Making Him an Example

Darla Crane

I have found that creating a story line is easy. Even filling is a few of the details is easy too. But putting the entire down on paper, grammatically correct including spelling is really hard work and not all that easy for a non-writer. I am much indebted to michchick98 for her invaluable assistance in making this story publishable. Thanks michchick98 for your help.


Senior week at Camp Treemont was introduced to be especially for recent high school graduates. The first week of each summer season is spent getting the camp ready for the rest of the season. Because of the only over 18 requirement, attendance was lower than a normal week, allowing each cabin to have six people; one counselor and five campers.

Carrie, the counselor for the girl’s cabin three, walked up to the cabin the first night. She saw a boy standing right next to the cabin with his head against the wall. Wondering what he was doing, she yelled at him. He quickly turned around and ran off. Carrie only wondered for a second what he was doing and then forgot about it.

The next evening, Carrie was walking up to the cabin about dusk and saw the boy again standing next to the cabin. This time she snuck up on him and grabbed him. With her arms around him, he was unable to escape. With him in tow, she walked into the cabin. She quickly grabbed a beach towel and tied the boy to one of the posts in the cabin. The commotion brought all the girls in the cabin to where Carrie and the boy stood.

As they stood there, the boy spoke up. “I saw you in the shower and I saw your pussy hair!” he exclaimed as he looked at one of the girls. Spotting another one of the girls, “I saw you in the shower too and saw you playing with your pussy! And I saw you,” he said as he looked at another girl, “playing with your tits.”

Carrie picked up another towel and wrapped it around his mouth. She said to the other campers, “We’re going to have to do something about this guy. He’ll blab it all around and we’ll become the laughing stock of the camp.”

She thought for a second then waved her arms asking all the girls to gather around her. “How many of you have ever played around with a guy?” Each of the girls were stunned and didn’t know how to respond. “Come on y’all. Were all girls here and we all WANT to play with a guy . . . right?” Most of the girls nodded their heads. “Okay then, who’d like to make this guy an example and have a little class in male anatomy?” One of the girls nodded her head and slowly all the girls nodded their heads.

“Okay . . . good . . . now who has that pair of noise canceling headphones I saw yesterday?” One of the girls raised her hand. “Go get it and bring it here. Oh, can you hook an MP3 player up to it?” The girl nodded her head. “Who has an MP3 player with . . . um . . . classical music on it?” Another girl raised her hand. “Get it.”

Carrie asked for some additional items; towels, ear plugs, scarves, and a pair of scissors. Using these items they blindfolded the guy, covered up his ears so he couldn’t hear anything but classical music and was tied spread eagle on his back on a bed placed in the center of the cabin.

Carrie now stood by the side of the bed and had all the girls stand around it. “Okay girls, we’re going to accomplish two things right now. First, we’re going shut up this creep and second we’re going to do a bit of education and help each of you to be better prepared to handle a guy at that special time.” She then proceeded to cut off all the guy’s clothing and leave him naked on the bed.

“Let’s start with an up close inspection of a guys cock. Since this guy is turned on, we have a good example of an erect cock. I would say this is an average example, maybe a bit larger than average. Before we start examining this cock up close, let me put this cock ring on it. This will keep him from coming too soon,” she said as she slides a ceramic ring down his cock. “Now who wants to be first to inspect this cock?”

At first no one reached out for the cock but then Kim said, “Shoot, I’ll go first. I played with lots of cocks before.” She grabbed hold of his cock and slid her hands up and down a couple of times. She then lifted up his balls and played with them a few seconds.

Now Sam (short for Samantha) reached out and grabbed his cock. “I’ve only seen them in the dark when I give my boyfriend a hand job. I’ve been unwilling to do anything else.” She stroked up and down with a bit more tenderness than Kim.

Cathy slowly reached out and very tentatively touched his cock. “This is the first time I have seen a cock up close. I’ve seen them in porno movies but never in the flesh. Are you sure we aren’t hurting this guy?”

“The only problem this guy will have is a set of blue balls, ” Carrie responded. “He has no idea what we are fixing to do and can only feel what we do. So he is probably wishing we would make him come to relieve the pressure that’s building behind that cock ring. Who’s next?”

Slowly each of the other girls reached out and examined the cock. Şirinevler escort “Now let’s see how to give a guy a blow job. There are two ways to do this. The first is to use your lips and tongue to play with the head of the cock and use your hand to rub the bottom part of the cock. The second way is to ‘deep throat’ and put the entire cock in your mouth. Who’s done either of these ways before?” Only one or two of the girls raised their hands. She asked one of them to demonstrate the first way. When asked to demonstrate deep throating, none of the girls had done that before.

Carrie continued, “To do that, you have to relax your throat muscles and overcome your gag reflex, then let the cock go into your throat until your lips hit his balls. “Carrie then showed them what it looks like. “Who would like to try this?” Again Kim was quick to volunteer. Slowly, each of the girls took turns putting his cock into their mouth. However none where able to deep throat the cock on the first try.

“I have two more things I want to show you but I’ll wait to show you one of them until after we finish with this guy. So to finish this class, I want each of you to taste the guy’s come. I can tell you from experience, that each guy’s come tastes a bit different but it has the same consistency. To do this, I am going to take off the cock ring. Okay, who wants to rub his cock and make him come all over himself? Why don’t we let someone who has never done it before do it.”

Cathy shyly raised her hand. Carrie slowly wiggled the ring off his cock then Cathy grabbed it, pumping up and down lightly. “You don’t have to be that gentle Cathy. You might want to be a bit more firm in your grasp and movements,” Carrie observed.

Cathy did adjust her grip and within a minute the guy’s cock began to erupt, startling her and causing her to release her hand. Carrie quickly grabbed it and lifted it up so that he spurted all over his belly and chest. When he finished, Carrie brought her hand to her lips and licked it clean. “Not too bad. Now everyone get some come and taste it to see how it tastes. You can either lick it off his body or you can use your hands.”

At first several girls reached out with their fingers to pick up a small drop of semen. But, Kim boldly stooped down and licked a big drop of come off of his belly. Slowly one by one each of the girls did the same. Within a minute or two, all the come had been cleaned up.

“I think we are done with this guy. I’m going to let him go but since his clothes are all cut up, he is going to have to make his way back to his cabin naked. Maybe this will teach him to spy on us again.” Carrie then untied the guy and led him to the door.

She unwrapped his ears and told him, “Okay jerk, you are free to go but if we catch you anywhere near our cabin again, we’re going to cut off your cock and let it dry up for all to see. If you go around talking about what you saw, then we’ll hunt you down and stake you out in the middle of the camp naked just like you were here tonight.” With that, she finished removing all the towels and scarves and pushed him out the door.

When everyone had calmed down and gathered at the bed again, Carrie said, “Now for the last lesson. I didn’t want to give that guy the pleasure of being an example for this lesson. But I have a substitute that we can use.” She then brought out a dildo that was shaped and sized exactly like a real cock. “Let’s talk about sex. Let’s take off our nice girl masks and talk about the details of sex. Who’s a virgin?” Shock spread to all the girls.

Kim quickly said, “I’m not. I’ve been having sex for a while now.”

Sam chimed in, “I’ve played with cocks before and done mutual masturbation, but I’ve never gone all the way.”

“I had a guy eat me out a couple of times, but I’ve not gone all the way either,” June replied.

Then Cathy and Carol quietly said that they had only kissed a few guys and let them touch their breasts through their clothes.

“Okay, who has rubbed their cunt or put something in their cunts to make themselves come?” Carrie asked. Slowly all the girls raised their hands. “Good, now to finish this sex ed class, I want to talk about how to have sex with a guy or at least introduce the subject to prepare you to have sex the first time.”

“This is my friend Fred.” Carrie held up her dildo. “Fred keeps me company when I am horny and my boyfriend isn’t around.” Carrie went on to explain how she uses Fred to help her come. “But a demonstration is worth a thousand words.” Carrie stood up from the bed and stripped off all her clothes. The girls at first were taken back by this sudden move on Carrie’s part. “Come on girls, we all know what equipment we all have so don’t make a big deal about this. In fact, you can strip down if you want to help me feel more comfortable.”

The girls all look around at each other but none moved to start removing their clothes. “No taker’s huh . . . no problem. So getting back to the subject; I take Fred and start Şirinevler escort bayan rubbing him . . . ” Carrie continued as she showed how she uses Fred to help her come. In fact, the demo was so realistic, that she actually did come.

As she was recovering from her climax, Fred was still in her cunt. Kim reached down and grabbed Fred and started moving him in and out of Carrie’s cunt again. Carrie jumped when Kim did this but soon the sensations overtook Carrie again and she had another climax bigger than the first one.

“I think I would like to try Fred out too,” Kim replied as she pulled him out of Carrie’s cunt and started to lick it clean.

“That is what I was going to propose,” Carrie replied when she recovered from her climaxes. “I have another dildo named Tom with me and I’m willing to share them both with anyone who’d like to experience sex without actually ‘doing it’. In fact, I’d be willing to help each of you, like Kim helped me a second ago, to fully enjoy your experience.”

“Let me know if you’re interested and after we turn off the lights, I’ll come to your bed and introduce you to Fred. If you want to do it yourself, then I’ll bring Tom to you. After you’re done with him, I’ll clean him up and take it to another. “Most of the girls looked down but after a minute or two they all said they were interested in meeting either Fred or Tom.

After everyone had cleaned up and got into bed, Carrie turned off the lights and said, “Now, it’ll be difficult to have sex with Fred and Tom if you have your PJs on, so everyone needs to get out of their clothes and be naked in your bed. Also as you have your turn with Fred or Tom, most likely you’ll express your joy noisily. We all need to agree to not be embarrassed by this. Everyone will be in the same boat and we all can enjoy each others enjoyment of Fred and Tom.”

At this, Carrie took Tom and gave him to Kim and then took Fred and went to Cathy’s bed. Within a few minutes, each of the girls heard Kim starting to moan and could hear Tom being moved in and out of her cunt. After some whispering between Carrie and Cathy, they could hear Cathy catch her breath and start moaning too.

The moans soon became louder and eventually became small screams of joy as she reached her peak. They heard Carrie get up from Cathy’s bed, walk over to Kim’s bed and then walk to two other’s beds. For the next hour or so, each of the girls had the opportunity to experience the attention of Fred or Tom. Finally, Carrie got into her own bed and Fred once again was used to bring her to a climax. All the girls slept well that night.

Chapter 2

The next morning, all the girls commented on how well they slept and how much fun they had the previous evening, both with the peeping Tom and with the ‘class exercise’. They indicated a desire to have another class, a more advanced class. Carrie thought a minute and said, “How about we do a raid on a guys cabin in the middle of the night and instead of stealing some underwear, we demonstrate our techniques with the boys in the cabin. “

All the girls gave a blank look to Carrie’s idea. “What I mean, is that we sneak into a boy’s cabin and each of us find a guy and play with his cock and see if we can get him to come. The counselor in cabin seven is a good friend of mine, and when I say good, I mean he is really good. I’ll talk to him and see if he’ll cooperate with this raid. Since there are the same number of boys in that cabin as is in ours that would mean each of you will have your own guy to play with.”

Several of the girls immediately voiced approval of this idea and eventually talked the rest of the girls into going along. Carrie continued, ” Since we want to sneak up on the guys, let’s plan this for after midnight and we’ll see how far we can go with the boys before they wake up.” The rest of the day, the girls chatted amongst themselves in what they were going to try with the boy they find and how far they were willing to go during this raid. This caused all of them to forget any hesitation to the raid and in general build a high sense of anticipation.

Carrie was able to take the counselor of cabin seven aside and set up the raid for that evening. After dinner she got the girls all together and told them, “I’ve got it all set up. Mike, the counselor in cabin seven, has agreed to leave the door of the cabin unlocked and in fact will try to get all the guys to sleep in the nude tonight. I told him we’d be there around one a.m. to make sure everyone is sound asleep before arrive.”

“You were gone for several hours with Mike, it must have taken some persuasion to get him to agree to all of this,” Kim said.

“Well, let just say, I used a non-verbal method of persuading him which was mutually enjoyable to both parties,” Carrie responded with a slight blush.

Needless to say, none of the girls fell asleep that evening and kept talking about what they were going to do with the guy they find. They agreed that each girl would select escort şirinevler a boy whose bed is in the same position as their bed. This would allow them start their activities with no delay or words. In fact, they started making bets as to who would cause their boy to come first, or who could get their boy to come without waking up.

Finally the time came for them to leave. There was a discussion as to what to wear to the raid. Some wanted to go without any clothes, others wanted to wear a bathrobe with nothing on underneath. It was finally decided to just wear bathrobes. As they left their cabin, each girl was almost giddy with anticipation and the thrill of what they were doing and what they expected to do when they get to cabin seven.

Mike was good to his word; in fact he was awake and waiting for them when they arrived. He silently opened the door and held it open for the girls. He also helped the girls make their way around the cabin in the dark. With only a moment of confusion, each girl approached the bed of ‘their’ boy and took off their robes.

Without hesitation, Kim kneeled beside the bed of her boy and gently reached under the sheets. Her hands found his groin and she started to gently play with his cock. Trying not to move to quickly and forcefully, she was able to get his cock to start growing. She slowly moved the sheets so his cock was uncovered and she bent over to kiss it.

Just using her tongue, she licked his cock like an ice cream cone, moving her tongue first from the top to the bottom and then back. By now he was fully erect. She slowly covered the head of his cock with her mouth and began to suck. Gradually, she increased the amount of cock in her mouth until she had it half way in. She then started raising and lowering her head slowly and without much pressure.

The boy started to moan in his sleep and his hands dropped down toward his cock. Kim increased her movements and the boy’s hand encountered her head which caused him to slowly wake up. Sensing that she was not going to be able to make the boy come without waking up, she decided to change strategy and try to keep the boy from reacting poorly or loudly to her actions. She grabbed one of the boy’s hands and moved it to her breast and held it there. The boy slowly started squeezing them.

Kim realized that he must be most of the way awake at that point, so she increased her sucking and started deep throating him. Soon the boy’s hips began moving in rhythm with her movements. She could hear him moaning louder now and he had each of her breasts in his hands. He was definitely awake at this point but didn’t appear to try to figure out what was happening or why.

With in a minute or two, he lifted his hips off the bed, tensed up and began to come. He squeezed Kim’s breast almost to the point of hurting her, but Kim continued to suck him and drive him to his climax. When he finished, he relaxed and began rubbing Kim’s breasts again. He lifted his head and tried to see who was responsible for this midnight moment of passion. Pulling Kim up, he kissed her passionately.

Meanwhile, Sam had found the bed of her target. He was lying on his side facing away from her. Not to be deterred, she slowly moved her hands under the sheets and over his hips to his cock. She let her hand rest on top of his cock for a moment before she started rubbing. Within a minute, his cock began to grow. As it grew, Sam pulled on the boy’s hips to get him to roll onto his back.

Before he was fully erect, Sam leaned over and put his entire cock in her mouth. This allowed her to feel it grow in size and within a couple of minutes, it no longer fit into her mouth. As she continued to pay attention to the head of his cock with her tongue, she started rubbing the base lightly. The boy’s hips started to move during this and Sam quickened her actions, trying to get him to come before he fully woke up.

All of a sudden, the boy stiffened up and he started pumping come into Sam’s mouth. Sam was able to catch all of it in her mouth and swallow it without making a mess. Sam then slowed down her attentions and finally let it pop out of her mouth. She slowly draped the sheet back over his body as he fell back into a deep sleep.

Cathy was both terrified and excited about the raid. She had wanted to play with a guy’s cock for some time but was scarred to make the first step. Last night’s class with the peeping Tom, the experience with Fred after the lights went out and now standing in the boy’s cabin nude; she was almost bursting with excitement. In fact, she felt like she would come if the boy would even touch her breast or cunt.

As she knelt down next to ‘her’ boy, she saw that he was sleeping on his stomach. They didn’t talk about this during their planning and she was at a loss on what to do. She slipped her hand under the sheet and placed it on his hip and started lightly rubbing it. As she gained confidence, she lightly pushed on his hips trying to get him to roll onto his side.

He stirred and indeed rolled onto his side facing Cathy. She then moved her hands over his cock and balls and lifted them up and moved them from between his body and the bed so she could start rubbing him. He stirred again and rolled onto his back. Cathy froze for a second thinking he was going to wake up but he didn’t.

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