The Dance


This is about my real first time and hers which she found alot of pain and if you do not enjoy hearing about painful sex i suggest you not read any farter. (All people in this story are 18 and consenting adults.)

It was our first school dance of the year and me and Kate had been together since the end of last school year. We were truly in love. I had tried to talk to her about sex many times before the dance and she said that she was waiting for that special someone. So i tried everything i could to make her realize i was that one( i had been lookin to have sex since i was about 14). I always try to treat every girl i meet with a great deal of respect. I believe they deserve to be treated like princesses when they are with me. That is just my nature.

Well finally the big dance came up and of course me and Kate went together. We were the couple that everyone talked about cause for our age our relationship was very mature and lengthy. This will come into play later in our story. So anyways we were dancing and havin a good time and we noticed it was getting closer to time to leave so we decided that we would leave a little early for some alone time. I had been talking to my buddies earlier that Side escort night and they were like when is she gonna give it up. I said that i wasnt gonna rush her cause i loved her and thats stronger than sex.

Apparently she had been talking to some of her friends that night too cause she seemed overly excited that we were driving to our “spot”. I asked her what was up and she said that she thought i was the one and that her friends had made her realize that i was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Well of course me being the gentleman i was i asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with this and she said i love you and then yes. I could have died right there i was so happy. I was finally gonna do it. I decided we better do this right so we drove back to my place. My parents were out of town for the weekend so i had no porblem bringin her there.

When we got there she was excited and yet very nervous at the same time. I was so nervous cause i wanted to be good for my girl. Well we get back to my room and started to make out a little. I wanted to make sure she was ready for this so i started out just fingering her a little and she didnt show too much emotion. Side escort bayan So i decided that since i had never pleased her oraly i could take care of her. Apparently this helped alot cause she kept moaning little by little. By now i was ready to dive right in and i think she was too but i wanted to make sure. I asked her one more time if she was sure and she said hell yes.

I was in my boxers by now. She had never even seen a guys dick in her life before that night and when she saw it she kind of jumped and looked a little frightened. She asked me how that was gonna fit in her and i said my friends all made it fit so i figure it must. They told me about their first times too. They said that it worked pretty good. They must have had girls that had done it before cause i didnt see what they ment.

I lined my cock head up with her hole and started trying to push and she shouted “ouch”. so i stopped and asked if she was ok and she said just keep going so i went a little slower tryin to get in this time. I lined up again and this time the head of my dick sliped just inside for the first time exploring her virgin cunt. it was great but i could tell she was in some majore pain. Escort side She said just push it all the way in and get it over with so maybe the pain will go away. Well i was much abliged about that. I just grabbed her by the hips and pushed and pulled as hard as i could and slid all the way inside feeling her hymen tear. She screamed out so loud in pain and started to cry. i tried to stop but she said no keep going or it will never get better. So i started out moving in and out slowly at first then faster and faster and faster and i guess the pain started to subside cause she started smiling a bit. I could just feel my seed welling up in side and i said im gonna cum and she said I Love You. with that i spurted the biggest load of my life in her little tight cunt. I didnt make her orgasm the first time but after that she started to enjoy herself alot more. We noticed a bit of blood when we finsished and then about a month later she got a scare cause her period came late. We thought she was pregnant but it was a false alarm. I really loved her and she was the only girl for the longest time that i really made love to and the others were just fucks which to me really suck cause you and your partner dont get the same feeling than when your in love. So me and Kate finally broke up and went our sepereate ways and i heard now that she is some mondo slut. So i guess im glad im not with her now but i dont regret a second of it. I still do love her but just not the same way.

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