Panther Strikes


My girlfriend’s daughter Alicia is the child I never had, so we’re perhaps even closer than she is to her mother. She came to me with quivery lips when she had her first period. She agreed to make her Mom take her shopping when I insisted a 12-year-old girl needed a training bra.

So I wasn’t surprised when she asked if I’d had any boyfriends, probably thinking that a single lady ready for the rest home at age 39 was beyond dreams. “Who was your first guy, Aunt Gloria?” she asked me. “The first one who — you know — who you really got it on with?”

“My first lover, or one of the most memorable?” I was teasing just to see her flustered as we sat on the patio enjoying a spring thaw.

She shrugged a young adult’s shrug that meant Tell me anything about boys, why they act like such boys, and what do you do with a boy who comes on to you like a slobbery puppy dog.

“Well, the most memorable was when I was living in New York, in what they called the East Village, with the artists and would-be writers and, you know, the bohemians. There was a fellow we called the Panther.”

“Like he was a real tiger, huh?”

“No, actually, he was very shy. About 18 or 19. I asked him about his nickname and he said his real name was Theophilous Washington.

“‘That’s a heck of a name,'” I told him, “and he explained his first name mean Love of God.”

“‘And your last name?’ I inquired. ‘For George Washington, the father of our country?’ And he said, ‘No, there were two Washingtons. George and Booker T. But you can call me Panther.’

Back then there was a rough bunch called the Black Panthers making headlines, and since he was a light-skinned black fellow I asked if he was a rebel.”

“‘No,'” he told me, ‘I’m nicknamed for that German division in World War II.”

“That’s Panzer,” I corrected him.

“Not if your German teacher has a lisp.”

“I knew from his smile that he was putting me on. This kind of Beylikdüzü escort word teasing added years to his character, except when he had to talk to a girl. He was always hanging around the neighborhood looking for girls that summer. All frantic and unfocused. He’d come up to a girl like me, cool as anything, and blurt out ‘What’s a chick like you doing in a nice place like this?'”

“I know,” Alicia said. “Guy in my class. We say he gets all stammery when he sees a mammary, and that’s when we sort of hoist our breasts and laugh.”

“Hmm, I’ll remember that,” I told her. “He’d also say something weird, like ‘Can you help me? Someone’s been putting my phone number in all the ladies’ rooms and I’m going nuts.'”

“Je-sus, that’s bad,” Alicia said.

“Tragically, he believed he was never going to lose his virginity. His Dad owned an art gallery, and Panther went to the United Nations private school, but he moaned that even the arty rich girls who came into the gallery thought he was just a kid. ‘They laugh an pat me on the head,’ he moaned.”

“So, in spite of your age difference…” Alicia offered, searching for the climax of this story.

“In spite of my being a few years older, and an art school drop-out who was waitressing, I had a body that would make the devil quote scripture. My taut breasts and 22-inch waist made some artists I knew go mad to see me naked. My butt wasn’t bad either. So, for a little extra money once, I let a photographer take pictures of me for one of those men’s magazines. The rent was due and I didn’t want to call home for money. And that’s how Panther came to my rescue.”

“He saw you naked?” Alicia’s eyes were popping out of her head.

“It happened like this. Some kids were coming on to me, grabbing my breasts and yanking at my purse when Panther ran up and shouted real loud, ‘I’ve already called the cops. They know these kids and they’re coming over from the Beylikdüzü escort bayan precinct.’ The kids took off running. I gave Panther a real big kiss on the lips.”

“Wow, he saved a damsel in distress. I love it!”

“He told me not to swing my handbag and I asked him to come with me to the bank because I was sort of nervous. So when we got to the Bowery Savings Bank on 14th Street, I discovered I didn’t have any ID. Drivers licenses are a rarity, since no one drives cars in New York, but the teller was insistent. ‘I have to have some form of ID for a withdrawal,'”

“Panther had a flash of inspiration. He reached into his backpack and pulled out the June copy of Lurid Love. ‘She was Miss June,’ he told the teller and opened the magazine so the centerfold dropped down. It was me on a bear rug all right. My butt rising in the air and my breasts hanging down like pears on a tree branch.”

“The teller was startled. ‘The face looks very much like you, Miss Regan,’ he said blushing. ‘I have to assume the rest of you is also the same.’ Everyone in the bank was simply gawking at the centerfold and then at me and then back to the magazine.”

“Alicia laughed. “That’s terrific, Aunt Gloria. I hope you thanked Panther.”

I smiled. “I took him back to my apartment. ‘For my security,’ I told him, holding his arm close to my breast. Then I closed the drapes and carefully took off his shirt. He was tongue-tied, of course.

“‘Panther,’ I said, ‘what you did was noble and generous.’ I’m sure he wanted to say, ‘Aw, shucks,’ but his shirt was on the floor and then I undid his belt and dropped his pants. It took just a second for me to shimmy out of my clothes and pull him gently over to the bed and on top of me.

“Neither of us said another word as my lips kissed his neck and then slid down his belly to his rather large cock.”

Alicia went “ooh,” when I said cock, but I’m sure she knew Escort beylidüzü what I was talking about.

“Like one of his high-priced teachers at the UN School I maneuvered him over my belly and gently guided him into my already damp pussy, all the while staring at his eyes. Those big brown eyes closed and his brain went twirling off into some man-dream as I showed him how to hump himself up into me and then rock me like a baby. Some ancient memory rose in his body and he began to pump me harder and harder, squishing my tits and soaking my stomach with his man sweat. I could only retaliate by digging my nails into his butt, and that stimulated my little Panther into fucking me even harder.”

Alicia’s eyes were big as saucers, imagining what it would be like, might be like one day when she found a man.

“We were both taut as bow strings, my back arched up to meet his charging thrusts as he went faster and faster. The climax was seconds away — for me and, I knew instincively, for him. Then he roared. He actually roared like a Panther and I felt his quivering rod stretch up inside me and begin shooting gobs of cum into my pussy.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Alicia,” I said. “I don’t mean to embarrass you.”

“Go on,: she said breathlessly. I don’t think she was in the least embarrassed.

“It was the most marvelous feeling of ecstasy to feel his seed streaming up into my pussy, filling it with love and gratitude. Then, slowly, we fell back onto the sheets, exhausted.”

There were seconds of silence. “Thanks for telling me your story, Aunt Alicia. I hope he was appreciative of what you’d done, relieving him of his virginity.”

“Oh, we were both appreciative. He introduced me to his Dad a few days later. Dad gave me a job in his gallery so I didn’t have to sling hamburgers to pay the rent.”

“And Panther?”

“Panther didn’t have to work that summer so he took up painting. He’ll never be famous, but I let him paint me. Naked. Whenever he wanted.”

“Um, do you have any of his paintings?”

“I have a photo he took. See, Alicia, it wasn’t a painting of my body. He actually painted my body, and let me tell you, it really tickles when you use a brush to paint a happy face on your clitoris.”

# # #

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