The Night Manager

Group Sex

Chapter 1: Studies in Nymphomania

For some ten years now as a research psychologist I had studied and documented cases of what may have been termed nymphomania or extremes sexual appetites of women. During my doctoral research I discovered hundreds of cases that were easily linked to borderline personality and narcissistic disorders often traceable to physical and sexual abuse. Amongst the scores of cases a few might more simply have been attributed purely to a kind of sexual athleticism- these women were simply highly sexually attractive and extremely good at sex and enjoyed their power over men and the success of their virtuosity. These women came to my attention simply because they were concerned about the frequency and intensity of their sexual appetite in a world where monogamy reigned supreme one man was seldom enough for them.

During my early studies I had one case referred to me by a doctoral student who I had supervised who under hypnosis told an incredible tale of the most extreme sexual appetite I had ever encountered. Candice was the first real nymph I had encountered. Before her even the women with extreme sexual desires faded into normality and what unfolded in my subsequent research, which seemed like fantasy, introduced me to a world of unbelievable sexual desire that has lay hidden from us mere mortals for centuries perhaps longer.

Fairytales and myths from across the nations of the world mention nymph like creatures as youthful, sexually provocative and desirable fairylike creatures. The Greeks had nymphs that inhabited rivers and mountains. Enchantresses who lured men to their doom using their feminine charms are abundant in folklore even the misogynous notion of covens or groups of witches who used feminine magic to transform their victims pervades the myths of most cultures. Whilst the kinds of creatures I have described seem more part of Grimm’s fairytales than 21st century reality I have discovered that many of the characteristics described can be found in the Nymphen creatures I have studied this last few years. Whilst I know you will be skeptical of what you read here I can assure you that it has been pieced together very carefully from evidence gathered from my own personal experience and from countless interviews with men who have experienced these women and one very frank diary maintained by a nymph. So please for a short time suspend your disbelief and let the stories that follow provide a description of the lives of nymphs. You may find as I have that even if theses tales seem unbelievable that you would like to believe that these women exist and that you may be lucky enough to meet one as I did.

Before I begin this story I should provide a few simple facts about nymphs.

Firstly it goes without saying that they are all exquisitely beautiful women. Not necessarily super model or porn star qualities although I suspect that many nymph women work in these industries but they are without exception stunningly attractive in body and facial features with alluring personalities and blinding intellects wizened by their apparently long or immortal existence. Most are perhaps several hundred years old and yet we only ever see them as youthful women somewhere between sixteen and thirty-six. I assume this is because peak sexual attractiveness is between these ages and for this reason Nymphs regenerate roughly every 16-20 years. My guess is that the older they get the more intensely and frequently they need to ‘couple’. Coupling is the source of their power and very existence and like all animals need food, drink and air to survive Nymphs need the energy from intense orgasm and the sustenance of male semen to regenerate their cells.

For the first two years of a nymph’s life she can and generally does remain a virgin learning in this period of time how to use her enchanting body to tease, tantalize and generate extreme desire in men. I assume also that the nubile girl learns how to use her new body in a sensuous theatre of allure. She learns the intense pleasure and extreme bliss of postponing gratification of sensuous kissing and touching, of heavy petting and masturbation. Once her virginity is given though she evolves into a voracious sexual animal who craves men in every orifice and sucks the energy from them in a series of lustful and intense orgasms that leave them exhausted and tired like they had just completed a marathon but more sated than they could ever imagine possible.

The secret to sustaining sexual contact with a nymph is her own sexual juices. The mere scent of it smeared on her lips and touching yours awakens overpowering desire to touch her and explore her sensuous body, it is a most powerful and compelling love potion. Direct taste of it fuels desire and seems to increase the girth and size of a penis whilst her pussy juice is further energized by her own intense orgasms which provides the energy to sustain long periods of intense and pleasurable sexual activity. So as long as a man eats her delectable Manavgat escort pussy and laps at her abundant honeyed ambrosia a mortal man can survive several days of wild and exciting sex with her. He might not remember when he awakens and he might feel physically experience something like a hangover afterwards but all the evidence I have found so far suggest that the loss of memory is part of the hypnotic effect or enchanting nature of the liaison. Nymphs have used this to maintain their anonymity and the secret of their identity. They have of course used this to influence and gain great wealth and power, something that hundreds of years of organized practice and accumulation have brought to them.

Lastly, you should be aware that because they have lives where their identity needs to be protected and kept secret and because their early virginity and youthful period could not function without support, Nymphs live in groups, sometimes playfully called covens although these are perhaps more like the sexy young witches of the charmed television fame than the ugly images of fairytales but with a more X rated underside. They often exist in groups of three consisting of a young recently re-generated virgin or nubile, a twenty something vamp and a more mature woman whose age appears to be late twenties to early thirties. Often the hair colour and size and shape spans the list of male fantasy desire from the petite to the slender and buxom. The coven functions as a unit that attracts men to fuel their desires as well as an unbelievably effective business enterprise that generates income to maintain their extravagant lifestyles and the secret of their existence. The rights of ownership and property are matrilineal and will appear to pass from mother to daughter or aunt to niece.

The following story came to me from a man an Afro American man called Gabriel who had known a Nymph through three regenerations and fallen hopelessly in love with her, had become her lover twice and came to me for therapy and I uncovered his bizarre story in a series of hypnotic recall sessions. I will try to re tell the story as a narrative in the order it emerged to me and add in additional information drawn from my own experience and observations.


Chapter 2 Ascending into Heaven

Gabriel rewound the tape once more. He never tired of looking at it. Never tired of looking at her. Everything about her was heavenly even her name ‘Angel Honeydale’. The young woman on the screen kissed an older looking man at her doorstep, the kiss was longing, passionate and inviting what was to come. One of his hands cupped her breast through the flimsy white silk halter that held them tightly clenched in a perfect cleavage, the nipples showing an outline through the sheer silk fabric.

How many times had Gabriel stared ardently at her sumptuous breasts with lust that touched him to the core? They were small and exquisitely shaped like an adolescent, even now in her early thirties. They had always been perfectly proportion with their firmness defying gravity even as a willowy teenager. They were simply perfect, firm and sculpted to fit a man’s hands, they certainly fit this mans hands as he fondled them eagerly. Gabriel had seen her gorgeous tits peeking over low cut tops and cupped by captivatingly lacey bras that accentuated their perfect shape and clenched them into a luscious cleavage or separated into discreet mounds of delight with thick nipple as and penny sized aureoles outlined in her exquisitely sexy clothing. Sometimes when she wore a tight sweater you could see their delectable outline. For close to twenty years Gabriel had watched her leave and return to her apartment, which she shared with two other stunningly beautiful models. There was no doubt that from the first moment he saw her and spoke to her that he was hopelessly in love with her.

The man on the video slid his other hand under her short skirt and was caressing her sweet sexy ass and she lifted her leg and spread her legs as he pressed urgently against her. Her long shapely legs with creamy silken skin and sensuous thighs revealed themselves as her dress rose up scooped by his eager hand. Her pert ass was begging his attention. Angel had the perfect filling for the teen jeans she modeled and her succulent legs only seemed to get sexier as she got older. Angel was facing the security camera that scanned the door to her penthouse apartment her legs spreading around the man who was pressing against her urgently. She smiled and Gabriel knew that at this point she had unzipped his cock from his pants and guided it towards her wetness. Gabriel could not see from this angle but the man must have entered her and was fucking her against the door. Angel looked even more divine as the pleasure spread over her face and her hands and mouth buried themselves in teasing him further. For fifteen minutes he pounded her and the looks of orgasm that filled her face provided Gabriel with fantasy material for his own masturbation.

Gabriel Manavgat escort bayan was an interesting character. He was an intelligent, gentle and strong Afro American man in his late forties. He came from a strict religious background that equated sex with the devil and despite his sophisticated intellect, his sexual growth had been stunted partially by his over zealous evangelical family and partially from the experiences he had had as a teenager with girls. Gabe was a big man! And what hung between his legs was enormous, he was huge, and despite several opportunities to move from heavy petting and experimentation with girls all of his early experiences with girls led him to the conclusion that he dare not put his cock inside anyone for fear of hurting them. A couple tried and cried and when the succession of fearful partners became too frequent Gabe simply used his strength and gentleness to avoid contact with women. All women except those at the place where he worked as a night manager.

Almost twenty years ago, an enchantingly beautiful woman with a French accent who owned the expensively renovated high-class building had hired him as Night manager and security and given him a generous salary and a luxurious ground floor apartment. The job suited him he studied philosophy and theology and did some volunteer work for his family community and lived a solitary but comfortable existence in The Honeydale towers. Monique, the French -woman, had lived briefly in the penthouse now occupied by Angel and two other fashion models. He thought that she might be Angel’s Aunt or a relative as there was something familiar about her and some of the stylish grace and beauty that he had come to adore in Angel.

Gabriel became obsessed with Angel and his love for her grew so violently that his job as night manager filled more and more of his time. It wasn’t that Gabriel was not ambitious but he felt that this job and the generous salary package allowed him a great lifestyle and after twenty years in this place it felt like home. He felt needed and that his role as protector and security guard was worthwhile while the job allowed him time to read and study. He also spent more and more of his time in watching and dreaming about her. She occupied his waking fantasies and reality and his erotic dreams, and since the security cameras had been installed he viewed them constantly for her image, watching her and the other women coming and going. Watching the constant flow of men into their apartment. Watching them leave looking exhausted, with glazed vacant looks sometimes days later and occasionally like this video catching them on the cameras in the act. The two other women seemed less discreet than Angel. Gabriel had seen so much X rated tape of Candice and Felicity screwing and seducing men in the elevator, on the doorstep of their apartment and around the rooftop pool area where the cameras were located. Occasionally in reviewing daytime footage he caught film of them in action at ‘business meetings’ in the conference room. Wealthy businessmen dissolved in ecstasy, enchanted by their ample charms and were treated to thrilling sex with them bent across board room tables and chairs clad in scintillatingly body hugging business suits that were pealed seductively from their breathtakingly beautiful bodies revealing their seductive lingerie clad bodies. Gabriel could have made a fortune he thought selling them to porn market but he dutifully erased them it was his job. Except for those that had Angel in them, these he kept and replayed when his desire for her became overpowering like it had at this moment.

Gabriel watched the older man fucking Angel on the doorstep of her apartment he became aroused. This was his only fantasy. He imagined it was he who was pushing his cock inside her willing pussy, him exploding inside her and him who received the encouraging cries of “Fuck me hard! And “Ooooooh yes my darling cum in me” that he had heard when doing his late rounds passing the penthouse apartment. The security system had been put there five years ago and Gabriel delighted in some of the scenes it had captured with three delectable young women living in the apartment block. The cameras were part of his job and he took his role as protector very seriously. As he jacked off to the video his mind swept back to when Angel had first arrived as a wild young teenager. Scores of ardent admirers escorted her to photo shoots and took her out on the town. She would return from parties in the early hours of the morning with the other two girls and flocks lecherous men who fawned over her and fondled her trying to get her drunk so they could take her. Gabriel ever watchful always escorted them away or accompanied her to her room so the guys would not harm her. Angel had asked for this protection. He remembered her first meeting with him when she said,

“I’m only sixteen and this is my first time away from home so will you be my big brother and tell some Escort manavgat of these guys to go home if they don’t get the hint from me.”

Gabriel was twenty-six at the time and he could still recall how she made him feel, the child like excitement in her voice and her enthusiasm was so infectious no one could help feeling special when they were in her company. She seemed to give people 110% of her attention and made them feel special. Scores of men and women alike must have fallen in love with her. Here was Gabriel at that time a twenty eight year old virgin with this fragile but provocative sixteen -year old who was frightened that her over attentive male companions were going to take her before she was ready to give herself willingly and legally. Angel had kissed him sweetly and gently like she might have kissed a father and he felt every sense tingle. He had call to assist her on several occasions each time earning him the same goodnight kiss. He had forcefully ejected several men who were close to rape by the time they had her in the elevator. One had torn her clothing from her in the doorway of her room not unlike the man in the video but much more violently. Gabriel had arrived just in time to save her as her panties were ripped from her body and the guy was about to force himself onto her.

Gabriel had grabbed the guy roughly and pulled him off her as she shivered in fright and cried. He picked him up and threw him down the stairs then ejected him from the building returning to Angel to find her still crying in the doorway her dress ripped open at the front and her panties dangling from one leg. He picked her up and opened the door and carried her inside the apartment and gave her a robe, made a coffee for her and stayed with her until she slept. He crept away from her sleeping form swearing to devote his life to her. She had kissed him sweetly on the lips in thanks, Her kiss seeming somehow less daughterly tender and more seductive.

That was a long time ago and virginity, at least for Angel wasn’t something she maintained beyond the age of consent and sex something she avoided in fact as the video showed Angel loved it as often and as passionately as possible. Gabriel pretended not to be jealous and consoled himself with the thought that he would hurt her with his huge cock and his love for her, his adoration was more spiritual than physical love made more pure by this view. As pure as his reasoning was each time he watched the video he drifted off to the sensation of the kiss she had given him that night and it was thoughts of this that always made him cum. So it was tonight, his huge cock began to throb as he gazed at Angel’s divine face as she orgasmed on the screen his mind filled with the sensation of her kiss. His huge cock distorted by excitement. This is how he always had to fall sleep, in love and desire for what seemed like an unrealizable dream.

From what Gabriel told me in his trance I deduced that Angel had known Gabriel for longer than he even knew. Impossible as I thought it was at the time it was she who had been the woman with the French accent who had hired him. She had transformed into Angelique her younger incarnation. This was when I learned about Nymphs transformation cycles, which other sources suggested, occurred every 15-20 years.

The sixteen-year-old ‘Angelique’ had become Angel the model that launched the ‘Teen Angel’ women’s lingerie products. Her seductive combination of a divine petite physique and angelic innocence proved an effective campaign with her exquisite young body exhibiting seductive silk and satin underwear that became the ‘must have’ undergarment for millions of teenage girls and young women. The photography screamed of sexy and desirable bodies but warned of virginity and purity a look but don’t touch campaign that fueled the fantasy of men across the globe and made Angel one of the pin ups and dream girls for boys who eagerly thumbed through their sister, girlfriend’s or mother’s lingerie catalogues.

Angel herself maintained her ‘desirable but unobtainable virgin’ image for two years during the long and highly successful advertising campaign. Gabriel ‘protected her through it, but it was not long before the temptation and her hunger for what she was born to do consumed her. Gabriel could see from the recording how much Angel loved the first moment when an over excited cock split her folds and stretched her super tight cunt walls apart and slid deep inside her. She loved to feel a man’s balls slap her as she writhed ecstatically. Angel lived for each cock inside her. The power of her existence came from overexcited men exploding inside her delectable pussy, her delightful ass and her pouting mouth. For a nymph, cum provided the elixir of her immortality and the energy of their mutual orgasms energised the transformations that made her so attractive, that made her live eternally. That was why she resisted fucking until a man was totally enchanted by her. Angel had sensed even then how much sexual energy Gabriel had and she craved it even as a teenager. She resisted and she urged the other to girls resist it too. It would be child’s play for any of her sisters to seduce him and suck him dry. Angel was saving him for something special and that time was fast approaching.

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