Ralf, the new EPSS Recruit 02



The EPSS Recruits’ physical examinations continued on the second day.

Again, the 16 recruits, Ralf included, were ushered back into the now familiar medical wing. Again, they were asked to shower and report disrobed for further inspection.

Again, the same three EPSS medical staff from the first day appeared, but this time joined by two other staff, also EPSS.

This time Doktor Gerhard announced that they were going to do psychological testing. The doktor explained that one of his assistants had a series of photographs that would be shown to each recruit, individually. The doktor indicated that he and his colleagues would observe and measure, while another assistant recorded the data. The testing would be done openly, in front of all the recruits.

The dockor explained that there would be seven test photographs. He did not describe the contents and told them that it would be their surprise. The object of the exercise was to observe and measure the sexual response of the recruits to different sexual stimuli.

The testing began with bursa escort the recruit to the furthest right in the line, Hans. Hans was shown the first test photograph, of an attractive female, fully dressed. One assistant observed Hans’s pupils while another observed the recruit’s general disposition. Doktor Gerhard made observations and measurements of Hans’s penis.

The second test photograph was of the same attractive young female, but this time nude. The various assistants made their observations and measurements.

The third photograph was of the same attractive female, again nude, but this time being fucked by a man. There was no frontal nudity on the part of the male.

The fourth sex photograph was of the same young male as in the third photograph, but this time showing his flaccid penis.

The fifth was another photograph of the same young male, but this time sporting a large erection.

The sixth test photograph was of the same young male, this time wearing riding boots but otherwise nude, and stroking his big erection.

The seventh escort bursa and final photograph showed the same young male, this time with another booted nude male, each caressing the other male’s erect penis.

The observations and measuring was done at a steady and unhurried pace.

Ralf could see from the corners of his eyes some of his fellow recruits getting aroused, and measurements being taken, but he had no idea what exactly the different stimuli were. He heard numbers being read aloud. They were a long list, but they always ended with a series of numbers which they quickly realized were erect penis measurements. 14, 15, 17, 18, 15.5, 16.5, 16, 15, 14, 15.75, 17.50 and so on.

Two more would recruits and then it would be Ralf’s turn. Ralf became increasingly nervous as time went by. Hearing about how the EPSS attacked and persecuted some people, he was mortified with the thought that some of the stimuli might be homosexual in nature. What if there was a photo of a homosexual act and he got hard? Would he not only be kicked out of the EPSS but bursa escort bayan sent to work camp?

Finally, his name was called. He stepped forward. With the second sex photograph, of the attractive female, nude, he was got noticeably aroused. But he never got hard however much he tried to focus on getting hard.

But by the time of the fifth sex photograph, of the young male sporting a large erection, Ralf was sporting a considerable hard-on. By the sixth photo, Doktor Gerhard could see and feel that Ralf’s hard cock was throbbing. The good doctor measured Ralf at 20 cm, or 8″. By the 7th and final photo, there was precum leaking from Ralf’s ironrod.

Doktor Gerhard looked up to see the fear in Ralf’s piercing blue eyes. To assure Ralf that everything was good, the good doktor looked down again, and reached for Ralf’s erection and gently stroked it. The doktor then looked Ralf in the eyes, again, grinned, and pronounced everything good.

An hour later, after all the recruits had dressed and had their lunch in the barracks canteen, the recruits were recalled to the hall, where they were told that they had all passed their medical examinations. They were all asked to report the following morning, this time at assigned times, and then dismissed.

Ralf, at full mast, had passed the second day.

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