Rachel Doesn’t Do ‘Normal’ Pt. 04


As always, every character in this story is over the age of 18. Rachel is 22, Aaron is 24 and Brendan is 18. Although I have placed this story in the first time category, there is also another scene featuring a much older man with Rachel. If you aren’t a fan of the old/young genre then I suggest this might not be the story for you. There are also other themes such as voyeurism, rough sex and cheating. Just to forewarn you. Comments and feedback are always appreciated. Thanks.


Rachel woke up a few hours later feeling parched. It was still pitch black in the room, so she knew it wasn’t morning yet.

She wanted a drink of water badly, but the bed was so warm and cosy that she was finding it hard to muster the energy to move. Getting up would also mean that she’d have to go through the lounge to get to the kitchen and she didn’t want to wake up Brendan.

She was about to give up and go back to sleep when she heard a strange noise coming from the other room.

Curious, she pushed herself up out of bed and crept over to the door. It was already open just a crack, so wondering where on earth that noise was coming from, she peered through the gap.

“Oh my god.” She breathed, when she realised what she was looking at.

Brendan was lying on the sofa bed with his shoulders propped up against his pillows. She could see him quite clearly, as the phone he was looking at was bathing both him and his immediate surroundings in a soft glow.

Rachel bit her lip to stifle a giggle as she watched the duvet around his crotch bouncing up and down rapidly. The dirty fucker. He was watching porn on his phone!

The sounds from the phone were very faint, but she could definitely make out some high pitched moaning. Occasionally Brendan would mutter something under his breath, seemingly to egg on the porn star he was watching.

It felt so wrong watching her boyfriend’s younger brother having a frenzied wank under the sheets. But weirdly fascinated by it, Rachel couldn’t peel her eyes away.

She knew he was 18, but because he looked so much younger than that, it felt wrong somehow. She stared in amazement at the look of pained lust, which scrunched up the features of his usually youthful looking face. It reminded her so much of the way old men…

…Oh god what was she doing? She should stop watching right now and go back to bed. This wasn’t right.

Suddenly Brendan whipped back the sheets and Rachel’s eyes flew wide open in utter shock. She had to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep from gasping audibly.

What on earth? That can’t be right! Brendan’s cock looked huge. It might have even been the biggest cock she’d ever laid eyes on. Was it a trick of the light? Or was she still half asleep? A cock that big looked ridiculously out of place on such a scrawny underdeveloped body.

She was unaware that she’d instinctively grabbed her breast through her long t-shirt and had begun to fondle it gently. Her focus was completely locked on the meaty pole that Brendan was now furiously pumping. What was it? Nine or even ten inches?

Suddenly his cock erupted like a volcano, plastering his chest in a fountain of creamy cum. She listened to him groaning happily as he milked the last few drops from his giant dick.

Rachel let go of her breast, realising with a flush of embarrassment what she was doing.

Breathing a huge sigh of satisfied relief, Brendan set down the phone and the room was plunged into darkness.

Rachel mouthed the words “holy fuck” as she crept back into bed as quietly as she could.

“Go away…leave me alone.” Rachel moaned as she felt Aaron shaking her gently.

“It’s nearly mid-day babe. You need to get up.”

Rachel opened her eyes groggily. “What? Really? Ok…ok…just five more minutes.”

“I’ll leave your tea here on the side. Make sure you drink it before it gets cold.”

“Mmmm…thank you.” Feeling her thirst return. Rachel grabbed the mug and gulped down the refreshing goodness in a series on long chugs.

The boys had been up for hours already, playing on the PlayStation. Or rather it looked that way to Rachel, when she eventually crawled out of bed and made her way into the lounge at last. In fact they’d been sitting mostly in silence, while Aaron played FIFA. Brendan had asked if he could join in, but Aaron had just laughed and ignored his brother’s request.

Ah here she comes at last. Afternoon sweetness. Do you want some toast? We’ve both had breakfast already, we didn’t want to wake you.”

“Thanks for that. I think I needed a lye in.” Rachel trudged into the open plan kitchen and set about making herself a sandwich.

Brendan couldn’t believe how sexy she looked, even after just waking up. Her long blonde hair was twisted up into a loose bun, leaving a few strands of her fringe to frame her gorgeous face.

She was wearing a really baggy hoody and some loose fit sweat pants, but having seen her naked a few times now, Brendan knew what a fabulous figure she was hiding under Avcılar Escort her frumpy clothing. It was enough to make the horny teenagers cock twitch into life again.

Today is the day. He repeated the words over and over in his mind, in an attempt to muster the courage to go through with his plan.

Suddenly Rachel remembered what she’d seen last night. Or had that just been a crazy dream? That couldn’t have been real surely? She looked over at Brendan, who seemed to be giving her a weird stare. Rachel smiled, hoping he’d return the gesture, but his face remained rigid as his eyes burnt into hers. Did he know she was watching him wanking? No, he couldn’t have seen her.

“How did we get home last night? I can’t remember a thing!” Aaron chuckled.

“We got a taxi babe. Do you really not remember?” Rachel was privately pleased that he didn’t.

“Nah, I was properly smashed.”

“I remember.” Brendan said bluntly. His words combined with his cold stare sent a shiver down Rachel’s spine. She could feel the blood draining from her cheeks.

“D…do you? What can you remember?” She crossed her fingers and held her breath.

Brendan let her stew in the awkward silence for a while, loving the look of panic Rachel was giving him. “I remember you waking me up. Then you and the taxi man carried me and Aaron up to the flat.” He saw Rachel exhale sharply, clearly feeling relieved that that was all he knew.

“What? The taxi driver carried me into bed? Oh god, how embarrassing.”

“Yeah.” Rachel giggled nervously, before taking a big bite of her sandwich.

“Right I need a shower.” Aaron stood up and stretched. “Then we need to plan what we want to do today. Brendan hasn’t come all this way just to sit around our flat all day. Have you bro?”

Brendan was certain this nice guy brother act was all for Rachel’s benefit now. He’d never called him bro before this weekend. That would imply he was actually acknowledging him as his brother, which he’d never done before in his life. He shook his head in reply.

Rachel wasn’t sure she wanted to be left alone with Brendan, but she didn’t have a choice. He was still giving her a nasty scowl and she feared she knew why.

She sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, trying to avoid looking at him.

Brendan took a deep breath. Now was his chance. He had to say something, although his nerves very nearly got the better of him once again.

As soon as the shower was running, Brendan finally willed himself to speak. His words chilled Rachel to the bone.

“Had a good night did you?”

“Um…yeah…it was ok.”

“More than ok, I reckon.”

Rachel looked at him sheepishly. Oh god what did he know? “Yeah it was fun.” She tried to laugh, but it sounded fake.

“Sure looked like you were having fun from where I was sitting.” His words were barely a mumbled whisper, but they seemed to be having the desired effect anyway.

Rachel gulped nervously. “I…I’ve just remembered, I need to…” She went to stand up.

“…Don’t get up, I think we need to talk.” Rachel slumped back into the sofa. She could feel a tight knot twisting her stomach.

“Talk? What is there to talk about?” Her mind raced with the possibilities of what he knew. There wasn’t a chance he knew anything about Arthur. He couldn’t have known about her shagging the taxi driver either. The most he could possibly know was that she gave the cabbie a blowjob. He could have woken up during that. But she could lie, she could tell him that she was bent over looking for some loose change she dropped…or…or…

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted. “I saw what you did last night.” This was Brendan’s chance to lay all his cards on the table. He wanted her so badly it hurt. This was the only way it was ever going to happen. A girl like her would never contemplate being with a guy like him otherwise.

“Look, I don’t know what you think you saw, but…”

“…I’m not stupid!” Brendan grunted crossly. Rachel was shocked by his tone of voice. The sweet innocent looking boy had suddenly turned into an angry petulant teenager.

Brendan began to recant the long story about how he’d arrived early yesterday and had hidden under her bed when Arthur had arrived.

Rachel felt the world fall away beneath her. She felt like she was going to be sick. He went on and on, relaying all the sordid details to her with vivid descriptions. Every time Rachel tried to open her mouth, to plead with him, to attempt to explain, he just shook his head to silence her.

Rachel’s head was spinning. He’d seen everything. He knew everything! He’d even snuck back down and watched her get fucked in the back of the taxi.

There was a long silence after Brendan finally finished recanting his tale. He hadn’t told her about the video he’d taken. He could use that if she refused any of his later demands.

“You must think I’m a horrible person.” Rachel could feel the tears burning in her eyes. She was a horrible person. Avcılar Escort bayan Hearing back all of her recent antics made her loathe herself. How could she have been so heartless? “But there’s something you need to know…” She was about to confess that she wanted to end her relationship with Aaron. She’d not been happy for a long time now, but Brendan interrupted her again.

“I know that you like shagging older men. I don’t why. That bit I don’t get. You’re beautiful, you could have anyone. So you must just enjoy it. Are you even in love with my brother?”

This took Rachel by surprise. “T…That’s a hard question to answer. There’s many…” She was so flustered she could hardly think.

“…That’s a no then. So you don’t really love him, but you carry on pretending you are. Why? Is it because you want people to think you’re normal? Because I can understand that. People don’t think I’m normal and it’s not very nice.” Brendan watched as Rachel’s jaw lowered with each word he spoke. He’d hit the nail on the head, he reckoned.

How was this possible? Was this kid a mind reader or something? She sat there in stunned silence trying to absorb everything he’d said. “I…I don’t know what to say.” This had to be the most embarrassing moment of her entire life. How could she explain things which she didn’t even fully understand about herself?

“Don’t worry. I’m not planning on telling Aaron any of it.”

“Really?” Rachel looked suddenly hopeful, but she could sense in the pit of her stomach that there was a “but” coming.

“I can keep a secret, but…” Here it comes. He wasn’t the only one who could read minds. “…there are a few things I might ask you to do for me. Seeing as you don’t seem to mind cheating on Aaron. Maybe you could…you know…maybe you could buy my silence?” Brendan hoped to god this would work. He held his breath and waited.

The shock of Brendan’s confession was starting to wear off. Rachel narrowed her eyes and stared at the visibly shaking young lad sitting across from her. He was acting like the big man, but she could tell he was finding it all rather uncomfortable. How was she going to play this? Truthfully it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Brendan did tell Aaron everything. She was going to break up with him anyway. But still, she’d prefer it if she could let him down gently, rather than have his heart broken by hearing about her antics from his younger brother.

Rachel moved closer to Brendan, smirking at how he flinched when she put her hand on his knee. “Seeing as you seem to have me all figured out already. You must know that I don’t like being told what to do.” She put on her best seductress tone, as she dragged her sharp fingernails up along his skinny thigh.

“You might think you have me cornered here, but you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing. I doubt you even have what it takes to handle a girl like me.” Images of his giant cock flashed in her mind as she breathed the words into his ear. She knew he had the right tool for the job, but whether or not he could use it effectively was another thing altogether.

Brendan whimpered weakly. His bottom lip was trembling as he felt her nails inching closer to his swelling cock.

“You’re playing with fire Brendan. Careful you don’t get burnt.” Rachel nibbled his ear gently. It was too much for the poor young lad. He sprang to his feet, fearing he might cum in his pants at any second.

Luckily for him, the sound of the shower ending broke the tense atmosphere that had filled the small room. Aaron didn’t even look up as he walked from the bathroom into his bedroom, rubbing his hair with a towel. If he had he would have seen his younger brother bent double in the middle of the room, trying to hide his throbbing erection, while his gorgeous girlfriend was sat on the sofa giggling at him.

Brendan ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

The little shit bag! I’ll teach him for trying to blackmail me, Rachel thought. Buy his silence? What cheesy movie had he pulled that one from?

She sat for a good while mulling over what he’d said. It occurred to her that her sex sessions with Arthur and Kadir now had a new level of eroticism to them. The knowledge that she was being watched the whole time by a horny young virgin, who also just happened to have a massive cock, was oddly exciting her.

The more she thought about him beating his huge meaty dick over her, while she rode the shit out of the old geezers, the more her pussy dampened and her nipples hardened against her top.

In his hurry Brendan had left his phone on the side of the sofa. Puzzle pieces started falling into place in Rachel’s mind. Remembering that he was watching something on his phone while wanking last night, she picked it up and looked in the video library. “He couldn’t have, could he?” She whispered to herself.

There was only one video in there. She pressed play.

“The fucking bastard!” She hissed. Rachel watched the video of her getting fucked in the back Escort avcılar of Kadir’s taxi for longer than she needed to, unable to pull her eyes away. She’d never seen herself having sex before. It was a weirdly exciting thrill. So it hadn’t been porn he’d been watching last night at all. He’d been wanking over her again had he? Oh he was going to pay for this. She deleted the video and set his phone back down.

Aaron couldn’t find out about what she’d done. It wasn’t fair on him. So if Brendan wanted to play games with her then she was going to play along, but he was in for a big surprise if he hadn’t planned on playing by her rules. The poor kid had no idea what he was in for. She was in charge, the sooner he accepted that, the smoother his ride would be.

Her hand slipped down between her thighs and she started to rub her tingling sex. Oh god, what was she doing? He looked like a small boy! But that cock of his…that was no small boys cock, that was a man sized cock if ever she’d seen one.

“Are you going to get ready babe?” Aaron walked into the lounge fully dressed and ready to go.

Rachel whipped her hand away from her throbbing mound. “What? Err yeah…I’ll be ten minutes. Is that ok?”

She jumped in the shower once Brendan had vacated to bathroom. Her urge to masturbate was almost overwhelming, but she knew there wasn’t time.

She picked out the bright pink set of lingerie that she was planning on wearing yesterday. Her panties had miraculously appeared back in her drawer. Rachel sniggered to herself, recalling Brendan’s detailed story.

It was a warm sunny day, so she decided to wear her powder pink vest top with a pair of white cotton hot pants. Rachel wasn’t sure how much they’d be walking, but guessed it would be sensible to wear her flats. She didn’t want to tower over Brendan too much anyway, she was already a few inches taller than him as it was. So she pulled on a pair of white plimsolls which went nicely with her outfit.

None of them could decide on what to do, so Aaron suggested they jump on a bus to Trafalgar Square. Most of the museums and attractions were within walking distance from there anyway.

Fifteen minutes later and they were on the bus headed into the city centre. It was really crowded with no spare seats, so they all stood in the aisle. Aaron at the front, Rachel in the middle and Brendan behind her.

Brendan couldn’t believe how Rachel had reacted to his proposition. He thought she would either just flat out refuse him or retort with anger. But to say that he didn’t have what it took to handle her. What did that even mean? Was she consenting to let him try? As unbelievable as that seemed, he could no longer resist the urge to test her responses.

He stared down in awe at the fabulous outward curve of her round juicy ass. About an inch of her smooth golden skin was on show above her shorts and below the line of her pale pink vest top. He could see two cute dimples in her lower back, either side of her spine. The temptation to finally touch her was overwhelming to say the least.

Willing his shaking hand to move, he began to very lightly stroke one of the dimples, with tip of his trembling finger.

Rachel shuddered as she felt his gentle teasing touch. She arched her back and bit her lip to stifle a giggle as he tickled her some more. Let the games commence, she thought with a wicked grin.

Amazed that she was allowing him to continue, Brendan got slightly bolder with his tickling. He danced his fingers up and down her lower spine, before slipping them around to her hip, where he gently caressed and stroked her slender waist.

Rachel was rather ticklish, so was finding it nearly impossible to remain still. She occasionally twitched and jerked when he found a really sensitive cluster of nerve endings, but she tried her best not to move. His delicate touch was something she hadn’t been expecting. It was starting to really turn her on. Especially as it was all happening right behind her oblivious boyfriend’s back. Literally this time.

Brendan could see that Rachel’s thighs were starting to rub together. Even with his lack of experience, he knew he must be doing something right.

He moved his hand down onto her tight cotton shorts. Rachel gasped as she felt him lightly start to trace small circles with his fingertip, onto her now tingling ass cheek. It wasn’t as ticklish as before, so she could cope with it more, but it still felt really nice to be treated with such a fragile tenderness.

She could hear Brendan’s breathing quicken, and knew it was exciting him just as much as it did her. The thought that she was the first girl to ever let him do this to them, was a strangely thrilling one. Most men would’ve wanted to just grab her ass and pinch it hard, so it came as a rather pleasant surprise to be teased like this in such a delicate thoughtful manner.

Brendan had to adjust his cock so that it was tucked up into his belt. Luckily his long baggy t-shirt hid his prominent bulge from view.

He thought Rachel was about to stop his fun when she reached her own hand back. But he was stunned when instead, she entwined her fingers with his and started to slowly rub their fingers together sensually. It felt truly incredible. His cock strained against his belt in a bid to break free.

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