It is amazing the details the mind recalls from significant events in one’s life. For instance, I can remember every hideous color of the dorm room that I was in when I attempted to seduce a man for the first time. Every detail of the room, in fact, is permanently etched into my memory.

As dorm rooms go this one was pretty typical of those built in the 60s. Not that I was alive in the 60s and know about this, but it’s what I’ve heard. Walking in the door you found yourself looking into a room about 15 feet by 10 feet. The space for walking was only 3 feet wide and one side of the room was a mirror reflection of the other. It was in really ugly shades of yellow-orange, green, and dark brown, minus the unique touches offered by my roommate and myself. As you entered there were wardrobes flanking you, followed by extra-long twin beds with hidden-shelf side-boards, and then matching desks with mounted bookshelves. On the opposite wall to the door there was a huge window that rose over the old fashioned radiator. That stupid, noisy radiator is probably what made me feel like I could get away with attempting this.

I think under normal circumstances most people would have thought, “No way in HELL!” After all, my best friend WAS asleep in the bed across from mine. And yet, even with her there I found myself standing in the relative privacy of the open closet door looking in the mirror and having an internal debate over what exactly I was hoping was going to happen.

I knew that I wanted John. I’d been hanging out with him and his group for months. He was so sincere, kind, and gentle. Plus he was so tall and strong. When my 5 foot 3 ½ inch frame stood next to his 7 foot 3 inch one, I felt so feminine. When his hand took mine, or touched my head, I felt like the delicate female all of my thin friends always talked about. When I watched him sword fight, I saw his muscles bunch and the sweat form and it made me fantasize about another activity that would have similar results. I know for a fact that being with him is what started my trench coat fetish. I can never look at one now, without getting wet between the legs.

There I was, in that space of the closet, wearing that black trench coat of his. It draped me completely, falling at least 6 inches past my hands and hitting the ground at my feet. He had asked for it back, he was getting ready to leave. I didn’t want him to leave without knowing I was willing and ready to go all the way with him. But would it really work to bring him his coat wearing nothing underneath it? Man, it would suck so bad to get rejected. I had a big belly and butt. I had a waist, but my D breasts were so large they weren’t perky like other girls. I wasn’t tan. I had the pale Irish skin of my mother and grandmother.

All right, criticizing myself was no way to get in the mood to seduce him. I had great hair; long, auburn, and curly, it was truly beautiful and very soft. I also had great eyes. Never the same color from one day to the next; they went from blue, to green, to occasionally a stormy grey color and they were framed by incredibly long, dark, curly eyelashes that had earned more than a few jealous looks and comments. There were also my beautiful, full, peach lips that always seemed to smile. I closed the closet door, mind made up. I would show him what I had and he could take it, or leave.

“Please, please, please, let him want me.”

John looked over at me as I shut the door and I absorbed the sight of his beautiful, rugged face, his shaggy brown hair, and his huge frame. He was laid back on my bed against the hidden shelf. His long legs stretched so far out they touched Kim’s bed.

“What am I thinking? My best friend is asleep in this room less than three feet away. God he is so handsome, and his body is so big. I want him so much.” My eyes made contact with John’s. Looking down a little I glance back up and offer him a smile.

Moving closer I whisper to him, “Here’s your

coat. I’m warming it up for you.”

Once I am standing right up against his leg I Esenyurt Escort bring his hands to the buttons. “Help me take it off.” Slowly, one by one, he and I undo the buttons. I’m getting so nervous by this point in time that I can no longer hold eye contact. I’m staring at his chest as the jacket falls open revealing my bare skin.

My own breathing is so rapid that I cannot hear his intake of breath. But I can feel his hands. They stroke my waist over my hips, up my back to slide gently over my breast. Relieved to not be rejected I look up into his eyes. His hands reach out and gently take my head pulling me closer to him.

I lean in close to him and our mouths meet. My only experience with kissing was really very wet and unpleasant so I have no idea what to expect. I press my lips against his lips. His mouth opens slightly. I kiss his lower lip. I can feel his tongue tracing my mouth and I shyly let mine come out to meet his. Tongue tip to tongue tip they touch and retreat a few times. It felt so good when he traced my mouth that I do the same to him. As my tongue completes its circuit I feel his tongue dart out and stroke mine much more boldly. He seems to want me to put my tongue in his mouth.

I do not have a long tongue by any means so I get creative and tilt my head, opening my mouth slightly more. I slide my tongue into his mouth following his own as it draws back in. John’s tongue is starting to wrap around mine, so I twist mine around his as well. Suddenly, the hands that had been buried in my hair grab my hips and pull me onto his lap. They then return to my head and bend it back as his tongue enters my mouth. He is licking everything in there, my tongue, my teeth, the roof of my mouth, my cheeks. Clueless as to how to respond, I am struck with the idea of mimicking an action for a different part of the body. I start to suck his tongue and undulate mine against his.

The sound of his moan sends a rush of heat and fluid between my legs. My nipples have become hard and flushed to a rose color. I want John to touch my breast. I want to have the hardness in his pants free for me to explore. I can really only share one want at the moment and so I grab his hands and bring them to my breasts.

His huge hands almost fully encompass them. He starts to squeeze them and release, squeeze and release. He moves them around as well and I can feel each stretch all the way to my core. Then he starts on the nipples. My head falls back as he pinches them. Each time his fingers grasp me I feel a pulse in my pussy. I run my hands over his shoulders and arms needing more. His head lowers and his mouth encompasses my right nipple. As he sucks it into his mouth my hips involuntarily jerk forward. Another moan is my reward.

Smiling to myself I start to rock back and forth over the bulge in his pants.

I hold his head to my breast and

whisper, “Yes, yes yes.”

He transfers to the left nipple and I grind down harder on his pants.

“More. Please, more.”

Raising his head he gives me another deep long kiss and then pushes me off his lap.

Slightly panicked I relax when I see him go for his belt buckle. He undoes his pants as I watch him. Glancing up I see him look around me then at me. Glancing back over my shoulder, I note Kim’s even breathing and that she is facing the wall. I look back at him, fall to my knees and help him get the pants down to his ankles. When I look up I begin to rethink the decision I have made.

You’d think I would’ve had a clue that such a big man would be similarly endowed, but I didn’t. So, the huge 13 inch by 3 inch monster in my face came as rather a shock. In the rational part of my mind I knew that women could push babies out so this cock would be able to fit in, but the scared-to-death 18 year old wasn’t so sure. Maybe, just maybe, if I gave him a blow job, he’d come and I wouldn’t have to find out. Maybe.

I hadn’t ever given a blow job before. Seriously. I’d seen it done. I’d heard about it. I’d been told the good ways Esenyurt Escort bayan and the bad ways. Overall, though, none of what I’d heard was in my head, other than, “Treat it like an ice cream cone.” Okay, I’ve eaten ice cream, I can do this. I slid my hands up his legs and rested my body between them. Pulling his cock towards me from his stomach I started licking it from bottom to top. All around it I licked up and down. Then I started licking around the head.

Looking up into John’s eyes I saw him

mouth, “Put it in.”

And so, I did.

Slowly I lowered my mouth over the head of his cock. His slight jerk back, followed by the grabbing of my head, taught me to open wider and cover my teeth with my lips. Running my tongue around the head I started to move down farther. My licking hadn’t gotten his cock very wet so I let my saliva run out of my mouth and down his shaft. I in the meantime, just kept licking and pushing my head down. I couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 inches down when I really needed to breath and so I came back up.

I had wrapped my hands around the base of his shaft and he guided them up and down it. I kept up this stroking as I licked all over again. Taking a deeper breath I went back down. His cock was so wide I felt my lips stretched tightly around him. My whole mouth was full of him and I could taste something salty at the back of my throat. I knew that every guy I’d ever met talked about being deep throated and how awesome that felt, so I thought that needed to be my goal. Standing up I worked John’s cock as far down my throat as I could. Tears came out of my eyes and I felt my gag reflex kicking in. But his hands on the back of my head told me he liked it.

Up again for air I noticed how much drool came out of my mouth and I used my hands up the shaft and over the head of his cock to spread it around. With another deep breath I went back down. Swallowing as I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat I was able to take in another 2 inches, but I just couldn’t stay down there for very long. On the way back up I sucked so there wouldn’t be as much drool this time and his hips followed my mouth up off the bed. His moan and his hands pushing me back down and then up told me I had done something right so I kept on licking on the way down and sucking on the way up. Over and over again I took as much of his big cock as I could.

Soon, though, my jaw started to ache. The next time he pulled my head up; I pulled his hands off my head and brought his fingers to my mouth. Kissing each one I looked at him. Slowly he pulled me up and onto his lap again. Using the trench coat to hide our bodies from Kim he had me straddle his lap.

Kissing my face he whispered, “I want in


Okay, now to test that babies can come out so he can fit in theory. John’s fingers slide between my legs spreading my very generous labia. He used his thick, calloused middle finger sliding into the hole that no man had ever gone into before and worked it in and out. That one finger felt so good, made me feel so full. I could feel wetness sliding over it and onto his hand. He spread it around my clit and pressed in little circles. I bit down on his shoulder from the sheer pleasure of it. Slowly I felt the middle finger come back to my hole and get joined by a partner. He pressed those fingers around inside of me and slowly opened and closed them in a scissors motion. By this point I am riding his hand and ready to try anything. It feels so good I need more.

Our eyes make contact and I can see the question in his eyes. He wants to know if I am ready. Wordlessly I take his rigid cock and guide the tip to the wet hole he’s been playing with. Keeping eye contact I position him and press down. I start to worry when his eyes roll back in his head thinking I’ve cause pain. Then his hands are on my hips and pressing down too. I use the fingers that had been guiding him to spread my lips further apart and continue to slide him in me. He feels so good. I feel Escort esenyurt so full and want so much more and then…

“Uh!…Owww,” slides out of my mouth as his

head hits my hymen.

Holy shit! That was a sharp pain that I was in no desire to experience any more of and I am rapidly headed back up his cock in the opposite direction. Apparently, however, he had other ideas. The hands on my hips grip firmly and slam my hips down. His mouth crushing mine silences the scream that erupts as his cock rips right through me. Tears are streaming out of my eyes onto his face as he holds me down, fully impaled on 13 inches of pulsing meat, perfectly still.

My cry must have disturbed Kim somewhat because she rolls over. Holding our breath we wait for her to settle back into deeper sleep. Once I know she is there though I am still reluctant to move. That HURT. ALOT! You would have a very hard time convincing me at this point that it’s going to feel good later because I’m still incredibly focused on the burning pain inside me. I must have relaxed my muscles somewhat though, because John moved his hands to my head and stroked my hair. He starts feathering kisses all over my face and I lean into him some more. This shifts my hips and slides my up his cock. I feel, see, and sense his intake of breath. Hmmmm…time for another experiment.

Still incredibly sore I gently slide my hips backwards. His hands fall to either side of us and bunch in the sheets. I slide forward and backward and watch his eyes close. Struck with an idea, I raise myself…but don’t get very far as his head snaps up, eyes open, and his hands are at my waist in the blink of an eye. I smile at him and slide down. Up and down I feel my muscles all around him. They are stretched so tight I wonder if they will stay this way now. Up and down. The friction feels so good. I feel more moisture forming. But I need something more…my clit is aching. I don’t know how to fix it and I look at John.

He can read my mind. He grabs my hips and pulls me forward and pushes me back. My head falls back and my breath whooshes out of my body as my clit is ground against him. I continue moving up and down as he pushes me forward and backward. There is a tension building in me that I can barely stand. I need something. I know John can give it to me. Soon I am moving faster and have taken over the forward and backward motion as well. His hands seek out my breast and start to play, pull, mold, and kneed.

I feel every nerve ending in my body. I am supercharged for something. I search his eyes for the answer. I am frantically sliding over him now. I am breathing in gasps. Suddenly my world explodes. I feel every muscle in my body clench and unclench repeatedly. My mind is floating though; it is gone into some place free and wonderful. As I re-enter my body it is still pulsing in my first orgasm.

“Don’t stop, God, don’t stop” he pleads with

me as his hands return to my hips.

He is pushing me again forwards and backwards on his cock. It makes the tremors keep going. I can feel my pussy massaging his cock. I feel his cock getting thicker inside me. I start to feel his body tense right before he slams his mouth on mine and slams me down on his hips which are rising off the bed. His cock is pulsing inside of me. Over and over he slams me down as he raises his hips off the bed. It has set me off again and my pussy is contracting on him milking him for everything he’s worth.

Gasping for air, he pulls me against his chest. Rubbing my back he kisses my face. Slowly I feel the tension leave him. Not really shrinking his cock seems to become less hard. Slowly I slide off him. His head is back against the shelf and his cock his laying there glistening. I stroke a finger over this amazing tool that has brought me from one end of the sensation spectrum to the other.

My finger is wet and I slide it into my mouth. As I taste us I see him watching me. I slowly bend over and lick the rest of our juices from his cock. He pulls me up and kisses me deeply before he puts me aside and puts his clothes back in order. Walking back to the closet I open the door and stare at myself. There I was, again, in that space of the closet, wearing that black trench coat of his. A small smile plays about my lips as I grab a t-shirt and replace his coat with it.

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