My Best Friend Pt. 01


Nick and I had been friends practically since we were in the womb. Are mothers were best friends and I guess it just rubbed off on us. We were born 1 month apart. We told each other everything. I’m an only child so he felt almost like a brother to me.

When we were in grade school everyone would sing “Alex and Nick sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S…”

When we were in middle school he had the worst acne ever, as if that wasn’t bad enough he was required to get braces because his jaw was out of line. He got bullied pretty bad for it. As this treatment became more frequent, he got depressed. On the summer of 9th grade everything changed.

I guess he got tired of being picked on because of his looks so he got some face cream and put in a retainer and started working out, as a result from working out, he got taller. He told me that he didn’t want to go through high school looking over his shoulder, worrying if someone would flick his head or throw paper balls at him or put spoiled milk in his locker.

When high school started he was very very nervous on how people that used to go to our middle school would react to his new look. But he was pleasantly surprised. All the girls giggled and smiled at him. The jocks gave him high 5s. When no one was looking he turned around and gave me two thumbs up and the biggest smile i’ve ever seen him produce. I felt so happy for him. He got really popular by the time we were in 11th grade.

My mom worked at a Belly Dancing studio. I usually go there after school and practice. I was all alone in the studio that day. I was working on learning the hip roll. I was in the middle of the routine, when I noticed him in the background of the mirror I was using. He was watching me.

I never told anybody I could Belly Dance, not even him. It’s a really sexual dance style and I was extremely shy back then, i didn’t feel comfortable sharing it with anyone but my mom. I quickly turned around, turned off the music and stared at him. My cheeks were red and I was unbelievably embarrassed.

“Don’t stop on my account,” he said hesitantly. “Wow, Your great. Could you teach me?” I started to laugh, “it’s type of dance for women, Nick.”

“I think I can pull it off,” he said jokingly, and started to imitate the movement I was doing. He looked so silly I couldn’t help but laugh, and he couldn’t help but join me. “Ok, that’s just pitiful,” Bakırköy escort I said still laughing. ” I’ll teach you, all you do is move your hips back and forth, like this.”

I demonstrated for him and he got behind me, and put his hands on my hips while they were moving. I started to doubt whether he uses doing this because he wanted to learn or for his personal enjoyment.

His hands traveled downward. Now touching my thighs, I could feel his erection in the back of me. It made me feel..strange. He turned me around, as to face him. Our heads slowly started to come toward each others and he kissed me. I was so surprised I kept my eyes open the whole time.

We separated and stared at each other for a while. It was so awkward, but so comfortable at the same time. I had to end the silence.

“I think that’s enough lessons for today,” I said quietly. His cheeks got red and I could feel his embarrassment ” I-I got to go, I’ll catch you later.” I didn’t know how to feel about all of this. I was really confused. I couldn’t sleep that night. I stayed up that night thinking of the kiss, and of our whole friendship. Nick had got really sexy these past years but I never thought anything more. Did he think anything more than being just friends about me?

It was Fall. But it was still absolutely freezing outside. We hadn’t talked in a week, everything was still awkward after the kiss, but my heat system went out and my mom and his mon were out of town together and I had no one to call so I had to ask him for help.

He walked in and we didn’t look at each other. We exchanged a couple of words but that was it. I showed him where the heat system was and he tried to fix it. After what seemed like forever he finally announced that it was broken.

“its getting really cold in here,” I said shivering. “Yea, your right. This thing is busted, your gonna have to get a new one. If your want, you can stay over my house until your mom gets back in the morning.”

“I rather be anywhere than this refrigerator.”

We walked back over to his house. As we approached the door he started fumbling for his keys. He was unsuccessful in finding them. “I’m such a dumbass,” he said. “I left the keys on the table.” “it’s ok, don’t beat yourself up about it, let’s just go back to my place.”

We got back and it was the same temperate inside as it was Bakırköy escort bayan outside. We were in my bed, under ever cover that we had in my house. We were both shivering. After an our it was unbearably cold. “I-I’m so cold.” I whispered to him. He leaned over and took me in his arms and started to rub my arms up and down. I had just noticed how big his arms were. They felt strong and comforting. He was also shivering.

” I can’t go another minute in this cold, we have to do something.” I said.

” Your pipes aren’t that frozen… We could take a shower.”

” Why didn’t I think about that?! Do you wanna go first or should I?” I said, glad that we had an escape from the cold.

“Your pipes aren’t frozen shut but they are frozen. There isn’t enough hot water for two people.”

“Oh. Well you can take it Nick.”

“No, I’m fine. You take it.”

“I’ll feel really guilty if I l’m warm and your over here freezing.”

“So would I.”

“Then we’ll share it.”

I knew what this meant. Nick had to see me naked. But I really didn’t care, I was freezing my buns off. We went in the bathroom and started to strip. We promised we would try not to look at each other and face opposite ways but not looking was sort of inevitable. He pulled down his pants and I was stunned, His cock was so big that I couldn’t stop staring at it. It had to be at least 9 inches. We both stepped in the hot water and it was totally blissful. The coldness seemed to disappear.

“We never really talked about what happened at your moms studio,” he said nervously. “I know. We both know what happened, we should just put it all behind us.” He turned around, and turned me around, looking at my naked body then smiling. “Ive been thinking Alex and I don’t want to put it behind us.” he whispered softly.

And with that he kissed me again, but this time is different. This kiss was longer, he pulled me closer so we could kiss deeper. I felt his tongue in my mouth. I thought about telling him to stop but realized I didn’t want him to. The water turned cold. We got out, still naked, and went to my room. He told me to lay flat down on the bed.

I didn’t know what he had in mind. I’ve had boyfriend that i made out with but i never touch any of them in a sexual way. He got on top of me, and started kissing my neck down to my collarbone on to my escort Bakırköy tits. They where already hard because of the cold, but when he started sucking them, they became solid. I started to moan. I couldn’t believe how amazing this felt. I could feel my thighs moisten by the wetness of my pussy.

His cock was fully erect and hard as metal. He traveled downward and started kissing my stomach, down my hips and on to my crotch. He spread my legs and I felt like I could orgasm right then and there. He rode his tongue up my inner thighs and on to my legs, teasing me. He came down to my clit and gently sucked on it. I immediately started squirming and moaning. I could feel my orgasm blossoming.

I guess he did too because he stopped and said ” I want us to cum together.” I sat up and got on top of him. He guided my hand on his cock. I was totally inexperienced with anything pertaining to sex so I hoped I was doing it right. He guided my hand up and down his shaft. I watched porn before so I knew I was surposed to take him in my mouth.

I put his dick near my face and licked on the tip slowly. Inch by inch. I gaged a little but was determined to take all of it. He tilted his head in ecstasy. “Oh god. Alex. Yeesssssss.”

His cock pulsed in my mouth. I felt his balls tighten, and his muscles flex, so I knew orgasm was around the corner.

I let go of his cock and he kissed me yet again. He laid me down on my back, and told me to wait there. He got his pants from off the floor and took a rubber from the pocket. He slid it down his shaft. He got on top if me and spread my legs open. I was so nervous. But If I was going to lose my virginity to someone, it would be him. He kissed my forehead and told me that he would be gentle, and to tell him to stop if it hurt too badly.

He lifted my legs and I wrapped the around his back. He rubbed his head around to find my entrance. He stuck his head in and I felt a sharp pain developing around my hymen. With ever stroke he went deeper and deeper. “OH GOD. Your so tight.” he said grunting. He started rubbing my clit. I was now screaming to the top of my lungs “Nick! Nick! Nick! Oh Nick, don’t stop!” his stokes became faster and harder. It felt unbelievably good.

As I began to orgasm every nerve, every touch, all my senses were amplified. I clenched my pussy tightly. Nick moaned loudly. And I felt his cock shoot semen in the condom. This went on for more than 2 hours. When we were both spent he took off the condom that was drenched in cum. And we cuddled.

He whispered to me “I love you, Alex. Always did. And always will.”

” I love you too, Nick.”

And suddenly, it wasn’t so cold after all.

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