Affair takes a turn


I’d fanatised about it before but I never imagined it would happen especially not the way it did.

We’d been seeing each other for a few years on and off, were both married, me happily and her not so much. During the time we’d been seeing each other she’d fallen pregnant by her husband and had a baby which was now a couple of years old. She always thought her husband was a closet gay because of something in his past which she never divulged and because apart from when she fell pregnant he was never really interested in sex. I think her lack of sexual activity was why when we were together she was always so horny and why the sex between us became so good.

We’d rode our luck a couple times during our affair and on couple of occasions had been almost caught out. We were playing on borrowed time.

When we started seeing other we both worked full time so it was only once every couple of weeks. I’d make my excuses at work, pretend I had a job in the area so we could meet up. When we did meet I’d pick her up at lunchtime from work and we’d go to a local pub. We did this a few times before one day we met at her house when she was working from home. That was when the sex started.

At the beginning the sex wasn’t that great. Lindsay, that was her name, always said sex with her husband was the same on the rare occasion they had it. Always in the same position and never any passion. Sex with her husband sounded like it was purely for having a child and not for love or passion which may have been the case if her assumptions were correct.

On the drive home after the first time we had sex I wasn’t sure if I’d return. Lindsay was passionate and horny in the build up but in the act of sex itself she was rather motionless and just lay there. By the time I got home I had a text to say she’d enjoyed herself and that we should do it again.

Me and Lindsay did meet again and started doing so regularly when she worked from home and we always ended up in bed together.

The more often we slept together the more adventurous Lindsay became. For some reason Lindsay wasn’t interested in oral, giving or receiving, whereas I always enjoyed it. I made it clear Taksim escort that I’d love to lick her out but hadn’t because of how hairy she was and that if she was clean shaven I’d pay her pussy lots more attention.

One day after she’d led me upstairs to the bedroom and I laid down beside her I reached between her legs and felt her pussy shaven smooth. Feeling her smoothness sent tingles though my body and felt so good on my finger tips, she also felt far more wet and juicy than normal. That made me instantly hard and the sex that followed changed how sex was between us. Lindsay was now open to receiving oral sex, she tasted so good on my tongue and it really turned me on hearing her enjoy me lick her clit and push my tongue inside as I licked her out. Not only did Lindsay now receive oral but she was willing to give as well. Her blowjobs left a lot to be desired, to start with she was all teeth but the fact she was actually sucking my cock gave me immense satisfaction and every time she did her technique got better.

Not only did the blow jobs improve but so did the sex. We’d do it in different positions including doggy which she always hated as she thought it made the male dominant, I always liked it being a bit of an arse man.

Lindsay had the perfect arse, I’d often mention that I’d like to fuck her in it but she always said no. When she was on her knees and I was fucking her from behind I’d look down and fantasise about being inside it. This one time I looked down as I sucked a finger covering it with saliva before pushing it inside her tight arse whilst fucking her pussy. Lindsay didn’t say anything so I pushed deeper until my finger was right inside her before and started to move my finger back and forth as I fingered her arse. It took a few times of fingering before she let me fuck her arse and like everything we tried together she enjoyed it. Well, she liked how I enjoyed it which in turn made her enjoy it.

Lindsay was now working part time due to having the baby with her husband and I was round her house. She and her husband had a three storey townhouse with the bedroom on the top floor. As usually happened when I visited Taksim escort bayan we were in the bedroom having sex. Lindsay was on her knees and I was balls deep in her with my finger in her arse.

Suddenly it became apparent that we were no longer alone. “What the hell!” Someone shouted out. I turned and there in the doorway was Lindsay’s husband Simon. He’d finished work early and due to the combination of the noise we were making and the bedroom being on the second floor we hadn’t heard him come in.

I looked at Simon as Lindsay stay motionless before lifting her face from the pillow it was buried in and turning her head to face her husband. I pulled my finger out of Lindsay’s arse and stopped fucking his wife but kept my cock inside her. “Put your finger back!” Simon said loudly “In fact no, replace it with your cock and fuck her arse.” I was in shock, as was Lindsay. I was expecting to be beaten up or at least thrown out of the house but no, I was asked, or ordered to fuck Lindsay by her husband. Lindsay looked back at me and said “Do as he says.”

I pulled my cock out of Lindsay’s pussy and nudged it against her arse. With all her pussy juice on it once the tip of my bell-end was inside her the length of my cock pushed inside with relative ease. Having Simon watch made both me and Lindsay uneasy and neither of us showed much passion and I fucked Lindsay’s arse much slower and gentle than normal. Simon knew we were holding back and yelled “Do it properly, like you mean it. ” I held onto Lindsay’s hips and pulled her back onto my cock as I thrust forward and fucked her arse hard and made her moan with every thrust.

As we fucked Simon had his hand inside his trousers pleasuring himself until he disappeared. A few moments later I felt something hard and slimy prod against me from me behind as a hand took hold of me either side of my hips. I knew exactly what was happening and where Simon had disappeared to. He’d got undressed and by feel of it lubed up. My body froze as Simon pushed into me. I’d been fucked in the arse before when I was younger and experimenting with my best friend but this was different.

Simon Escort taksim pushed into me deep and hard like he meant it. With the amount of lube he had applied to himself his cock entered me in one push as I let out out a yelp in shock and pain. Lindsay heard my yelp and said “What are you doing?” to which Simon replied “If your boyfriend is going to fuck you I’m going to fuck him.” I stayed quiet as Simon pushed back and forth and started to fuck me whilst I remained balls deep in the arse of his wife in front of me. Simon felt much bigger than I’d experienced before but because of the amount of lube he’d used he slid in and out of me with relative ease, however that didn’t stop him feeling enormous.

As Simon fucked my arse he slammed his cock into me as hard as possible almost making me pay for mt affair with his wife. As he slammed in me I pushed further into Lindsay’s arse as she also started to yelp from a mix of pleasure and pain. Once I’d gotten to used to what was happening and having a massive cock in me I started to enjoy the moment. Hearing me enjoy myself made Simon slightly agitated so he pulled right out of me then slammed his cock back inside me as hard as possible and repeated the process over and over. If this was payback I’d have to do it again as this was beyond my wildest imagination of what being fucked would be like.

The three of us continued to fuck with me as the meat in the middle of the sandwich for what felt like ages. I was close to orgasm, my moans getting louder until I felt my cock explode as I pumped Lindsay’s arse full of cum. As I came my arse muscles tightened around the cock inside me which Simon enjoyed. Simon pushed into me as deep as possible and thrust forward fucking me deep with his balls constantly up against me. I was in my element, cumming at one end and full of cock at the other. Suddenly Simon moaned and I felt my arse hole get warm as he came, his cock still deep in me as he pumped my arse full of spunk. Once Simon finished he pulled out of me, my arse now raw and empty even though it was full of jizz. I then pulled out of Lindsay who I imagine felt the same.

Once we’d all dressed Simon looked at me and said “If you don’t want to be found out I suggest same time next week.” Me and Lindsay still meet up a couple of times a month with Simon joining in. I think Lindsay was right about her husband though as Simon never pays her any attention always me, not that I complain.

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