More Than Just Friends


The first year of university was over and I had just made it home to stay at my folks place over the summer, I was looking forward to a little work and meeting friends maybe even a few drinks to enjoy the summer months. It was sweltering hot and I was out in the back yard trimming back the hedges, shorts and a t shirt were definitely the call for this summer, being away from home had definitely its advantages and caused any of the excess weight to fall away leaving nothing but firm toned muscle.

I paused for a moment to inspect my work and wiped the sweat off my forehead, I could feel the sweat rolling off me and deciding it was too hot for even a light t shirt I decided to strip down to just shorts. I was an average height of five foot eight, well built due to sports, had curly brown hair and deep blue eyes, over the last few months I had been spending more time outside, shifting from slightly pale complexion to a light tan brown. Behind me a voice called out

‘Damn,look at that sexy body. What I would do to you.’

turning round I saw a the red headed beauty that was Lana. Lana and I had been at school together when we were kids and after separating off to different schools fell out of contact. Over the years we had changed from the young and innocent seven year olds into grown adults, making contact for the first time in eleven years was a shock, when we met by chance in a local bar.

That was two years ago and now we rarely went more than a few days without talking to one another, first we chatted over internet and then sending texts back and forth until this year we had been regularly video chatting. Lana was a inch or shorter than me her hair was wavy with a slight curl at the ends, her body was a slight hourglass figure, light build helped keep trim by her yoga classes but enough left on her to make her bum and boobs seductive, a healthy C cup by my guess, she was wearing a long summer dress and a pair of sandals, her sunglasses propped up on her forehead.

In her hands she held out a glass of iced tea, nodding gratefully I take the glass from her and drained the glass in a few quick swigs, gasping as I was, the drink was made only sweeter when handed to me by this gorgeous woman before me. Lana and I had briefly discussed going out but generally decided that it would make things messy between us and long distance would definitely make things difficult, as good friends we were able to give each other advice on dating or breakups. Lana had confided in me last year after her first year at university, that she had never slept with anyone, having never found the right person, though we were the same age separated by only a month, I had to earn some money before heading off to university.

This year was my turn to be a freshman and I had a year of bad luck with women. I had never really been confident with women until this past year, but was only able to close the deal with a girl once. Lana was somewhat the opposite, open and friendly she admitted that she had made out with a few guys, dated some of them, but never really felt the connection that she wanted. Having finished the drink I put down the glass and threw my arms around her

‘Thanks for that, I needed it, great to see you, you just got back?’ Despite being covered in sweat Lana hugged me back fiercely. I could smell her perfume, light and fruity it sent my head spinning as I let go of her.

‘Yeah got back yesterday thought I would see how you were going, looking pretty good, you been going to the gym?’

Picking up my shirt I wiped myself down and picked up the glass and motioned her towards the house,

‘Not really just took up running over the year, but I fancy something a little stronger, I’m done for the day.’

Stepping indoors we grabbed a couple of ciders out the garage and headed into the lounge, sitting there relaxing we chatted about what we had missed recently.

‘So… you said you met up with that Lizzy girl, you heard anything since?’

Lana may not have been jealous, if anything she was looking out for me. I shook my head.

‘Nothing, we texted for a couple of days but she said she didn’t want anything more than that. What about you and Carl, that still going on?’

Referring to guy she had recently been dating.

‘We just drifted apart really he was more interested in his music than a serious relationship, but it’s cool, I can do what I want.’

Nosy as ever my mum walked in.

‘You two just catching up then? Lana great seeing, you make sure you keep him out of trouble’

turning and walking upstairs I stuck my tongue out at her. Lana giggled and tutted me.

‘You should have more respect for your elders Ed.’

I shrugged and we both laughed.

‘We planning on going into town tonight, you said we should get a few drinks, who is back yet?’

‘Mat’s birthday is tomorrow I think a group of us will be meeting at his place this evening to go into town, you fancy going?’

Smirking I replied,

‘Have you ever known me to turn down going out for the night?’

Smiling we finished our drinks Ataköy escort and Lana left, as I saw her out she turned round and gave me a farewell hug and a peck on the cheek.

‘Go have a shower you are starting to smell and I will meet you at mine at seven.’

Rolling my eyes I waved good bye and started to get ready for the evening.

Scoffing down an early dinner and hopping in the shower I lathered myself up in shower gel and rinsed off, the cool water a godsend after the sweltering heat out in the garden. After a shave I pulled on a pair of jeans and a collared shirt, I had even slapped on some aftershave. Grabbing my keys, wallet and phone, I ducked out the door saying I should be back late this evening and headed on down the road towards Lana’s place.

She had switched from her long summer dress and sandals to a party dress and high heels, her hair was loose around her shoulders a bag slung over her shoulder. We walked a little while to Mat’s house where Pete and Mat were drinking in the back yard enjoying the last few rays before the sun set, between them was a large ice bucket full of beers and it was clear that they had been working through them for a good chunk of the day. Cheerily Mat waved us over.

‘Hey guys you took your time what time do you want to leave for town?’

Lana pulled out a couple of beers, using my bottle opener I popped their lids and handed her one back, we slumped down into the deck chairs left free.

‘We can head off shortly but it looks like we have some catching up to do.’

said Lana gesturing to the empty bottles surrounding them. A couple of beers each and we gave a quick shout up the stairs. Mat’s younger sister had recently passed her test and was able to drop the lot of us at the station. Pete hopped in the front of the old Toyota and Mat, Lana and I squeezed into the back, needing support in the back of the car and no where to put my hands I gripped the back of the seat, arm crossing Lana’s shoulders, she then clasped her arm around my waist. That brief intimacy felt different to usual as if something unspoken was meant. Shrugging it off we got off at the train station bought our tickets and headed on into town.

Reaching the bar we entered on in flashing ID as we went and headed up to the bar itself. Ordering a round of shots for Mat’s birthday we had decided tonight was going to be no holds barred night, setting off at a blistering pace of several shots and mixers, we hit the dance floor and between the four of us dancing badly, we didn’t care how we looked, we were having a good time and it was great to kick back and relax for the summer.

Later that night we ducked outside for a breath of fresh air, Mat looked exhausted and somewhat a little worse for wear, Lana and I were really starting to feel the buzz,but had decided to hold back a little to make sure the others got home safe. Turning to Lana I linked my arms around her and hugged her tight.

‘Tonight has been great, it has been nice seeing you again after so long.’

Smiling she replied,

‘But we talk all the time, I do know what you mean though being here in person is very different to over the computer.’

Pete made a groaning sound

‘Will you two just kiss already I can feel the tension from here,’

pulling Mat up to his feet Pete lead him away

‘Come on lets grab a cab leave these two to have their moment.’

Puzzled for a moment Lana and I looked at each other and she giggled again, we were just still friends, weren’t we? Or had something changed this night, like a veil had been lifted and we were seeing each other for the first time, instead of kissing, Lana and I held each other tight for what seemed like an eternity but could have easily been a few moments.

We let go and followed after Pete and Mat who had waved over a taxi and were talking to the driver, it was cheaper to go to one house and crash for the night. As we wondered over Lana piped up

‘You guys are welcome to crash at mine if you want save yourselves a bit of money and just walk home in the morning. Mum and Dad are away for the weekend’

Nodding the others agreed and we squeezed once more into a car. The driver set off, and Lana and I were sat in the back. This time though her head rested against my chest my arm wrapped around her shoulders, my head resting on top of hers, my heart was pounding, something felt different and I could feel the tell tale signs of a hard on beginning to rise up, hopefully it wouldn’t be noticed in the dark interior of the cab.

We arrived at Lana’s house and although I lived just down the road I felt too tired to bother going home and would rather just crash out on the couch. Getting out of the taxi Lana and I waited for Pete and Mat but at the last minute they waved us on saying they would just ride the last part of the fare. Shrugging I followed Lana into the house, the cool air from the air conditioning seemed to sweep away the tiredness, but the hot muggy air of the night chased me into the house, the thought of my boiling airing cupboard of a room was Ataköy escort bayan less enticing.

Lana lead me upstairs to the spare bedroom and grabbed the blanket off the bed throwing it to one side and she fell down on the bed laughing I joined her and side by side we lay for a moment, Lana undid the strap on her high heels and I kicked off my shoes and socks and let my feet rest bare on the shag pile rug beside the bed turning Lana was staring at me, in that instant there was something more in her gaze and I enveloped her in my arms once more and gazed straight back.

Our noses brushed against one another and for that moment I felt as if the only thing I wanted in this world was Lana, I leant in until our lips touched and stopped, Lana kissed me once on the lips, only slightly more than a peck but we pulled back slightly and froze, that brief hesitation was all we needed to know what we had wanted, not just these last few hours, not just this night but for the last couple of years, and we surrendered to it. We kissed passionately, my hands stroked down her back to her waist, her own hands clawed at my shirt. Our mouths opened briefly and I felt her tongue lash at my lips, I retaliated by returning the favour, her perfume was intoxicating, it spread through my senses engulfing me.

Reaching further down her body I squeezed her bum playfully, Lana’s hands came around to my front and started unbuttoning my shirt, my other hand wandered to her shoulder strap and slipped it off, then my other hand followed suited. My shirt now open I pulled away slightly and pulled the shirt off entirely, kneeling on the bed Lana rubbed her hands over my abs and leant up to bite playfully at my chest. Standing her up, I cupped her chin and kissed her passionately again my arms tugging down on her dress, she tugged at the hem and the dress fell away revealing her bra and panties, black to match the dress, slightly lacy and incredibly cute on her, accentuating her slight curves, driving me wild with passion.

Lana reached for my jeans and undid the zip and button, I helped by stepping out of them, lying her down on the bed I lay atop of her, we were now left in nothing but underwear. Rolling over, I pulled Lana on top of me, her breasts pushed against my chest I ran my fingers up her sides brushing her ribs, she jerked under my touch. Biting her lip.

‘That tickles’

‘Do you want me to stop?’

I asked.

‘No don’t, just a little less light.’

We continued our kiss for a little longer, but soon the tension became too much and I felt her hot little hands tugging at my waistband, lifting my hips my own hands slipped around behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, my cock was hard and ready and slapped against Lana’s belly, pre cum oozed lightly from the tip, I slipped her bra off her shoulders and threw it to one side to look upon her perky breasts, her nipples were pink and puffy the nipples erect, lost in thought Lana brought me back to reality gently stroking my shaft with her hand, painfully slow she tugged from the top down until the skin stretched taught and back to the top top running her thumb over the head massaging the pre cum into it, the sensations were driving me wild as she did it so slowly and deliberately.

‘You ever done that before?’

I asked.

‘Only the once, I didn’t mind it, but he seemed to enjoy it.’

A mischievous smile across her face as she gently cupped the back of my head and guided me to her luscious breast, first the right one, as I kissed and licked and sucked at the erect nipple in my mouth, so soft and yielding to the touch, warm and her scent rose up once more in my head, sending me off in a world of my own, all the while her gentle stroking never stopped, I heard a gasp seeing Lana had thrown her head back her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. I switched to the other breast, replacing my mouth with my hand on the other gently I groped her boobs and sucked on her nipples until she pushed me down onto the bed.

Lying back, my erection pointing straight at the ceiling Lana lowered herself until she was kneeling on the rug, and she pulled my boxers off my feet and threw them to one side, resting her boobs in my lap, she held my cock in one hand and slowly licked from the base of my cock until she reached the head and agonizingly stopped and went back down to my balls, repeating this process several times she reached up with the other hand and gently squeezed my balls. Grasping the sheets behind me it took all my will to not move and thrust out that little further as I awaited her ministrations.

When I felt I couldn’t take any more, Lana pulled the skin back on my cock and swirled her tongue around the head, then engulfed the tip in the warmth of her mouth, sucking gently as her tongue lashed over the bundle of nerves on the underside of my cock, pumping my shaft as she did so. I could feel a familiar boiling beginning at the base of my cock, an unabated torrent of sensations built.

‘Oh Lana, I’m cumming’

I gasped. With that mischievous grin her hand worked escort Ataköy fiercely up and down my shaft, her tongue tickling the head of my cock, the other squeezed and worked my balls, until the last minute, backing off she continued to stroke me faster and faster, nestling her head down, she sucked my left nut into her mouth and the first rope of cum shot out of the tip, spurt after spurt erupted from me splattering over my chest , she never once slowed her hand as it worked me over, draining every last drop, she could get from me.

‘You seemed to like that.’

she growled, so seductive in her natural grace, she had never seemed more beautiful, a flash in her eyes told me she had an idea, leaning back up to the ultra sensitive head she sucked earnestly at the head of my cock, the sensations brought me from my waning lust back to full drive.

‘Mmmm doesn’t taste too bad either.’

That innocent giggle caught me off guard and grabbing her shoulders I pulled her back up onto the bed and traded places with her, but first I wanted to tease her, like she had teased me, I wanted to make her beg to let her cum. I started at her neck nuzzling and kissing at the soft skin of her neck, past her collarbone, my hands resumed their gentle teasing of the sensitive nipples and my mouth soon joined them switching from one to the other I felt her hands stoke my head as she ran her fingers through my curls. Without looking up I took a grasp of both her wrists and pinned them to her side and I gently bit at one perfect pink nipple, a moan escaped her lust filled and wanting her breathing was shallow, looking up to meet her face a hungry look had replaced the previously mischievous one, and I winked straight back at her, lowering myself further down her body kissing and licking my way down as I went. I reached her navel and dipped my tongue into her belly button. She squealed lightly and her hands still held firmly by the wrist had no choice but to grip the bed sheets. As I reached her hip bones I planted little kisses across her pelvis, refusing to let go of her wrists, she bucked and thrust her self towards me.

She was still wearing her panties and with agonising slowness to match her own, I released her hands and used them to gently pull her underwear down from her hips cupping her bum as I did so, her hands were brought to her face, she bit down on the back of her hand the other pulled at the sheets behind her head.

Following her silky smooth underwear to her knees, leaving kisses as I went, I pulled her underwear off the last of the way. Trailing my way back up her thighs I saw her pubic hair had been trimmed and a light reddish fuzz was left behind in a triangle, gently as I went I pushed her knees to either side of me and ran my tongue along the inside of her thigh, towards her glistening wetness. Closer and closer I got until all I had to do was dart out my tongue and I could taste her, but I waited that moment more, before reaching up with my fingers and spreading her pussy lips, another moan escaped Lana, so I finally relented and licked from the base of her slit to the top, she shuddered as the tip of my tongue flicked against her clit.

I did this several times more tasting her sweet juices each time just touching her little nub for no more than an instant. Taking a finger I placed in it her entrance and ever so gently worked my finger in and out of her tight hole, the clear sweetness oozing from her was starting to run down my wrist, when she bucked her pussy at me I took a different tack, wrapping my right arm around the underside of her thigh gripping tightly to stop her bucking my left hand inserted two fingers into her snatch, I sucked her clit in my mouth fully for the first time and lashed away at it, pumping my fingers deep inside of her, her low moans changed to a shriek, her breathing soon became laboured and a sheen of sweat layered her gorgeous body.

I felt the walls of her pussy begin to contract and spasm around my hand the beginnings of an orgasm rising up, the motion became more difficult as her pelvis started thrusting out at me, she relented and grabbed my head pressing my mouth down into her depths my vision started to darken as I was deprived of air but I daren’t slow down, in fact it drove me on faster and faster my tongue flashing out deep into the woman I realised I had wanted so long until finally she froze for a brief second as the orgasm crashed over her, the muscles over her core were visibly spasming, her legs were shaking and Lana screamed my name, loud enough for the entire street to hear.

A few moments passed and the shaking slowed to a halt and we both caught our breath, I lay down beside her on the bed, nuzzling her neck I could feel her pulse, pounding like a drum in the dim light of the room I saw her breasts rising and falling as Lana struggled to bring her breathing back under control. She turned towards me both of us covered in a light film of sweat now from our exertions, late as it was the light of dawn was just starting to turn the sky from grey to blue and as I lifted Lana towards the head of the bed the blankets were left forgotten on the floor we merely embraced one another our legs wrapped around the other. Her breasts pressed against my own beating chest and despite my hard on pressed between us we share in a soft sweet kiss that we kept for a few minutes before falling asleep.

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