That’s What Friends Are For


I knew Jenna was easy–most of my guy friends had already fucked her–but I didn’t know how slutty she was until the day I met her. We were introduced by a mutual friend as she sat cross-legged on the grass outside the commmunity college centre, wearing a fairly short skirt, and smoking a joint with three male classmates. I didn’t really mean to peek, but it was hard NOT to notice that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and that her cunt was shaved bare. I gasped as I caught a glimpse of her bald pussy, then blushed a deep shade of red. I had heard there were women who did that, but I’d never met any.

She just laughed and winked at me, totally at ease with herself and her raw brand of sexuality. In all honesty, that was the main reason I wanted to meet her. I was still an awkward virgin, and I was completely fascinated by girls who went around screwing a whole whack of different guys. I also found out later the same day that she wasn’t just your everyday easy fuck. Apparently, Jenna was also known for her kink, something pretty rare among freshman college girls.

I didn’t quite understand why she immediately took me under her wing. Maybe she saw something in me that I hadn’t yet seen in myself, or maybe she was simply into corrupting innocents. I didn’t question it too much, either. I was just glad to be welcomed into her clique… one of the “bad girls” who gave the boys wet dreams every night and hard-ons every day. In my first heady week as one of Jenna’s gang, I actually caught more than a few guys in class staring at my tits, my legs or my miniskirt–knowing that there was nothing underneath but smooth skin and a wet snatch–and rubbing their hard cocks over tight jeans.

It was a well-known fact that I was a virgin aching to get fucked, so it wasn’t surprising that my male classmates were beating a path to my door, climbing over each other to be my first “date”. I’d tell Jenna who asked me out, and she’d tell me who was worth doing. But then she’d always add that I should wait until the big seniors’ Halloween party, where the men… not boys… were sure to “give me the ride of my life and make me cum so damn hard that my brains would blow out my ears”.

“These seniors,” she boasted, “just LOVE to deflower frosh. It’s all my brother and his rugby buddies ever talk about. There’s like a whole ritual involved. The guy brings the girl back to his room, pounds her pussy for hours on end, then takes her panties and hangs them outside his door to show everyone what he did to her. Some of these chicks think it’s demeaning, but,” she added conspiratorially, “I pretend to be a virgin just to get that well-fucked.”

So, in spite of the fact that I had to walk around day after day with a sodden cunt, wanting desperately to jump the next guy who passed, squeezing my legs together to stop the juices from dribbling down my thighs, the pressure making me throb all the more, I held out until October 28. By then, my would-be freshmen lovers were worked up into a frenzy, and people were taking bets on when I’d give in and to whom.

That night, my parents drove me over to Jenna’s. I was dressed as an African tribeswoman, with a spear in one hand and a doggie bone in my teased-up hair, a black leotard and tights over a black lace thong, and a skimpy grass skirt and grass anklets. The form-fitting leotard hugged my large tits, and the neckline plunged low enough to expose my cleavage. The tights were perfect for showing off my shapely legs.

Jenna hugged me tight as I walked through the door, pointedly introduced me to her brother William, and dismissively presented his friend Josh and her current “boyfriend without strings” Nick from Australia. Since her parents were out of town, we helped ourselves to their booze, and had a nice buzz on by the time we left for the blow-out, Jenna unsteadily taking the wheel of the family car.

The event turned out to be a dud, with too may fresh-faced frosh chicks hanging about, vying for attention. Not that I cared. I was totally in lust with William, an older male version of Jenna, incredibly attractive and exuding some sort of feral sexuality. And I could tell that he was drawn to me, too. He kept staring in my direction, unconsciously licking his full red lips, then exchanging knowing glances with Jenna. I wondered what that was all about, but relegated the thought to the back of my mind.

After an hour or so, frustrated that the cute girls weren’t paying any attention to him, Josh suggested that we go to a private bash in the student “ghetto” where the other senior ruggers were partying. So we headed over to their friend Peggy’s, and found a nice-sized group of people getting shit-faced in the kitchen, or bumping and grinding on the makeshift dance floor in the living room. There were enough women there to make Josh happy, and enough new meat to satisfy Jenna.

Before long, Nick indicated to Jenna which guy to seduce, and she went for it like a hungry wolf bounding after its helpless prey. Side escort Within minutes, she was leading her poor victim off to one of the bedrooms, with Nick following a half-hour later to watch and jerk off. “It’s one of our favourite games,” she had confided to me earlier that week. “He just loves to watch me get fucked while he stands over me and strokes his huge cock. He gives me enough time to make sure the guy is so far gone that he wouldn’t stop even if his own mother was watching, then he comes in and gets off.”

I was thinking about their little game when William caught my attention, nodded at the dance floor, and pulled me easily into his strong, athletic arms. The second his fingers grazed the bare skin on my neck, I felt sparks. There was something electric in his touch, and it made my juices gush, soaking my thong through and through, and coating my thighs as we danced. I thrust my hips into him, feeling the base of his shaft press against my pulsing cunt; he pushed his pelvis into me, crushing his long, thick cock between us.

Our bodies melded, our mouths hungrily sought each other out, our tongues danced and played, his hands slid up my sides to feel my protruding tit flesh, my hands encircled him and clasped his asscheeks. How I wanted that amazing prick of his buried deep inside me, filling me up, then slamming me over and over and over. I have no idea how I managed to stop myself from immediately pulling him into a bedroom and fucking his brains out seven ways from Sunday.

I may have managed too well. I was so lost in William and the sensation of his body glued to mine, of his tongue in my mouth, of his hands on my skin, of his ass in my grip, of his cock between us and of my pussy pushing hard against him, that I didn’t realize it was time to go. Josh, having had no luck, was herding us out the door and to the car. William climbed into the back seat first, pushed Josh aside and pulled me in next to him, then commanded Nick to sit in the back with us. Josh and I were perplexed, the other three looked at each other with cheshire cat grins. Again, I wondered at the meaning of it all.

No sooner had Jenna pulled out of the parking spot than William unzipped his jeans, releasing his hard fuckmeat, precum glistening on the tip under the harsh light of the street lamps as it poured in through the rear windshield. I stared at the beautiful piece of flesh, mesmerized by the veiny shaft and the well-defined head, until I suddenly felt Nick grab a large tuft of my hair and savagely push my head between William’s legs, hissing, “Suck his cock, bitch.” Rather than upsetting me, his order made me even hotter and hornier, and I quickly pulled the magnificent cap into my mouth, sucking it hard, occasionally snaking my tongue out over it, and sometimes letting it pop out, only to greedily take it back in.

While Nick shoved my head down, William bucked his hips up, and half his rod disappeared inside my mouth. I could hear Nick unzip his own pants and stroke his monster cock at an ever-increasing rate. He kept pushing my head more and more violently until I had swallowed most of William’s dick, the tip hitting the back of my throat and making me gag. Triumphant, Nick yelled out, “Now fuck her mouth, fuck the slut’s mouth until you cum down her gullet.” William pumped into me as I bobbed my head along his shaft, much to Nick’s delight. “Yes, that’s it, suck him off, you needy cunt,” he demanded. Again, his words didn’t offend me, they just egged me on.

For 20 minutes, Nick relentlessly pushed and pulled my hair with one hand, and jacked off with the other. William kept pounding harder and faster, and I kept sucking faster and harder. The sounds of wet cock filled the air. Then, about seven minutes before we got to my house, Nick started to scream again, “Enough fooling around, you pussies! YOU… fill her whore mouth with your jizz. And YOU… close your slut lips around him and suction his spunk right out of him.” I felt William’s shaft fill with cum, and then pulse with each successive stream of hot seed.

While I struggled to swallow it all, Nick rudely twisted my arm out behind me, grabbed my hand, and placed it around his unbelievably thick pole, forcing me to jerk him, crying out, “Yeah, fuck, just keep stroking, you stupid whore, keep stroking ’til I cum all over your fucking hand. Got me, cunt?” I tried to nod as I sucked the last drops out of William’s hole. Nick got incensed, grabbed more hair and pulled on it until I was sitting up, my face next to his, his breath hot on my cheek. “You’re lucky we’re almost at your house, bitch, or I’d paint your fucking face and tits.” And with that, his cock filled and erupted, cum dripped down over my fingers, he pulled my hand in front of my mouth, and ordered, “Swallow me, slut.” I did. Greedily.

A minute later, we were in front of my house. As I got out of the car, William kissed me on the lips, Nick briefly grabbed my cunt, then slapped my ass with a resonating Side escort bayan THWACK. Once inside the confines of my room, I went to remove my tights, and found that they stuck to my legs, so wet that it was hard to get them off. As for my thong, it was beyond soaked. I could easily have wrung a half-cup of juices out of it. I needed to cum so badly that it only took a few minutes of fingering before I exploded in a cataclysmic orgasm, muffling my cries by burying my face deep in a pillow.

To my amazement, my shameless friend Jenna didn’t say a word to me about the incident when I saw her in school first thing Monday morning. But she seemed to have told all our freshmen classmates. Girls looked wide-eyed and whispered as I walked by; guys shot me appreciative glances. And yet, the date offers stopped, and existing offers were retracted… not in disgust or malice, but for some unfathomable reason. It appeared as if there were some giant conspiracy in the workings, the details of which were known to everybody but me. I tried to contain my paranoia, but a game was definitely afoot.

A glimpse into this game came late Friday afternoon. Nick was at the college visiting Jenna, and after my last class, while I stood in the hallway talking to a friend, he snuck up behind me, pinned me to the wall, and breathed heavily into my ear, “Hey, slut. You’d better make damn sure that your whore cunt is at Jenna’s by 8 tomorrow night, or I’ll fucking take you right here on Monday morning, in front of all your pussy friends.” His words made my insides twitch and pulse wildly. I couldn’t wait.

The next 28 hours took about 28 weeks, but Saturday finally arrived, and I borrowed my parents’ car to drive to Jenna’s. I arrived 20 minutes early, so I sat in the car and massaged my clit under the thong I had carefully selected based on how it would look hanging on the outside of someone’s door. At 7:56, I walked up to the house and rang the bell. Nick came to the door, totally naked, his giant cock dangling between his legs. He pulled me inside, and before closing the door behind me, shouted, “Our little whore has arrived.”

He roughly poked two fingers into the small of my back, pushing me toward and up the stairs, and into the study on the second floor. Music filled the room, and there was a haze of thick smoke from the joint that William and Jenna were sharing. Jenna was on the couch, clearly naked under a blanket, and William was on the floor, bare-chested, his rippling muscles making me weak in the knees. Nick shoved me down on the floor next to him, and crawled under the bottom of the blanket, inching his way up until he was very obviously between Jenna’s splayed legs, then making loud slurping noises as he sucked her cunt.

William quickly looked away, focused his attention on me, and drew me in for a deep, lusty kiss. Pumping my mouth with his tongue, he placed his hand on my crotch, and rubbed his palm up and down. Moaning loudly into his mouth, I awkwardly undid the button on his jeans, and fumbled with his zipper until it finally opened. Still uncertain in my movements, although I had given dozens of hand jobs and blow jobs in the past, I clumsily pulled out his cock, and stroked his already hard shaft roughly, twisting and turning my wrist, tugging at his meat.

He pulled away from me momentarily, a wide grin on his twisted lips, and quietly said, “I hear you’re a virgin, Sal. Want me to fuck you into oblivion?” My snatch beat out a tattoo, and I could feel the first trickles of juice overflowing and staining my white thong. I leaned very close to him, my voice barely a whisper, “You know how bad I want you. I can’t think of anything BUT your big, fat prick inside me.” He grunted something unintelligible, got up, put his arms under me and scooped me up, carrying me off to his bedroom.

He dropped me onto his hard bed, and began searching his nighstand for something. I thought he must be looking for a condom, but instead, he pulled out three dildos, each one longer than the last. I actually winced at the sight of the third one, estimating its length at 11 or 12 inches. He turned to me with that same twisted smile, casually asking, “Hope you don’t mind if I probe your pussy with these babies before I fuck you properly?”

He firmly pushed me back, pulled off my thong, and spread my legs as wide as he could get them, stopping for a minute to stare. “Well, you sure as hell have a beautiful, kissable, lickable, fuckable cunt, Sal.” As if to make his point, he bent down and took one long lick between my swollen folds, his tongue flat as he glided it along my slit, making me moan and shudder. I needed his dick so badly at that point that I could have screamed. He saw the need in my eyes, and responded by taking the first dildo, lubing it, and shoving it deep into my hole, all the way in to its hilt. Fuck, it felt good.

I’d inserted a wide variety of objects into my pussy over the years, but nothing had ever felt quite as Escort side amazing as him slowly pumping me with his dildos, getting my canal all slick and greasy, readying me for his cock. The 12-inch toy was a bit of a shock, rudely banging up against my cervix, and causing some degree of pain. Yet this kind of pain was pure bliss, and I relished every second of it. He pounded me with the “foot-long” until I could barely breathe, until my legs started to shake, until I was so close to climax that I could already taste it. And then he just stopped.

“No dildo’s going to make you cum, Sal. My cock, my whole cock, nothing but my cock is going to give you that sweet release.” He removed the dildo, placed it with the others on his nightstand, stood up, and stripped his clothes off before my eyes. I spread my legs even wider for him, but to my surprise, he closed them. I could tell he was enjoying the look of amazement on my face. He abruptly turned me over onto my stomach, lifted my ass in the air, trailed his fingers between my engorged pussy lips–I swear I heard him lick and suck those fingers right after–and pushed my head down on the mattress, my cheek against the soft flannel sheet, my nose breathing in his scent.

Steadying my hips with his hands, then separating my folds with his thumbs, he rubbed his thick cock along my slit, teased the entrance the slightest bit, then rammed his seven inches right in. I thought I might pass out. Nothing had ever prepared me for the feeling of being impaled by a hard dick. His flesh filled me, and I was lost. My cunt pulsed and throbbed around him, and he bent down to whisper in my ear, “Squeeze me with your muscles.” I had no clue what he was talking about. He said a little louder, “Try to clench your cunt”. I tried… and it worked! What a revelation. The feeling of engulfing him within my walls nearly sent me into instant orgasm.

He started to pump me slowly, deliciously, while I focused on contracting and expanding my muscles around him. We both moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes, we settled into a good rhythm, his thrusts and my squeezes almost perfectly in synch. The momentum built, he fucked me faster, harder… but something was missing. I tried to figure out which piece was gone from the puzzle. It finally hit me: my aching clit was untouched and unloved. Reaching my hand down, I started to massage it in slow circles, the puzzle pieces clicked into place, all reason left me, and my animal instincts took over.

I bucked my hips back into him like a bitch in heat, maximizing his penetration. I rapidly clenched and unclenched my muscles around him. I rubbed, palmed, pushed and pressured my clit. I swayed and rocked and met his every thrust. I could hear him groaning somewhere at a great distance. I didn’t care. All I wanted was to cum. Cum hard. Cum like I had never cum before.

Our bodies were a writhing, heaving, twisted mass, joined at the pelvis by a poking, prodding, ramming, pistoning piece of meat, until neither one of us could stand it anymore. His cock filled out inside my cunt… holy fuck, I could actually feel it thicken inside me. I was still marveling at the sensation when he suddenly embedded his nails in my hips, arched his back, and screamed, “Holy Jesus, FUCKKKKKKKKK,” holding that “K” and his magnificent prick in place while he trembled, and his cumhole shot rope after rope of his jizz into my hungry, waiting snatch.

Just as his climax was ebbing, his throbbing cock–pushed and held so deep inside me–hurled me into an explosive orgasm of my own. Shrieking into the night, my voice piercing the air, I came with an intensity I would never have believed possible. My legs shook uncontrollably, the spasms in my cunt seemed to radiate to my very extremities, my heart raced, my temples pounded, I found it almost impossible to breathe. And the duration… it seemed like my body was wracked by wave after endless wave.

He held me in place until the climax subsided, until the aftershocks passed, until I could barely remember who or where I was, then finally collapsed by my side, gasping for breath, pushing my sweat-soaked hair out of my eyes. “How’s that, Sal?” he asked, laughing. Between gulps for air, I answered gleefully, “fucking… amazing…just… fan… fucking… tastic.” That’s when we heard a voice, and realized we were no longer alone. “Pussies. You’re such goddamn pussies. That wasn’t a fuck, that was a fucking love-in.” Nick was back, as caustic as ever.

He droned on and on. “What kind of slut fucks like that? If you were my whore cunt, I’d show you what a real fucking is all about. Jesus, mate,” he turned his venom on William, “I can’t believe you just took her like a pussy. What the fuck is wrong with you? Didn’t anyone ever show you how to ball a whore?” I think he would have gone on forever, but William had had his fill. He sprang to his feet, grabbed a tuft of Nick’s wild, curly hair, and dragged him right out the door, slamming it behind him.

As he turned back around, he could see that I was holding my thong on one finger. Smiling, he took it from me, opened his door, placed it on the knob, and came back to bed, hopping in beside me, and holding me tight for a few minutes before I had to go.

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