Summer With Sara


Sara was my first time. She had deep green eyes, and a smile that was wickedly sexy. The kind of smile that made you wonder what secrets were being held behind that sweet face. Her sun-streaked hair was dark brown, and fell around her shoulders in soft curls. She was the most beautiful girl I thought I’d ever seen.

It was summer in Virginia Beach, and school was out. Sara lived about two miles away, and would walk over to my house everyday. I lived with my mom at the time in a seaside two-story apartment. And everyday when she went to work, the place was ours. I had never been with a girl before. And had only seen a naked female in porn magazines and such. Sara and I had only been dating about two weeks, but in that time I had grown very close to her. And many a night was spent masturbating to the thoughts of what it would be like to have sex. We had made out quite a few times during those first two weeks. But I never had the courage to make a first move. Still, I knew that the time was coming. I just needed to wait for it.

One day Sara came over as usual. And as usual, we found ourselves on the couch in the living room making out. I remember it like it was yesterday. My mom had these huge windows in the room that stretched from floor to ceiling. The curtains were very sheer, and let in all the sunlight. I remember the room was filled with the glow of the mid-day sun. And you could hear the ocean just a short distance from the house. It was a constant, soothing sound.

We sat there on the couch holding each other and kissing. Sara was wearing her usual tee shirt and jeans, and I was dressed about the same. I had never French kissed before, and it was really exciting feeling Sara’s’ warm, soft tongue gliding across mine. We had been making out for what seemed like hours, and I was so hard I could barely stand it. I didn’t know if the time was right or not, but I decided to make a move and see what happened.

While I gently kissed her neck, I moved my hand slowly up her arm…stopping just above the mound of her breast. Letting my fingers rest against the fabric of her shirt. I held my breath, waiting for her to say something and move my had away, but she didn’t. She kept returning my kisses eagerly. As I slowly traced the outline of her ear with my tongue, I got a bit bolder. I settled my entire hand over her breast. My palm resting firmly on her tit. I knew that this was the deciding moment. There was no way my intentions could be misread now. And I paused again to judge her reaction. I will never forget what happened next. She slid her hand up to cover mine, and instead of moving it…she gently pushed my hand into the warm bulge of her breast.

Neither one of us spoke a word! And my mind was racing a mile a minute as I caressed her İstanbul Escort tit through her tee shirt. I could hear Sara moan slightly at my touch. And I felt her hand drop down to my leg, and slowly stroke my upper thigh. I thought I was going to explode!

I remember us laying back on the couch then. I looked into those deep green eyes as my hand glided under her shirt, and up her stomach to her tits. She still had her bra on, and it was too tight for me to slip my fingers under. But I could feel her erect nipples through the fabric, and I lightly stroked them with my fingertips. Sara moaned a bit louder at my touch, and she began stroking my cock through my jeans with her fingers. Even through my jeans, the feeling was incredible! Never having someone, other than myself, touch me that way sent shivers of pleasure up my spine. And I found myself grinding into her hand. I was so hot I thought I’d cum right there in my jeans. But I guess the newness of the experience must have kept me from going. And I continued to caress her tits through her bra, as she stroked my rock hard cock.

I wanted so badly to touch her, to feel her. And I slowly worked my hand down to the button of her jeans. Sara’s’ breathing was getting more intense, as was mine. And I knew she was just as excited as me. Still, we didn’t say a word to each other. Our hands and bodies doing all the work. I unbuttoned her jeans, and slowly lowered the zipper. This was when I thought that it would go too far, that she would stop us…but she didn’t. And with an excitement I had never felt before in my life, I slid my hand under her panties.

This was all so new to me! And up till this time I could only imagine what a girls pussy felt like. But never in my wildest thoughts was I expecting this!! It was so soft that I just couldn’t believe it! I let my fingertips register every sensation, every texture. I could feel her soft pubic hair, and then deeper, the gentle outline of her pussy lips. I traced up and down the line of her lips…they were so warm, so incredibly soft!! Sara pushed up against my hand, and slowly I was able to open her pussy with my fingers, and feel inside.

The wetness was the first thing I noticed!! I knew that girls got wet when they were excited

but Sara was practically gushing! I was amazed at how slippery and warm she was, and I wanted to be with her so bad that I was about to pop! I looked into her eyes then, and asked her if she wanted to stay on the couch…or go up to my room. She whispered “Lets go upstairs”.

I had an attic bedroom. It was pretty small, just room for a single bed and a nightstand. There was one small window at the end of the room above the bed; looking out toward the beach. We sat down on the bed and quickly İstanbul Escort bayan undressed. There wasn’t any slowness about it, no shyness. We were both very worked up, and just removed our clothes in silence.

Sara laid back on the bed, and I was beside her. It was the first time I had ever seen a girl naked! And it almost felt like I was dreaming this was all happening. Like at any moment I’d wake up and find it never was real. I really do remember saying to myself please don’t wake up! We started kissing again, and for the first time..I caressed her tits without any clothes. I still recall how amazed I was at how soft her breasts were. I always imagined they’d be soft…but never THIS soft!! I was kissing her and my hands were gently squeezing her tits, and stroking her erect nipples. Sara was moaning softly, but she never said anything. We both were very quiet. It’s strange now to think how we never talked much during the whole thing….but I really can’t recall us saying anything.

I moved slowly down her chest to her tits. I still recall the feeling on my tongue as it flicked across her nipples. It was fantastic!! I sucked her nipple into my mouth, circling it with my tongue. Sara arched her back up, and moaned louder. She was very vocal…and all the attention I was giving her tits was really working her up (and working me up too)!!

I guess most guys at this point would want to plunge right in. But I vividly remember wanting to eat her more than anything else at the time. I slowly worked my way down her stomach. I really didn’t know what to expect, and was kind of afraid she would stop me. But she never did. I continued to kiss and lick my way down to her pussy, and was really turned on when she spread her legs wide to my touching.

Seeing a girls pussy up close for the first time was incredible! The sunlight through that one window was more than enough to show everything…and I remember pausing to just stare and take it all in! Her pussy lips were still partly closed, but I could see the wetness glistening off of them. And just knowing that she was this turned on made me want her all the more.

I was directly between her legs, and I slowly spread her lips open with both my hands. Pussy juice was everywhere, clinging to her lips and around her inviting hole. I remember looking at her open pussy…thinking of what it would feel like to put my dick inside her. I could literally feel my cock throbbing at the thought.

Sara was breathing deeply. Her eyes were just barely open, and she was looking at me. That really turned me on!! I slowly moved forward and licked one side of her pussy with my tongue. I’ll never forget that first taste! It was kind of tangy, very hard to describe. And her smell was that Escort İstanbul earthy kind of scent. My grandmother had a root cellar. And I remember the smell of that cellar was about like Sara’s’ smell…earthy and moist. It was very erotic!!

I quickly grew bolder, and more excited! I was soon licking her entire pussy, exploring every area with my tongue. It was like I just couldn’t get enough! Sara’s eyes were closed now. She was moaning more and more. Her head gently turning from side to side as she thrust her hips up to meet my mouth. I remember closing my eyes too. Just feeling the warmth of her pussy to my mouth as I sucked it, licked it. I knew where a woman’s clit was. I had educated myself enough by reading up to this time. And I remember sucking her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and circling it. Sara was getting really loud now. And her hands grasped my hair and pulled my head deeper into her dripping pussy.

I didn’t really know what to expect as far as a woman cumming though. But I remember that all the licking I was doing was really working her (and me) up! And when I slowly slid my tongue into her wet hole, Sara started to shutter all over. She gasped in a breath and held it…and her whole body just started shaking. She was moaning one continuous long moan, and she pulled my head so tightly into her pussy that I thought she’d break my neck! It was fantastic knowing that I had given her so much pleasure!!

I didn’t have any condoms (up to this time I never thought to buy any). And as badly as I wanted to put my dick into her…I was afraid that I’d cum and not be able to stop. So we just laid there together for a bit…not talking, just kissing and holding. Then she kissed down my stomach and toward my dick. I remember laying there watching her get closer and closer to my throbbing cock. Thinking all the while that I was just going to explode as soon as she touched it! I closed my eyes as I felt the first traces of her warm tongue caress the underside of my shaft. The feeling was unbelievable, and sent ripples of pleasure all through my body. I was watching her lick me. Sara licked up and down my rock hard dick…up to the head, and then slowly down to the base. I was grinding so badly that I couldn’t stand it. And when she put her soft lips over the head, and started to slowly take me into her mouth…that was it!! I felt my cock just start pumping like crazy.

Sara pulled me out of her mouth, and grasped my throbbing penis…stroking it. She just watched as wave after wave of hot cum shot out of me and all over my stomach and chest!! I thought it would never stop…I just kept cumming and cumming…

We held each other afterward for quite a while. Then we both cleaned up and just laid there with our clothes on, talking. Later that night, after she had went home…I remember laying in my bed masturbating like crazy to the thoughts of what happened that day. And thinking of what it would feel like when I finally did go inside her………which was the next day, and another story…..

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