The Real Effects of The Axe Effect


Jimmy Cobweb is not your typical 18 yr old senior male. He was a total nerd. A skinny, tall, red head with freckles all over his face and body. He wore soda bottle looking glasses with the tape in the middle to hold them together,high water ass crack tight jeans and a white dress shirt with a large rocket ship on the front and a pocket protector with pencils,pens,and a note pad.

He didn’t have a real life. He had no friends.He just hung out with himself at home or the library. Studying or playing on the computer non-stop or watching re-runs of Star Trek or having a Star Wars marathon with himself.

Jimmy did have a job through, working at Ducky Burger. Only to raise money for a car that he wants. Jimmy is also a straight A student. Love sciences and reading and math and just about everything positive of school. Captain of the Chess team and a member of the School band.

Jimmy Cobweb is truly a nerd until that one commercial changes his life…Forever.

Jimmy didn’t really care much about what others though of him. He knew he was a good guy in side and a geek on the outside. He though if people would get to know him, that they would love to be around him.

Jimmy never really had many friends and the ones he did have, moved away years ago. Jimmy never had a girlfriend nor has he even touched a girl unless it was hugging a female in his family. With that being said, Jimmy was a virgin. Never had a blowjob, never fingered a girl, never even saw a pair of breast bare, but he did his math and knew what sex and foreplay was. Just never did it.

His studying of sex includes reading Karma books about it and watching porn on the Internet. Jimmy would spend most of his nights before going to bed, jerking his dick off to naked ladies on the net. His mom never wanted him to watch porn on TV or on his computer. She wanted her son to grow up to be a respectful man and make it in life. Graduate from Harvard and become a successful businessman in the corporate world. To be the next Bill Gates is what she is hoping her son will be.

One school morning as Jimmy was finishing up his breakfast; he was watching the Discover Channel on how germs spread across the world. As the program when to a commercial break, an ad for a new body deodorant called Axe came on.

“Axe. Its the deodorant that will attractive all girls to you with its sweet and sugary scent. It will make you irresistible to the ladies day and night. So try some today and if my words aren’t enough to prove it, then watch as we have a normal, non-hot geek try some and watch as a beautiful busty and popular cheerleader want his body,” said the guy in the commercial.

A nerd boy, not as nerdy as Jimmy, spray some of the Axe on and a busty cheerleader walked by and immediately jumped on him, mashing her large boobs into his chest and smoothing his face with kisses. Then she put her tongue down his throat. The nerd was enjoying himself. Suddenly the two fell behind a wall and the navigator returned.

“See the results. Now the school nerds can have some loving too. Buy yours today,” he said as the commercial ended.

Jimmy was hypnotized by the commercial. Jimmy knew that certain things on TV never really worked by just this once, he wanted to try and see if the Axe actually works. You would think Jimmy was smarter to know that it doesn’t and he knows that but he just wants to prove a point that it all could be fake and a scam. Then, Jimmy started to daydream about having his face, pushed between a pair of huge boobs while a pretty girl is riding his horny cock. Jimmy licked his lips and drooled.

“Jimmy. Time for school,” his mother shouted.

Jimmy snapped out of his daydream, grabbed his schoolbooks. Grabbed his Scooby Doo lunch box, kissed his mom goodbye and headed out the door to catch the bus.

As the bus arrived to pick Jimmy up, all he could think about was the Axe deodorant. He wasn’t even paying attention to the other teens on the bus, throwing paper and other objects at him until the school bully, a handsome and buff jock named Freddie, tripped Jimmy while he was going to the back of the bus. Jimmy fell flat on his face.

“Oh! I’m so sorry nerd,” said Freddie who was seated next to his girlfriend, leader of the cheerleading squad and one of the prettiest girls in school, Kayla.

Everyone on the bus was laughing at Jimmy as he got up and sat vertical from the jock and his girlfriend’s seat near the back of the bus. Suddenly, Kayla started kissing Freddie and the two were sucking on each other’s tongues. Freddie’s hands were moving up and down his girlfriend’s body. Jimmy couldn’t help but to watch and imagine that he was doing that to her. He didn’t like cheerleaders and of course they didn’t like him but just to be able to feel on a girl was his kind of fantasy.

The bus arrived at Glennmore High School that Jimmy attended. He got off the bus last so no one would try and trip him while he was getting off. Jimmy just wanted to get the day over with so he could go to work, Manavgat escort get his pay check and buy the new Axe body deodorant. Jimmy looked at the school’s clock and it read 9:00a.m, so Jimmy had a long ways before school was let out at 3:30p.m.

A few hours have passed and Jimmy made it to his favorite class. 5th period science. Jimmy was the top student in science class. He idolized Mr. Jerkins. The head of the Science Department and his science teacher. Jimmy’s seat in all his classes were in the front row so he could hear, see, and learn better.

“Today class we have a new foreign exchange student. She was from Germany. I want you guys to make her feel at home here in Mr. Jerkins’ Science Class. Mrs. Helga Burgenstein,” Mr. Jerkins said, leading Helga Burgenstein to the front of the class.

All the guys had their jaws dropped and were drooling. Their dicks sprang to life while the girls looked with disgust at the German girl and Jimmy was nose-deep in his science book, reading about the world of atoms.

Helga, 18 stood 5’4, had blue eyes, light red hair mixed with blond highlights, a cute nose, nice size lips and all around stunning face. But that wasn’t what got most of the guys attention. It was her very slim body that was carrying a huge set of boobs that hung a little bit towards her stomach but was still fanatic, covered by a gray zip up sweater. She wore a black skirt that showed some thighs and her legs to her knees, which was cut off by long black silk stalkings and black dress shoes on her big German feet.

All the guys nearly busted a nut, looking at her. Helga walked over and sat at an empty desk next to Jimmy. Most of the front row was empty except to the freaks and the nerds.

“Hi. I’m Helga and your name is….” she said, talking to bookworm Jimmy.

“Oh, I’m…..I’m….I’m,” Jimmy said, mind going blank and nearly having a heart attack. He started sweating really bad. His glasses were getting foggy and throat as dry as a hot desert.

“His is Jimmy. He is one I mean, my favorite student,” said Mr. Jerkins. “And if you want, I can get Jimmy here to tutor you in what we are learning Mrs. Helga.”

“That would be wonderful,” Helga said with a smile at Jimmy.

Jimmy was nearly out, looking at Helga’s gorgeous and curvy body. Especially her oversize chest which raise and fell during her breathing. All the guys in the class were looking at the same thing.

“Ok class. Time to get started,” said Mr. Jerkins.

3:30 came and school was let out. Jimmy was at his locker, fitting all his school books into his box bag. After he shut the locker, Helga was standing behind it, smiling at him. Jimmy’s eyes bugged out of his skull and started to sweat again. The jocks across the hall started laughing at Jimmy for being such a dork around women.

“Your Gimmy…No?” Asked Helga in her sexy German ascent. She can’t say Jimmy right so it sounds like Gimmy.

“No…I mean. Yes,” Jimmy replied. “But its Jimmy. Not Gimmy.”

“Right on,” Helga said.

“Hey Helga. I see you’re new here and I was wondering if I could take you around town tonight. Grab something to eat. See a movie perhaps,” asked Freddie, who broke up with his girlfriend a few minutes ago, just to get Helga in bed.

“You and me. Go out?” Asked Helga.

“Yes. I promise you’ll have fun,” Freddie said, looking at Jimmy and gave him a wink.

“Let’s get to know one another. I would love to hear about Germany and the French war and how you guys made French fries and stuff,” Freddie said, lacking smarts. His friends and even Jimmy started laughing at him.

“HEY! Shut the fuck up nerd,” said Freddie.

Jimmy quickly stopped afterwards and hurried up out of the school as Freddie put his arm around Helga and left with his friends.

As Jimmy was walking home, Freddie’s car, a 2004 Thunderbird, drove by and he saw Helga in the front seat and Freddie’s arm around her and his two buddies in the back. The car stopped up the street and backed up to where Jimmy was.

“Hey nerd. Want a ride. I’m sorry about what happen earlier,” Freddie said.

“What about the things you did to me yesterday and the day before that and the one after that and there was this one time,” Jimmy was explaining before getting cut off by Freddie.

“Ok. Ok. So I owe you a few apologizes. Don’t worry. Now hop in and let me make it up to you,” Freddie said.

“Really?” Asked Jimmy.

“Yes man. Get in. I only like to be mean because I like the attention it gets. So I’m sorry that most of it, if not all of my anger is at you buddy,” Freddie said in a humble voice.

Just as Jimmy was about to jump into the car, it pulled off and smoke hit him, getting all black dust all over his clothes and face. Freddie and his friends were laughing and so was Helga. Jimmy was crushed and walked home with a sad and miserable look on his face.

Jimmy got home and his mother asked what had happen. He told her that the pipes in the school blew up Manavgat escort bayan and the black dust when everywhere. Jimmy then headed to his room, changed his clothes and headed to work.

It was around 9:00p.m and Jimmy had one more hour of work before getting off and buying some Axe at a local store. As Jimmy was counting the money to the cash register, Helga appeared in front of him. His eyes were stun to see her and what she was wearing. Her bottom half was practically the same as she was in school but her top half was in the clear. She had on a tight tank top with “Kitten” spray painted in black and pink words, stretch across her massive chest. She had on a bra underneath but you could still see her huge boobs, sticking straight out her chest but hung just a little because of their size.

“Hi Gimmy,” Helga said smiling.

“Hi…Hi…Can I take your order,” he said, trying to focus on work.

“Yes. We would like to have 4 Triple Meat Burgers, extra cheese on two, no onions on one, hold the mayo on 2, 3 large fries, one onion ring, no lettuce or tomatoes on all of them. And 4 large milkshakes. Two strawberry, one chocolate and the other plain white. Got it,” ordered Freddie, putting his arm around Helga’s neck.

“Yes sir,” Jimmy said.

“Thank you…Dork” Freddie responded.

As Freddie and Helga were walking away, his hand fell down on her ass, squeezing a good handful of her firm, well rounded ass.

“Hey Hey. You naughty American boy,” said Helga not liking his touch.

“I’m so sorry baby. I won’t do that again,” Freddie said staring at her massive hooters, wanting to squeeze, fondle and suck the life out of them. As she sat down, they bounced up and down, swaying and jiggling inside her tight tank top, then finally settling on her chest. Even Freddie’s boys were staring.

Jimmy was ordered to take them their food since they were the only customers there and he was the only one working front. So he did. He brought them their food and while passing them out, he got a good look down Helga’s top. He saw the tops of her creamy white breasts and in between them. He felt his dick starting to grow hard while looking down. Freddie spotted Jimmy’s crotch moving upward.

“What the fuck,” said Freddie looking at Jimmy’s crotch.

Jimmy looked down too and saw his massive hard on. Even though Jimmy was a nerd, he had a big dick to make up for it but has never gotten to use it except with himself.

“Oh god,” Jimmy said.

Helga was stun to see it. Freddie’s friends were looking in disgust as Freddie was. Freddie tossed his milkshake on chocolate milkshake on Jimmy’s shirt. His friends started laughing. Jimmy just kept looking down at his hard on and Helga’s eyes. Finally he ran off to the back, embarrass and ashamed.

Ten ‘0’ clock came around and Jimmy got his paid check of $550. He would save the rest and bring the body deodorant Axe with $50 bucks. Jimmy was determent to finally score with a girl and become popular with the ladies.

Jimmy left work quickly and headed to a local 24 hour open store a few blocks from his house. Once there, he searched the bath and body works section of the store until finally, he saw what he was looking for. The Axe Effect Deodorant. His face lit up in joy like he having sex for the first time. In his mind, a white beam of light was shinning down on the Axe as if it was his destiny to find it and use it for his own well.

He took the Axe off the shelf and walked over to the counter and paid for it. He was a happy man now like losing your virgin to a hot girl. He didn’t want to waste anytime and wanted to see if it works so he tried some on. First on his chest, then arms, neck, and even his dick.

He saw a nice looking girl. Average brunette, small chest, about a B cup he would say. He walked by her and nothing happen. She kept on walking. Jimmy felt like shit for buying it and started walking home with, looking down with a sad face on.

Then out of nowhere, that girl jumped on his back, kissing his neck. He felt her small boobs rub up and down his back. His cock instantly got hard but Jimmy didn’t want to fuck her. He only wanted to see if the stuff works and it does. The girl had her tongue in his ear and nibbling his ear lope. Jimmy couldn’t have busted a nut right then and there but he pushed the girl off and started running for home.

“Come back!!!” Shouted the girl.

As he was running, 2 night female police officers saw him and started running after him. He turned around and saw them chasing him. He paid close attention to the blond with the big tits as they were bouncing up and down. Jimmy was getting very excited so he stopped to see what the cops wanted. As soon as they reached Jimmy, they started ripping his shirt off, kissing his neck and chest.

“Oh god,” said Jimmy, being sexual assaulted by two hot female officers.

One of them was black with a nice average chest but had a huge ass to make up for it. She started to undo his pants Escort manavgat while the blond white officer with the huge tits, took off her shirt and then pulled her bra cups over her big tits. Jimmy stared at her big tits with the small pink nipples and bump areolas like its been hours. He never seen a pair of big tits or any kind of tits up close in person and then Helga came into his mind and her oversize boobs as well. He snapped out of his dream as the black officer was stroking his big dick in her hands.

“AHHHH,” shouted Jimmy, having his first female stroke his dick or even touching it. He pushed the ladies aside and started running with his big dick, hanging low and flopping out. Swaying back and forth in the delight of the officers who started chasing him again. Jimmy ducked down in a dark alley and the officers ran pass it, on the search for him. Jimmy took a short cut and made it home.

As he got in the house, his mother with some female friends of hers greeted him at the door. They were stun to his horse hung cock still out and his skinny, pale, freckle chest bare. Then they started to lick their lips and grab at Jimmy. He was fighting them off. One managed to grab his dick and jerk him a few times. He with the help of his mom pushed them off and he made a getaway towards his room and all they heard was a heavy slam of the door.

Fifteen minutes later, his mom came into his room and apologized for what happen downstairs. Jimmy’s face was tucked away in his covers and as soon as he looked up, he saw his mom wearing a see-thru pink gown and nothing under it. Her full C cup tits were pointing out of the gown, hard nipples in all. Her trimmed pussy was at his eye level. He never thought of his mom this way but after seeing her tonight, he knew what men saw in her.

“Come to mama baby. Let mama be your first and only,” she was speaking to him.

Jimmy didn’t know what to do and knew he didn’t want his first to be with his own mother. In fact, he didn’t want to see his mom like that period. He got up out of bed and pushed his mom out of his room and locked the door.

“Jimmy. Open up sweetie. Your mother wants to take care of you. I love you baby. Its been a while since I had some dick in me Jimmy. I want yours. I want your lips around my nipples. I want to feel your tongue in my vagina. Please Jimmy,” his mom was outside his door, begging to fuck him.

Jimmy just lay back in his bed and thought about one girl and one girl only. Helga.

Meanwhile the same night, Helga was fucking Freddie and his friends. Two had both of her holes filled up with their cocks while she sucked the other one’s cock.

“That’s right you German bitch. Suck that cock,” Freddie was egging on from the bottom, stuffing Helga’s nice, bald wet pussy with his 8-inch cock. His hands were trying to hold her massive 36FF tits but they were to big for his hands to hold. They overflowed his through his fingers but he loved the way they bounced and swayed in his face as he fucked her. He even loved the taste of her big pink nipples, which he started to suck on, one by one, lapping his tongue around her large pink areolas and fondling the nipples with his fingers.

Helga was moaning with Freddie’s friend 7-inch cock in her mouth. His other friend had a 7 1/2-inch cock, drilling her big round ass. Squeezing her soft firm ass cheeks. Freddie’s car was rocking and the windows were fogged up as they fucked her for the rest of the night.

The next morning had come and Jimmy didn’t want to wear the Axe to school because he didn’t want to risk the change of being killed by the thousands and thousands of females their. So he was going to take Mr. Jerkins advice and tutor her one on one so he could be alone with her. He got dress and headed off to school with a smile. He was so happy about tonight, that he had forgotten his books at home and his lunch. His mom was still sleep. He figured she must have been embarrass and didn’t want to face him.

Jimmy arrived at school with a glow on his face, searching for Helga. He walked pass Freddie’s classroom and over heard the conversation.

“Yeah man. My boys and me did a number on that German girl last night. She had the biggest set of tits. 36FF with large nipples. I sucked and fucked those boobies all last night,” Freddie said bragging.

Hearing that really hurt Jimmy’s feelings and his chances until he heard something else.

“So, are you and her dating now man after you broke up with Kayla to be with her,” asked a student?

“Fuck no man. She was only good for fucking. I used her to get some of that ass and big ol titties she got. Kayla and me are back together after the bitch came crying to me this morning. I told the German bitch that I didn’t want to see her anymore and that she should head the fuck back to Germany,” Freddie said laughing.

“You bitch!!!!” Busted out Jimmy who rushed into the class and threw a right hook at Freddie, knocking him across many desks. Freddie laid unconscious. The other students were shocked including Helga who was standing by the entrance way. Jimmy turned around and saw her. She didn’t have her happy face on or glowing smile. She was very sad. She quickly ran before Jimmy could say anything. Jimmy when to the door and saw her running down the hall.

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