The Singularity Ch. 01



Authors note: This series is a frivolous and unrealistic exploration of taboos with a speculative fiction and sci-fi twist, primarily sexbots. It’s planned as a long, multi-part story and different chapters will not strictly stick to one genre or another.

As is my personal taste, it takes place in an alternate reality where everyone is horny, willing and the sex is safe. The stories will be incestuous, with generously curvy and busty women into all things anal. If this is not your thing, then I wouldn’t dig in as the chapters are long.

Chapter One only alludes to some speculative fiction elements, but these become more of the focus in later chapters.

It’s deliberately a long story and takes a while to get going. There are a few ways I think the series and characters could go, so as a new writer, I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions of what you think should happen to the characters next in the story.

P.s. I can also confirm all the science in these stories will be 117% accurate 😉


Chapter One: Home Delivery

Elaine Vanderhoff came in, tired after another day; a day that seemed like the one before, and the one before that. She sighed and kicked off her heels, feeling the relief as her stocking clad feet flattened on the warm wood floor. Her stress subsided as she wiggled her toes, her posture softening, the daily strain ebbing away, and she rubbed her feet thinking she was her own worst enemy.

It wasn’t a requirement of her job to dress in heels, and most women her height choose the comfort of flats, but Elaine always wore a pair of smart two-inch heels. She enjoyed the sense of intimidation she quickly instilled in people, who invariably didn’t know how, or where to look at a woman who stood six foot tall.

Elaine didn’t rely on her height to define herself either professionally or as a leader. She had a quick intellect and a natural authoritative demeaner. At work her putdowns where legendary, never aggressive, or spiteful, just cutting in a way that made you feel like she was the politest person in the world as she tore you down.

Elaine chose to wear heels because her job was monotonous. She was a vice president at Schuber informally referred as ‘House’. Cassandra had used her own proprietary software to replicate his speech and tone perfectly, but Elaine had to ask her to make him a little softer and more formal as the initial attempt had been too much of a sarcastic curmudgeon.

“I’m fine House, thank you. Can you set the lounge up for me please?”

“Certainly Elaine, I have already set the temperature to your preference, would you like some music?”

“Thank you House, something quiet and relaxing please.”

A moment later the softs strains of Norah Jones’s Feels like Home wafted through the empty rooms and Elaine sighed, feeling more at ease.

She went to the kitchen and poured herself a long glass of her favourite red wine, a vintage Châteauneuf-du-Pape, smiling as the smell instantly took her back to the first time she’d enjoyed the warm southern French summer with John, the memories now fading as if she was trying to hold on to snatches of a blissful dream.

Elaine banished the thoughts of John from her mind before she got upset. Thinking of him was the last thing she needed today. Picking up the bottle she walked back into the lounge checking with House where the kids were.

“Cassandra and Brian both went out an hour ago, if you want, I can track their phones and give you a precise location?”

“No that’s fine House, I don’t want to be intrusive. Can you put Real Housewives on please.”

Elaine settled on the oversized sofa as the TV sprung to life and she sipped her wine, breathing deeply. She glanced at her phone and texted the kids to see where they were.

‘At Sarahs be home tomorrow.’ Short as ever from her daughter Cassandra.

‘Hi Mom, I’m out with Johnny. We’re grabbing a few beers. Don’t worry about dinner. See you later. Xxx.’ Brian was such a sweet kid; well man Elaine reminded herself. She also knew a few beers would lead to a few more and so Brian wouldn’t be back for a while.

‘Oh well, guess I have the house to myself’ she thought and slugged the glass of wine, sinking back into the soft cushions as the Real Housewives of Orange County yelled on screen. Beşiktaş escort Elaine shook her head at the bullshit of it all, though as usual she couldn’t help but be morbidly fascinated, even if she missed Alexis Bellino who she secretly fantasized about.

Elaine realized she was feeling both hungry and lazy. “House can you order me something to eat from Postmates please.”

“I can, yes.”

There was a moments pause and Elaine realised House was playing up again.

“House,” her tone exasperated.

“Oh, you want me to order you something?”

“Yes House, I would like you to order me some food.”

“Well why didn’t you say so Elaine, what are you in the mood for tonight?”

“Uhh I don’t know, surprise me, you know what I like.”

“Well, obviously my only purpose is to serve you.”

“It is House, please just choose me something.”

“Of course, Elaine.”

“I have ordered you dinner, I believe you’ll enjoy my selection. Unfortunately, it says it’s now delayed and will not be here for 50 minutes, but as the philosopher Jagger once said, ‘you can’t always……..'”

“Enough House! I can wait, and dial bag the sarcasm please.”

“Of course, Elaine.”

Frustrated, she sat there grumpy, and drank another glass of wine.

‘Why are you so fucking grumpy?’ she thought, and a little voice in her head replied, ‘you’re grumpy cos you’re not fucking’, and she felt stung by the words. Elaine groaned inwardly; it was true. Since John had left her, she’d thrown herself into her work and often neglected her own needs. It now seemed like it had been a long time since she’d felt another person’s touch, let alone been fucked properly.

Until a few years ago, Elaine had always enjoyed a healthy sex life; with John they’d been like teenagers right up to the day he left her, and it hit her particularly hard when he’d done the clichéd thing of running off with his young assistant. It left Elaine emotionally disorientated as the passion had still been obvious between them, and she couldn’t understand what made him cheat on her, especially as they’d been open about their sexual desires and experimented as a couple together. John had said he’d changed, he felt different, and it was what he needed to do. That had been five years ago, and Elaine’s self-confidence had still not fully recovered.

Up till then, Elaine always had a confident sex positive attitude. When she’d been a teenager, she’d not cared how other people or society dictated a person, especially a woman, should behave. She’d had no time for misplaced morality and decided early on if people were open with each other, if the things they did or how they lived did not hurt or take advantage of someone, then she wouldn’t allow society’s idea of morality to influence what she condoned or was happy to try out for herself.

Maybe, she now thought, she should try and reclaim some of her old attitude and go out and hook up with someone, maybe find some hot guy, girl or whoever and fuck their brains out. It worked occasionally, but recently Elaine had found herself reluctant, feeling her age and for the first time worrying about what people might say.

She looked at the background photo on her phone of Brian and Cassandra smiling, thinking how beautiful her children looked. Cassandra’s blond bleached blond hair contrasted against Brian’s naturally dark look, and Ealine realised she was grateful with how well they’d coped since their father had left, even if she was a little worried about Brian’s shyness around women.

Perhaps it was not helped by the confusion and guilt they’d all felt when John left, how they all blamed themselves in their own ways, though he’d taken them all by surprise. Elaine worried Brian was so concerned with not being like his father, ensuring he was a nice guy to women that he was neglecting his own need for youthful experiences, and she’d been upset to overhear Cassandra say Brian was still a virgin.

Elaine decided she was going to have to talk to him about this. With Cassandra it was so different, they often had open and frank conversations about sex, and Elaine found it refreshing to be able to talk to her like a friend, confiding in her young daughter her own feelings and insecurities. Cassandra reminded Elaine of her younger self, a youthful and strong sex positive Beşiktaş escort bayan woman who was confidently exploring her place in the world.

Elaine regretted she found it difficult to talk to Brian. Though they’d chatted when he’d been younger, now in his twenties she could feel a sense of embarrassment between them both, and she had to shake away the voice in her head wondering if she was subconsciously feeling weird talking about sex with a young man who was beginning to look so much like his father.

She decided she needed to put her awkward feelings aside and take a more proactive approach with him. After all, Brian just needed some encouragement to realise he was a handsome young man, who could have a happy, healthy sex life at his age without all the baggage and guilt associated with the relationship to his father.

Elaine breathed deeply, sipping her wine, enjoying how it was making her feel loose around the edges, everything a little fuzzier. She really should have eaten something before she drank three glasses she thought, as she topped her glass up again.

She didn’t get it, Brian was an attractive boy, maybe not like a star athlete, but handsome in an average gentle way, and he was such a sweet kid, so much like his father had been at his age. For a moment her mind wandered to thoughts about how alike he was to his father, a sudden curiosity as to whether they were physically similar in all ways. Elaine tried to banish the thoughts and to think of anything else, going back over her day at work.

Her thoughts didn’t want to steer away from sex though, returning to Tommy and how he seemed incapable of not staring at her breasts today. It was worse than usual and although she’d secretly felt a flash of excitement, the fact he’d seemed particularly distracted was strange as she was wearing her usual white cotton shirt, buttoned up discreetly to the neck. Ok this shirt was an older one, one she’d bought when she was a bit thinner and was maybe a little snug, but that didn’t explain why he’d kept looking even when she’d caught his eye. Elaine felt again a small tingle that had begun when she’d caught him staring, and instead of blushing and turning away he’d looked directly up at her with something approaching hunger in his eyes.

Elaine sipped her wine and cursed as a small drop dribbled down the side of the glass and inexorably fell towards her white top. She jumped up and rushed to the large mirror in the hall, grabbing a tissue to blot away the worst of it. The sight of her reflection stopped her dead in her tracks, the tissue in hand hovering over the stain as she looked at herself properly for the first time it seemed.

Her reflection stood staring back at her, the soft curls of brown hair falling against the top of her shoulders framing her long neck, her features refined and delightfully softened with age. Without heels she was still tall, and her body with its generous curves was gracefully restrained by her conservative work attire.

Elaine looked down at her shirt, realising now it was obviously much older and snugger than she’d thought. Two of the buttons right over the middle of her chest were missing, apparently having fallen off sometime earlier in the day. Looking mesmerised at her reflection, Elaine slowly bent forward in the way she’d done with Tommy and gasped at the sight.

As her reflection silently tilted towards her, the weight of her breasts slowly pushed apart the soft white material where the buttons should be, exposing a deep long cleavage which came seductively into view. It was subtle, and you had to be close to notice, as close as Tommy had been when she’d bent down as if to deliberately tease him. Elaine held her breath as she watched the firm pink freckled flesh of her breasts bulge together through the straining fabric, pressing into an invitingly obscene dark cleft which looked obvious and slutty.

Elaine was mortified. She was always the upmost professional and although she might subtly display her sexuality, it was always in a discreet, deniable manner. She’d certainly never entertained any of the advances at work, always choosing to maintain her professional integrity.

The idea she might have flashed her cleavage at the young, floppy haired intern who reminded her of her son was devastating. If Escort beşiktaş he told anyone, she could legitimately get fired for sexual harassment. Maybe she could explain it was really a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, but who would believe her?

As Elaine squirmed with embarrassment at the ramifications of her actions, something else wormed its way into her thoughts. Maybe the wine was blurring her rational thinking, but as she looked at herself bending forward, her cleavage straining to escape, she felt a heat rising up through her body. The tissue fell forgotten from her hand onto the wide oak sideboard, and she allowed her hands to reach under her breasts, lifting them up, pushing them further against the material of her shirt, her cleavage becoming obscener.

“Something seems to be distracting you, Tommy?” she whispered alluringly at her reflection, her eyes fixated by her own cleavage, “Maybe you should come to my office?” and she giggled as she talked to herself.

Elaine saw how flushed her reflection became as colour rushed to her cheeks, and she couldn’t deny she was thinking about the young intern with his lush sandy brown hair and boyish face. Elaine also became aware of the warm wetness in her panties, driven by the image of the young man watching her expose herself. How risky it had been, the mortification she felt at the idea of being caught becoming more arousing.

It was if every feeling she’d been buttoning up inside her came bursting out in that moment, as if her accidental display of cleavage to a man, young enough to be her son, had been her own bodies cry for help. All the years of trying to act like an upstanding middle-aged woman, denying her needs, seemed to come crashing down and Elaine felt the uncontrollable need to be as dirty as possible.

Normally if she needed the relief and comfort of masturbating, Elaine would go upstairs and lie on her luxurious bed with candles burning as she pleasured herself with her favourite toy, but suddenly it seemed so pedestrian.

Elaine returned to the sofa and sat down heavily. All she knew was she wanted something pornographic about an older woman with a younger man and it needed to be nasty.


“Yes Elaine, what can I do for you?”

“When you’re in private mode, you won’t record or store anything I say or ask you to do, will you?”

“No Elaine, Cassie has programmed me to be fully discreet, my monitoring and storage will be temporally disabled, and I will provide full online privacy as well. This includes the use of encrypted VPN routing for all communications and data coming in or out of the house.”

“So, anything I ask you to do will be totally private?”

“Yes elaine, whatever happens in the house while I am in private mode will be entirely anonymous, I will even monitor the security cameras to ensure no one comes near the property during this time.”

“Except the Postmates delivery of course.”

“Of course.”

“Ok House, please enter private mode.”

“Private mode engaged Elaine.”

“I want you to find me something pornographic to watch”

“Of course Elaine. What would you like to see?”

“Um, can you find me something with a mature woman and a younger man?”

“Yes. Here you go,” House replied and the large 60″ screen filled with the scene of a buxom blonde haired milf fucking a muscular jock. The room erupted with the sounds of their theatrical moans and Elaine watched hungrily, her blood pumping as the hot couple fucked frantically by a pool.

Elaine reached for the front of her shirt, suddenly feeling constrained by its conservatism, and ripped it open in a tearing scattering of buttons, roughly pulling her breasts out of the front of her bra and squeezing her nipples hard. She inhaled sharply at the shock and fear of doing it in her living room, the possibility of the kids coming home at any moment and catching her sending a ripple of radiating tingles across her body, reverberating around, amplified every time she squeezed her flesh.

Dragging her dark navy-blue pencil skirt up her legs, Elaine felt shivers as she forced her fingertips to slowly trace their way up the inside of her thighs, denying herself the satisfaction of allowing them to rush where they wanted to go. She imagined they were Tommy’s fingers, and tapped into her feeling of mortification, imagining herself sitting on his desk, forcing him to spread her legs. The image of his face full of fear and discomfort as she harassed him, turned her on, and she enjoyed how her own sense of the fear she’d feel if she did it rolled into pleasure at the thought of being caught.

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