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A story for my partner. I’ve told him many times of my desire to be watched having sex outdoors, and I also incorporated a fantasy situation I know he has, albeit he needed some ‘assistance’ to fulfil it.

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“What do you fancy doing this afternoon?” I asked you as I was preparing an evening meal for our older children to eat later. We were escaping for a few hours of special time to ourselves.

“Well, we’ve done the seaside and watched the sunset , so we could maybe have a run-out to the dales or the Moors – take a little picnic and flask with us and have a bit of a hike into the hills?”, you reply.

“I wasn’t talking about long-distance”, I replied with a smile, “Just a few hundred yards away from the car.”

“Yeah OK, but let’s not end up walking too far”, you reply, still oblivious to my intentions.

I had spent a few hours looking at dogging websites over the past few weeks and had played with my pussy, imagining I was the woman in the videos. Looking at the all the different anonymous cocks of varying length and girth. Some of these videos just involved people watching couples having sex, whilst others involved a bit of audience participation. The woman always seemed very satisfied.

I left you making a few sandwiches while I went to the local shop for a bottle of wine, and we soon left with our picnic in the cool bag, and a travel rug so we could sit on the floor.

We set off for a local beauty spot, out on the edge of the moors, hoping it wouldn’t be too busy. Fortunately when we arrived it wasn’t – perhaps only a half dozen empty cars were parked up, and they were likely walkers.

We followed the gravel path uphill through the woodland, and soon veered away from the defined path and dropped down into a small wooded valley with a stream at the bottom.

Following the stream we arrived at the base of a waterfall, with a natural pool at the bottom, which had an open grassed area and several huge boulders scattered around. I think I had mentioned this special place to you during a recent hike nearby, but you obviously hadn’t heard, as you’re surprised with the location. I’d been here many times before, but always with the kids. I remember back then fantasising about us having a picnic late afternoon and having outdoor sex, or a cool skinny dip in one of the discreet rock pools, followed by a spot of Al fresco sex.

We settled down behind a couple of the biggest boulders, which made for a superb windbreak, and with our backs to the rockpool we sat on the rug and started on our picnic lunch, and a large glass of wine.

We were both very relaxed, the sun beaming down on our bodies, it was perfect. I was feeling pretty content at that point, and also a bit frisky.

I decided to take a dip in the rockpool, so I started to remove my shorts and loose top, and pretty soon I was nude.

The water was really cool, in contrast to the heat of the day, plus I had a bit of sunburn on my shoulders, so it was nice and soothing. It had the effect of making my nipples stand out, and once you’d seen those you were coaxed from the rug.

Within a minute you’d kicked off your shorts and joined me, naked, and we hugged and kissed and stroked each other like teenagers, not even caring if someone stumbled across us.

I felt heady from the wine, and the skin to skin contact we were having, coupled with the glorious sun made me want to feel you inside me.

We made out in the water for a little while longer before getting out.

When we returned to the rug I laid down on my back, still naked, hoping you’d take the opportunity that presented. My nipples were rock hard, my pussy naked except for a tuft of dark pussy hair at the top that you love, and insist I keep.

When you laid on the rug, resting on your side and elbow, you kissed my lips, down my neck, and across to my aching breasts. It’s so quiet up there, we totally forgot where we were, and soon your kisses trailed down my tummy to my legs, I ended up laid spread eagled being thoroughly licked from my arse hole to my clit.

I noticed your throbbing hard on, and wanted to climb onto it, and slowly ride you until I come all over your cock.

Forcing you onto your back, I took hold of your thick cock with my hand, and gyrated my hips and pussy lips against it. Once aligned, I sat straight down on it, all the way in and it made me nearly cum immediately. Your groan echoed the same feelings.

As I bounced and rode your cock, it was hitting my special spot, and coupled with my fingers rubbing my clit, and you holding my breasts I easily exploded over your cock, wetting your legs.

Patiently, you waited for my shuddering to wane before you rolled me over, and took me from behind. There was a sense of urgency in your İstanbul Escort fucking, as you gripped my waist and pounded me hard and fast, pulling me onto your cock at the same time as you lunged forward. In a few minutes you noisily came inside me, before slumping over me, resting on my back and kissing it lovingly.

When your cock finally stopped it’s spasms in my pussy, we lay back on the rug in the midday sun in a loving spoon and unintentionally drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later I was alerted by a sound coming from behind us, and peering through the gap between the boulders I saw a pair of red deer drinking from the pool and woke you to have a look.

It seemed considerably darker and chillier now than when we dozed off and looking at my watch I was surprised to see it was almost nine o’clock in the evening.

We must have been sleeping about four hours.

We quickly got dressed and packed away the picnic and commenced the short walk back to the car. The sun was setting rapidly by now and I knew it would be dark in half an hour or so.

As we approached the little car-park I noticed there were less cars parked up than when we arrived, and oddly gathered around one of the cars on the end was a group of men. It looked like they’d returned from their walk, and were saying their goodbyes before departing company.

As we got closer I could see the men stood around the car had face masks on, but had their cocks out and were wanking them!! Some had their trousers around their ankles, some had their trousers still on, but they were all looking at what was happening in the car.

I noticed they were all different shaped men, some older than the others, and finally the penny dropped and I realised that this remote little car-park must be a local dogging spot on an evening.

You were egging me on, encouraging me to get closer and have a better look. The car interior light was on and I observed that it was a signal for the watchers to participate.

You mocked my ‘participate’ comment, and said the woman probably just lets any random stranger fuck her. We giggled as we watched the Volvo rock and squeak from a safe distance after moving to get a better view.

Moving closer, we could now see the woman being roughly fucked in the back of the car by a man in shorts and wellies. Judging by the noise she was making, she was loving it. There was another man sat in the car, who I assumed was her husband. He wasn’t participating, and seemed to be just sat watching who I guess was his wife be mercilessly fucked on the back seat.

The three other men were positioned around the car, stroking their cocks, and didn’t seem bothered when they noticed us approaching our car. It looked like they were waiting to take their turns on the wife in the car.

Sure enough, within minutes the man in the wellies walked away from the car, and another one of the group assumed his position between the woman’s legs.

I was soaking wet watching this, and suggested we started kissing and playing with each other in our car, just to see if we could get a load of guys peering in through the windows at us.

Knowing I’ve always had this fantasy about being watched having sex by strangers, we decided to get into our car, and got comfortable.

I remembered asking you again if we would stop and have some fun, and you confessed to being aroused by the thought of being watched, so leaned in for a kiss. A bulge in your shorts confirmed you were as aroused as me.

Quickly checking that the central locking was engaged, I shuffled across from the drivers seat and joined you on the passenger seat, reclining it right back.

We shared a long, lingering kiss before you suggested we give the men a show.

Looking up I realised the four men were now clustered around our car doors, and two of them were already showing off their decent sized erections. Pretty soon you had my nipple in your mouth and two fingers jammed into my wet pussy. I was squirming with excitement already, moaning into your neck as i came, while you could see all of them around the car windows, wanking at the sight of me cumming on your fingers.

You reached the interior light switch, and flicked it on and giggled, before you also lowered the rear passenger side window.

My head was situated almost at crotch level when I noticed a bloke stood there with a huge hard cock , if I turned my head around I’d be just at the right position to have it shoved in my face.

I’d already freed your cock and was stroking it whilst you fingerblasted my pussy with my panties pulled to one side.

“Can I touch a random cock” i whispered in your ears between moans “I’m so fucking horny”

Of course you replied.

So I reached out into the darkness İstanbul Escort bayan and held onto the thick cock of the man in wellies. I couldn’t close my hand around it, so it was obviously very thick and hard. I slowly started to wank both yours, and also the bigger cock of the stranger stood outside the car.

With your fingers slamming inside me, you soon had me noisily cumming again.

After I had cum, I instructed you to lie back while I climbed into the footwell to attempt what you always described as the best blow-job ever, where I’m hovering over the tip of your cock before sliding down deep into my tight throat. I know you love this repeated over and over, and also coupled with a little gentle ass fingering I normally have you finished in a minute.

This was going well, and you discreetly lowered the front passenger window so you could rest your legs, one on the dashboard and one on the open car door.

Just outside was a different man wanking his cock. His cock was smaller than the first guys and only just protruded from his fist as he wanked. He was stood in front of a woman, who was cuddling into him from behind. I recognised her as the woman from the other car, who was being fucked by the man in the wellies only 5 minutes ago.

This man reached through the window and gently rubbed my back and buttocks before finally circling on my Bum hole. His wife appeared to just stroke your leg and watch from behind him. He skilfully inserted his finger into my bum while I rocked my mouth on your cock, bringing you right to the brink, but stopped just before you ejaculated into my mouth.

We closed the windows while we got into the back seat, and I got you to fuck me from behind. You know i like the animalistic nature of this position, and it makes me come so hard.

I was facing the rear passenger window, on hands and knees, and the man in the wellies had pressed his cock against it. You slid your cock smoothly into my wet pussy and I moaned and pushed back against each thrust.

You also told me to open the window myself if I felt comfortable enough to do so, as you can’t reach the switch.

No sooner had I opened the window, a very large erect cock was thrust towards my willing mouth. Without thinking, I put both hands on it, and sucked on it. I realised the taste of pussy on it was from the woman he’d just fucked. It was a bit too late to stop now.

Another hand came through the window and began to fondle my boobs, tweaking my throbbing nipples. My mouth was stretched really wide accommodating his size and I couldn’t properly breathe. Luckily the owner of this cock lasted less than a minute in my mouth before he withdrew his cock and ejaculated over the car door.

The next two guys both moved toward the car at the same time, so I moved forward towards them a little more and ended up with both my arms and my tits hanging out of the window

You gripped onto my hips whilst fucking me from behind to stop me toppling out of the window – and whilst giving expert oral attention to one bloke I gave the other a hand job.

They in turn were both mauling my tits, which were flapping against the outside of the car door in time with your thrusts.

The guy with the smaller cock cheekily opened the passenger door, and reached into the backseat of the car, and had his finger pressing over my clit and rubbing over the whole area, this also resulted in him coming into contact with your cock.

The man receiving the blowjob pulled out at the last minute and blasted my face with a thick ribbon of spunk and before I could transfer my oral attentions to his companion he also erupted and covered one of my hanging tits with spunk.

I felt like such a dirty slut, as I built up to what I could tell was going to be a huge orgasm.

“Turn me over so I can open the door” I said.

You did as I asked and started thrusting harder into my soaking wet pussy, with me laid on my back, and my head sticking out of the open door.

Another guy approached, and with my head almost hanging over the edge of the backseat he was able to force his cock into my mouth briefly before he also shot his load covering my neck and tits.

While I was laid on my back with the door open, I noticed the woman walk to her Volvo, get something from the glovebox, and then approach our car. She was a busty lady with long curly red hair, who reminded me of Charlie Dimmock. She looked like she had strong arms and legs, and her tits were massive, far bigger than mine, and they swung around as she walked.

She stopped near my open door, and stepped into a dildo harness, and positioned a large flesh coloured cock inside it.

She was rubbing her cock like it was natural, and it looked realistic, although bigger than any of Escort İstanbul the cocks I’d seen on display tonight.

I do like a bit of girl-on-girl and was quite excited hoping she’d fuck me, as she looked like she had the stamina and strength to fuck me for hours.

She smiled at me and walked around the back of the car, to the opposite side. I smirked and thought you’ll love the surprise you’re about to get.

I tell you it’s your turn to cum, and you get to cum in my pussy. You’ve been slowly fucking me for some 10 minutes, so it really wouldn’t take much to push you over the edge.

The drivers side rear door opens, and the woman climbs into the car on the back seat behind you. I’m laid on my back covered in cum, with your cock In me, watching for what happens next.

She places a hand over your shoulder, rubs over your back and down to your butt cheeks in a kind of reassuring way. Her breasts press up against your back, and I know you love this feeling, especially when I cuddle into your back in the shower.

You didn’t stop fucking me, and you let her continue to reach under you, grabbing your testicles in a firm manner. I can also feel her hand as she rubs her fingers around my sopping wet pussy. She draws them fingers back up over your tight arse hole and slips a finger in, followed by 2 and then 3 fingers.

You gasped at this intrusion, and sadly this is about as far as we have ever managed when you’ve asked me to fuck you previously. You just aren’t loose enough, lubed enough and it hurts. Fingering has been our limit, even after 4 years.

She applied lube to the length of her cock from a squirty tube, and then smeared some of this around your hole.

The 4 men stood around the car, watching, and slowly rubbing their cocks. I’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting to see this tonight, they were absolutely fixated on this threesome about to unfold.

The lady re-positions herself behind you, and positions your bum roughly, she means business and doesn’t look like an amateur at strap on fucking.

She tries to enter you, and you scoot forward to escape the pain of her penetration. I’m happy as there is nowhere for you to go but deeper inside me.

She rocks gently against you, trying to enter you, but struggles. I can see the pained look in your eyes, I’ve seen this before when we’ve tried.

She pushes you down onto my chest, and you’re tucked into my neck. She grabs my arms and places my arms around you, and instructs me to hold you down and restrain you, and i comply with her demands.

I bear hug you, holding you in position, and give an encouraging nod to her, and she applies her weight, ensuring the cock presses against your hole.

You squeal as you’re finally broken in with a few inches, and she pulls back out. You try to get up but I’m not having it, so I pull you down against me once more and hold you there.

You actually try to keep fucking me, but it’s obvious the fucking is being done by the redhead.

Within about 20 seconds she’s fully inside you, and it’s turned from pain to pleasure. You sound like you’re loving this.

Each time she rams her cock into you, you slide yours into me, and this makes you look very vulnerable, not your usual appearance when you’re fucking me. Your eyes are wide open, your mouth open wide but no sound coming out, but I can see you’re actually thrusting back against this redheads violation. You total slut.

As you pistoned in and out of my pussy for the next few minutes, the force was definitely coming from behind. You were just moaning and hanging onto me in a trance.

I came for the final time, and the redhead continued to thrust into you roughly.

Your eyes jolted wide open, you shuddered and whimpered out I’m coming, I’m coming, oh my god, I can’t stop it.

You filled my pussy with a huge load. It seemed to keep pumping out of your cock in time with her thrusts. You were definitely empty.

We all remained still for about a minute, apart from the men outside the car, who all wanked until they spurted against the car door to finish.

You moaned as she retracted slowly from your arse, and for good measure she smacked you across your butt cheeks.

I could see in your eyes you were spent. You looked in a state of shock. I loosened my grip on you, and you never moved.

I giggled and I suggested we both need a shower, because of what was sprayed on my chest, so we should get dressed and head home.

We were soon dressed and looking vaguely respectable and twenty minutes later pulled up at our house

We never spoke a word on that journey, and I did chuckle to myself when you got out of the car and walked gingerly in to the house.

Once inside I disappeared upstairs for a shower, where you soon joined me, and we washed each other gently, paying attention to every sensual spot we could.

We shared a long lingering kiss before we headed to bed where we lay in each other’s arms kissing and gently caressing each other for what seemed like hours before drifting off to sleep.

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