Santa’s Surprise


**Note: To my special friend…thank you for your inspiration and your understanding**

“Yeah, right. No friggin’ way!”

I looked at Bernie like he had rocks in his head. He started shaking his head, saying, “No, no no. You can DO this!”

“Bernie,” I said, chuckling. “I’m a buck-seventy. No way can I pass as Santa!”

“Brian, listen. They’ve got the suit all padded. God, I wore it last year, and I looked like a blimp!” He paused, waiting for the inevitable. I had to say it.

“Man, you ARE a blimp!”

We fell into our familiar routine of teasing each other, he calling me ‘skinny,’ and me retorting with fantasy tales of his floating over football games with an electronic sign on his side. Actually, he’s only a touch over 200 pounds, but at 5′-8″, with nary a sign of a muscle group to be seen, I have a lot of fun with him.

I’m no Schwartzenegger, but I keep in shape with twice-weekly workouts, and I’ve been told by many people that I don’t look anywhere near my age, which is too darn close to 56 years old. You can’t defeat Father Time, I’ve learned, but you can hold him at bay, if you work hard enough at it. I’m determined to lock that sucker up in a closet somewhere!

Finally, I agreed. I would do my stint as Santa Claus at the store Bernie managed. For that, I would receive minimum wage, a free lunch, and the chance to make a lot of little kids happy. The latter was the clincher.

I had a lot of fun with it online, telling my friends across the country how I was going to be Santa Claus for an afternoon, and teasing my female friends that I had a special ‘package’ to deliver to them! Good, almost clean fun, but as the day approached, I was getting nervous.

Finally, on December 22, my big day arrived. I took my place on the ‘Santa seat’, relieving Danny, another underweight Santa, to begin my four-hour stint. It started out slowly enough…a couple of kids, a lot of people asking directions to different departments, and one very cute salesgirl making a few thought-provoking comments. Then, after almost 2 and a half hours of nothing, the crowd hit.

Suddenly there was a line, and parents were escorting kids up to my lap; some of them not too happy to be there, others eager to pull Santa’s beard and ask embarrassing questions about my obviously fake attire. A few of the moms were very cute, however, and I tried to engage them, whenever I could, in conversation. I wasn’t looking for anything, other than the obvious satisfaction of having an attractive woman find me interesting. One of them actually asked me what she could expect to find under that big red suit, and that took me so much by surprise that I stammered some lame reply, and she left, smiling confidently. Well, so much for ‘suave Santa’!

I had just let one small girl down off my lap and was thinking about a bathroom break, when suddenly a grown woman burst through the line, pushing another child gently but firmly out of her path. She sailed straight toward me, landed with a thud on my lap, and buried her face in my beard as she kissed my neck loudly.

“What the…?” I exclaimed, trying to preserve Santa’s dignity in front of the assembled children, and wondering what to do next.

“Hi, Santa,” came the voice from my neck. “Did you expect me?” She pulled her legs up and formed herself into a ball on my lap, chuckling as she did. I was flustered, to say the least.

“I don’t think you should be doing that,” I said meekly, warming to her kisses, which were becoming less noisy, and more sensuous. Her mouth raked my neck as her tongue flicked against my skin. I moved to put my hand on her arm, but instead brushed against the side of a large, round breast.

“Oh, yeah,” she said immediately. “That’s what I was looking for.” At that, she pulled her face from the cover of my beard, and looked up at me. She seemed so familiar…

“You don’t recognize me, do you?” she asked, smiling impishly. “Even from the one picture I showed you? My hair is redder now, just like I told you.”

Oh my god! Could it be? How in the world…? A hundred questions crossed my mind at once, but one answer was clear: it was Margaret, one of my internet friends. She lived at least 7 states away, but she was here. In my arms. On my lap. But, how?

Margaret and I had formed a bond when I was depressed over the loss of friendship with another woman, whom I had gotten too close to. When Samantha left, Margaret was suddenly there for me. She didn’t really know me, and had only posted with me a few times on an erotic site forum, but she offered her friendship and advice, and I gravitated toward her. I could tell she was the real deal, and I had come to realize that that was rare on the internet, where little is as it seems. We quickly became friends, and we had shared many secrets with one another over the course of the last few months. Things happen fast, on the web!

Things were happening even faster in real life, at the moment! As my realization of who it was formed, so did a hundred Avcılar Escort other questions. What did she want? Where was she staying? How would I be able to see her, with my family so demanding of my time? We had had a few fantasy ‘affairs’, where we wrote each other sensuous stories about … well, making love to one another, but it was all done rather innocently, there being such a difference in our ages. Margaret was over 20 years my junior, and I only thought in the abstract about actually having sex with her. I’d learned that much, in the course of a couple of previous relationships. NEVER actually date an internet ‘lover’. That was the rule! My being married made that much less difficult to enforce.

“Margaret,” I said, looking into the never-before-seen eyes. “What are you doing? How did you…” She silenced me with one finger to my lips.

“Uh-uh,” she said softly. “No questions. That’s for later. Right now,” she said, leaning back against me, “I just want to enjoy being with you.”

A cough from one of the mothers broke the moment. I looked down the aisle at Danny, who was out of costume, but straightening stock on one of the shelves. He had stayed just out of earshot, I was sure, to keep me from having an escape route from this duty! Now, I made sure he heard me.

“SANTA BREAK!” I yelled, and he jerked upright. Looking at me, with this attractive woman coiled up in my lap, he smiled knowingly and shook his head.


He headed for the back room to put on his costume.

By the time he got there, half the parents had taken their children elsewhere, unable to explain the sight of Santa with an obviously sexy woman writhing on his lap, and his hands trying NOT to wrap themselves around any of her body parts as they kissed!

We had kissed as if we’d known each other for years, and it was becoming hot, and rather restricted, in this suit, suddenly! Her hands had gone to my hair, fingers raking up under my Santa hat as she pulled me into her, and I had angled my head to better access her mouth. Our breathing had gotten heavier, and I was sure she could feel my rather obvious reaction to her, pressing up against her hip.

“Uh, Santa,” Danny said. “I think you’d better take this sideshow somewhere else.”

I was ready! Margaret was getting me so hot and bothered, I didn’t think I could resist making a real Christmas spectacle happen, and soon! I pulled my lips from hers, and urged her out of my lap. As we stood, some of the parents applauded, and Margaret winked at me.

“Tell them you quit,” she said firmly, and I laughed.

“You’re the boss,” I said, and turned to Danny. “Tell Bernie that Santa Brian has left the building.” He started to protest, but knew he didn’t have an argument for this.

“Have fun, Santa,” he said glumly, and sat down.

I made Margaret wait while I shed my costume, and reappeared with my hair combed and myself composed. She looked happy; genuinely happy, and for that I was glad. We’d both had our ‘down’ moments over the last few months, and I had come to care very much for her, and worried about her constantly.

“You look great,” I told her, and she laughed.

“You don’t have to say that,” she said. “It’s not required. Not really.”

She was always less than kind to herself about her appearance, but I found her extremely attractive. She was tall and big-boned, but carried herself well. Her face, while not drop-dead gorgeous, was pretty, and full of life. She looked happier than I ever imagined she could, with all her troubles back at home.

“I’m serious. You look … radiant.” I pressed myself against her, and hugged her tightly. “I don’t know how you got here, but I’m very happy you did.” One more kiss, on her neck, and we pulled apart.

“Brian,” she said, in a serious tone. “I had to come. I just needed to get away. Home … while it’s home, is so …” She appeared to be choosing her words carefully. “There are just so many bad memories there, at this time of year.”

I pulled her to me again. “I know, honey,” I said. “I know.”

We stood together for the longest time, content to share each other’s company, without words. Finally, she spoke.

“I have to go back tomorrow,” she said. “I have to be there for Christmas with my family.” Sensing my surprise, she explained. “I came for only one reason. Remember when I told you my ‘secret’? The one … that no one else but ‘he’ knows? She looked at me expectantly. I knew the one.

“Margaret, if it’s something bad, I don’t know if I really want to know,” I said, expecting her to tell me that she had some dread disease or something. My heart was already falling, my mind full of things to say to her. Then she giggled.

“Silly,” she chided. “It’s not bad. In fact, I hope it’s very good.” She looked deep into my eyes, searching for my reaction. I didn’t know what to think, however, and she sensed this. Snuggling into me, she whispered into my ear.

“I want you to have it,” she said. “I Avcılar Escort bayan want you to … be the first.”

I couldn’t begin to conceive of what she was saying. My mind went into a kind of empty buzzing mode…words wouldn’t come, and thoughts were scrambled. My face felt flushed. Finally, after long moments, I could speak.

I held her at arm’s length, looking into her eyes, as she had into mine. Now, we connected. I understood the gravity of her decision, and I watched, in awe, as her eyes misted over. Her lower lip trembled a little as she stared at me.

“Margaret, do you know what you’re asking?”

I felt her body begin to shake, and sensed that sobs were next. I wasn’t wrong. As I pulled her into me once again, she began to cry.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I shouldn’t have assumed. I never meant to …” Her words crumbled, as her emotions took over, and I hastened to console her.

“That’s not it, sweetie,” I said softly. “That’s not it, at all. My god, I’m … honored. You just took me by surprise, is all.” I hugged her tightly, trying to squeeze the embarrassment from her body, and letting her calm down. I let one hand drop, finally, to the small of her back, and then down onto her ass. It was a nice ass, and I realized suddenly that I wanted this, as much as her. I pulled her against my growing erection, and felt her conform to my body.

“I want to do this,” I said huskily. “If you truly want me to.”

Her lips found mine again, and she kissed me passionately. “Oh, god,” she breathed. “You don’t know how much!”

My erection got even harder, knowing her resolve, and imagining the event. I hadn’t had a virgin since I dated my wife, and never considered, at my age, having the experience again. That Margaret was still one, I had originally found almost unbelievable, but she had told me that she had never found the right man, and she was obviously not one to give herself to just anyone.

Now, she wanted to give herself to me!

We left the store full of expectation, and both very nervous. She told me that she had gotten a room at a hotel not half a mile from the store, so we didn’t have long to wait. I drove, glancing at her every so often. She looked straight ahead, her mouth set, but her eyes bright.

Her room was second floor, at the end of the building, she explained. We parked and entered the lobby, feeling as if every eye was upon us, but feeling excited by the very ‘wrongness’ of it all, too. We kissed in the elevator, hands exploring each other’s bodies in the short time it took to rise one floor. By the time we headed down the hall, we were giddy with nervousness.

“Promise not to laugh,” she said seriously, as she unlocked the door.

“What?” I deadpanned. “Didn’t paint and redecorate before inviting me up here?”

At that, she laughed, and suddenly all the nervousness left us, replaced by a feeling of expectancy, and lust. I wanted her, suddenly, in the worst way, and I knew she felt the same. All the ‘stories’ we had written each other, the sexy innuendoes in our IM’s, were about to come to pass, and I couldn’t wait. My hands went to her waist as she led me in, and I pulled her back into me as I kicked the door shut.

Kissing along her neck, I ran my hands up to her breasts. She wore a sheer blouse and a bra, and I set about loosening both. Her hands covered mine, encouraging me. When at last her clothing fell to the floor, she turned in my arms. Her arms went around my waist as we kissed, and then she leaned back, letting me look down at her considerable mounds.

“Okay?” she asked, tentatively, and I smiled broadly, my hands cupping the giant globes. As I brushed my thumbs across the nipples, they hardened, and I wanted my mouth over them, suddenly.

“Ohhhh, yeah,” I murmured, dipping my head. I took one nipple into my mouth, my hands going once again to her ass, cupping the ample cheeks as I teased the bud with my tongue. Her intake of breath was audible, and she pressed her sex against my cock, grinding against me.

“Let’s get these clothes off,” I said.

She allowed me to unsnap and unzip her jeans and slide them down over her hips, revealing the boyshorts beneath. The ‘undie report’ was a regular part of our emails to one another, and she knew my fondness for the lacy things. I smiled up at her, and she giggled again.

“Just for you,” she said, pushing the jeans down her legs and stepping out of them. She stepped out of her shoes, and pulled upward at the waistband of the little panties, tightening them across the lips of her pussy … that pussy, so neglected all these years! I dropped to my knees, intent upon having my mouth on her.

She spread her legs as I moved down across the front of the little shorts, nibbling at her through the material, and taking in her aroma. As my mouth closed over the puffy mound, I raked my tongue upward, teasing her slit. She moaned aloud, and took my head in her hands.

“Oh, god,” she sighed, delighting Escort avcılar in the feel of my tongue against her. She held me firmly, as if she was afraid I might pull away. Not a chance! I sucked at her through the lacy fabric, and toyed with those tender lips. I never wanted to leave here! She rocked her hips, and as my hands went once more to her ass, she stepped forward, over me.

“That’s it,” she said, as my mouth enveloped her pussy through the panties. “Right there! Yes! Oh, god, yes. Eat me, please?” She ground her pussy against my mouth, and I felt the wetness on the front of her panties that I knew I had caused. It grew as I tongued her, as did the intensity of her moans. Suddenly, she was cumming.

“Oh, god! Ohhhh, god…Oooooooh, GOD!!!” she groaned, as the pleasure slowly overtook her. Suddenly, her voice erupted into a wail as she climaxed, her hands holding my head firmly. She pulled me tightly against her, holding me there, her legs shaking and stiff.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, YES!” she screamed, cumming hard.

I felt her wetness as it soaked the boyshorts, and began to seap into my waiting mouth. I tried to hold still, letting her use my mouth for her own pleasure, but I couldn’t. I lapped at her furiously as she climaxed above me, and it only heightened her pleasure.

Finally, after long minutes, she released my head, took a long, slow breath, and stepped back. Looking down at me sheepishly, she smiled. “Thank you,” she said, running her fingers through my hair. “That was … nice.”

“It isn’t over,” I said, and she smiled again. I looked at her panties, and her reddened thighs, and reached for her. I began to slide the lacy things down over her hips.

“Wait!” The urgency of her voice startled me. She grabbed my wrists, and pulled my hands gently away.

“I want to see you undressed. And I want to do it.”

I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, and got to my feet. “Okay,” I said. “But don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind, after you see the gray hair on my chest.” We both laughed, and I stood obediently as she began to pull at the buttons on my shirt. “Should I do a little dance?” I teased, rocking my shoulders to and fro.

“If you want,” she said, almost under her breath. Her concentration was intense, and as she pulled my shirt from the waistband of my jeans, she sighed softly.


She ran her hand from my stomach to my chest, then circled one nipple with her forefinger. Her other hand, she rested on the snap of my jeans, teasing me.

“Uh, there’s more,” I joked, anxious to feel her hand on my cock. It was jumping inside my jeans expectantly, getting harder by the moment. She knew this, and slowly … very slowly … unsnapped my pants. As she looked into my eyes, her hand took my zipper down, and I felt the loosening of my jeans. Her hands worked their way between the denim and the material of my boxers, and began to slide them down my hips.

It seemed to take forever, and when at last I stepped out of the jeans, after struggling to remove my socks and shoes as one, my boxers were tented with my erection. I watched her face as she studied me. She was obviously happy with my reaction.

“And this…” she said, snaking her hand around the lump in my shorts, “is for me?” She began to move her fingers over my dick, fleshing it out beneath the cotton, and I began to breathe more deeply. “I think it’s just what I need today, if you’re ready,” she purred. I was ready!

I placed my hands on her waist, pushing her gently backward, until her legs contacted the bed. There, I stopped, and we kissed again … a long, passion-filled kiss. I used my tongue and my hands, and inserted my knee between hers, rubbing my leg up against her cunt. She groaned, pulling at me insistently, but I continued to kiss and fondle her. I knew how important this first time was, and I wanted to make love to her, not just fuck her.

Soon, however, my resolve was all but gone, and I was pawing her panties down, anxious to feel her naked pussy envelope my cock. She had already removed my boxers, and was clutching my cock like it was the most important thing on earth.

“Now, Brian!” she urged. “I need to feel you inside me.”

She slipped backward onto the bed, her legs spread invitingly, and as I gazed down at her luxurious body, I once again remembered what this moment represented. Her arms were above her head, and she was watching me expectantly. I held my cock in one hand, slowly stroking it as I watched her. I needed to delay this, so we would both appreciate it more.

“You look so beautiful, Margaret,” I whispered, and moved around the bed. I crawled up beside her head, holding my cock out to her, and she took it greedily into her mouth. As she began to suck me, I slid one hand down over her breast, where I pinched the erect nipple before sliding further down, over her tummy and between her legs.

She was wet. And warm. As my middle finger slipped between those slippery lips, I could feel her heat and desire. Her mouth went crazy on my dick, sucking and slurping noisily, as I manipulated her sex. Just one more climax, before I took her, I thought…

It didn’t take long. As I pulled her clit upward from it’s sheath, she suddenly threw her head back, leaving my saliva-coated cock swinging free.

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