Two Plugged Asses


Matt and I had always enjoyed ass play. Fingering, eating, fucking, you name it. We both loved playing with each other’s asses and now that we had a girlfriend to share, we were very excited to have another tight little asshole to play with.

Amanda was 18, and although she wasn’t a virgin, she hadn’t had any ass play until she entered into a polyamorous triad with Matt and I. We started her out slowly, licking and fingering her ass and letting her lick and finger mine (who would have known she loved to eat ass so much) but after a month or so, Matt decided it was time that we start taking Amanda to the next level. She had finally decided that she wanted to try out the dominant/submissive aspect of the relationship that had always been a big part for Matt and I, so he figured that one of the first ways to start easing her into that was make her start wearing a butt plug like me.

The butt plug had two purposes: to be a constant reminder that she belonged to Matt every time she felt it in her ass, and to start stretching her ass out so that he could eventually fuck it when she was ready. I had a beautiful collection of glass butt plugs that I wore nearly every day and loved, and with Christmas coming up, I decided to buy Amanda a matching set. I wrapped them in gorgeous houndstooth paper and tied the package up with a big red bow and had it waiting for her on the bed when she came over one night.

“What’s this?” Amanda asked excitedly as she sat down on the bed facing Matt and I.

“It’s just a little something I thought you might like. Early Christmas gift,” I answered, winking at her. Amanda pulled off the ribbon and ripped off the paper, opening the box hurriedly and peering inside. She reached in and pulled out a cluster of bubble wrap and began to unwind it from the item inside. To her amusement, she found the smallest butt plug of the collection, the one Matt and I intended to put in her ass that very night.

“You got me butt plugs?” she asked with wide eyes.

“I sure did, sugar. Matt explained to you why we use them. Now it’s time for you to start getting used to them, too,” I answered with a grin.

“I’m so excited to put that in your sweet little asshole tonight, baby,” Matt said, reaching over and taking her hand, pulling her onto his chest. The two of them kissed passionately while I watched, smiling. I loved seeing my boyfriend and girlfriend being adorably affectionate with each other.

“Thank you so much, Scarlett,” Amanda said, tugging on my arm to pull me in for a kiss. Then, the three of us began triple kissing, our tongues all dancing Etiler escort together. I loved the oneness of us all sharing a kiss together like that.

“I think we need to get you good and warmed up before we put that plug in you,” Matt said, helping Amanda roll over and stand up beside the bed. She began to undress quickly, excited because she knew that meant she’d be getting her ass eaten. I was already naked, as I usually was around the house, and Matt was in his boxers. I could see his thick cock bulging as he looked up and down her body longingly.

Like a good girl, Amanda got on her knees on the bed, ass up in the air and face down to the mattress. Matt and I were behind her, looking at her gorgeous, glistening, pink pussy and her tiny virgin asshole. He reached out and began rubbing it with his thumb with one hand and squeezing one of my nipples with another as he kissed me.

“Ladies first, darling,” he said.

I scooted up behind Amanda and gripping both of her ass cheeks, I spread her wide open and buried my face in her ass crack. She smelled heavenly, like the pineapple shower gel she’d bought one day when we were at a spa getting massages together. Her asshole was so tight; I loved tasting it, licking all around the edge and delving my tongue into it as much as possible. I fucking loved eating my girlfriend’s perfect little asshole.

Soon, Matt scooted in and I leaned my head back, watching him gently trace his tongue around her asshole before diving in to eat it passionately. Watching him eat her ass like he did mine was so fucking hot I couldn’t help but start to rub my clit. My pussy was so wet, and I decided Amanda needed a taste so I slipped two of my fingers inside myself and wiggled them, getting them nice and wet before I reached around and shoved them in her mouth.

“God, you taste so good,” she moaned after I pulled them out. Matt was still eating her pussy with the most incredible vigor. But now I was so turned on, I wanted my ass eaten, too.

“Would you pretty please eat my ass, Sir?” I always called Matt Sir when I was being even the slightest bit submissive.

He stopped and leaned back to think for a moment. “Yes, but only if you eat hers at the same time.”

“DEAL.” He and I traded positions and I buried my face in Amanda’s ass again as he got behind me and I suddenly felt him eating mine. Matt ate ass like nobody else I had ever experienced. It was clear he loved tasting my ass and wanted to eat it as much as possible. The three of us went on like that for a while, eating ass and getting our asses eaten, Etiler escort bayan so much moaning and slurping and licking and heavenly sensations.

“I think it’s time I get you girls plugged up,” Matt said finally. “Get over on the edge of the bed on your knees, Scarlett. I’d like Amanda to watch me put the plug in your ass so she can see how it all works and what she can expect.”

“Yes Sir,” I responded and did as I was told, leaning forward with my asshole exposed for my boyfriend and girlfriend to see. Matt retrieved one of my medium-sized butt plugs out of our sex toy drawer and prepared it with a little bit of lube.

“Amanda, darling, every time we plug you, we’ll put a little lube on it so it slides in smoothly. That’ll help it hurt less,” Matt explained. Amanda nodded in understanding. I felt him behind me with one hand on my ass cheek, pulling it away from the other one.

“May I lick her asshole first PLEASE?” begged Amanda.

“Just a few quick licks, baby,” Matt agreed, chuckling. Amanda quickly started licking my asshole with as much passion as Matt had before. It felt so good having my sweet little girlfriend’s tongue on my ass.

Finally, she stepped back and watched as Matt pressed the tip of the butt plug to my asshole. I felt myself clench up and then relax just as quickly as he slowly began pushing it into me. In just a few seconds, the plug was completely engulfed inside my asshole and I was already wet again from the perfectly full feeling that I loved.

“It’s as simple as that, baby. We’ll go even slower for you though because your ass isn’t used to it. But eventually you’ll be able to take a plug just like Scarlett. You ready?”

Amanda nodded and got into the same position as me while I got up and stood beside the bed to watch. Matt took the smallest plug and lubed it up, preparing it for her asshole. He pulled one of her cheeks and I pulled the other so her ass was wide open, and he pressed the tip of the plug to her tight hole. I could see it pucker and relax as he very, very slowly started to push it in. Millimeter by millimeter, it went in until it reached the rounded teardrop edge before the handle as Amanda held her breath, bravely taking the plug like a good girl.

“You’re doing such a good job, sweetie. It’s almost in. This will be over soon,” I soothed her.

Finally, the edge of the butt plug disappeared inside her asshole and it tightened back up around the handle perfectly. Amanda collapsed onto her stomach and released an enormous breath.

“Holy fuck, that hurt! But it wasn’t escort etiler as bad as I thought it was going to be,” she exclaimed.

“You’re such a good little girl,” Matt praised her, stroking her hair. “I’m so proud of you.”

The two of us laid down on either side of Amanda, rubbing her back and squeezing her ass cheeks as she relaxed and got used to the foreign feeling of the plug filling up her ass.

“You girls are going to suck my cock, now, and I’m going to cum in Scarlett’s ass and plug it back up. I want you to see what it’s like to be marked as my little girl. One of these days, I’ll get to fill your ass up with cum, too, baby,” Matt said, helping Amanda off the bed as he stood. I followed behind and immediately got on my knees in front of Matt beside Amanda. We both looked up at him eagerly and smiled, ready for his thick cock. He dropped his boxers and it sprang free, hard and ready for us to suck. We both pounced immediately, licking and kissing his perfect cock. We took turns sucking his cock and balls, alternating every few minutes. I loved that when we transitioned, we would always kiss each other with his cock between our mouths, our tongues dancing over the head. I know Matt loved looking down to see his two girls sharing his cock like that.

“Okay, darling. Get up on the bed for me,” Matt ordered, looking at me. I kneeled on the bed as I had before when Matt put the plug in me, waiting patiently. “Amanda, baby, spread her ass for me.”

Amanda kneeled beside me, facing the opposite direction and reached around my body to pull my buttcheeks apart. Matt stood there behind me, stroking his thick cock with one hand furiously and grabbing the handle to my butt plug with the other. Within a couple of minutes, he was ready to explode and pulled the plug out of me before pressing his cock right up against my gaping asshole, blowing his cum inside of me. I could feel it shooting up into my ass, hot and thick. I fucking loved having my ass filled with cum like that and I couldn’t wait until Amanda would start getting cum in her ass, too. As soon as Matt had shot every last drop of cum into me, he picked the plug back up and slid it back into my asshole, trapping the cum inside of me. It was incredibly common for Matt to fill me up with cum and plug me before we went places, making sure I was always marked as his good little girl.

“Oh my God that is so hot,” Amanda raved. “I can’t wait for you to fill my ass up with cum like that, too!”

“Neither can I, baby,” Matt said, leaning down to kiss her as I turned around on the bed. Matt reached out and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for another intimate triple kiss with him and our precious girlfriend. Every move I made, I could feel the plug in my ass that was full of his cum. I was his territory and he had marked me, and soon, he would mark our girlfriend, too.

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