Meg and Ben Finally


Hello, I’ve read many stories here and enjoyed most. My story describes how the prettiest and sexiest extremely shy wife came to enjoy the company of another man. If you don’t like uncensored text please don’t read and get upset with me.

I’m over 6 feet tall and weigh around 240 pounds. My name for this story is Ted. I did a short stint with the Army and was wounded in Iraq. It’s never been pleasant for me to talk much about this event. My wife is aware of the incident and about my lengthy hospital stay. I did make a full recovery. Enough about me as my wife is the major subject of this story.

My wife’s name for this story is Meg. She’s 5 feet6 inches tall and carries a perfect weight at 116 pounds. Meg had small perky tits when we got married. They were fun for me to play with and it seemed to always get her excited. Her nipples have always been very sensitive and tender but in the middle of a fuck session I can pinch them as hard as possible without any sign of pain to her. As a result of her having children her small perky tits became the most succulent 38D’s you have ever seen or had the pleasure they provide. I can’t get enough of just looking at them.

Meg and I were married right out of high school. We dated for several years before and I was her first and only sex partner. She is very shy about showing her body and almost prudish when talking about sex, especially my fantasies. Meg will not wear sexy clothes or a bikini. I’ve gotten her to get a little sexy when we are out of town where no one knows us. When I say a little sexy, I mean just a little. I got her to go without a bra to dinner once. I got her to wear a frilly bra in a sheer top once. Maybe her shyness fueled my fantasies.

Speaking of fantasies, I like many, if not most men have a fantasy of seeing my wife fuck another man. It was several years into our marriage before this was even mentioned. I finally got up the courage to describe my fantasy to Meg. She was very upset and would not talk about it at all. In time she allowed me to talk about her being with another man while we were having sex, but only after she was extremely aroused. The more we discussed it the more we both seem to put our fucking into high gear. In our discussions of another man fucking her, the other man was handsome and had a large cock, of course.

Meg hated giving me a blow job. She would occasionally blow me as a reward for something I’d done to make her happy or maybe on our wedding anniversary. She would not swallow.

Meg did not even enjoy dressing scantily in the bedroom. After several years of begging I got Meg to make one day a week “titty day” during the spring and summer. I bought her sheer tops, low cut tops, and sexy bras. On titty day she would dress to show her nice tits mostly on the porch but sometimes out in the yard. She almost got caught one day by the FedEx guy. That excited me but angered her.

A couple of weeks ago I bought her a nice bikini but she has not yet even tried it on.

Once we rented a place for a mini vacation at the beach. Our room was a couple of stories up. It had a balcony facing the ocean and just above the pool area. I had purchased some Viagra before we left home and was anxious to see its effects. It was just before dark, the lights around the pool were becoming bright; when I took one of those pills. The effect was all I had hoped for when my dick became about 2 inches longer. Meg took one look at my cock and went directly to the bathroom. She came out a little later naked as a jaybird, opened the door to the balcony, walked out, did a little spin and announced, “I gotta have some of that.”

This told me that size did matter to Meg even if just a little 2 inches more. Of course as soon as we left the room behind the door with a number on it, we were back to shy Meg.

I wanted to make my fantasy become a reality very badly. The internet became my outlet. I looked at porn and pictures of other wives. Then I started looking at the dating sites where men and women would openly advertise for Ataköy escort lovers. This did not satisfy me it only made me all the more intent upon getting my wife with another man.

One guy on one of the sites named Ben was very muscular (not an ounce of fat) handsome and somewhat hung. He was long (at least 8 inches) but his most outstanding feature was the girth of that thing. It was about the size of a beer can. I wanted to somehow get Meg to meet Ben, get her relaxed with some wine, get her to realize how he was hung, and beg a lot. I just might get my fantasy wish. It was a long shot but worth the try.

I contacted Ben and we became internet buddies with a common goal of him fucking my wife. He had a deep interest in helping me out especially after I sent him a picture of Meg that I had taken of her on titty day. I wanted this to happen and he probably wanted it to happen even more. I was able to get a picture of Meg in the shower without her knowing it. Ben went crazy when he saw her nude. We sent many emails back and forth and concocted a plan from hell. Ben was going to call me at a time when Meg and I would be together so she would hear one side of the conversation. We planned everything down to the smallest detail.

On the scheduled night the call came in as planned. My side of the conversation for Megs’ benefit went something like this, “Ben, you SOB, where have you been? I’ve been searching for you over the years. I remember like yesterday how you saved my butt. I still owe you. What? That’s great when will you be coming? No buddy you’ll stay right here. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. See you this weekend.”

Meg asked who I was speaking with. I gave her some of the details of my being wounded in Iraq for the very first time.

“Ben and I were with our platoon on patrol when our unit was ambushed by a much larger enemy. I took a hit right away and was down unable to defend myself or move out of harm’s way. Ben crawled right into the enemy fire and drug me out of the line of fire. He then carried me on his back for almost a mile to where an evacuation helicopter took me to the hospital. He’s the only reason I made it home back to you. I’ve not seen Ben since that day.”

Meg listened to my story intently and even shed a couple of tears. She hugged me tightly and kissed me as if it was the last one.

Ben arrived in town as planned. We met to have a beer and firm up our plan. Ben followed me to the house where Meg greeted us at the door. I introduced her to him. Meg smiled very big and hugged Ben hard saying, “Thank you for what you did for my husband I’ll be forever grateful.” She invited Ben and I to sit out by the pool while she got us a beer and her a glass of wine. She sat on one side of Ben and me on the other. I asked him how his wife was. He told me she had been in an automobile accident about 9 months earlier and had not survived. It took some time after that to get back to happy talk. Meg had just about finished off her bottle of wine and Ben and I had enjoyed several beers. Meg changed the subject by suggesting we go for a swim, and then cook steaks on the grill, while we continued to get caught up on old times.

Meg brought Ben and me a swim suit. He went into the house to take a leak and put on his swim suit. I cornered Meg and had a brief but serious discussion with her. I first reminded her how Ben had saved my butt and how much I owed him. Very bluntly I continued, “Meg, he has not had sex since his wife passed. Would you please fuck him for me?”

Meg got red in the face looked very upset and replied, “Ted I’m not sure that I can do that. I know he’s a nice person and you owe him and I’d like to do this for you but I just don’t think I can.”

“Meg,” I said, “please do this for me, please I beg you.”

Meg left to go upstairs and compose herself. She promised to think about what I’d said while she changed into her swim suit.

Ben returned from the head shortly after Meg had gone upstairs. I told him about my discussion Ataköy escort bayan with her and that all we could do was wait and hope, but it didn’t look very promising. She was gone for what seemed like hours. I know it was really only about 20 minutes. Ben and I had one more beer while we quietly said our prayers.

When Meg came back down she whispered in my ear that while she just could not make herself fuck Ben she had tried to do something nice for Ben and I. Wow, was I surprised.

Meg took off her swim suit cover-up and walked out in her new bikini, looking good. She had never worn a bikini and was very reluctant when I bought it for her a couple weeks earlier. Boy did she look good. Her perfect figure and those 38D’s spilling out of her top were very impressive. To my surprise she sported a golden tan from tanning almost daily for the last couple of weeks. We all enjoyed a nice swim. It was a special sight once when Meg’s left tit almost came completely out of her top. We got a good glimpse of her nipple.

Ben and I had killed a 12 pack and Meg was well on her way finishing off a second bottle of her wine. The steaks we had grilled were perfect. We were sitting by the pool enjoying the sunset. Meg again whispered in my ear that the bikini showed a lot and took a lot of courage to wear and she hoped that it pleased me and helped to repay Ben. I begged Meg to try hard to do just a little more for me. She agreed to think hard about it, but it was doubtful. Meg left me to go to our room I hoped it was to think about what I’d asked her to do.

Meg returned having put her swim suit cover up back on. She brought us another beer and got herself another glass of wine. A few minutes passed (it seemed much longer) and Meg said, “Would you boys like to sit in the hot tub for a bit, the night chill is getting to me a little?” Ben and I looked at one another thinking our plan was doomed. She whispered to say, “Ted I’m going to try to do a little more but fucking him is just going too far. Will you be mad if I don’t do it?”

My expression was probably like the one a little boy would have on Christmas day just after he broke his brand new toy.

I uncovered the hot tub and Ben and I got in. It was very warm almost too much so. Meg walked up and removed her cover up. We both lost our breath. There she was topless and looking sooo GOOD. Ben could not take his eyes off her big tits.

Meg said, “Hope you guys don’t mind me being dressed like this”. We were silent. Meg said, “Do you want me to put my top back on”. The no word came hard and fast. Ben’s suit tented a lot as did mine. Meg said, “You boys seem to enjoy looking at my tits, do you Ben?”

Ben complemented Meg, telling her how beautiful she was and that her rack was as nice as any he had ever seen. Meg let her tits rub on my chest a couple of times but never allowed Ben to touch, not even close. She did a little flirting and allowed us to talk trash. Occasionally she would do things like running her hands through her hair so her tits were really on display. She clearly had a good buzz going.

Meg got out of the hot tub, turned to us, and said, “Well I’m going to the bedroom to get out of this wet swim suit, do ya’all want to join me?”

We almost fell over each other trying to get out of the hot tub. I was thinking this is really going to happen. Meg is going to make my fantasy come true. We followed Meg like two little puppies chasing their mom for a little more sucking. Her wiggle was a little more than normal for sure. She walked with her bikini top draped over her shoulder. She is always sexy but this was enough to drive any man to cum in his pants.

Just as soon as we reached the bedroom Meg disappeared into her bathroom to shower and change. Ben and I stood quietly hoping that we were correct about her fucking him. She returned, her hair now in a ponytail, with a fresh smell of perfume, and new makeup, and wearing a totally sheer baby doll negligée. Her tits pushed hard against the thin escort Ataköy material. It looked like her nipples were as hard and protruding more than ever. Her pussy was totally shaved. She looked at us and saw how hard we were.

She lay across the bed and said, “Well boys you need to get out of those swim suits. Who wants to fuck me first?”

It was finally here. My wife was going to fuck another man while I watched. Ben dropped his suit and walked toward Meg with his dick at full attention. His cock looked even bigger than he had told me. Meg said to me, “Ted this cock looks just like the one you like to talk about when we fuck.”

With that said Meg grabbed Ben’s cock and began stoking it. She seemed to pause for a moment just looking at his cock in admiration and then put it deep in her mouth. She sucked him with so much energy, like she wanted to turn him inside out. She paused and asked Ben if he could cum more than one time?

Ben responded, “You can bet your ass.”

Meg answered, “I am betting my ass and you are probably going to be the winner.”

Meg sucked him hard and since Ben had been without for a while he came very hard. It must have been a gallon. She swallowed it all without loosing a drop. Then she licked her lips and said how good he tasted.

She lay on the bed legs wide open and told Ben that she didn’t need any foreplay, just his big dick inside her. They fucked every way possible. She finished in a cowgirl style bouncing up and down, spinning her hand in the air, yelling, “Give it to me cowboy!”

Ben came three times and I lost count on how many times Meg made it. She was a wild woman.

Ben, weak kneed, finally went to the guest room. I laid next to Meg thanking her for doing my buddy and helping me repay my debt to him. She looked at me with a tear running down her cheek and saying, “Ted, are you mad at me? Will you forgive me? Do you still love me? That’s what you wanted me to do isn’t it? Did I do it good enough for you to be happy?”

I answered back thanking her for fucking Ben and for making my fantasy come true.

Meg said, “I guess it did.”

The next morning she got out of bed and went into the bathroom without saying a word. I was really worried. Breaking the silence I said, “Meg are you alright? Please don’t be upset about fucking Ben for me. You made his day and mine too.”

I dressed and went down to make coffee. Ben joined me as he was leaving soon. He and I were having our coffee when Meg walked in wearing nothing but the same totally sheer teddy and looking great. I whispered in her ear, “I guess this means you’re not upset about last night.”

She only smiled.

Later we walked Ben to the door as he was leaving. I hugged him saying that I hoped it won’t be so long before I see you again. Ben hugged Meg pulling her tits into him as much as possible and replied while looking into Meg’s eyes, “I promise it won’t.”

Ben walked to his car and Meg did something very out of character. She stood just outside the door in her sheer teddy waving goodbye.

Later we were having a second cup of coffee when Meg confessed that she had enjoyed the night after she was relaxed by the wine. And after she had got to know my old Army buddy, and after I begged her to fuck him. She hoped that she’d done enough to help me repay him for his heroism, and to grant me my fantasy.

Boy was I feeling like a traitor to my wife.

I took a deep breath and said, “Meg you know I’ve wanted to watch you fuck another man for a long time and you just refused to do it. Meg, I’ve actually tricked you and must beg for your forgiveness.” Then I explained the whole thing to her, how I had met Ben on the internet and how we came up with the plan to deceive her.

She just left the room without a word. I went out by the pool dejected and hoping my wife was not going to leave me. It seemed forever before Meg reappeared. She walked out by the pool absolutely naked not caring who could see her. I stared and admired my beautiful wife.

I asked if this meant she forgave me for lying to her and tricking her into fucking Ben. She put on this big smile, sat on my lap, and put my hand on her pussy. She said, “Actually Ted you should keep your laptop where people can’t read you email. When are we going to do it again?”

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