Nothing Special


This section is filled with erotic, romantic and sometimes even traumatic stories of first sexual experiences. But what if your first time was simply nothing special at all? It might seem odd, especially considering that I discovered masturbation quite early. Even stranger perhaps given the fact that I am a highly sexual person and in the almost twenty five years since that inauspicious beginning I have had over two-hundred and fifty sexual partners, plus another half dozen women.

Ironic thing is that I had waited until I was nineteen. See the women in my family had been cursed with this thing called fertility. My grandmother had gotten pregnant with my mother the very first time she had sex; she was barely eighteen when my mother was born. My mother had likewise gotten pregnant with me just after her eighteenth birthday; my father being the only man she had ever had sex with. My aunts too had followed the tradition. My youngest aunt had altered it slightly; getting married and then pregnant, but she too had her first child barely after her nineteenth birthday.

I had big plans. Since I was a small girl, I was determined to be different. I wanted a career. By the time I graduated high school I was well on the path to that career as well; having full military scholarships to the state university. Then the family curse hit me too: a boy. Fortunately for me the relationship ended before I offered up the sacred gift of my virginity, but unfortunately not before I flunked out of university. So I returned home to my family, essentially no better off for all my studies than the other women in my family.

Of course Bahçelievler escort as the saying goes you can never go home. Returning to my family had not been the best of ideas so less than three months later, I found myself living with a family friend and her family. I use the word ‘friend’ loosely. She was more like an acquaintance; the type of woman that my church-going mother and aunties liked to call a Jezebel. She was somewhere between my age and my mothers; probably her early to mid-thirties. She had three children of her own by two different men. Actually that is how I came to live there; I cared for her children while she worked the late shift at the local convenience store in exchange she provided me free room and board.

On this particular Friday night, her ex’s had the younger children; her older daughter was spending the night at a friend’s house; and she had asked for the night off. The plan was to go bar hopping. Alright, mind you this is a small Southern town of less than ten thousand people so bar hopping meant about three clubs. The only one that offered anything special was the last one. It had a live band; country music band though. My friend knew the owner of the club…biblically.

Familiar with the idea of bait; where an older, fatter or uglier girl takes a younger, prettier or skinner one with her to attract attention of the guys then takes her choice of the guys first? That was how this night went. In the end, my friend wanted to spend time with the bouncer; time meaning sex. Except that his younger brother was the bartender and he had to take him home first. My friend Bahçelievler escort bayan was certain that he would never make it back to her house if he stopped to drop his brother off first. So she insisted that they follow us back to her house. Essentially she offered me to his brother, so that she could have him. Not very nice or romantic is it?

When we got back to her house, they disappeared into her room. My room was actually the partially converted basement, which meant it was pretty cold that late at night or early in the morning depending on your view. The only logical choice was to cuddle beneath the blankets for warmth. That may sound ludicrous, but it really did get that cold. Besides I sort of enjoyed the guy’s kisses and had even allowed him to feel up my small breasts earlier when we managed to squeeze in a single dance.

He was alright looking I guess. The actual word would be…average. He was neither short nor tall. He was a bit stocky though, not fat exactly more like baby fat still. He had dark brown hair cut short in a classic manner that would be as fashionable today as it was in 1984. That is one good thing about the night; at least I do not have to remember my first as having a mullet that was so popular at the time among the red necks in our area. Confession time: I cannot even remember the color of his eyes. I think they were blue, but both the bar and my room were dimly lit. Besides this was not the type of staring into one another eyes longing encounter.

Although I had not drunk excessively that night, my memories of the actual event are hazy at Escort bahçelievler best. I remember him apologizing for how cold his hands were when he fumbled with the clasp of my bra; pinching and rolling my bare nipples between his fingers. I remember trying very hard not to disturb the blankets too much when we got undressed, because we did not want to let too much of the cold air into our warm cocoon.

I do remember thinking ‘what is all the fuss about’ as he pushed his average or perhaps slightly smaller penis inside of my virgin pussy. Of course, there was no hymen to imbed him. I had long since lost it; most probably to some hair brush when I masturbated. In fact, he never even knew that he was my first. After all the cursed luck of the women in my family, you would think that I would have insisted upon protection, but this was the early eighties before AIDS or safe sex. I did not want to appear stupid so I simply allowed him to cum unprotected inside of me…and hoped for the best. I was lucky though. I did not conceive that night. In fact it was a couple of years before I conceived my first child.

So how does such an unspectacular beginning affect ones sexuality later on? As I said I have gone on to have a rather varied and fulfilled sexual life. I have fulfilled almost all of my fantasies, except for being a part of a threesome where the two men were into one another. I am afraid that one will definitely never happen; not even as much as my husband loves and adores me would he for a single moment consider allowing another man anywhere near him. So for the most part I have suffered no long term damage from my humble beginnings, but I will say that many of the fantasies in which I indulge while masturbating revolve around virgins. Unfortunately and perhaps as a result of my mundane experience, those fantasies do tend towards the perverse. Would I recommend a one-night stand for other people’s first time? Probably not.

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