to fondle and suck your breast near her while Julie played with the other one. Your face was red and your eyes were wide open as we attended to you.

They were so hot for you, that they both would take turns and stopped sucking your breasts and moved to your mouth and kissed you with deep tongue kisses. Your arms embraced and held their heads to you everytime.

Ed was stroking his cock as he watched. My cock was past stroking. I knew if I touched it then, I would shoot my cum all over the floor beneath me. I didn’t need any more stimulation.

Soon, the girls leaned over you and kissed. As you watched them, I am certain I felt your juices flowing heavier than before. You were soaking my face. I had to speed up my licking to drink up all that you were leaking.

And when they started kissing they moved next to you so that their legs were right against your chest and sides. You reached between their legs and began to explore their pussies. You had never felt another pussy besides yours before that moment, and your fingers eagerly traced along their slits and you cupped your hands under their pussies and felt their protruding lips.

You slipped fingers inside and felt around and then you rubbed hard across their vulvas and then probed again inside with two fingers each, curling them so they would pleasure their sensitive interiors.

And you were caught up in this moment of wild, uninhibited passion, and pulled your hands back and licked and sucked your fingers dry of their juices and then thrust them back into their hot pussies and scooped up more of their rich nectar. You were insatiable and worked their pussies over frantically.

Julie was rocking and moaning as you fingered her, and she broke away from Elle and leaned down to you and kissed you hard. Then she sat up and swung her leg across your chest and leaned forward, placing her open and dripping pussy right over your mouth.

You wasted no time raising up and licking her pussy. You kissed her deeply and mimiced everything I had done and was doing to your pussy. She rocked on your face and pushed her hot wet cunt against you and your ate her up. Your hands grabbed her waist and you held her pussy in position so you could treat yourself to her delicious womanness.

She moaned and then screamed with joy as you ate her out, and when she calmed down, she moved away and Elle climbed on your face. You were wild at the prospect of another new pussy, and you started sucking and licking hers with abandon.

You held her tight against your mouth and drank out her cum and she rode your face, grinding her cunt against you as Julie did. And you made her cum quickly too, and she moved away. You looked down at me, with the most lustful, animal eyes I have ever seen.

You were a bitch in heat and need more. You had broken free and were on the hunt now. I stayed with my self-appointed duty and saw you motion for Ed to come to you. He took Elle’s place and his hard cock went right to your mouth.

You sucked it all the way in in one move and you held him tight in your throat. He began to pump your mouth, his cock ramming in and out with rapid strokes and I watched as your lips stretched around the shaft.

The girls were back on your breasts as they watchd you sucking him off. You were so hungry for his cock. You beylikdüzü escort licked and sucked it and gulped air when you could, in efforts to keep his cock in your mouth. He held your head and fucked your mouth hard and fast.

You mumbled incoherent words as he worked you over. I saw him stop and push one last time and I saw your cheeks collapsing as you sucked his cum out and drank it. He pulled his cock out and shot the last few loads on your lips and into your open mouth.

He gently slapped your face a few times with his cock before he climbed off of you. You lay there with the biggest smile on your face. A look of debauched lust and wanton whoriness. I believe at that moment you would have fucked anything.

I had stopped eating you by then and I stood up. You expected me to climb on you and fuck your face too, but I had other plans.

I helped you up and had you rest in a chair for a few minutes while I got you a drink. When you were refreshed, I took you to the couch and bent you over the back of it. I pushed your legs apart with my feet, and I placed my cock between your legs.

I rubbed your pussy with it and gently slapped it against your vulva and then between your labis. Then when you were getting wet again, I pressed my cock into your slick pussy until my balls were against your ass.

I pulled back and began to fuck you deeply, with long smooth strokes in and out, over and over, causing you to breathe faster and to moan and beg for more. Then I speeded up and fucked you faster and faster and harder and harder. My cock slammed into you as hard as I could. I held your hips to brace you as I pounded your pussy. My cock filled you up and I could feel you tight around my cock.

And then I slowed down and stopped. I led you around the couch, and called Ed to come over and lie down so you could sit on his cock in my place. Your cunt was stretched and soaking and you easily slid over his cock when you sat down on him. You fucked him in that position for a few minutes.

Then I went behind you and pushed you forward so you were lying on him. I massaged your buttocks and teased your asshole and then took lube and worked my finger into your ass. I got more lube and soon had two fingers in you.

You looked back to see what I was doing next. I went in front of you and fed you my cock. You sucked it greedily and covered it with saliva.

When I was harder, I went back to your ass and pushed my fingers back in you and circled them around slowly, stretching your muscles and relaxing them in preparation.

Soon, I was satisfied, and I pressed my cock against your asshole and pushed slowly. Little by little, my cock entered you. I stopped frequently as massaged your muscles to keep you relaxed, and then resumed my pushing until most of my cock was inside you.

Your ass was so tight around my cock. I know you felt full with his cock all the way in your cunt and mine deep in your ass. I pulled back and started slowly setting a pace as I stroked in and out. Ed joined me and we both fucked you.

You lay flat down on him and allowed us to use you this way. And we fucked you steadily for a few minutes and then we both speeded up and you raised up a little as we tore into you, fucking you harder and harder and harder.

We bounced you between us as our cocks plowed into you and reamed and rammed your poor pussy. And after a few frantic minutes, we both pumped our cum into you. Your ass and pussy gaped open when we moved away, and our cum ran out as you lay sprawled on your stomach.

They cleaned up and dressed and as they were leaving, they came to you and kissed you and wished you a happy birthday. You were exhausted and could barely say good bye.

When they were gone, I helped you up and held you in my arms and kissed your cheeks. You smiled feebly at me and lowered your head onto my shoulder, and leaned against me to rest. I held you like that for about an hour, and then I roused you. You took a shower and got dressed and soon were ready to go home.

I took you to the door and held you again and kissed you.

“Thank you for the best birthday ever”, you said.

“It was my pleasure”, I replied. “Happy Birthday. I’ll see you next month, and, oh yeah, I’ll be bringing a couple of my friends too. I want to watch them fuck you”.

You were very tired, and didn’t say another word, but I could see from the little gleam in your eye and your smile that you liked the idea.

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