The Hero


I was thirteen years old, a skinny guy in 7th grade, doing okay in school but more interested in soccer and track than academics. Four of us were walking home from school about three in the afternoon and one by one we gradually veered off and headed to our own home. I was within a block from home when I heard a whimpering noise. I figured a dog or cat must be hurt. It was coming from behind a big bush. Whoever built all the homes in my neighborhood put a big wall around the whole place. A nice wall, cement block but fancier. There were rocks through it, sort of a rough finish. And at several places there was an indentation or nook that would have a tree or bush in it. This was one of those niches. I went around behind the bush, pushing it out of the way, to see what was hurt and making the sobbing noise.

It was a girl. A young girl, maybe my age. She was curled up tight, holding herself and whimpering, seemed as scared as anything. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

She never even looked at me, held herself tight and sobbed some more. “Bad people are after me,” she said really quietly.

Well, thirteen is young but old enough to know something. This girl is really scared, maybe even hurt, and needed help. So I sat down next to her, both of us behind the bush where nobody would see us. “I can help,” I said, “I just live a block from here. We can go there.” She didn’t even look at me, just held herself tight and made little noises. “What kind of bad people?” I asked.

“They came in my bedroom when I was asleep,” she said and turned her head to look at me. “They grabbed me and taped my mouth and tied me up and carried me out the window. I was in the trunk of a car and then they carried me into a house and tied me to a chair. I figured I was going to die or something. I was there a long time, more than a day. I worked on the ropes and realized I could get loose. So when I was alone and I knew at least one of them was gone, I got loose, climbed out the window and ran until I found this place and hid. I think I’ve been here for hours.”

I put my arm around her and she came uncurled some and almost jumped on me and put her arms around me and held on tight. “Just stay here with me,” she said, “I know they’re looking for me.”

We held each other for a while. “Sooner or later we need to get out of here and to my house where you’ll be safe.”

“But I can’t let them see me and catch me again. I just can’t!”

I just held her for awhile. Her whole body was shaking. I tried to think. “When I can, I can get up and go out and look and see. When there’s no one in sight and no cars going by, we can climb this wall and drop down the other side in a couple seconds, real quick. I’ve climbed it a lot. It’s easy, just use the rocks where they stick out.”

“Don’t go, stay with me.”

“I’m staying. Hey watch me for a moment.” I got her off me, stood up and climbed up the wall. It’s only about six feet tall, not hard to do, just get two or three places to grab hold of. I got to the top and looked down, she was watching me. I climbed back down and sat next to her. She hugged me again. “Think you can do that? If you could untie yourself you ought to be able to climb the wall.” She nodded a yes. I stood up and worked around the bush. The street was quiet, no one in sight, no cars. I pushed back behind the bush. “Now’s the time, stand up and climb up and I’ll follow.” She did it. She got a foot up on a rock and pushed up and grabbed another one. I reached up and pushed on her butt when she moved her foot up and found another rock. I could see she had hold of the top of the wall so I climbed up next to her and in another couple seconds we both went over the top of the wall and dropped down on someone’s yard.

“Come on,” I said and grabbed her hand and started to run, she came along . I think she could run even faster than me. We only had to get by a half dozen houses to get to mine. We ran around back, I took out my key and opened the door and we both ducked inside and I closed the door behind us. “Made it!” I exclaimed. She put her arms around me and held me close and just held on. It was sort of weird. I realized that she was still scared and probably a little traumatized from everything. So I put my arms around her and we just stood there holding each other for several minutes. It seemed a long time.

Now what should I do? “Can I call your parents? Do you know your home phone number?”

She loosened her hold a little. “Yes,” she said. She paused a long time but I could tell she was thinking. “Could we just stay here for a little while? Make sure those people aren’t around anywhere?

“Sure. But you’re safe here. My sister is in high school, at cheerleader practice and won’t be home for a couple hours and my parents are both at work and won’t be home for a couple hours, either. So we can just stay here as long as you want.”

Talking to her, we parted a little bit and I realized she had almost nothing on. She had on some thin, brief nighty that was both short and also ripped a little. She was almost naked. I also realized Alanya Escort escort her bare feet were dirty and maybe cut a little and she had some red marks on her arms. “I can find some clothes that you can put on,” I tell her,”and maybe we can clean your feet and put something on the cuts.”

She grabbed me tight again and said, “Okay, just don’t leave me.” I pushed her off a little and took her hand and started leading her. The whole house is only one floor. I also began to realize that she must be around my age and is maybe three or four inches shorter than me, She’s also fairly thin and actually very nice looking. I’d never been on a date but if I was going to, I would probably be happy to ask her.

In my bedroom I looked through some drawers and found an old T-shirt and old sweat pants that were too small for me but should fit her. “See if you can fit in these,” I said and hand them to her. She surprised me. She pulls off her nighty and stands there naked. I’d never seen a girl naked before. Well, I didn’t see this one long, either, because she stepped into the sweat pants quickly and then put the T-shirt on. “It’s not perfect,” I tell her, “but better than that night shirt. You look very good.” She grinned.

Now, I was thirteen. I had probably had some beginning thoughts of sex by then but I remember that while I was old enough to know she was a girl and all that, right at the time I had no thoughts of sex. I was only interested in calming her and making her feel better. I took her to the bathroom, looked through the medicine cabinet and found some antibacterial cream. I had her sit on the edge of the tub, started some hot water running and had her wash her feet. She dried them and then I smeared some of the cream over the little cuts. By then I knew her name was Dana and she knew mine was Brian.

We went back to the living room. She pretty much kept hold of me a lot. Then I dialed the number she gave me. A man answered and I asked if I could speak to Dana’s mother. The woman who answered seemed out of breath. “Hi,” I said, “My name is Brian and on my way home from school I found Dana hiding behind a bush and I’ve brought her to my house where you can come and pick her up.”

I could hear clicks and she asked for the address. I learned later that I was actually talking to a couple police and being recorded. And I doubt if it was more than five minutes and a police car was out front and a cop was ringing my doorbell. Eventually her parents were there plus six cops and even an FBI guy. Interesting, through everything that happened for the next hour or so, Dana seemed to keep hold of me or at least touch me. She described as best she could where she had been held. From her description, I was pretty sure I even knew the exact house. It was older, just four or five blocks away and had been empty. The older lady that lived in it had died.

While we were still talking and my sister and then my parents came home to the whole big mob, the police went and actually caught two guys that were still at the old house. They had apparently broken in and eventually we all even saw where Dana had been tied up and the window she got out of. They ended up being tried and convicted and sent to prison for a long time.

The newspapers and TV got hold of the story, of course. It was a hectic couple weeks and I was a hero for a short while. Dana’s family had my family over to visit. It was obvious that her family had money like I’d never even dreamed about. Not just her Dad earning good money but tons of it. No wonder those guys decided to kidnap Dana, they might have managed to get millions for her.

And then things cooled down, back to almost normal. I got a call from Dana about a week later. We talked for maybe a half hour. She was easy to talk to. She would call about once a week that way. Then once she suggested we go do something, have an ice cream cone or take a walk or something. She was driven to my house and we went to the mall. The guy driving was a bodyguard and wherever we went, he followed. I understood why. I mean, her family had plenty of money so why not make sure she’s safe. For about a year, we talked on the phone regularly and every month or so she’d get driven to me and we’d go do something together. When we were together, she touched me almost constantly, one way or another. even hug me. Even to a kid it was obvious I had a place in her mind of being her hero or something. My sister once said, “Brian your girl friend is on the phone” and after Dana and I talked I said to Sis that if Dana is my girl friend I probably couldn’t do better. I mean, Dana is really pretty, blond and blue eyed, and we got along great.

By the time we were in high school and I could drive a car, she would call and I would see her about every week. She developed perfectly, with a terrific body, pretty face, and we got along really well. She would still hug me and keep a hand on me, touching almost all the time we were together. She started kissing me goodbye when I took her back home. Obviously her parents knew Alanya Escort bayan about this for at least one reason — a body guard, often a couple, were somewhere in the background everywhere we went. They were nice about it but we never got out of their sight. And, honestly, I never tried to ditch them, it felt secure in a strange way.

I graduated from high school and started at the local community college with plans to transfer to one of the Cal State campuses after two years. By then, Dana was a senior in high school and after another of our dates we seriously kissed. She asked me once if I thought she was sexy. I was honest and said, “Dana you’re beautiful with the kind of body guys dream about. You’re as sexy as possible.” That date and the next few she ended up all over me and things got fairly hot. She told me that she sleeps in that old T-shirt I gave her the day I found her, that it makes her think I’m there helping save her. I began to be concerned about her family and how wealthy they were and how I fit into all that. I mean, I was doing o.k. I still played soccer, was in good shape. I was making decent grades, would probably end up with a good enough job eventually. But I was definitely not from the same social strata. Yet her parents had to know that we were dating fairly seriously.

Dana graduated from high school a year after me. By then she was eighteen, me nineteen, and she wanted me to take her to her senior prom just before graduation. She was absolutely beautiful. A gorgeous white dress, sort of plain with no shoulder straps, just held up by what sure looked like terrific breasts. I had a rented tux. The prom was at a big hotel and had a real band playing for dancing. I had a great time and I’m sure she did, too. She then told me she had a room for the night in the hotel and wanted me to go with her to it, so I did. She knocked on the room door and one of the body guards I recognized opened the door and said the room was clear. He then stepped out and we went in and closed and locked the door behind us. I bet he stayed at the door, guarding us.

It became obvious that none of this was accidental. She held me close and we kissed, really kissed, swapping tongues. “Brian, I’ve waited years for this,” she said as we held each other. “We’re both finally going to lose our virginity and I want it all to be the greatest experience possible. Ever since you saw me naked that day, I’ve known you liked me and I think it’s time you saw me naked again. And I see you.”

What happened next was absolutely the greatest event of my life. We both got naked pretty quick, her even faster than me, I was looking at her perfect body, full breasts with her nipples seeming to look at me like eyeballs, gorgeous legs, hair at the top of her legs — blond but a little darker than the hair on her head. I guess I was entranced, staring, and while I did she stepped close and wrapped her hand around my cock.

“I’ve been watching everything sexy on the net for years and I’ve been dreaming about getting at this,” she said as she knelt down to get a closer look. “You have a gorgeous cock, Brian, even bigger and sexier than I fantasized about.” She held it and kissed it, then licked back and forth on it. For awhile, it was almost like she was playing with it, kissing and licking and moving it around and staring at it. “I’ve watched girls doing this on the ‘net and now I’ve got yours all to myself,” she said, glancing up at me. Then she got her mouth around the head and started swallowing it, sucking on it and licking inside her mouth. I could feel it hit the back of her throat and she made a little gagging sound. She pulled her head back and looked at it again, smiling, and looked up at me. “This is even sexier than I dreamed about,” she said and then took me back into her mouth.

I’m surprised that I lasted as long as I did, I’d sure never felt anything as arousing in my life. She held me in her mouth and sucked, then started sliding her lips back and forth, moving her hand sort of ahead of her mouth, sucking me and sort of jerking me off at the same time. I could hear the slurps as she moved her lips around. It felt as if she was humming, enjoying what she was doing. And then I shot off. I couldn’t control it at all. I was fully inside her mouth so my load had to be down her throat or in her mouth. She jerked her head back for a moment, her eyes flicked up at me and she got another shot of my cum on her chin. She quickly grabbed my cock again with her mouth and the rest of what I shot off went into her mouth.

She wiped the cum off her chin and stuck her fingers in her mouth to lick it off. “That was the sexiest thing ever,” she says as she stands up and puts her arms around me. I hold her and kiss her. We’re in the bedroom so I sort of back her up a couple steps until I can get her to sit on the bed. I kneel down facing her, between her legs, hold her and kiss her more, then move my hands and face down to her breasts. To me, they are the most beautiful, sexy breasts possible. Full and almost pink. Her nipples start Escort alanya off larger than I imagined but ended up shrinking and getting harder as I kissed and sucked on them.

I kept interrupting myself to tell her how gorgeous she is and what a perfect body she has and eventually kissed down across her stomach. I didn’t know what I was doing but I wanted to do everything possible with her and I’d seen others doing this enough on the ‘net that I just tried to do what I thought they had been doing. She spread her legs, wider than I thought it was possible for legs to spread, and there was her pussy. Pink, dark pink, shapes that I knew were her lips. Dark blond hair in a thatch, mostly above those lips but some down each side. I used my fingers to pull her open and inside it was even pinker, red even, and glistening in the light. I leaned in and licked inside her.

She had her hands on my head and was moaning. I licked up and down, feeling with my tongue to find out the shape and feel of her pussy. I got a hair or two in my mouth and stopped for a second to get them out. “She looked down and said, “Don’t stop, this is the greatest feeling ever.” I knew I hit her clit when she made a little yell in the midst of her moans. I got a hand up under my chin and pushed a finger into her while I licked back and forth on what must be her clit. The little yell turned into louder yells. I slid my finger in and out and used my lips to try and suck on her clit. It ran though my mind that the bodyguard might come storming in, she was yelling so much but he never did. I guess he could tell the difference between hurt and sex yells. I had no idea what I was doing but I just kept doing it, finger fucking her and licking and sucking on her clit, licking around a little also. She was pushing my head into her and yelling bloody murder as she started putting out some fluid, her hips jumping. I sucked up everything she put out and she started pulling on my hair. I figured she was telling me to stop so I sat back and looked up at her.

“Brian, that was the best experience I’ve ever had. Now put it in me. Let me feel you in me.” I straightened up a little, getting my cock at the right height, held it and rubbed it back and forth on her pussy a little and then pushed with my hips to get it started into her. At first, I was afraid I’d hurt her. I was almost hurting me, trying to push inside her. “Go ahead,” she said and I pushed some more. It felt almost like my foreskin would get pulled off and I looked at her. She had her eyes closed but said, “Don’t stop, fuck me.” So I kept pushing and was finally all the way in her.

It was a little awkward, kneeling on the floor. I got my hands under her butt and lifted a little and raised up on my legs, still pushing into her with my cock. She laid back on the bed, her hips turned up some so that I could push in and out of her easily. So I did. My cock was in this really tight, warm, moist tunnel. It was tight enough to make movement a little difficult but I had seen this often enough on the ‘net that I did what I’d seen and started moving in and out of her faster. Her yells had stopped as I first started into her but now they came back. No words, just grunts and noises.

She really screamed and her insides went into a spasm or something, grabbing me so tight I could hardly keep moving inside her. It had been building for awhile, I could feel it, and her grabbing me like that triggered me and I started shooting off inside her. She wrapped her legs up around me, her heels on my lower back. She looked at me and grinned and I leaned down a little and kissed her. Her arms and legs are up around me, my arms are under her, holding her. My cock is inside her, our stomachs are pressed together. We’re both perspiring a little. It feels as if we might be glued together. I kiss her again.

“We can do that again as often as possible,” she says. We both grin and slowly start peeling apart. She slides further back on the bed and I lay next to her. She rolls a little to get partly on me, her leg over mine. I can feel our stuff leaking out onto my thigh. We hold each other and kiss. “I guess we can take a shower now,” she says.

Her body is against me, we have our arms around each other, “I love you,” I tell her. Until I said it, I don’t think I realized that I did.

We kiss some more. “I’ve loved you ever since you saved me, I think,” she said. ” But, yeah, this love is the best ever. I can’t imagine anyone, ever, has felt like I do right now. This is what life is supposed to be.”

We did get to the shower, washing each other but mostly caressing and feeling and getting aroused by every part of each other’s bodies. Dana tells me this is the second time in her life she’s been naked with a boy and she’s never forgotten that first time. She could tell, she said, that I was looking at her like I knew I liked her as a girl and not just someone I saved. She knew we would be just like this eventually even back then. She then had me in her mouth again. It’s obvious that she likes that. I think she could suck on and play with my cock for hours if I could hold off cumming for that long. She seems to enjoy changing around how she attacks and tastes it. And when I cum, she seems to like that, too, but I don’t think that’s her aim. I think her aim is to just enjoy having a good, erect cock for herself.

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