New Experiences


On just your average Saturday night, we all gathered at one of the girls houses to get ready and have some pre-drinks -it’s cheap and we were all only 18, and still in school so not exactly flush with cash, but still wanting to get good and drunk to enjoy the night and lower our inhibitions (significantly lower them, in my case). As much as us girls try and deny the whole ‘sexy sleepover’ fantasy that guys have of us, it really was kind of exactly what you’d expect. We were all in the same room, drinking and dancing around, painting each others nails and curling hair, most of us in our underwear and one or two of us completely naked while another girl rubs fake tan all over us. What guy wouldn’t like to be in that room?

At about 10pm we were all dolled up, I was wearing a short black skater skirt, with a sheer turquoise top, and black bra which you could totally see, I didn’t mind though, with a bra size of 34F there was no point in trying to hide them, so I might as well flaunt them. It was Summer, so there was no need to wear tights, just my bear legs and strappy black heels. My long chestnut brown hair fell in curls tumbling past my shoulders, and after steadily drinking malibu & coke for the last 3 hours, I was giddy and hyper and a little bit tipsy, excited for the night that lay ahead.

We all tumbled into a taxi on the way to the nightclub, and haphazardly tried to make arrangements about who was staying where that night, it was agreed that I was staying back at my friend Lily’s* house that night, and if we got separated that her mother would be picking us up outside the club at 2:30am.

I had been single now with about 4 months, after breaking up with a long term boyfriend whom I had lost my virginity to. I had been casually texting a few local guys, whom I expected at least one of them to be out tonight. We got to the club and did the usual once around the bar before getting our drinks and settling in a nice spot with a view to the dancefloor, so we could have a good look at who was here, and who we liked the look of.

A few of the girls went to dance, but I stayed where I was with two of the girls, just watching for a while until someone caught my eye. It was Cathal*, one of the guys I was texting during the week. I looked him up and down; he was tall, a little bit on the skinny side but had great hair and cheeky smile. He looked good tonight, in just dark jeans and a plain maroon colored tshirt. He was older than me, he was 22 while I was just 18. I had met him at one of my older brothers parties once, and he added me on Facebook, we got chatting and exchanged numbers. We had been texting all week, I had been quite flirty, but I doubt he knew what my agenda for tonight really was, I think he still saw me as quite innocent, being his friends little sister and all. Well, he was in for a surprise.

There’s no denying it, I was looking for a hook up. I was horny, it had been 4 months since I’d had sex last, and I’d only ever had it with one guy, (admittedly once we started we were at it like rabbits) I had always been a very sexually curious girl, I had started exploring and masturbating when I was just 14, I had watched a lot of porn, and knew what I liked, so far, but I was eager to gain more experience and try new things.

I played it cool and decided to text Cathal from across the bar rather than walk up to him, just so I could see his reaction. I watched him take out his phone and smile as he read my text, and then look up and scan the bar for me. I pulled my top a little lower, and my skirt a little higher, before waving at him until he spotted me. He sauntered over, his eyes scanning me from head to toe and by the looks of it he liked what he saw. He made polite small talk with my friends for a few minutes, but they both knew I had been texting him so they took the hint and joined the others on the dancefloor, leaving us alone. He asked what I was drinking and went to the bar to get us both a drink.

While I waited, thinking about what I wanted to do to this guy, and where I would get the chance to do it.

In a crowded nightclub in a small town, there wasn’t much room Bahçelievler escort for any privacy, although I hadn’t expected it to be quite this busy. When he came back, we left our spot near the dancefloor and managed to nab one of the more secluded booths that were dotted around.

Snuggled in the corner with him, breathing in his aftershave and feeling the heat of his body beside me, I already felt my panties starting to dampen with anticipation. He was easy to chat to, and me being tipsy meant I wasn’t very nervous, I felt confident and sexy as I laid my hand on his thigh as he chatted to me, slowly running it up and down, each stroke getting higher and closer to what I could now see as a very definite bulge in his pants.

He was being quite obvious in his attraction to me, besides his growing bulge, he could barely look at my face for a minute before dropping his gaze down to my cleavage again. Though who could blame him, I was wearing a V neck, sheer top. We kissed lightly a little bit, before stopping to chat some more, the anticipation and teasing was driving me wild.

I kissed him again, this time with more hunger, and passion, he grabbed my boobs as I arched my back into him. Getting hot and heavy now, I couldn’t take it any longer, aching to be touched I guided his hand down to the hem of my skirt, he paused before slowly slipping his hand up my leg, just about at the hem of my panties when – “Enough of that carry on please, come on, out” The bouncer had come over. I almost screamed in frustration. I needed human touch, and I was so damn close to getting it.

I decided I couldn’t waste the night on stupid, publicly accepted snogging in the corner, I needed more. So I took Cathals hand and led him out of the booth, down the stairs and headed for the exit. He stopped, with a questioning look, before following me out to fresh cool air.

The shock of the fresh air, plus the two more drinks I’d had inside, added to my desire and determination to get what I wanted. Scanning the street I looked for somewhere we could escape to, walking around, I see this big house that was in a bit from the road, just beyond the walls of the nightclub. It had a big driveway leading up to it, with thick trees and bushes lining the driveway all the way up.

I hesitated, before desire overruled my brain and I dragged Cathal towards the gate, and off to the side, ducking under the branches of the thicker trees on the left hand side. He followed eagerly, starting to get a sense of what lay ahead he moved in front of me and held back the branches as we wove our way deeper into what could only be described as a big hedge. Once we were in far enough that we could no longer see the road we stopped. Panting with the exertion and excitement of it all.

The tree trunks were spaced out enough that it wasn’t too cramped, and we soon were able to maneuver in such a way that Cathal had me pinned up against a tree, kissing me with vengeance. Hot wet kisses, sloppy, teeth and breath mingled as our tongues wrestled with urgency to get closer to each other. His hand was up my skirt and had pulled aside my black lace panties, circling my clit making me moan into him, as I felt around for his belt buckle, craving to feel his big bulge in my hand.

I finally freed him from his jeans, and held him in my hand, He was bigger than I expected for his build, which of course was a lovely surprise. As I stroked it he slipped his fingers inside me, with not much noise around us all we could hear was my audible wetness as his fingers slid in and out of me.

Craving his taste I dropped to my knees, the soft ground and leaves rustling and sticking to my bare legs as I took him in my mouth. Slowly licking his length before flicking his tip with my tongue, making him moan. I wrapped my wet lips around the head of his cock and sucked while looking up at him innocently, before forcing him all the way back my throat. He gasped, surprised that I was able to take him all so easily, and working my head backwards and forwards making him pant, he grabbed hold of my head when he realized how eager I was Bahçelievler escort bayan to pleasure him, and started to face fuck me roughly. I loved every minute of it, the sloppy hard thrusts into my wanting mouth and throat, making my eyes water.

After a few glorious minutes of being face fucked, Cathal grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up, sensing that I liked it rough. He turned me around and pinned me against a large tree trunk, holding my wrists in one of his hands with my arms high above my head, he kicked my legs wide apart as he ran his other hand up my thigh up under my skirt. With one swift motion he grabbed the edge of my skimpy black thong and ripped it. I gasped at his boldness, not even asking and so eager to get to my now dripping pussy, it was so hot. His fingers soon found my sweet spot again, circling my throbbing clit and making my whimper with need. I need to feel him, “fuck me” I begged him breathlessly, “fill me up”.

His hand left me and I heard him tearing open a condom behind me and putting it on, then position the head of his cock at the entrance of my tight, sopping wet pussy. He paused there, teasing me as I felt his hardness pressing against my outer lips, driving me wild with desire, not being able to wait any longer I pushed my ass back against him forcing him into me. I cried out, with the intense feeling of pain mixed with pleasure as he stretched me out and filled me with his length. He slowly started to move and I groaned in pure ecstasy at finally having a cock inside me again, we started to move quicker and more urgently, the sound of him pounding into me mixing with my moans, I could feel myself getting close already, which just shows how badly I wanted to be fucked.

I told him I was getting close and he reached up and grabbed my hair at the nape of my neck, pulling so my head was stretched back, and he kissed and bit my neck as he thrust into me hard and deep. This unexpected roughness tipped me over the edge and I came, hard, feeling my orgasm shatter around me, my legs shook as I tried to catch my breath.

Slowing his pace as I came down from my high, Cathal ran his hands over my ass and gave me a light little spank. “I love your ass’ he said, which took me by surprise. With tits as big as mine, it’s not often guys pay attention to my ass or anything else. He continued to stroke my butt cheeks and give little spanks using the palm of his hand. I liked the tingle it gave me, and I arched my back to press harder into his hands as well as force his dick deeper inside me. My legs were getting tired after my orgasm, so I pulled away and turned to him, kissing him deeply.

He knelt down and began to lick my sensitive clit as my hands ran through his hair. He then pulled me down onto my knees facing him and kissed me, I could taste my own orgasm on his lips. He guided me onto all fours before entering my again, and took up a slow but steady pace, making me moan again as I could feel myself building once more.

His hands continued to caress my ass, and I felt him start to run his thumb over my butthole. I had never been touched there before, so at first I jumped away, but then he tried again, and I stayed put, marveling in this new sensation. “Have you ever had your ass played with?” he asked me

“No, never” I replied. He continued to stroke and press around my butthole, before pulling out of me (making me whimper) he leaned down and licked me! I squealed, not believing he had really just licked me, there! It felt dirty, but it also felt so so good.

I gasped as he rubbed little circles around my ass before slipping his finger inside my tight butthole. This was all new to me, it was slightly uncomfortable but my eyes were wide open in wonder of all this new sensation. He slid his finger in and out of me and all my nerve endings I never even knew I had in that area, jumped to life. I was panting at the naughtiness of it, as he started to press his still rock hard cock up against me, still fingering my ass. “Can I fuck you here?” he asked me. I had of course seen anal in porn and stuff, but had never really Escort bahçelievler given it much thought until now.

I was tingling all over, and really liked the feeling of his finger in there, so I figured feeling his dick in there would be even better. “Okay” I replied, breathily, “but be careful” I was worried it might hurt. I heard him shuffle and a snap sound, I looked around and see that he had taken off the condom! “What are you doing?!” I asked.

Cathal laughed and said “its not like I can get you pregnant” I figured he was right, so I shrugged and pushed my ass towards him, I was so turned on and wanted to feel the new sensation of having my ass full again. He liked my eagerness and began to circle my butthole with his fingers again, spitting on my ass and sliding them in with ease, first one and then two, stretching me slowly.

I hear him spit on his dick, and feel him move his fingers and press the tip right against my butthole, I brace myself as he eases into me, surprised that it doesn’t hurt as much as I expected. He goes very slowly, which only turns me on more, teasing me, until finally his length is inside me. He pauses, groaning to himself about how tight it is, before slowly moving out again, he does a few more slow strokes until I start to get used to the feel of it, then speeds up, I’m enjoying it now, this new feeling and hearing his groans of how much he is enjoying taking my ass for the first time is such a turn on. He starts to move faster and his breathing gets quicker, I realize he is getting close, I start pushing back against him, rolling my hips to meet his. Suddenly I feel his hands grip my hips tightly and he cries out, stills, and I feel him empty himself inside me. Something else new, I’ve never had a guy cum inside me before, feeling him buck as he cums, his cock twitching as it squirts that hot sticky liquid deep inside me, its something I later come to discover is one of my favorite moments during sex.

Slowly, he eases himself out of me, still breathing heavily. I turn to him, a huge smile on my face, I got what I wanted and more! We gather ourselves and I look for my handbag. Fuck! 4 missed calls from Lily, it was 2:45am! I was to meet her at 2:30am to get picked up by her mother. Shit, I call her and tell her where I am and that I’ll be right out, she laughs and calls me a slut, but tells me to hurry because her mother will be here any minute.

Cathal and I begin to crawl out from the ditch, and out onto the footpath, leaving my torn black panties lying on the ground. Standing upright now, I wince at the tenderness of my ass, but it was only as we begin to walk over to the doors of the nightclub do I realize I feel something dripping, and running down my leg..his cum! How had I not thought of this! the more I walk the more it runs down my legs, squeezing my legs together does nothing because its oozing from my ass not my pussy. I look down to see if its visible just as I see Lily calling from across the road, sitting in the car with her mother.

Looking down my bare legs are covered in mud and debris, and my hands and elbows too. I run across the road, shouting goodbye to Cathal, and slide into the car, trying my best to keep my skirt close to my ass as to not get any cum on the seat because I was no longer wearing panties, my face flushed as i remembered Cathal tearing them off me. Maria is sitting in the back and Lily in the front with her mother driving. They tease me asking where I had been, but I shrugged them off, embarrassed by the disapproving looks Lily’s mother kept giving me through the rearview mirror. It was so completely obvious that I had just been on my hands and knees, in a ditch.

It was uncomfortable, but I was weirdly proud. I had gone out tonight with the purpose of getting laid, and quenching my urge, and I succeeded plus much more! I sent Cathal a quick text, thanking him for a great night and saying we should meet up during the week. I definitely wanted to do that again.

When we got back to Lily’s her mother left us and went up to bed, so the girls of course wanted all the details. They put on the kettle and patted the seat beside them on the couch expectedly, I looked over at them and giggled “I’ll sit down and tell you everything, right after I visit the bathroom, I have to clean the cum out of my ass” I scurried off leaving my friends staring at me in shock! They knew I’d had sex, but I don’t think either of them expected that!

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