The Smithton Tapes Pt. 02


Christina leaned her head against the airplane window, watching the country slip beneath her. The engines hummed quietly as she closed her eyes and fought back a creeping sleepiness. She had woken up at 5 that morning to make this flight. At the airport, she had smiled and hugged her parents as they congratulated her on her big interview. Her Mom had hugged her, asking for updates all the time. Her Dad had tried to pull his wife back, trying to ensure Christina could actually get to her flight. He didn’t say much, but the way he looked at his daughter, it was clear he was proud. If only he knew.

Before long, the sprawl of Los Angeles appeared as the plane descended through the smog. And after a few more minutes, the plane was parked at the gate and Christina was in LA. Brian Price had told Christina there would be a driver waiting to pick her up at the airport. After she exited security, she kept her eyes peeled for someone holding a sign. Sure enough, she saw a livery driver with just such a sign that read: “Christina”.

Upon approaching the driver, he burst into a smile. He seemed to know what she looked like.

“Christina!” He said, “welcome! My name is Ben. Please, let me get the bag for you.”

He approached, taking her large roller suitcase. Flattered, but still a bit on guard, Christina asked: “Who sent you here?”

“Oh, Mr. Price, of course. He told me to expect you.”

“Ah..yes…well, okay.”

Ben took hold of her bag and led her to a nearby taxi stand, where a handsome car awaited. Ben placed her bag in the trunk before opening the rear passenger door for her. Soon they were on their way through the crowded freeways of Los Angeles. Christina watched the city and it’s never ending development slip past and they entered a canyon, only to re-emerge in yet more sprawl. Pulling off the highway, the car pulled up to what looked like quite a fancy hotel. And there was a familiar fa waiting near the front doors.


Brian Price stood outside the DoubleTree in Canoga Park. He had heard from Ben that he had picked up Christina and was en route. After a short wait, the livery car pulled up outside the hotel. The rear door opened, and there was Christina.

“Christina!” Brian exclaimed, a smile spreading across his face, “so good to see you!”

Brian embraced her, sensing she held back for a bit, before giving in to his hug.

“Was the flight okay? No flying horror stories, I hope.”

“Oh, no, it went fine” Christina giggled, raising her sunglasses and resting them Manavgat escort on top of her head. She then popped out her regular glasses. In the switch-over

from sun to regular glasses, Brian admired her petite form as the wind blew her long sundress against her figure. His heart rate increased and his cock twitched thinking of what he would soon get to do to her.

“Well, Christina, let’s step inside. Ben will take your bag up to the room. We just have a few things we need to get squared away for tomorrow.”

With that, they entered the lobby. Brian handed Ben a keycard and told him her room number. Ben disappeared to the elevators. Brian led Christina over to his briefcase, which he had left propped against a chair in the lobby. Extending his arm towards a nearby chair, he invited Christina to sit down. Once she did, Brian opened his briefcase, removing a stack of papers.

“Now, we received all the identification and STD documents from you. All we need now is your signature on the actual contract and we’ll be ready to go.”

He slid a piece of paper and a clipboard over to Christina. After flipping through it, she signed it.

“Excellent! Now, here’s a bit of an overview of what’s going to happen tomorrow. I’ve written it down here as well…”

Brian handed her a slip of paper with a schedule on it.

“So, tomorrow at 7 AM, Ben will be here to pick you up. I know it’s early, that’s why we brought you out here a day in advance. We have a mansion in Beverly Hills that we use to film, that’s where you’re heading. Once there, we’ll begin getting your makeup and wardrobe ready, which should take up to 2 hours. We’ll then do a photo shoot, which is another hour-and-a-half to two hours. So maybe a little after noon we’ll begin filming. The whole process may take six hours. Then we’ll do the wrap up and have you out of there in the evening, alright?”

Christina nodded, reading along on the schedule.

“Now”, Brian said, reaching into his briefcase and dropping his voice to a whisper, “this is for you.” He produced a small black bag and handed it to her. “Like we discussed, if you’re going to do anal, you must be ready. This is a butt plug. Put it in tonight and wear it for a while. Then wear it again tomorrow morning. If you don’t, there’s no way you’ll be able to do anal tomorrow.”

Christina took the bag, a bit red in the cheeks, and slipped it in her purse.

“A few more things”, Brian continued, “first; when you step out of the car at the mansion tomorrow morning, Manavgat escort bayan the filming starts. We film everything all day. Just so you are aware. And, since we have the most stringent security for these films, the girls all use their real names and give details about their real lives. We’ve never had a single incident of any identity leaks. We take it extremely seriously, as the girls’ reality is a big draw for our customers. And second; the scene tomorrow will be with me. Here are my tests, showing that I’m clean…”

Brian handed Christina a few papers, and she quietly looked them over. After nodding her approval, she handed them back. When she looked at him, there was still a hint of nerves.

Brian smiled and placed his hand on her thigh, just above her knee: “Oh, Christina. All the girls are nervous. But once we get going, you’ll have so much fun. Trust me, this is totally normal!”

Christina smiled bashfully. Brian stood up, extending his hand:

“All right, we’ll see you tomorrow morning!”

Christina shook his hand with a bit of playful confidence. Brian turned and exited the hotel, a smile spreading across his face. Tomorrow would be a good day.


Christina entered her room, finding her belongings next to the Queen bed in her spacious room. She flopped on the bed, exhausted from a long day of travel. Her eyes flitted, the closed and she breathed a sigh of relaxation.

After what felt like only a minute, she opened her eyes to see her room much darker than before. Sitting up in bed and gazing out of the window, she could see that the sun was much lower in the sky. She removed her glasses, setting them on the nightstand. She rubbed her eyes, trying to shake off the fatigue. Seeing her purse on the other side of the bed, she realized that Brian was right: she needed to prepare.

With a big heave, she lifted herself out of bed and towards the window. After pulling the curtains shut, she returned to the bed and rummaged in her purse. She removed the black bag and softly pulled at the strings. A small, conical shaped purple contraption fell onto the bed. Christina had watched enough porn during her class to know how it worked, though she had never used one herself.

She dropped to all fours on the bed and lifted her sundress, exposing her panties. Reaching behind her, she pulled her panties down to her knees. Her pussy and ass now fully exposed, she held the plug against her asshole and pushed. Only the very tip entered; the rest was met with Escort manavgat resistance. With her left hand, she found the black bag it had come in and she noticed that Brian had thoughtfully left her some lube. Smiling, she tore the packet open and applied the lube to the buttplug.

On her second attempt, Christina managed to slide it into her ass. She moaned and gasped as she pushed deeper, but she eventually managed to sink the whole thing into her. The sensation was…unusual, new for her…but she managed to sit up and watch some TV. Though she soon let her hands wander to between her legs, her fingers dancing across her clit. She thought of what would happen tomorrow on the set, but that wasn’t what truly turned her on. She thought of how she would be seen as an object of lust, her academic and worldly accomplishments only enhancing her sexual appeal. She would be lusted after by men, she didn’t know how many, but they would all desire her. The nerves were still strong, but an exotic new feeling was washing over her.


After a sometimes fitful sleep, Christina awoke to the sound of her alarm clock. Only two more hours and she would be out the door and into the car.

She wandered into the bathroom to get ready. She spotted the buttplug where she had left it last night before going to bed. She slipped it back in to help her prepare for the day ahead of her. She knew there would be makeup coming, so there was no need to get too dressed up. But she should at least tidy up her hair and look presentable. So she set about brushing her hair to remove the tangles from overnight.

With her hair arranged, she slipped on one of her favorite cream colored bran and panty pairs, some jeans and a grey, tight t-shirt. Slipping on her glasses, she gave herself a look in the mirror: she was ready to go.

A quick elevator ride took her to the lobby. Exit through the front doors, she quickly spotted Ben standing near the livery car. He smiled and waved to her. He opened the door for her, and Christina stepped into the back seat. Soon they were off and once again driving through the urban sprawl.

The drive became less urban and more suburban as they headed south towards the Hollywood Hills. The car began winding up a hilly, tree-lined street, passing large houses on both sides. Ben pulled the car into the driveway of a secluded house on the edge of a hill. He rolled down his window, punched a few numbers into a keypad and a gate blocking the driveway lifted. The driveway continued past more trees until they arrived in front of the house. It was an older house, dating from what looked like the 1920’s. It was in a Spanish Mission style and looked quintessentially Californian. The car pulled up near the front door, where Christina spotted Brian and a cameraman awaiting their arrival.

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