One Night in DC


I had always been the awkward, nerdy guy in high school and college. I was shy around girls, and had never gone on a date. This continued into college. I attended a small, private university in northeast Ohio, where I majored in history. By my senior year I could talk politics and history with any of the professors, but I couldn’t get a date. Hell, my junior year was the first time I set foot inside a women’s dormitory, and that was only to work on a class project. But that all changed just before graduation.

It was spring 2007. I was a teaching assistant to my favorite world history teacher, Dr. Jeff Wilson. He’d been a teacher and a mentor, but his passion for teaching was what hooked me on history. He asked me to come to his office after class. I sat down in the chair opposite the desk.

“Hey, Alex” he said. “As you know, we’re almost to finals week. As we did last year, Dr. Jackson is leading a select group of history and poli-sci students on a Washington, DC, trip. It’s just for a few days, and as you’re a senior I thought you’d like to go as his student leader.”

I was stunned. I had been on the trip a year earlier, and it was an amazing experience. I couldn’t believe this year I was the one being asked to be the student leader. Being the student leader also meant the university paid for my trip; I just needed money for souvenirs.

“I’d be honored,” I replied.

“Good,” Dr. Wilson said, handing me an itinerary. “You guys are leaving Sunday afternoon. You’re meeting here and taking a van to the airport. You get back Friday morning. You’ll have a good group of students; we even have a couple freshmen this year.”

That was almost unheard of for this trip. Rarely did freshmen know their major, let alone get to go on these trips. Dr. Wilson reminded me of my responsibility to help these students learn, think, and analyze for themselves. He also suggested I do what I can to make the freshmen feel welcome and included. I took the itinerary and headed back to my dorm room.

Sunday couldn’t come quickly enough. I spent Saturday night packing and making sure I had everything I needed. Our plane didn’t leave until mid-afternoon. I met Dr. Jackson early, and we discussed the itinerary and what he expected of me. Finally the small group of ten students arrived. I knew all of the students going on the trip; some of them were very good friends.

“We’re just missing the freshmen,” I told Dr. Jackson.

“Don’t leave without us! We’re here!” a voice said.

I turned to see two very pretty girls walking quickly toward the van. I knew who they were. Erin Jones was a thin, pretty, 5’6″ redhead with hair down to the middle of her back. She was a poli-sci major and wanted to work as a Foreign Service Officer or at UNICEF. The other girl was Carrie Marshall, a cute, petite blond who wanted to teach junior high social studies.

“Damn,” I thought to myself. “Why them?”

I didn’t have a problem with them personally. They were both nice, smart young women. The issue was that I’d stared at them on more than one occasion, especially Erin, and had sometimes masturbated thinking about them. I would just have to control myself on the trip.

We piled into the van and headed to the airport. We arrived in Washington, DC, around dinner time. A van picked us up and took us to the Mt. Vernon campus of George Washington University, just outside DC. We were welcomed by a university representative then shown to our dorms in West Hall. As classes had just finished at GWU the week before, the dorms were newly emptied and had been cleaned. We were all on one wing of the building. Dr. Jackson and I had our own rooms, the other students were paired off and shared a room.

After getting to our rooms we headed up to the cafeteria for dinner. We ate, chatted, and Dr. Jackson handed out itineraries and laid out ground rules and expectations. After the meeting several students chose to walk around campus. I headed back to my room. I had just purchased a new Tom Clancy novel and was eager to read it. I sat on the bed spent the rest of the evening reading.

The next morning I got up, showered, and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. I was the first one there. I said good morning to the staff and went through the line and got my food. I Beylikdüzü escort had just sat down when Erin and Carrier walked through the door. Both girls were wearing nice sleeveless tops and skirts. They got their food and walked over to my table.

“May we sit with you, Alex?” Erin asked sweetly.

“Of course,” I said; I wasn’t gonna be rude and say no.

I asked them how their night was. They were roommates, not just on the trip but back home, too. Carrie told me they stayed up talking and doing each other’s nails. Carrie asked me if I liked their nails.

“They’re very pretty,” I said. “And you ladies look pretty, too.”

They both blushed.

“Thank you, Alex,” Carrie smiled.

Soon the other students arrived and joined us at the long dining table. We finished eating and met outside the university’s front gate, where a van was waiting. We drove into DC, and we were dropped off in front of the Smithsonian Castle. The day was spent looking through the Air and Space Museum, the Museum of American History, the National Archives, and the African-American History Museum. I looked as well, answering any questions the students had. I noticed that Erin and Carrie seemed to be hanging around me a lot. I reasoned with myself it was because I had helped them through world history, and they felt comfortable around me, nothing more.

The next couple days went quickly. Tuesday we visited the other Smithsonian museums and sat in on a session of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Wednesday was spent at Arlington Cemetery and looking at the various memorials. Several students got pictures at the presidential memorials: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln. I showed students where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had stood when he gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.

We returned to the GWU campus, ate dinner, then discussed the day. We sat outside in the warm evening, a slight breeze blowing. One of the students asked me about the MLK assassination, and if I believed the official accounts. I told them I wasn’t sure if I did, and I asked them what they believed. The students didn’t seem to know much other than what their textbooks told them. I told them to consider the what was happening at the time.

“The Cold War,” one student said.

“Ok, good,” I replied. “Anyone remember the idea of the domino effect?”

The students recited what they knew. I also told them that colonialism was ending in Africa. Nations like Kenya had just become independent. I then asked them to circle back to what Dr. King was preaching at the time.

“Racial justice and equality,” Carrie said.

“Good. Now put it all together,” I said.

I could see the wheels spinning as the students tried to connect the dots. Then I saw Erin’s eyes light up. I could see she’d had a revelation. I called on her.

“So because the West was worried about Communism, and African nations were becoming independent, some countries might’ve been worried Dr. King’s message would spark revolutions and resentment that could open the door for Communism to take hold in Africa?”

I couldn’t help but smile. She’d gotten it. She may have been a freshman, but she was smart. I found it rather sexy.

“Exactly,” I said.

It was getting later. Time had flown by. We headed back to our dorms and went to bed. As I watched Erin walk away, I couldn’t help but be attracted to her. She was smart and pretty. Too bad she was out of my league.

Our final day, Thursday, had arrived. We made sure we had everything packed up and ready. We were told we needed to dress nicely. I wore black dress pants and a blue button-up dress shirt. Our final day took us to the IMF/World Bank headquarters on Pennsylvania Ave. We went on a tour of the building and got an explanation and differences of the IMF and World Bank’s roles. After the IMF/World Bank we had lunch from food trucks, then visited the Organization of American States. We finished our tour of the OAS and boarded our van.

“Now what are we doing?” a student asked.

A block of time in the late afternoon and evening was just filled in with question marks.

“Since it’s our last night,” Dr. Jackson said. “We’re going to relax aboard a yacht on a Potomac river cruise!”

The Beylikdüzü escort bayan students cheered. Dr. Jackson informed us there would be food, a live DJ, and dancing. The van drove us to the pier and we boarded the boat for our cruise. Dr. Jackson informed me he would be returning to campus, and I was in charge for the evening. After we pulled away from the dock the music started going. The buffet was open whenever we wanted to eat. Most of the students started dancing. I am not a dancer by any means, so I got some food and sat down.

An hour later the party was in full heat. Students were dancing; some of them had taken a break for food. I was still sitting, watching from my table. Erin stood from her table and walked over. She was wearing a sexy blood-red strapless dress and heels; she’d removed her white cardigan once we got on the boat.

“Come dance with me,” she said.

“I really don’t dance,” I said.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. We walked onto the dance floor. The music was fast with a heavy beat. Erin turned around, her back to me, and pressed herself against me. Her ass rubbed against my crotch. I felt my cock becoming erect; there was nothing I could do to stop it. I placed my hands on her hips and began to grind against her. Soon my arms were wrapped around her sexy eighteen year-old body. She had pushed herself against me as much as she could; I was sure she could feel my erection against her ass.

“May I join you?” Carrie asked.

She looked sexy as well in her knee-length white halter dress.

“Of course,” Erin said, pulling her in.

Erin was now sandwiched between Carrie and myself. The girls faced each other, their lips mere inches from each other. The idea of them kissing drove me wild. I pressed my crotch harder against Erin’s sexy ass. Erin seemed to be enjoying it. I wondered if she was as aroused as I was. I imagined her panties soaking wet, her mound swollen. She and Carrie giggled and continued dancing.

We soon returned to the dock. I made sure all the students were present. We boarded the van and returned to campus. Back at campus the students headed off in various directions, many heading back to their rooms to wind down for the evening. I saw Erin walking by herself. I caught up with her and asked her where Carrie was.

“She went back to the room,” Erin said. “It’s a beautiful evening out, and I wanted to take one last walk to remember our time here.”

“It is a very beautiful evening,” I agreed. “Would you like some company?”

“I would,” she smiled.

I lost track of how many times we walked around the small campus. We talked about our trip, college life, and I gave Erin some advice on which courses she should take. My mind was racing the whole time. I had fallen for Erin, but there was no way she’d go for a nerdy guy like me. I argued with myself on whether to tell her how I felt. We were nearing the indoor campus swimming pool when I stopped. I had made up my mind.

“What?” Erin said.

“The evening is just so perfect. It’s a beautiful evening to be walking with a very beautiful girl,” I said, standing close to her.

Erin blushed and she smiled shyly. She looked up into my blue eyes and we held each other’s gaze for several seconds. I ran my hand through her long soft red hair. She ran her hand through my short blond hair. Without thinking I pulled her into me and kissed her softly on the mouth. The kiss lasted all of five seconds. Our lips parted.

“Do you like me, Alex?” she asked.

“Very much, Erin,” I said. “I’ve liked you from the first day I saw you in world history.”

She kissed me hard on the mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight as we kissed. Soon her tongue was in my mouth. Our tongues flicked each other as our kiss became more passionate.

“Do you wanna fuck me?” Erin whispered.

“Yes,” I gasped.

I took her by the hand and led her to the indoor pool entrance; it was unlocked. We went inside and decided best if we go into a locker room. Erin suggested the girls locker room, as it would probably have padded benches and less likely for someone to walk in on us.

We entered the locker room and found a private corner. She immediately starting undoing Escort beylidüzü my belt and pants. Soon my pants were on the floor. She knelt down, stroking my erection through my boxers.

“Do you want me to suck your dick, Alex?” she asked.


She pulled my cock from my boxers, stroking the shaft. She put her mouth on the head and began to suck. I groaned and my head went back as my head entered her warm mouth. She sucked the head and stroked the shaft.

“I’m guessing you’re not a virgin,” I said.

“Nope,” she giggled.

She moved her hand away and now took all of me in her mouth. I watched her head bob up and down on my hard cock. She looked up at me with her brown bedroom eyes, moaning on me. I groaned and held her hair as she continued sucking.

“Suck me you dirty little schoolgirl,” I said.

“Yes, teacher,” she said.

She sucked me harder, her head moving faster on me now. I was moaning her name now. She pulled her mouth off me.

“I’m so fucking wet,” she said. “Fuck me, teacher!”

She stood. I turned her around to face the lockers. She bent forward slightly, her arms against the lockers to brace herself. I pulled up her sexy red dress. She was wearing a black thong. I could see it was damp.

“Fuck,” I said.

I slid her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them and opened her legs. Her shaved pussy was swollen and dripping with arousal. I slid my cock against her. She moaned I teased her a bit.

“Oh, fuck, Alex! That feels so good!”

I gently pressed the tip of my cock against her clitoris.

“Oh, shit!” she gasped. “Fuck me, please!”

“As you wish,” I replied.

I positioned myself and pressed against her. She moaned as my manhood entered her tight pink slit. I groaned as I felt myself penetrating her. Her pussy was warm, tight, and dripping wet. I began to slowly thrust, just enjoying the feel of her. She whimpered as I fucked her, gasping with each slow, deep thrust.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” Erin whimpered. “You’re dick feels so good in my pussy.”

I began to thrust deeper. Erin began to moan louder. I slid all the way in, my entire shaft disappearing inside her. She began to quiver. I pulled the front of her dress down, exposing her perky breasts. I reached around and played with her nipples as I fucked her hard and deep. She was now getting very loud. I could feel her pussy clenching against my hardness.

“Fuck!” she yelped. “Harder, Alex! Fuck me as hard as you want!”

I began to speed up my thrusts. Erin’s whimpers and moans became progressively louder the harder I thrust. Soon I was pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. She was screaming my name now.

“Alex! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Harder! Fuck my slutty little pussy!”

“Yeah?” I asked. “You want my cum you dirty schoolgirl?”

“Yes, teacher!” she screamed. “Give me your fucking cum! Fuck your slutty schoolgirl!”

I could feel myself about to explode. I pounded her as hard and deep as I possibly good. I reached up and pulled her long hair, which was in a ponytail.

“Take it, Erin!” I grunted loudly.

“Fuck, Alex! I’m cumming!” she screamed.

I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. Then she began to spasm, and I felt her warm juices flowing around my cock. I lost all control.

“I’m cumming, Erin!” I groaned loudly.

My cock spasmed inside her as I exploded. I held her in place as load after load of hot thick cum shot deep into her young pussy. It seemed to last forever. Finally the jerking stopped, and I pulled out of her, my cock covered in her cum. She sat down on the bench.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, I’m good,” Erin smiled. “Fuck that was amazing.”

“Yeah it was,” I said, putting my pants back on.

Erin pulled up the front of her dress and put her panties back on. We left the locker room and, making sure no one was looking, exited the pool area. We walked back to the dormitory. I was now almost ten o’clock at night.

“We should get some sleep,” I said. “We have to be up at five for our flight.”

“Well if we sit together on the plane, I can just rest on you if I get sleepy,” she said cutely.

I pulled her to me and kissed her one last night.

“Goodnight,” she smiled.

“Sweet dreams, princess,” I said, caressing her cheek.

I went back to my room and got ready for bed. What a great trip it had been. I fell asleep quickly, exhausted from my romp with Erin. As I dozed off, I hoped I would dream about her, and she about me.

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