My Valentine Delight


It was Valentine’s Day and I had a pretty good idea what to expect from Tony since I got the same thing year after year, for all 13 years of our relationship. First would be the dozen roses delivered to me at work, then when I got home I would have a heart-shaped box of chocolates waiting by the hot tub. Depending on Tony’s day at work, I may or may not get a quick romp before bed. I was grateful for the gifts he got me, even if I was bored with his lack of creativity, and hoping to have something, anything, different. Imagine my surprise to find much more than what I had expected, and much more than I could ever dream of….

I arrived home from work about 20 minutes late due to unforseen traffic problems. I had my dozen roses in hand, and truly expected to walk in and find dinner waiting to be cooked, and Tony smiling like the Cheshire cat about my chocolates in the breezeway. Instead, I walked in and the aroma of Chinese food assaulted my senses, and Tony was setting the table for 2. After dinner, he walked me out to the breezeway, where I found my chocolates awaiting me. He asked me to get ready for the hottub and said that he would be in to join me soon. I went into the bathroom and undressed, looking forward to the relaxation that the hottub would provide. Walking in to the breezeway naked, I felt a chill in the air before settling down into the hot water. I felt my nipples tingle as the hot water touched them, and felt the tightening between my legs — the usual response to the arousal I felt being submerged in the liquid heat. I closed my eyes and layed my head back, getting my hair wet, and noticed that my hands were acting on their own and had traveled over my breasts, rubbing the nipples that were getting harder and harder. I felt one hand travel down to my crotch, and was slightly surprised to find the wetness already gathering in my most intimate spot. I used my fingers to separate my cunt lips, and used my thumb to rub my clit, which was burning with desire. Just as I started to insert a finger into my fold, I heard Tony clear his throat and I sat up with a start.

“You don’t Bakırköy escort have to stop on my behalf, beautiful, unless you want some help”, he said in a low, husky voice.

I turned to reply and noticed that his cock was at full attention, and his hand was stroking it, making me wonder how long he had been standing there. He came to me slowly, and lowered himself into the water, with his cock only inches from my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and ran it over his piss whole, hearing his sharp intake of breath. I opened my mouth, and took just a bit of him in, lightly pressing down with my teeth.

“Oh baby, don’t tease me like that!”

I knew Tony’s weaknesses, and used that to my advantage while I felt his hand take over massaging my clit. I squirmed under the water, wanting to feel his fingers deep inside of me, and increased my speed of sucking his cock. I had him just about buried in my throat, when I felt him insert not one, but three fingers, deep inside. I started humping his fingers with an intense motion, matching the speed of which I was sucking his cock, and heard his point-of-no return moan just as I felt his cum shoot deep into my throat. I felt myself climax just as he did. After he was satisfied that I had swallowed every bit of his load, he lowered himself the rest of the way into the hottub, and with a wink, promised me that the rest of my gift was waiting in the bedroom.


After toweling off, I walked to the bedroom anxiously anticipating what the rest of my gift would be. I was guessing it might be some lingerie, or even a nice piece of jewelry, although I doubted both because they were just not Tony’s style. Instead, I walked into my room to find my best friend Lauren, naked in my bed! I thought for sure I must have been sleepwalking because that was out of character, not just for Tony but also for her. At 5′ 5″ and 110 lbs she had a figure to die for, and her long blonde hair, 38C tits, and nice round ass completed the package. Although she had the looks to get any guy she wanted, and almost any girl for that matter, Bakırköy escort bayan she was normally very reserved and even borderline shy. So to find her in my bed, naked, was quite the shock. I looked back and forth from her to Tony, and caught the glance and the nod that passed between them. I had revealed my secret fantasy to Tony, to have Lauren in a threesome with us, but we had never crossed that line with any woman, and I certainly didn’t expect Tony to be the one to initiate it!

I approached Tony to show him my gratitude but he lightly shoved me away, just as Lauren called my name, her breathless tone speaking volumes about what she wanted. Still naked, I layed down on the bed beside Lauren and she grabbed me in an embrace before I could say a word. She parted my lips with her tongue, and urgently kissed me with a passion that I rarely experienced. I let my hands roam over her breasts as I felt the bed shift from the weight of Tony joining us. He ran his hands down my body, stopping at my pussy which was already getting damp in anticipation. As he slowly ran his fingers up and down my lips, I found myself rubbing Lauren’s tits harder. I could barely make out her saying my name between her moans and her tongue buried in my mouth, but I could tell what she wanted by the way she was arching herself towards me. Her fingers joined Tony’s helping him rub my pussy lips, and I lowered my hands to return the favor to her. I couldn’t believe the wetness that was waiting for me, and I brought my fingers to her mouth, letting her suck her own juices off before sharing with me. The taste was incredible, like nothing I ever had before, and I knew that I just had to have more. Lowering my mouth down her body, I let myself stop at her tits for a lick before moving down further to her soaking wet cunt. I felt her shift position and realized that she was now sucking Tony’s cock, while I was sucking her clit into my eager mouth. With Tony’s hands between my legs, Lauren’s pussy filling my face, and Tony’s cock in Lauren’s mouth, it was everything I had hoped for. I felt escort Bakırköy Lauren’s body tense and heard her muffled moans get louder, and knew that I was about to make her cum. I rammed my tongue all the way in and got a mouthful of her sweet juices.

I heard Tony’s moans joining hers, and sat up to help her lick his shaft, wanting to add the taste of his cum to the mouthful I was still savoring. Lauren shifted out of the way, giving me full access to Tony’s cock, while she moved down to taste my own cum juices that were about to flow over. She licked my clit so gently, making me quiver in anticipation of what else her tongue could do. Alternating between sucking on my clit and fingering my hole, it didn’t take long for me to fill her with cum, just as Tony was shooting his second load of the night down my throat. As good as that felt, and as delighted as I was by the sensations Lauren was stirring, it wasn’t enough. I felt the need to be penetrated, and felt the need fast.

I was about to tell Tony to fuck me when he grabbed me with force and pulled me to my hands and knees. Burying his cock all the way in my pussy, I heard Lauren gasp as she turned on a vibrator that I had kept under the bed for “emergencies”. I positioned myself over her so I could watch her expression as she rammed the plastic dick in and out of her cunt, and she was very generous to let me taste her juices on it while Tony fucked me deeper and deeper. Taking the vibrator from her, I shoved it up her pussy as far as it could go, and turned the knob so the vibration was so strong that even I could feel it above her. I matched the rhythm of Tony’s thrusts and heard Lauren whimpering for me to stop, that she was going to pass out. I didn’t stop though, and I felt the bed shake with the intensity of Lauren’s orgasm, causing my pussy to clench Tony’s cock in a death grip. Just as I experienced the hardest orgasm of my own life, I felt Tony explode deep inside me, and noticed that Lauren was passed out below me, just as she promised. The vibrator was still on, shaking its way across our bed. Looking back at Tony, I asked him what we should do about her, and he responded exactly as I had hoped.

“With all that cunt juice leaking onto our bed, you can’t just leave her there to drown in it. You will have to clean her up.” So I brought my face down between her legs again, and used my tongue to do just that…

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