Lisa’s First


Sidenote: This is my first time ever writing Erotica. I would like to say that all the characters in this story are over eighteen years old. I hope you enjoy this first attempt of mine, and please let me know what you think.

It was a beautiful Thursday morning and Lisa was walking through her student accommodation’s car park, heading towards her car. She breathed in the fresh morning sea-air and luxuriating in the heat already being generated by the morning sun, when all of a sudden she felt something brush against her legs. Startled, Lisa looked down and saw it was a Yorkshire terrier. The dog was just wandering round the car park. Puzzled, Lisa looked around wondering what the dog was doing there. She thought of going to the reception of her student accommodation, but then she thought they would not be there this early on.

‘You okay?’ a voice snapped Lisa back to attention. She looked around and saw that the owner of the voice was a young man who seemed to be around 5 foot 6, with dark brown hair, which had been gelled up. He was dressed in a long-sleeved black shirt, which hung loose, above his dark blue jeans. Lisa suddenly felt quite warm inside.

“Er, er yeah j-just saw a dog” she stuttered. The slowly walked over to where Lisa was stood, just a couple of yards from her blue Toyota Celica convertible.

“Where abouts?” he asked

“Over there” Lisa motioned to where the terrier now was, sniffing around the flyers that were littering the pavement near the post boxes.

“Aye, I wonder how he got here” he wondered aloud. Lisa nodded giving a none-committal ‘mhm’. She did not feel that there was anything she could do about the dog, and that he would probably just wander back home.

“I’m Mike,” said the guy holding his hand out.

“I’m Lisa,” said Lisa hoarsely offering her hand to Mike.

“Nice motor you got there” complimented Mike, eyeing up the Celica

“Thanks” said Lisa “I worked a fair amount over the summer to buy that. What with University and work and everything, I just thought I’d treat myself, you know”

“Aye” agreed Mike “It suits you!”

“T-thanks” stuttered Lisa “I’m just away to University, d-do you need a lift there?”

“Which uni?” asked Mike

“Aberdeen” answered Lisa

“Och aye okay” said Mike “I might be on time for once”.

Lisa aimed her key-fob at the Celica and pressed the button to open it. Mike walked up to the car, squatted down to climb into the passenger seat, and Lisa took her place behind the wheel. As they drove the five-minute drive up King Street to the University they made some small talk.

Mike asked Lisa “So, what do you study?”

“Erm, Psychology” said Lisa “It’s really interesting but I don’t know what I’ll do after University, what about you” she asked

“I study Engineering” said Mike, Mikeer of factly “I’m just in my second year now, and it’s really difficult just now”

“Aye, ” replied Lisa “I can imagine. I’m in the third year now, just one more to go after this year”

Lisa turned off on to University Road and found a parking space. She pulled in and shut off the car’s Engine

“Well here we are” she said cheerfully “Sorry I couldn’t get a better parking space”

“Hey it’s okay,” said Mike “Thanks for the lift” he said as Lisa turned in her seat to look at him.

“It’s okay”, said Lisa hoarsely. She noticed Mike was moving his face closer to hers. As if by instinct Lisa moved her head closer to Mike, not entirely sure what she was doing. Slowly their lips touched, and they pressed in for a kiss, just touching the other’s lips. Eventually they backed off but then quickly went in again for another, this time more passionate. Lisa felt Mike place his arms around her, as he pressed into her, his lips wrestling with hers. Lisa placed her arms around Mike’s back and started moving her hands up and down. Lisa did nit want this kiss to end. She felt right being here, in Mike’s arms. Eventually they broke off the kiss and Mike said quietly,

“I suppose I’d better go, I’ll be late for class”. Lisa was about to open her door to get out of the car when Mike handed her a scrap of paper

“My number” he said “We should go out sometime for a drink” he said, clambering out of the Celica.

“Aye” said Lisa “That would be nice” she said, a little awkwardly. Mike walked around the car, and briefly kissed Lisa on the lips.

“See you around” he said

“Yeah, see ya” said Lisa.

Lisa’s head was spinning as she walked across the campus to her first class in the Psychology building. She was teased a lot at school because she was considered a geek as she always had her head in a book as a child. She was also quite shy. Because of this, Lisa had never really had a boyfriend. She had concentrated on her studies and had never really been interested in sex. Lisa was in no way unattractive. She was 5’8″ and was slim, with quite pale skin and dark brown hair. She wore loose-fitting jeans with a red T-shirt. She normally wore a jacket Şirinevler escort as well but today it was warm and she felt she didn’t need it. Lisa really did fancy Mike and did fancy meeting him again. She also felt for the first time in her life a warm sensation between her legs, which she guessed meant she was turned on. There was no time to think about this now, however as she was going to be late for class

Over the next week, Lisa was snowed under with coursework and studying, so she did not see Mike at all. It was Wednesday afternoon, and the sky was a deep blue outside. Lisa had been working ever since she came home from her morning classes and she was hungry, so she decided to head out to the superMikeet around the corner to grab something for her tea. As Lisa left her block and walked across the car park she hard Mike voice shouting towards her.

“Hey!” he shouted towards her. Lisa looked over towards Mike, who was collecting his post from one of the boxes in the wall in front of her.

“Hey how are you?” she asked casually

“Not bad, yourself?” he answered

“Not bad thanks” replied Lisa “Sorry I’ve not contacted you I’m absolutely swamped in coursework right now” she apologized.

“Och it’s okay” said Mike “You busy right now?”

“Just having a wee break” said Lisa “was just away out to grab something to eat”

“Aye okay” said Mike, “why don’t you come around to my flat for a wee whiley” offered Mike “We’ll get a carry-out or something”

Lisa thought for a moment. On one hand she did have a report due in on the next Friday, on the other hand she had been working solid for the last two weeks and felt like she could do with a night off.

“OK” she said “Sounds good”. Mike led her to the block she had come from. They took the stairs to the first floor. He stopped at the door Mikeed 110 and unlocked it using his electronic fob. The flat was slightly different to Lisa’s. Lisa lived with four girls, and mainly the flat was tidy. This flat had a few things lying in the corridor. There was a small guitar amplifier and a couple of shinty sticks in cases on the floor against the wall of the corridor. Lisa could smell that someone had recently cooked bacon. Mike led Lisa to the fourth door on the right. Lisa noticed that Mike’s bedroom was tidier then the rest of the flat. There was a 22″ TV on the desk, which was connected to a black Xbox 360. Next to that there was a black Dell PC, which also had a large screen. Lisa momentarily looked at the screen. There was a complicated looking diagram of some circuitry.

“Sit down” mike offered motioning towards the bed. Timidly, Lisa sat on the edge of Mike’s bed, whose red bedding had been neatly made. Mike sat down next to her and immediately put his arm around her.

“Fancy a movie?” he asked

“What do you have?” inquired Lisa

Mike went to his bookshelf and read through titles. Lisa decided on The Invention of Lying. Mike went to the TV and switched it on. He also switched on the Xbox and inserted the Invention of Lying DVD. He came back to the bed with the Xbox controller in his hand and started the film. Once it had started, Mike put his arm around Lisa and drew her in for a kiss. They both started kissing intensely. Mike pushed Lisa back onto the bed and fell on top of her, kissing. He broke off the kiss momentarily.

“Are you all right, babe?” he asked

“Yeah sweetie but can I tell you something?” asked Lisa

“Sure, go ahead sweetheart” said Mike hoarsely

“I’m – I’m a virgin” Lisa stuttered “I-I’ve never really been with a guy before” she said

“OK” said Mike, reassuringly “Babe, if you don’t want to do anything I’m cool with that, okay?”

“I’m a wee bit curious” admitted Lisa “but, can we take things slowly”

“of course,” said Mike.

Mike slid off Lisa and lay down beside her. He put his arms around her and they resumed their making out. Mike’s hands started wandering up and down Lisa’s hourglass frame, and Lisa’s hands did the same to Mike. Lisa was feeling that warm wet feeling again between her legs and pressed into Mike. Lisa wanted this to go further but did not know how to initiate it. As if reading her mind, Mike’s hands started to wander to Lisa’s breasts, moving around them at first, and as he got bolder he started to cup them through Lisa’s T-shirt. Lisa offered no resistance, and Mike’s hands became bolder. He started to play with Lisa’s nipples through her shirt and bra. The minute his fingers touched her nipples in earnest, Lisa felt jolts of electricity shoot from where Mike’s fingers had been and coarse right through her body. She felt herself moan right into Mike’s mouth. Mike removed his hands from Lisa’s nipples, causing Lisa to feel momentarily disappointed. She soon felt Mike’s fingers pulling at the hem of her top before travelling over her belly and up to her breasts. Mike then edged his hands under Lisa’s bra and cupped her breasts.

“Are you comfortable with this?” he asked her earnestly

“Yeah” Şirinevler escort bayan gasped Lisa, as Mike took a nipple in each hand and pulled and twisted them quite hard. Lisa’s body felt extremely tingly now, and her pussy seemed to be oozing copious amounts of her hot sweet nectar now. Lisa gyrated her hips against Mike, rubbing up her crotch against his. She now felt something hard pressing into her crotch. Lisa became bold and started fumbling with the button of Mike’s jeans. Eventually she got them undone, and unzipped the zipper. She reached for Mike’s crotch through his boxers. She wrapped her fingers around it, amazed at his length and thickness. Lisa wasn’t sure what to do with Mike’s pole. Mike sensed this

“Just rub it up and down,” he panted “AAHH! Yes like that” he groaned. Meanwhile, Lisa felt Mike’s right hand let go of her left breast and travel down her abdomen and to the top of her jeans. He deftly undid them and unzipped them. Mike’s hand then found the hem of Lisa’s knickers and ventured underneath. Lisa suddenly panicked and then resisted. This had all happened so quickly, and now she was unsure if this was right. Then she hard Mike’s voice

“Are you okay?” Lisa looked up into Mike’s face and she saw love in his eyes, love for her and she instantly melted.

“Yeah babe” she whispered. Lisa realized that she now wanted Mike badly. She felt his hand still halfway inside her knickers.

“Go on” she urged “Feel me”

Lisa felt Mike’s fingers trace her slit. She was so wet now that Mike was able to easily insert his finger. She felt the finger trace up and down her slit. He ventured up to the top of her slit, and the feeling that Lisa felt was indescribable. As Mike started playing with the little nub at the top of Lisa’s wet slit, she felt her vaginal muscles spasming wildly. Her body was also tingling wildly. She started moaning uncontrollably

“Ah, AH! AH! Yeah BABE!” she moaned


Meanwhile, Lisa was pumping Mike’s now impossibly hard erection through his boxers

“Faster” he panted. Lisa obliged. She kept doing this for a few minutes enjoying the increasingly intense feelings that Mike’s fingers were stirring in her womb.

“LIISSAAA!!!” he groaned “IIIIIII’m going to cuuuum!!!” Lisa kept up the pumping on Mike’s cock and she felt Mike insert a finger into her vagina and curl up. He suddenly hit a spot that made Lisa’s feelings intensify to new, immeasurable heights. Her vision was blurring and she was seeing stars the feeling was so good. Just then, Mike’s boxer shorts covered cock erupted and Lisa felt Mike’s cum. This startled her but only intensified her feelings even more. She loved how Mike’s fingers were twirling around in her hot quim. Eventually the feelings subsided, and Mike’s fingers ceased their twirling around Lisa’s most intimate parts. Lisa just lay there trying to catch her breath, with Mike’s fingers buried in her throbbing pussy. She looked into Mike’s eyes and mouthed

“I love you”

“I love you, too!” Mike whispered. With that, Lisa felt Mike withdraw his fingers from her satisfied quim. Lisa watched in awe as Mike put each finger in his mouth in turn and licked off Lisa’s come.

“Eeeeeeewww!” She said playfully “Is that not mink?”

“Nah” said Mike “I like the taste of pussy.” Hearing Mike talking dirty turned Lisa on. Her vagina quivered momentarily.

“I would like to lick you out,” he went on. Lisa didn’t know what he meant.

“Lick me out?” she said, apprehensively

“Aye, basically I lick your pussy with my tongue” he said. Noticing the look of disgust on Lisa’s face he went on, “I promise, it’s not that bad. I think you’d taste quite nice.”

Lisa thought about this for a minute. The thought of Mike putting his mouth on her most intimate of parts excited her a little.

“Please lick me out, Mikey” she eventually whispered. In one smooth action, he moved his hands to the top of her jeans and pulled them down. Lisa pushed her hips up to make it easier for him. He threw her jeans out of the way, and then Lisa started to pull her knickers down but Mike held onto her hands and simply whispered:

“Let me….”

Lisa lay back down allowing Mike to remove her knickers. Now she was naked from the waste down. She watched as Mike stared at her quim. The fact that Lisa was naked from the waist down in front of Mike made her feel incredibly horny. She spread her legs to give Mike access to her womanly treasures. Lisa watched as Mike slowly moved his face down. He took her left leg and started kissing at her calf. She felt his trail of kisses as they lead to the top of her inner left thigh. Mike then gently placed Lisa’s left leg on the bed and picked up her right leg and started kissing from her right calf to the top of her right inner thigh. He then stopped and leaned over to Lisa, kissing her, while at the same time placing his hands on the hem of her T-shirt. He started escort şirinevler to remove Lisa’s T-shirt, and she sat up slightly and put her arms up so he could ease it off. Now Lisa was naked apart from her bra. Mike reached behind her and deftly undid the clasp, letting Lisa’s breasts fall free. Lisa was feeling horny and frustrated now. She wanted to see Mike naked. She started unbuttoning his shirt revealing his hairy, muscled chest. Seeing the hairs on Mike’s chest caused Lisa to squirm and make her quim leak more fluid. In one motion Lisa slid her arms around Mike, helping to remove his shirt. Mike offered no resistance and took off his jeans. Lisa then removed his boxer shorts revealing his monster prick, which was once more hard. Lisa gasped at the mere sight.

“H-how would that fit in any woman?” she asked, shocked

“Well it takes a lot of patience and love, but it can fit” said Mike, reassuring yet serious. Lisa was beginning to be frustrated now

“pleeeeeaaaase!!!!” she begged “Plleeeeeeaaase lick me oooouuuuut!!!!” Mike did not need a moment’s hesitation. He moved himself so he was in between Lisa’s legs, and started kissing her upper thighs, alternating between the left and the right. Lisa was more turned on than she had ever been now. The air was now full of the musky scent of Lisa’s sex. She started to feel mike’s breath against her quim. This made her squirm even more. Lisa felt Mike pull her vaginal lips apart and start licking the inside of the outer lips, then moving on to nibble on the inner lips. This caused Lisa’s vagina to start tingling intensely again. Mike worked his way down to her opening. He dipped his tongue inside. This made Lisa’s feelings intensify even more. She felt Mike’s tongue like up the length of her slit, and then he started to graze her clit with his teeth. This went on a few times; Mike licking down to Lisa’s opening to lick up her juices, and then back up her slit to nibble on her clit. Lisa started to moan and gyrate her hips. As mike was feasting on Lisa’s pussy, she felt his hands wander up to her nipples and grab, pull and twist them. This brought Lisa close to the edge.

“OH! OOOOOHHHHH!” She moaned “I’m gonna cum!” In response to this, Mike removed his hand from Lisa’s left breast and jammed two fingers up inside her pussy. This brought Lisa over the edge.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!” She moaned. Mike held his fingers inside Lisa’s hot quim until her orgasm subsided. The last thing she felt before she drifted off was Mike’s fingers slowly finger-fucking her before being withdrawn.

Lisa awoke an hour later wondering where she was for a moment, but then she saw Mike’s TV and Computer sat on the desk in front of her and she remembered where she was. She then realized she was still naked. Her pussy was still slightly damp and throbbing from Mike’s cunnilingus. She turned her head to find that Mike wasn’t there. She just thought that he was either in the bathroom or in the kitchen getting a drink. Sure enough, Lisa could hear the sound of the door handle being turned and the door being opened, and saw as Mike walked in, having gotten redressed, holding a few Pizza boxes. Lisa quickly moved to grab her knickers and T-shirt and put them on.

“I thought you might be hungry after all that so I ordered that carry-out that we were going to have.” he said. Lisa just laughed and sat up on the bed. Mike had brought in Hawaiian and Vegetable pizzas and some garlic bread. He opened the boxes and laid them out at the bottom of the bed

“Dig in,” he said, “It’s on me, babe!” he said. For a while, they just sat and ate pizzas and garlic bread.

“Fancy a drink?” offered Mike “I’ve got tea, coffee, Irn Bru, or Glenfiddich!” Lisa laughed

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” she asked

“Nah,” replied Mike “Even I couldn’t bring myself to take advantage of you that way.” Lisa loved how Mike was so gentle, so caring and so understanding. She was glad that she had given herself to him in the way she had.

“I’ll have Irn Bru, please” she finally replied.

“OK, is there anything else I can get you?” Mike asked, standing up to go and pour the drinks. Without thinking Lisa grinned and said:

“Oh I can think of a million things but for now, I’ll just have the ‘bru please!” she said, playfully licking her lips. Lisa had never flirted before and she was wondering for a moment what came over, but then she realized she wanted Mike inside her, she just had to have him. The thought of his wonderful big, hard cock ploughing into her wet folds made her feel horny again. She just sat there, waiting for Mike, eating Pizza. She quickly glanced over at the TV. The DVD had finished and had gone back to the DVD menu.

Soon, Mike returned with two glasses of Irn Bru. He placed them on the bed-side table and sat down next to Lisa, taking another slice of Pizza

“What do you have planned for the rest of the evening?” he asked Lisa

“Well,” said Lisa “I guess I should probably get back and do some work I suppose. You?”

“Not a lot I guess really,” said Mike “I’m just working on some circuitry for Engineering but that’s about it.” For a few minutes no one said a word, both Mike and Lisa sat on the bed, eating pizza and garlic bread, and drinking Irn Bru. Finally, Lisa broke the silence

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