My Mother’s Hairdresser


This is one of my earlier stories, I hope you like it.

Both Jane and Matt are over 18 and consensual. It is based on true characters and some real events, but the full story as told is not true, regrettably for some of those involved.



“Enjoying the view?” She asked.

“What,” I replied,” what view, what do you mean?”

“I’ve seen you taking a look down my top when you don’t think I’m looking.”

“No, I’m not,” I said, embarrassment reddening my face, I’d been caught out.

“It’s ok, I’m not angry, a bit flattered actually, what do you like about them, go on don’t be afraid tell me?”

“Well, the shape I think, and the size and they look very firm.”

“You mean for a woman in her mid-thirties with three kids. But you do have a discerning eye for someone so young. Thank you, as a treat do you want to touch them?”

Oh did I want to touch them? “Err yes please,” I managed to stammer, not believing my luck.

“Go on then, but be quick, just a quick feel and hands outside my top.”

I tentatively raised my hands to her breasts and cupped them in my trembling hands.

“Give them a gentle squeeze,” she said looking deep into my eyes.

I did as she asked and squeezed and rolled them for about a minute it seemed like it was going on forever until she stopped me.

“Okay, that’s all you get, playtimes over, and no telling anyone.” She said with a grin on her face, “Hope you enjoyed it.”


God what had I just done, I’d let my friend’s eighteen-year-old son feel up my boobs. He was on his first break back from Uni, and while he was a big strong lad, nearly a man really, he was timid and nieve, I’m sure he hadn’t been with many if any girls.

I’d seen him surreptitiously glancing down as I bent over him to cut his hair but couldn’t work out why at first, until I saw him gulp and redden, then I realized he was looking straight down my top and at my tits.

At first, I was shocked and annoyed, both with myself for not thinking and wearing a top a young randy male could look down, and also with my reaction. I was flattered, I was a thirty-four-year-old woman with three kids, and he was looking at my tits and liking what he saw. I was secretly excited by the reaction it was causing in him.

I’m not surprised I was flattered, my husband had been paying me less and less attention these days. Or maybe it was just that we were getting stale.

But nothing would come from him looking, just looking, would it?

What surprised me was the way I had encouraged him to look more and then invited him to touch them, but I must say I liked the way he described them.

But it must go no further!


Nothing else happened that day, but about a month later I was due to have another haircut, but this time due to the timing it happened at Jane’s house instead of mine.

When I arrived, she was wearing a pale yellow, low cut top, and a cute mid-thigh denim mini skirt that buttoned down the front, with three buttons undone, and showing a lot of leg. She looked good for a mum of three, nice firm figure, ok legs but a bit thick in the thigh and beautiful blond hair cut in a bob framing her face.

She sat me in the chair and while talking with my mum started to cut my hair. Then when my mum left the room to make us a cup of tea, she bent over me, her top dropped down, and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked down, she had no bra on, her beautiful round handful of tits were hanging there swaying with her motion, I’m sure she was rocking them deliberately.


Here I go again I couldn’t believe I’d gone braless and had a skirt so tight I had to have the buttons open so it rode up my thighs showing so much leg. I knew Matt was looking down my top again, this time getting an excellent unobscured view. I was teasing him as I kept bent over longer than I needed to so he got a good look at the girls. I was gently swaying them as well. I knew I was going too far but just couldn’t stop. At least his mum was in the room so nothing else would happen.

Then his mum said, “I need to go into the village for about half an hour, is that ok, will you look after Matt?”

“Oh yes, I’m nearly finished with him, but I’m sure I can find him something to do or look at while your out.”


Did she just say what I thought she said and was there a double meaning to it? And why smile and look at me the way she did when she said it.


Oh my God, what had I just said, and how would Matt take it, did he think I was going to let him see more of my tits and maybe more than just see them? I’d got myself into a situation. I’d been flirting and teasing a young Bahçelievler escort guy, but now my safety-net was gone, what would he want? Then his mum said shall I make a brew for you both before I go? “No,” I said, but Matt said, “Yes please Mum.”

When she went into the kitchen, Matt got bold and looked into my eyes and said, “I want to feel them now.” He wasn’t asking or pleading he was demanding.

I bent over him and whispered in his ear, “No way Sonny Boy, I could tell your mum you know.”

“No, you won’t,” he replied, he was getting very forward now, I wondered where this would end and was I bothered. I’d been flirting and teasing him, but this was getting out of hand, and I was worried because it was my fault. I was soon to be alone with him and I’m not sure I would be able to control him, or more worryingly myself.

“Come on Jane, just a quick feel, like last time. Please?” Begging, eyes like a puppy dog, I’m sure he knew what he was doing, the look he was giving me, almost tempting me to let him feel me up.

I took a moment to think, and then wondering if I was doing the right thing said.

“Okay, but your hands outside my top.”


When mum said she was going out but did we want a brew first I decided to push my luck with Jane, I knew she was teasing me, she knew I was looking at her tits and why had she not worn a bra today? I wanted to know how far she would go, so I said to her. “I want to feel them,” and I meant it, she could tell by the way I was looking into her eyes, she had a decision to make, stop it here or go further. It was up to her; I decided to push as far as I could, take everything up to the limit, let her decide, what would happen, how far she would go. Well, she was the older married woman with three kids. I was just a randy teen trying to get lucky.

When she said yes, but outside her top my heart nearly stopped, I reached out with both hands and cupped her boobs gently but firmly, feeling the weight and size of them. This time as she had no bra on I could feel her nipples starting to harden under my touch. They felt fabulous even outside her top, just then I heard my mum coming back with the tea.


When his mum came back, he quickly dropped his hands from my boobs, but somehow had one hand just up my skirt on the outside of my thigh gently rubbing the outside. After giving him his tea, his Mum kissed him on the top of the head and left, his hand was caressing my thigh when she was doing this. This had to stop NOW I thought. I bent over him, not the best idea I ever had as he got another look at my swinging tits and whispered in his ear, “Stop this now, this is going no further.”


When she said that I wasn’t sure she meant it but said: “OK, if that’s what you really want.” I moved my hand from her leg, I’d not meant to put it there in the first instance but as she had not run away until now I’d left it there, her thigh was soft yet firm, I was just enjoying the feel of her body. But why did she keep whispering in my ear, there was nobody else here, and it was a sexy feeling, her hot breath blowing in my ear. Did she want to go further? How far could I push things? Maybe I could get her to take her top off and see her tits entirely and perhaps if I was fortunate to get a longer feel, that would be great.


When he took his hand off my leg I didn’t know how to feel, I wanted him to keep it there but I knew it was wrong and I shouldn’t egg him on this way, things could get very messy if he pushed it, he was a healthy young man. I may have got myself into a dangerous situation, and it was my own fault. Then against my better judgment asked him, “Matt, what do you want? Do you want to see my tits properly? If you do, I will take my top off for you but that is it, nothing more will happen. Can I trust you?”

What the hell had I just done, I’d only offered him something he wasn’t going to refuse.


OMG! she had just said I could see her tits properly, look at them properly, with her top off, they would be there for me to see and I’m sure she wouldn’t stop there. I might get to feel them, or maybe I could get her to take her skirt off as well. I had to try and push this as far as I could and as quickly. “Take your top off please, if YOU can control yourself when you do, you seem to be tempting me all the time.”


Shit, I’ve gone too far now, and he seemed to be getting bold and pushing things, and he was right, for some reason I was tempting him. I took my top off very slowly just to tease him and stood there with my tits open to his eager view. They were still perky even after three kids, the nipples were sticking out hard and firm, dark Bahçelievler escort bayan pink buds aching to be kissed and sucked. I looked into his face, and he was mesmerised, so I shook my body to get them swinging. The wrong move, he reached out and grabbed them both, kneading and pulling them. Stop! I slapped his hands away.


When her top came off I just stared in disbelief, and then when she got them swaying I had to touch them, oh they felt fantastic, I could feel the whole weight of them in my hands. Then she slapped my hands away. I’ve gone too far this time I thought, but she didn’t put her top back on, just stood there letting me look at her tits again, then she said “I told you could look only, no more touching unless I let you, or we stop now.”‘

“OK,” I managed to stammer. In truth I was longing to touch them more, even kiss and lick them, oh that would be soooo nice.


I was stood so close to him my legs were touching his, and I could see this cock hard and stiff in his shorts. I rubbed my legs against him and smiled, then I felt his hand on my thigh gently stroking it, then it began to move higher until it was under my skirt and just under the cheeks of my bum. I walked away and stopped him but smiling all the time. Well, he hadn’t actually touched my tits again.

As I moved closer to him again, I let my hand drift over the bulge in his shorts, I’m sure I could feel it twitch. His hand was back on my leg, this time on the inside of my thighs and as it went higher I eased my legs open to allow him easier access, then I remembered I wasn’t wearing panties, he was going to get a good feel of mature pussy. A hot wet pussy, the teasing and forbidden thoughts had begun to excite me and my pussy had reacted the way it normally does.

I was past the time for restraint, what was going to happen was going to happen! He got to the top of my legs and felt my dripping wet pussy for the first time. Oh, this is wrong, but it also felt right.


I took a chance and put my hand on her leg and moved it up until I felt her ass cheeks, then she walked away, but didn’t tell me to stop and when she moved back closer I felt her hand brush my cock, I’m going for this I thought, she has to stop me.

I pushed my hand up her skirt on the inside of her legs, and when I got to the top she wasn’t wearing panties, I felt a pussy for the first time in my life. I rubbed my fingers over the outside for a while then pushed one finger inside her and when I did she let out a low moan. I kept my finger inside her and started to move it around, it felt so soft and warm and velvety, I was in heaven.


He had one finger inside my dripping pussy, and I was going mad with desire and lust now, I dropped my hands to his shorts and somehow got them and his jockeys off, his cock sprang into my sight for the first time. It was twitching all over the place he was so excited. All the time he was fingering my increasingly wet cunt. Taking a deep breath of resignation, or courage, I bent my head over him and blew on his cock, it twitched even more, then slowly I pushed out my tongue and licked the end of it.

I heard a moan of “Oh my GOD.” I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his cock in and closed my lips around him, half his cock in my mouth and began to suck. I swirled my tongue around the head then pushed his cock even deeper. He wasn’t that long, just the right size so I could take him down my throat but not too deep to make me gag.


She had just taken my cock in her mouth! It was so soft and warm, her mouth, not my cock. I didn’t know what to do so I let her dictate the action, she began to move her head up and down, it was throbbing the feeling was so good. She was swirling her tongue around the head and playing with my glans, I was feeling so sensitive I didn’t think I could hold on much longer. Then I felt a new sensation; she had just taken my cock deep into her throat, her nose was pushing against my pubic bone, I could feel her throat making gagging sounds. That was it I lost control and came in her mouth, without warning or saying a thing. I just shot rope after rope into the back of her throat.


I was just getting into a nice rhythm going and had deep throated him when without any warning he shot a load of hot, sticky, sweet tasting young cum into my mouth. At the same time, he grabbed my short blond hair and held my mouth on him forcing me to swallow all his salty cum. I could see him watching me swallow it. Now I don’t like anyone to cum in my mouth; when I was younger, and girls would suck before they’d fuck I was the opposite, I’d fuck before I’d suck a guy.

Gradually he Escort bahçelievler let go of me, and I got his cock out of my mouth. I looked at him and voice full of anger said, “Never, ever do that to a woman again, let her know what’s happening.”

“I couldn’t help it, I had no control,” he replied looking like a whipped puppy. He was so sorry. But I knew he had no control and that he had enjoyed it.

“OK. I’ve sucked yours, now you have to lick mine.”


She was inviting, no ordering me to lick her pussy, I’d never seen or touched one before. Yes please, there is a God.

Jane lay on her back on the floor, pushed her skirt up, so it was around her hips and beckoned me over after telling me I had to lick her out. As I approached I got on my knees and stared at the first pussy I had seen, the outer lips were puffy and dark in colour, and when she opened them slightly, I saw a soft pink colour on the inside.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said in embarrassment.

‘Just do what comes naturally, you’ll soon learn, just start by licking up and down on me,’ she said.

I bent my head towards her and got my first smell of a woman, a slightly musky scent. I nervously extended my tongue and pushed it into her pussy, she was dripping wet and slippery. Somehow, I instinctively knew what to do, and began to lap on her with increasing intensity, pushing my tongue deep, savouring the scent and taste.

All the time she was gently giving me instructions on what to do, and told me how to find her clit, it was easy to do as it was fully engorged and extended, just like a small cock, then she got me to take her clit into my mouth and play with it, sucking on it, and then releasing it and flicking it with my tongue. She was starting to moan and grind her hips into my face. I tried something new and pushed two fingers deep into her wet hot pussy, moving them in and out hard and then harder still as I could feel her react, then I felt her shudder and suddenly tense up as she came.


I was astounded I’d just made a woman cum for the first time in my life.


He was young and inexperienced, but he hit the right spot with me, feeling my orgasm build as his hot tongue lashed my super sensitive pussy, and when he pushed two fingers inside me I came harder than I have in ages. It hadn’t taken a long time, it was just the situation that had got to me, I usually take much longer to cum.

We both lay together for a couple of minutes coming down from what had happened when I looked at the clock and saw we had about ten minutes before his mother came back, I made my mind up and said to him “We’ve got time, do you want to fuck me? It will have to be fast and hard!”

“Yes.” Well, what other answer did I expect?

I got on all fours with my arse facing him and told him to get behind me and push his dick into me, I could see he was already hard again just by the thought of what was going to happen. Also, he was young so had recovered quickly.

He got behind me, and I guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy which was sopping wet and eager for his cock, when he was ready I told him to push in as hard and far as he could, at the same time I slammed back onto him, taking his cock deep into me. I heard him sigh as his cock entered a woman’s pussy for the first time.

“Just fuck me hard, hard and fast,” I told him. We needed this to be quick.

He was really slamming into me and if I hadn’t been so aroused and wet it would have hurt, not because of his size but the speed and intensity of his thrusts, the vigour of his youth.

I knew he was getting near as he was panting and his thrusts were getting more frantic and uncontrolled, so I reached between my legs, found my clit, and began to rub and tweak it furiously, I felt my own orgasm build and then like a flood it burst again for me, a second time in a short while. My pussy clenched hard on his cock, and he came, shooting jets of hot cum deep into my pussy.

He was holding onto my hips shuddering in ecstasy, then he gradually softened and slipped out of my pussy. I looked at him and said, “This has to be a one-off, never again, and nobody must know.”

“I know,” he said, “and thank you for making me a man.”


After we’d finished and I’d pulled out of her, she took my cock and cleaned it off with her tongue, then told me to get dressed and wash my hands and face.

As I was washing, she got her clothes back on and combed her hair back into place, and only just in time as my mum arrived back about two minutes later.

As we left, I could see cum dripping down her leg.

Unfortunately, it was a one-off thing, by the time I came home for my next vacation from Uni, she moved due to her husbands’ job. Maybe it wouldn’t have been a one-off event, I had felt a strong connection between us, but I was glad it had happened, and that she had taught me what to do.

You never forget your first time and mine was special.

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