An Unlikely Threesone


“I want to suck your cock.”

What man wouldn’t be pleased to read that text, especially knowing, as I did, that it came from a truly beautiful woman. The problem was that the woman was Marie, my ex wife.

The reason she was my ex wife was that she had decided about two years ago to spread her legs for a co-worker. After some time, marriage counseling, reconciliation attempts, etc. I sued for divorce. Since then, I had moved on and had recently taken up with a truly remarkable woman, Olivia.

Olivia and Marie, two women who couldn’t be more different physically, though both extremely comely. Marie was dark complected with straight black hair hanging to her waist. At 5’9” and about 135 lbs, she was thirty years old with flawless skin and 34 D tits. Her dark nipples stood up like pencil erasers. She was pretty good in bed too, though not great. Her biggest hang up was an almost phobic reaction to cum. Cumming in her pussy was fine, anywhere else was out of bounds. She was an ok cocksucker, until she first sensed the least bit of pre-cum leaking from my dick. Then she pulled away as if my cock was spurting molten metal. She was a good fuck, enthusiastic, and would even take it up the ass on rare occasions. The mood had to be just right for that to happen, but when it did she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

Olivia was a true slut. I know because she told me, “I am the biggest slut you will ever meet.” She said that after we laid in bed after our first sexual encounter. “But only for you, I am a one man woman.” She was a rather short blonde, about 5’3”, with a great ass and movie star good looks, 29 years old. Her hair was cut short and she was built like the proverbial brick shit house.

She made me wait for sex. After several dates, despite my best efforts to bang her, she was still holding out. Finally, she promised that the next Friday we would begin to explore the physical side of our relationship. In the days leading up to that we would e-mail each other increasingly explicit descriptions of what we would be doing come Friday. About noon on Friday, she e-mailed me from her work, “I can’t wait until tonight, practically slipping off my chair right now.” (Later I found out this may well have been true; she had the juiciest pussy I ever experienced).

Friday evening she arrived at my apartment door dressed in a tight red dress, cut low to show off her ample tits (even bigger than Marie’s). My cock was hard in an instant, but I played it cool. First a home made dinner that I had prepared for us. Then to the living room for some wine and mood music (Diana Krall works real well, guys). It wasn’t long before we were kissing, our tongues dancing together. I had her tits out of that dress soon after and they were truly magnificent; large with pink nipples. I sucked them until she was groaning with pleasure, at the same time she was stroking my cock through my pants. She got the zipper down and unfolded my 7 inches while dropping to her knees between my legs while I sat on the couch.

I have simply never had better blow jobs than Olivia gave. She had the ability to curl her tongue from side to side so that, while kneeling between my legs her tongue formed a kind of U that enfolded the front and sides of my cock. She would then slide this U tongue shape slowly up and down my cock until I was moaning and ready to blow a load straight into her welcoming mouth. She sensed this and said, “not yet, you can cum in my mouth if you want to but first I want you in my cunt.”

She led me into the bedroom and laid back on the bed, with her ass at the edge, so that I could stand next to the bed and enter her already wet pussy (did I say she had the juiciest pussy I ever encountered). She knew I would enjoy the sight of my cock slipping into her pussy, while her big tits bounced as we pounded at each other. My policy has always been ladies first, if at all possible. I have seldom been more challenged to stick to that than on that night, but I was able to hold out while fucking Olivia and watching her great body writhe below me. Finally, her face contorted and I could tell she was cumming (of course, her saying, “I’m cumming, don’t stop” was also a pretty good clue). After that I slowed my strokes a bit to let her recover. She asked me, “where do you want to cum?” That sent me over the edge and I shot my load into her wet cunt.

Afterwards, while we lay in bed, was when she told me she was a huge slut. She kind of spelled out what our sex life could be. “I am a true three hole woman, you can fuck my mouth, my pussy or my ass whenever you want; Etiler escort any hole, any time, anywhere; within reason, I don’t want to get caught for public indecency.” Aural stimulation is under appreciated in my opinion. When I heard this, my cock got instantly hard. She saw my reaction and asked me what hole I wanted.

I put her on her knees in front of me and fucked her face. There was something deliciously obscene about the sight. I was holding her head with both my hands while I face fucked Olivia. I started slow giving her about 4 of my 7 inches. Gradually I fed her more cock, until I felt the head of my dick against the opening of her throat. That was at about 5 inches and I thought I had hit bottom. However, Olivia is a true cock sucking champion. She was looking me right in the eye while her mouth was stuffed with my cock, her look and moans told me she wanted to take more. I asked her, “can you open your throat and take the rest of it?” She said something, but I couldn’t make it out. What with my cock in her mouth and all, her diction wasn’t the best. But she gave a slight nod, which was the signal I needed to push the last two inches into her mouth and down her throat. Feeling the head of my dick pass her throat was exquisite and I then began to throat fuck her in earnest. I would pull almost all the way out and then slam that meat all the way home, until her lips were resting on the skin at the base of my dick. While I was bottomed out like this, she thrust her tongue out and used it to lap my balls.

Well, I can only take so much, and after a couple minutes of driving in and out of her mouth I shot my second load of the night, this one into her mouth. Olivia took that load like a champ, looking me in the eye the whole time I was spurting into her mouth. Then she did something I will never forget, though she has done it numerous times since. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth to show me the result of my cum explosion. A nice pearly mouthful of warm cum. She pushed the frothy load up between her lips, without losing a single drop. Then she blew cum bubbles, all the while looking directly into my eyes. Finally, she swallowed the load, exclaiming, “that was tasty, I hope to have a lot more in the coming days.”

Now back to Marie, remember her text message, “I want to suck your cock”, Marie? That wasn’t the only message she sent me, she also begged me to fuck her in the ass and sent assorted nude photos of her, one with a huge dildo in her pussy.

It was kind of a dilemma, because I did want to get with Marie, not to be married to her but to fuck her? Sure. But Olivia was truly remarkable and I didn’t want to lose her. What to do? Finally, I decided to tell Olivia abut the text messages and pictures, not tell her that I wanted to fuck Marie. I wasn’t that stupid, but maybe Olivia would appreciate the honesty.

So, I did tell her. I even showed her the texts and pictures. I was a little surprised at how long Olivia lingered over the pictures, as if she was savoring every detail, every curve of Marie’s beautiful body. Finally, she handed my cell phone back to me and said: “it’s time for me to be a little more honest. I love fucking and sucking you, but I also enjoy eating pussy from time to time; yes I guess I am bi-sexual, and your ex is hot as hell. Maybe we can draw Marie into a permanent threesome.”

I have to say, I was not expecting that. But, it probably goes without saying, this confession was most welcome. Then I thought, hey this is Marie we’re talking about, it’s never going to happen. I told Olivia all about Marie, her aversion to cum, limited anal experience and all the rest (including that as far as I knew, she would not welcome girl on girl sex). Basically, that I thought she would never go for it.

Olivia said: “look, you never can tell what someone will want; she obviously wants to get back with you pretty badly. But we aren’t going to do this unless she agrees to work at becoming a true three hole woman for you, and a pussy eater for me, let me talk to her. I’ll lay everything out for her and we’ll see what happens from there.”

I didn’t hold out much hope, but gave Marie’s phone number to Olivia.

The next day Olivia called me to say she had a long discussion with Marie. She told Marie, that I was willing to have her back, but not exclusively. That she, Olivia, was part of the picture now. And that some changes would have to be made (that whole three hole woman, pussy eating thing). She said that Marie had hesitated a long time, but finally said she would try to do what Beşiktaş escort we wanted. The two of them would be coming by my apartment later tonight to see if we could get things off the ground.

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

Olivia arrived first, she was definitely dressed for sex, in skin tight slacks and a low cut blouse that left little to the imagination. As soon as she closed the door, she leaned back against it and slowly lowered the zipper on the side of her slacks, all the while staring me in the eye. When she pushed her slacks to the floor I could see she was wearing a black garter belt, sheer black panties and black stockings. She knew what I liked. Then she removed her blouse to reveal her large, perfect tits encased in a black see through bra.

It was just about then that the doorbell rang, Olivia was still leaning against the door. She turned and opened it. I think Marie was a bit shocked to see this beautiful, semi nude women standing in front of her. But she came in.

Marie was looking great, wearing a tight black dress, with red stockings. Her tits were bulging against that dress, and I couldn’t wait to heft them in my hands (though still not quite expecting that to happen).

“Olivia explained to me the situation: you are willing to have me back but only as part of a package deal; I guess this is an audition isn’t it?”

I was about to answer, when Olivia spoke up: “audition, test, call it what you want. Bottom line is you are going to have to show you can hang with us sexually. We know your pussy works just fine, but you have to show us you can properly appreciate your man’s load of cum when he is ready to give it to you. Also, that you can eat my pussy, and take his cock up your ass; think you can pass the test?”

Marie looked a bit nervous, “I think I can do all that,” she said, “I am certainly willing to try, will you help me? Tell me what to do?”

“Sure, start by coming in and showing us your body, I told you to dress the way you know our man likes, I hope you have done that.”

Olivia led me to the sofa, where we sat side by side, she was still half naked, and in seconds she had my zipper down and was stroking my hard on.

Marie stood about 5 feet in front of us and started to slowly undress. Meanwhile, I had slipped my hand into Olivia’s panties and was slowly manipulating her clit with my forefinger. She squirmed against my hand, while continuing to slowly jerk me off.

Marie looked like she was getting aroused, she slowly unzipped her dress and allowed it to fall around her feet. She also was wearing a garter belt, red, with the red stockings and a red bra, which barely contained her 34 Ds. Her olive skin contrasted perfectly with her extremely white teeth (she had obviously had them professionally whitened) and the red lingerie. Long black hair hung to her ass. “What do you want me to do now?” she asked.

Once again Olivia took the initiative and told her to lay back on the coffee table and spread her legs, to show us her cunt. Marie unhesitatingly obeyed, leaning her ass on the edge of the coffee table, she reclined while spreading her legs wide. She pulled the thin fabric of her red panties aside to reveal her shaved pussy. “Do you like this?” she asked.

I was liking it very much, and so was Olivia. Marie then started playing with herself. She inserted one finger into her cunt, then two and finally three. Spreading her love hole open wide for our viewing pleasure.

“Now we are going to see how you do with ass fucking”, said Olivia. “Come to the sofa and bend over, put your hands on the sofa and arch your ass.” Marie did as requested while Olivia peeled her panties down and off, while motioning for me to take my position behind Marie. Olivia began tonguing Marie’s asshole, leaving behind a lot of saliva. “The perfect lube for a good ass fuck,” said Olivia.

I took that as my cue to step up, literally. I grasped Marie’s hips preparing to enter her brown bud of an asshole, while Olivia unhooked Marie’s bra, letting those magnificent tits drop loose. The sight of Marie’s large tits hanging down drove me a bit wild, and I placed my dick head against her asshole.

“Push back against him,” said Olivia “you control this until you are well stretched, then let him take control.” Marie did push back against my cock until it slipped past her sphincter. Her ass was incredibly tight, and I knew it must be at least somewhat uncomfortable for her. If it was, Marie pushed past that; slowly taking me inch by inch until I was buried in her Taksim escort asshole. The sensations were incredible. She then pulled away slowly causing my dick to withdraw, but not entirely. Just before the head slipped out of her ass, Marie pushed back, again taking my whole cock. After doing this a few times, she said, “my ass is yours now, fuck me good.”

That was all I needed to hear as I began to slam that asshole faster and faster.

Meanwhile, Olivia was not just standing by watching. After she removed Marie’s bra, she began sucking her nipples, while I was first making my move on Marie’s asshole. It was a lovely, dirty sight. Marie bent over the sofa, her hands resting on it, her long stockinged legs spread. When I looked down I could see my cock going in and out of Marie’s ass. About a foot or so under that were Olivia’s spread legs and juicy pussy, as she lay on her back under Marie and sucked her tits.

“Am I doing ok so far?” asked Marie. Sure, I grunted, and Olivia said something through a mouthful of Marie’s right tit. I’m not sure what she said exactly, but it seemed to be positive.

Olivia moved down until her head and mouth were under Marie’s pussy. She began flicking her tongue against Marie’s wet clit, slowly circling it, sucking it gently into her mouth. I could see this happening below my dick entering/exiting Marie’s asshole with increasing speed. “So, that’s how you eat pussy,” I thought. I guess a woman would know best. I was making mental notes for future use. I was also not too far from coming. So was Marie. The combination of ass fucking and pussy licking she was experiencing drove her over the edge. She started thrashing even more violently back against me and was moaning to beat the band. “Your cock in my ass is so good, I could have been doing this every night for years.” Yep, your bad, I thought.

I wasn’t too far from blowing my wad as well. That was when Olivia said: “don’t cum in her ass, I want your load in my mouth.” Olivia commanded Marie, “when I take his cum in my mouth, you lay on your back on the sofa, I’m going to feed that load to you; we’ll see if you can handle it.”

That visual sent me over the edge, I pulled out of Marie’s asshole and started jerking my cock into Olivia’s wide open and waiting mouth. Olivia had her tongue extended to better ensure catching every drop. Which she did, giving some credit to my excellent aim. Looking down at Marie’s stretched out asshole and Olivia’s wide open mouth, I continued jacking off until the first stream of steamy cum shot directly into Olivia’s mouth. I came so hard that I briefly worried I might bruise Olivia’s tonsils. That first blast was followed by about 5 more strong streams of thick cum, every one directly into Olivia’s mouth and onto her waiting tongue. Olivia clamped her lips tight after she was sure I had given her most of my load. She used her lips, slowly moving up and down my cock, to milk the last few drops.

She stood up, her lips sealed and cheeks puffed out, trying hard to hold onto every drop. She motioned to Marie to assume the position, which Marie did laying on her back on the sofa. At first Marie didn’t want to completely open her mouth, she cracked it slightly waiting for Olivia to give her my cum. Since Olivia obviously couldn’t talk in her present condition, I said to Marie, “open wide, you have to prove you can be a true cum slut, you have to love this part or this just isn’t going to work.” Marie looked a little worried, as if she didn’t know if she was going to gag when she first tasted the cum. But, she was a trooper, I’ll give her that. She did open wide and Olivia carefully positioned herself directly above Marie’s waiting mouth. She slowly let her lips part and allowed the cum to drip into Mari’s open mouth. Marie, at first was looking a bit nauseous, but soon recovered and showed me the mouthful of cum she had just received. She seemed to be proud of herself. “Play with it,” demanded Olivia, now that her mouth was capable of speech.

Marie responded by gargling with my cum, mouth wide open. Cum bubbles formed at the corners of her red painted lips. She then slowly pushed the cum between her lips until it almost ran down her chin, but at the last minute she drew it back into her mouth. “Don’t swallow that load, you haven’t earned that right yet,” said Olivia. Marie looked disappointed as though the only thing she wanted now was to gobble that goo right down. But she was obedient. “Force his wad up through your lips until it runs down your cheeks” demanded Olivia. Marie complied, whereupon Olivia used her hand to spread the sticky cum all over Marie’s pretty face. “We’re just going to let that dry there while we plan out your next test,” said Olivia, “and that probably is going to involve you eating my pussy and deepthroating that cock,” she said as she slowly rubbed her cunt.

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