Prima Nocte Ch. 03: The Best Laid Plans


As Abby pulled into her driveway, she saw Morgan’s car. ‘That’s a nice site to see! Allen’s a great brother but I need female ears and advice, not Vince’s good friend.’

Abby entered the front door as Morgan was coming down the stairs.

“Let’s be quiet, I just put the twins to bed. You can leave your stuff by the door. I’ve got some wine, cheese and crackers ready.”

I hugged her.

“Oh, Morgan, you didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to. Besides, I’m dying of curiosity about how the weekend went. You sent me a text that we have to talk tonight. So, I’m here. You either screwed up or Vince screwed up. Which is it?”

“Neither, well I might have a little.”

She pulled the Italian Horn out from under her blouse.

“That doesn’t look like either of you screwed up!”

“Vince gave me this. He got a small white box from his desk, my eyes grew large like, ‘what’s this? Is it a ring?’ It wasn’t but the way I looked, well, it scared him then I got scared that it might have been a ring and that he noticed my expression.”

“Okay, you haven’t told me anything worth a dramatic text message.”

“I think I love him, Morgan. I just…”

“Just what?”

“I’ll explain. His ex-bitch, Carol, called me a slut. She says I only did it for his virginity and that he’s fair game when I’m not there. Vince told me she tried to get back with him twice before our first date and once while we were on it. I spilled a glass of beer on her. She’s a vengeful one and will try to get Vince back.”

“Yes, you told me of that and even I was impressed. But that’s not all, is it?”

“No. Several girlfriends, of his fraternity brothers, say he’s hooked on me and one asked me not to break his heart. One told me, a nice girl, that his brother’s say he’s hooked and that a guy’s first rarely ends well.”

“I think I see. Do you think you’re ‘in’ love with Vince?”

“The way I feel when I’m with him, when I’m not, how my eyes light up when I see him and how my body reacts to his touch. Making love to him is so effortless and enjoyable. He’s learned a lot about my body in two months.”

“You two have been dirtying up the bed sheets a lot?”

Abby laughed a bit.

“He even went and got that book, ‘The Joys of Sex’, so he could try a new position with me.”

“Was it a good one?”

“Yeah, very! I mean, it’s like how I felt with Ted.”

“You didn’t!”

“No, just that one stupid time.”

“Good! I’ve seen you two together, the look in your eyes and how you act. Yes, you just might be ‘in’ love with him and, as with the last time it happened, time isn’t a factor. So, besides sex and a tingly body, why do you think you love Vince?”

“He told me about next year. He’ll be a teaching assistant and an RA. He’ll have his own apartment and get paid. He said there’s a fold out couch for when I bring the twins on a visit. Though surprised, I wasn’t that scared of his offer.”

“Later, I asked him to spend Thanksgiving with me and the kids at my house and he said yes. We’ve known each other for seven years, two months dating, the twins know him and they get along with them. That will be a chance for them to see us together.”

“All valid reasons but there is something you haven’t told me.”

“How do I know if he loves me? Could I just be enjoying an eager, kind, gentle and polite lover? One, whom I’ve taught all he knows?”

“So, are you proud of your student?”

“Fucking yes, but that’s my concern. I’m the only girl he’s had sex with. How does he know the difference between lust and love?”

“Good question, I don’t know. What does your heart and gut tell you? You’ve been through this before.”

“That was different, Ted was older and we’d both had plenty of lovers before we met.”

“Abby, you’re telling me, because Vince hasn’t had sex with other women, he doesn’t know what love is?”

“No, not the way you put it. I just don’t know if he thinks the same about me? My gut says, maybe but I’m scared.”

“Scared if he does or doesn’t?”


“Difficult dilemma. How do you find out if your lover is ‘in’ love with you, without asking?”

“I asked if he wanted to have phone sex this Friday. I explained what it was, in general, he mentioned Skype but I said not for our first time. I had an idea, while driving, of having a threesome with him.”

“You asked Vince if he wanted to have a three-way?”

“No, not yet but if we and a second girl had a three way one night, I’d be able to see and hear his reaction to her and compare it to mine.”

“Slow down a bit. Back up and answer me a few questions, Abby.”

“Fire away,” she said as she drank more wine.

“What is Vince best at when making love to you?”

“Best at? Him? His kissing and touching are very good and his cock is pretty good as well.”

“In all places on your body?”

“Well, he’s much better above the waist kissing and licking me than below. Below his dick and fingers are Esenyurt Escort pretty good.”

“How much of the pleasure, you get from fucking, is due to Vince, being he was a rookie?”


“Yes, you’ve had a rather fast and intimate carnal relationship so far. That’s not a knock but is there more to it?”

“Vince told me he enjoys making love and being with me. He likes doing other things together, too.”

“That’s a very good sign, yet when loving, who leads the dance?”

“Well, I do, about seventy percent of the time, I’d say.”

“So, he’s not as good going down on you as he is fingering and plowing you with his prick?”

“True but that doesn’t mean he’s bad going down on me.”

“Really? Then why don’t you allow him to finish you or teach him to get better? It wouldn’t surprise me if he might be curious about that as well.”

“I don’t know. I never thought about it.”

“I think you’d both enjoy letting Vince do some leading at the dance. The only way he’ll get better at going down on you, is for him to do it and you let him know what he does right and what you like being done, just like you did with his fingers and prick.”

“You’re right! I’ll let him get more diving time in.”

“Good, now, if that box would’ve had a ring, instead of that Italian Horn, what would’ve you said?”

Abby paused, first looking at Morgan, then at the floor.

“I don’t know and that’s what I need to figure out.”

“I almost killed Kyle when he mentioned this but he asked me if you’d be willing to go on a date with a friend of his. He told this friend you were seeing someone but didn’t know how serious it was and that he’d mention it to you.”

“A date, date or a meet you date?”

“How about a bowling meet you date? Kyle and I, you and Martin. We’ll pick you up, then return you home, alone, when finished. Does next Saturday sound good?”

“Okay but why would Kyle tell any guy that?”

“Listen, if you don’t want to do this, I’ll tell Kyle.”

“No, I’ll do it. It’ll give me another way to judge my feelings toward Vince. I’ll give the weather signal that it’s over or if Martin is getting too pushy or flirty.”


‘Well, that’s done with. This should really surprise Abby tonight and the best two hundred I’ve ever spent.’ Back at his room, Vince was pacing.

“Robe on, room phone off, all cell calls to message. I’m as nervous as our first date.”


Abby was finishing up her preparations. ‘Wine, ready with a half empty bottle. Lights, dimmed. Kids, sleeping. I wonder if Vince is as nervous as I am? Well, I’ll soon find out. I’m sure he’s done his research about it but I’ll start a conversation then direct it to the call’s purpose.’ Abby filled her glass half way and took a sip.

‘I expect he’ll be surprised by my wearing the purple bustier from our first date. Time for my call. I’ll use Face-Time and see what he does.’ The phone rang. ‘That’s Abby and on Face-Time, and she didn’t want to do this our first time.’ Vince had arranged his phone so it was facing the bed. He reached over and answered the call.

“Hello, sexy!” Vince said as he saw Abby on a couch and wearing the purple outfit with some, not so subtle, red lighting.

“Good evening, Vince. Cat got your tongue?”

“Abby, I’m rather envious of where my tongue won’t be able to go tonight. How are you doing?”

“Missing you but otherwise, doing well.”

“Now, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

He opened his robe, showing his shoulders.

“See anything different?”

Abby looked at his delectable chest and body. ‘Why did he change the direction? Oh well, I’ll get us back on track. Now, what am I looking for?’ Abby scanned his chest and about a minute later saw it, the tattoo.

“Oh, my god! When did you get that?”

“The last appointment was earlier today.”

“What is it, a pair of wings?”

“Angel wings, over my heart.”

“My dearest, what would possess you to do something like that? I will say, it’s a nice surprise but you really didn’t have to?”

“I know, but I wanted to. Besides, you’re worth it.”

“Did you just get out of the shower?”

“No, but I’ll probably need one when were done.”

“If this all goes well, you may want one but you won’t need one. I’ll see to that and perhaps the same for me. We can see each other but still remember to talk to me and about what you’re doing and saying to me. I see your whole body and that’s a rather interesting development at the lower end of your robe. Does this make you think of anything?”

He saw Abby take the skewer from her glass, it had an olive on it. She tilted her head back and slowly lowered the olive toward her mouth. Just before it got there, her tongue reached out and began licking it. Her tongue swirled around it as a low guttural noise came from her throat.

“Oh god, Abby, that’s fucking great.” ‘I sure wish you were here to lick my Esenyurt Escort bayan balls. Lucky olive!

Vince untied the robe and flipped it behind him.

“I’m slowly running my hands through your hair.” ‘This is so weird, yet…’

“My finger is tracing around the tip of your hard pool cue. My, looks like I won’t need to chalk this cue up.”

‘That’s it, Vince, keep moving your hand toward that great hard on. He stopped!”

“Dear, what are you doing to me?”

“I’m caressing your tits and squeezing those rock hard nipples.”

As he said that, Abby’s hands went to her tits and began squeezing them and one nipple.

“Oh, Vince, dear! That feels great!” she said as her back arched a little.

“I’m rubbing the underside of your very tasty cock. It’s slippery with your cum.”

‘Good, his hand is moving closer, again.’

“I’m undoing the ties on your back and reaching around you from behind as I lick your ear, lightly blowing into it as my hands reach your tits and your lingerie falls away from your body.”

“Oh, dear, your hands are so firm and yet soft. My tit’s feel very nice right now.”

‘Mt. Amalfi has been reached!’

“My tongue starts swirling around your leaking shaft a few times, then it begins its trip down Mt. Amalfi, finally reaching two very nice olives.”

“I drag my tongue around your neck as I move in front of you and we tumble onto the bed, my fingers locating your pussy, now damp with your horniness.”

‘Don’t laugh! It’s his first time.’

Vince saw a hand move down to her garden. ‘It’s different, not as much hair. In fact, it’s almost bald. Hope it didn’t hurt.’

“Oh, Abby, my dick feels so good. Your tongue and fingers are magic. My fingers begin their exploration of your clit, lightly circling around it then moving south to explore your love canal. I slowly sink one, then a second, finger inside as they start moving around then, suddenly, start scissoring inside that beautiful pussy.”

Abby’s fingers were moving as much as Vince’s hand was.

“Oh, love, that feels very nice! I’m wet and getting wetter. Do you feel my hips helping your fingers fuck me?”

“Uh, yes, I do, Abby. Do you feel me moving my dick through your lips?”

“Oh, yes, Vince, it feels lovely. All hard and slick, ready to cum isn’t it?”

“Yes, Abby, I’m very close.”

“So am I, dear. My pussy feels like old faithful right now.”

Vince’s voice got quieter.

“Oh, Abby, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Abby looked at the screen and sure enough, Vince blew several nice bursts of semen and he kept it up until finished. ‘That’s it my love, our first video sex session and you were marvelous. As a matter of fact, I’m coming! Abby arched her back.

“Oh, Vince, your fingers feel wonderful! Oh! Oh! Oh! Mm. So nice and wet. You do seem to get that out of me and I enjoy it.”

‘Abby liked watching me as much as I liked watching her and it’s kind of like she is here.’

“Abby, that was very different and I’m sorry it was so quick.”

“No need to be, Vince. It was your first video sex and I did notice that you were ready in case I changed the plan. It was good for me, also. Now, was I really the reason for the tattoo?”

“Yup, I’ve no other reason to get one. How are Ted and Barbera doing?”

“They’re fine. I told them you’d be with us for Thanksgiving and they’re happy about it.”

“Really? That’s good! I told my parents, yesterday, and we’ll need to figure out eating plans for that day.”

‘Already, plans for Thanksgiving with his family. Yet, what did I expect when I asked him. It’s time.’ Abby reached over, retrieving a can of whipped cream, then put some on her nipples.

“How about dessert, handsome.”

“My tongue starts licking the cream off. Slowly swirling around your tit and nipple, while my hand lightly brushes over your newly trimmed garden and moves on to tantalize your inner thighs.”

‘He noticed! I’m glad I didn’t bet Morgan.’ Abby’s hands were doing double duty while her tongue was licking her lips and her hips were moving slightly, up and down, in rhythm with her hand. All the while, she kept her eyes on the screen, watching Vince.

“Oh, Vince, that feels so good. Your tongue on my hard nipples. I’ll have to see if yours taste better with whip cream or cherry jelly.”

“My what? There are a couple of options.”

“Perhaps both, you’ll have to wait to find out.”

‘He didn’t stop this time.’

“In the meantime, my hand is tracing under your bellybutton and moves down to your sack as I cup your balls, giving them a light squeeze. ”

“Abby that feels very good, I’ll have to see if they have any flavors for your tits instead of whip cream. Now, to see how two fingers feel inside of that beautiful pussy then I’ll try three, all while my tongue and lips are enjoying your large and hard clit.”

Abby inserted two fingers into her snatch as her thumb began playing Escort esenyurt with her hot button. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened.

“Oh, yes, Vince! Yes, keep it up, that feels so good and I’m so wet!”

“My cock is slippery and hard in your…”

“Mouth. I open wide and take your hard-on into my mouth. Swirling around the tip and then around the shaft as I descend on it, stopping only when I feel those curly hairs on my face. Your fingers are having their way with me, just like my mouth is with you. All of the way back to the tip, sliding my tongue through the slit and all of the way back down.”

‘He had stopped jerking off, he’s nervous, this being our first, but still he’s much better than expected.’

“Oh, Abby, that feels great, I’m almost there, dear.”

“So am I, dear, your fingers are scissoring me as my hands begin to play with your prick and I lick the tip, tasting your leaking precum.”

‘I’m getting there but he’ll be first.’

“Yes, Abby, oh yes!”

Abby smiled as three nice streams of cum shot out of his dick.

“Oh, Vince, my pussy’s ready! Get me over the finish line!”

“I get on top of you and slam my rock hard cock into your love canal, grinding my hips into yours as I flex inside of you.”

“Yes, Vince, that’s it!”

Two waves of warmth flowed over her body as she gushed over her fingers. The two just looked at each other for a few minutes.

“What are you thinking, Vince?”

“You, me, this!”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes, Abby, I did and, to be honest, I was very nervous about the call. I didn’t want to disappoint you. It was very different than I thought it would be. Did I disappoint you?”

“Vince, not at all! You were much better than I thought you’d be. You were understandably tentative at first, followed my lead and got into the mood and purpose. You even took the lead a few times. I really did enjoy myself and we both came twice. I’m going to bed, love you.”

“Love you, also, dear.”

Abby had talked with Morgan about the meet date for bowling and her and Vince’s Face-Time experience.

“I told him I love him. It just came out and he replied the same.”

“Was it enjoyable and how did he do?”

“Yes, and Vince was good. Tentative at first but he went along and we both enjoyed it!”

“You want to cancel the date?”

“No, I said I’d meet him and it will be an opportunity to be in a semi-dating event. You know the cut off signal. How did he know of me? Did Kyle tell him?”

“Sort of. Kyle says Martin is a new employee of about three years, and a good one, in Kyle’s department. Martin saw a group picture of us and asked who you were, Kyle told him and he later asked if he could meet you.”

“When will you pick me up?”

“We’ll all meet here about seven. Kyle will be driving. First, pizza and then bowling. When done, we’ll drop you off at home and the date is over.”


Next Saturday arrived and Allen was over to watch the kids. Morgan, Kyle and Martin arrived about six-thirty and shared a cheese and cracker tray. ‘Martin is nice looking, about six feet tall and about two hundred twenty pounds.’

“Martin, what do you do at work?”

“I’m an investment planner. I hear you’ll be graduating soon.”

“Yes, I’ll have my associates in Criminal Justice next June. Then I may move on to being a Paralegal in Administrative Law.”

“That’s a good job to have. Well, let’s get some pizza before bowling.”

‘Pizza was okay, Martin has a nice sense of humor but he’s on the semi-aggressive side when he flirts.’ When they started bowling, it was Martin and Abby vs. Morgan and Kyle at Martin’s suggestion. At the end of the second game, Martin went to hold Abby’s hand but she politely let go. A little into the last game, he did it again.

“Morgan, did the weather report say it was going to rain tomorrow?”

“I think so but not all day.”

“Good. I’ve got some grass to cut and my regular handy man is at college.”

“How about a group picture?” Martin asked.

Martin asked the bartender to take their picture then slipped his arm around Abby’s waist just before the picture was taken. ‘He’s way too forward. I don’t mind flirting but I’ve never responded and he’s not Vince!’

“Anyone want me to tag them,” Martin asked.

“Tag me, pal,” Kyle said.

“Anyone else?”

“I’ll see Kyle’s, Martin.”

“No thanks, Martin,” Abby said.

Martin tagged Kyle then went into Kyle’s friends and found what he was looking for. Two others were tagged after Martin had written his post.

On the way home, a car ran through a red light, broadsiding Kyle’s car.


It was about nine-thirty pm when Vince returned to his room, opened a beer and checked his computer. ‘Awe, she sent me a Facebook picture and Allen left a voice mail of high importance. Abby first.’ Vince saw Kyle, Morgan, Abby and some other guy, with his arm around Abby’s waist. The note for the picture read, ‘New, mature boyfriend? We’ll see?’ Vince threw his beer against the wall and started crying. A short time later, his phone rang, again. ‘Allen, calling to see if I’m alright. May as well answer.’

“Yes, Allen? You’ve good timing. We’ll still be friends, right?”

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