Favorite First to Cum Loses Match


I wrestled this guy 3 times. He was 6’4″ 270 and not fat and very strong. He had a short black beard and black hair. He had an amazing cock. 7 1/2 inches with a large mushroom head. He is up there with the best sex wrestlers I have ever faced.

We had emailed several times through Global Fights. We met at a bar and chatted about a match. We arranged to meet after we agreed on the rules. It was to be nude and the loser came first. All standard holds were legal. However you were to use them to immobilize not to hurt. The object was emission not submission. We met and stripped in a room I had covered with blankets. I was 6’1″ around 240 and I have a 6 inch cock. We were both hard and got on our knees and both of us charged the other.

He was stronger than me and pushed me down. I tried to roll away but he hooked his leg over mine and got control of my arm so that is was behind my back and useless. My other arm was under me and I was already in a bad position. I felt his hard cock against my ass. He was close behind me and started to work my neck and ear with his mouth. I shuddered it felt so good. Then I was in real trouble. He moved even closer and reached around and slowly gripped my cock. I yelped in pleasure and frustration. He was really working my ear and he started talking to me. “Cum for me Steve. I love the way your cock feels bursa escort in my hand. Please cum for me” I was shuddering and beginning to moan. He started to speed up his hand work and I was in real trouble. We were both starting to sweat and I was able to get my back arm free and get his leg off me and roll away before he could stop me.

My cock was leaking pre cum and he laughed and charged me. I sort of went to the side and forced him down on his stomach and immediately trapped an arm and rolled him on his side and l controlled his other arm by his head in what I am sure was not comfortable but it would not hurt him. Now I had an arm free and I started by massaging his tits. He jumped like a fish on a hook but I kept control. I kept this up for a minute or two and was rewarded with moans and shaking. I slowly worked my way down his body until I reached his fantastic cock. I was really looking forward to working him over. I wasted no time and started to jack him off as fast as I could. He almost had made me cum and I was afraid if he got me again I would not escape. I felt his cock get slick with his juices and it made jacking him off easier. I was sure I was going to win as he started humping my hand. Then he threw me off of him a few feet away. I was surprised and he was quick.

He quickly covered me. We had a brief struggle escort bursa and then he took the match to another level. He dived on top of me and sucked my cock into his mouth. He started blowing me and I was helpless with pleasure. He was outstanding at sucking a cock. I had not had much recovery time after his first attack and I was not sure how much more I could take. I came out of my pleasure coma and saw an opportunity. I quickly snapped my legs up and caught him in a head scissors. His mouth came off my cock with a popping sound. I had him and solidified the hold and turned him on his side. His cock was quivering in front of my face and I grabbed the base and started sucking his great cock. I started slow and used my hand on his shaft. He kept trying to get loose but I had him securely without hurting him. I started to take more of him in and he moaned and bucked. I was really enjoying this. I started to speed up and pump his shaft with my hand. He was shaking and moaning and I was sure it was only a matter of time. I was wrong.

We were so sweaty that he was able to work his head out and started sucking my cock again. I screamed as I was completely taken by surprise at his move. I was close to orgasm almost immediately and knew I was going top lose if he sucked me 30 seconds longer. I rolled away quickly and got to my bursa escort bayan knees. He was too quick.

He was behind me. One large hand went around my chest and held me there. He started working my neck and ear again and reached around and started jacking me off. I knew it was over. I was too close and his hand work was amazing. After only a few seconds I said in a quite voice. “You beat me I am going to cum”. I had nothing left. The pleasure was immense. Once again he surprised me.

He knocked me on my back and started to jack me off and work a tit with his other hand. I was past any control and humped his hand and said some words not in the English language. Then it happened. I screamed and launched the first rope high into the air. He kept it up as I spasmed and moaned. He drained me completely. He wiped my cum from his fingers on my chest.

He stood up and grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to my knees. I started to suck his steel hard cock. I knew it would not take long. He was soon starting to grab my ears and fuck my face. I went to something a woman wrestler did to me to beat me in a match. On each stroke I started to run my tongue under the head of his cock. It only took a couple of these when he jammed my face on his cock and came in my mouth. It was a huge load and I managed to swallow it all. I had lost but what a great match.

We went on to have two other sex wresting matches and one sexfight. We even had one first to cum loses match in front of a woman I was having sex with. Please tell me if you would like to hear about some more matches.

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