Wait… What?


My wife and I have been married for almost ten years. The marriage, I thought, was a good one. We are making good and steady payments on our home. We have used but nice cars. Good jobs. And two beautiful children. My 6 year old son, Nathan and my 5 year old daughter, Daniella. My wife had been my best friend since before we were married. But like most things our marriage had ebbed and flowed. Currently we’re ebbing. HEAVY ebbing.

Somewhere along the way we had become more roommates than lovers. We would see each other and talk but we never really communicated about anything serious. We just did the chores, took care of the children and went to work. Boring but not destructive by any means. Then about seven months ago Maria, my wife, started going to the gym. I honestly didn’t think much of it at the time. She enjoyed it and I thought that was good. I also couldn’t complain with the results. A 5’8” long black haired beauty with blue eyes and a great body, who would bitch about that?

About a month or two at the gym and I started noticing other men noticing her. I never was good at sharing my toys but I never saw anyone do anything other than look so why make a scene? Pretty soon after that I noticed she started buying new clothes. Sexier clothes. And she looked damned good in em!

Now, I wasn’t exactly slobbin it on my end either. I don’t have the body of Adonis but I did my Army PT every morning at 4:30 Monday through Friday. I liked to get it out of the way before everyone woke up. And it’s not like I’m an ugly witless toad. I never had a problem getting women before so I’m pretty sure I don’t hurt to look at. Which is why things began to get confusing for me.

Maria looked great and obviously liked the attention I and others were giving her. So when I sidled up next to her and kissed her on the neck one day I was surprised that she brushed me off. OK. It had been a while so maybe I needed to start laying some groundwork like you do when you’re dating. Can’t take a woman for granted, you know?

The next day instead of PT I took the time to do the dishes and laundry while my family was still asleep. I wound up having enough time that morning to do some regular cleaning around the house to. I thought she would be happy when she woke to a clean home. I didn’t plan on grabbing her right then. But if I showed up with her favorite chocolates? Well, I was pretty much guaranteed a ticket to poon town.

Instead what I got was… odd.

Maria: “Oh honey, this is great. You did a wonderful job.” she smiled as she looked around the kitchen and the living-room. “I think from now on you need to do the dishes and laundry everyday.”

Me: Ted: That’s MY name by the way. Ted. ME: “…huh.”

And she walked off to get dressed for the day. ‘I’ stood there dumbfounded for five minutes before I had the presence of mind to follow her. I found her getting ready for a shower.

Me: “Are you OK?”

Maria: Turned and smiled at me. “Yeah. I’m great.” she shrugged.

Me: “Are you sure?”

Maria: Looks angry now. “Of course I’m sure. What kind of a question is that?”

Me: I shook my head confused. “A pretty good one from where I’m standing. What’s going on with you?”

Maria: Looking madder now. Though I’m pretty sure “madder” is not actually a word, that is what she was. “I – said – I’m – fine!.. Now if you will excuse me I am going to shower.”

Me: Watches her go into the bathroom and start the shower. “…huh.”

I skipped my shower that day and got dressed. I went and made eggs and bacon for the kids then woke them up to get ready for school. Picking on my kids and listening to them as they picked on me, improved my mood drastically. I soon forgot about Maria’s weirdness as I drove my children to school while laughing along with them.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Well, uneventful for how we were. It was fucking weird by normal standards but I guess I had gotten used to it. That Friday she came home from work as I was getting dinner ready. The sauce was homemade. The ravioli was not. I heard Maria walk in and set down her satchel. I looked up from the pot I was stirring and whistled. Nice short black business mini with a white top and just a hint of black bra peeking through near the cleavage.

Maria: Gave a slight bow and smiled. “Thank you. What’s for dinner?” she asked as she walked over to me and put her hand on my shoulder before peeking into the pot.

Me: “Ravioli. I knew the kids would eat it.”

Maria: “Mmmm smells great.”

Me: I smiled and offered her a taste of the sauce.

Maria: “That is delicious, Teddy.”

Me: I gave a pained smile. “Please don’t call me Teddy.”

Maria: “But Teddy is cute, so I’m calling you that from now on.” she smiled.

‘Cute’ she said. I hadn’t been ‘cute’ since I was five. I was five when I learned how to roll a joint. That pretty much killed my relationship with ‘cute’.

Me: I put the spoon down and turned to face her. “Fine… Myrtle.”

Maria: Looked incensed. “You will address me as Etiler escort Ma’am.”

Me: Gave a couple of nodds. “Lots of luck with that.” I smiled.

Maria: “You will refer to me as Ma’am, Teddy. Or there will be consequences.””

Me: I took a step toward her. “Get the fuck out of my kitchen, Myrtle.”

She actually looked exasperated as if I was the one being crazy. Then she grabbed her satchel from the floor and left the house. No surprise there. Over the last few months she had been spending more and more nights out with her girlfriends. They must have been great people because my children were starting to ask why mom was always gone. After she left I shook my head and went back to finishing up dinner for the kids.

The next day she found me on the back porch reading while the kids played in the yard.

Maria: “Teddy, I’ve been thinking…”

Me: Setting down my book I said, “If you call me Teddy again I will get my leather belt and beat you with it.” I made sure she looked me in the eye before continuing. “It will not be erotic.”

Maria: “Why are you fighting me on this?!”

Me: “Fighting you on what?! So far all I’ve seen is -you- acting like an asshole!”

Maria: “You’re the one being an asshole!”

Me: Shakes my head. “Not true. I am a -prick-.” I smile. “An asshole doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

There was more cursing from her as she stormed back into the house. Of course if I was really a prick and knew what I was doing, then I wouldn’t have had that argument in front of my children. I gave a silent sigh of “fuck” before getting up and going and talking to them. I had to do that Mommy and Daddy are just fighting. It happens in the best of marriages. Everything will be fine. I promise. I’m pretty sure I just got dropped to the next lower level of Hell for the garbage I told them.

About week later I was doing dishes when she came home late and wandered into the kitchen. She walked up behind me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the neck.

Maria: “Mmmm I think if you’ve been a good boy this week.”

Me: “…?”

Maria: “Maybe I should give you a blowjob for all your hard work?” she whispered.

Me: Turned to face her while drying my hands. “Has someone hurt you?” She looked stunned. “Is that what’s going on? Is that why you’ve been acting so strange?”

Maria: Looks indignant. “If you don’t want me to suck that tiny thing then just say so!”

Me: Smiles. “It’s not that he’s small. It’s your pussy SO – DAMNED – BIG!” She looks furious now as she storms out of the kitchen. I call after. “It’s like a hotdog down a hallway!” I hear our bedroom door slam shut. With my upbringing, aggressive humor was a way of life. You learned it early on. It was not a skill I wanted passed on to my children.

Daniella: “What’s like a hotdog in a hallway, daddy?”

Me: Looking down at my five year old daughter. “…What are you doin in my kitchen?”

Daniella: “I’m hungry.”

Me: “Yeah, I noticed you didn’t eat your cheeseburger.”

Daniella: “I didn’t want it.”

Me: “I – am – the parent.” I said while pointing at myself. “You will eat what I tell you to eat.”

Daniella: Bats her eyes at me.

Me: “…Nilla Wafers?” She smiles bright. I go to the cupboard and get her several of the cookies. I hand them to her and kiss her on the forehead. “I love you. Go away.”

She giggles as she skips out of the kitchen. My thoughts return to Maria. She’s going to have to talk to me eventually.

It was a few days before our next “Maria Moment” as I had started to call them. It was 11:30 at night. Kids are in bed and I’m Netflixing “Justified” as I’m a few seasons behind. I hear her drive up and come inside. Apparently girls night ended a little early tonight. She kicked her shoes off and went into the kitchen. When she returned, I saw that she had opened a bottle of beer as she sat down and snuggled up next to me on the couch. “More flirting” I thought. She’d been flirting for months now. She started rubbing my crotch. Jack, that being the name of my dick, “Jack the Ripper” started to wake up. I was fourteen when I named him, OK? Jeez. Anyway, she’s rubbing Jack through my slacks and kissing me on the neck. It did feel nice. I dropped the remote next to me on the couch and pulled her in for a kiss. I felt her slide the zipper down on my pants before she slid her hand into the fly and grasped my cock. I kissed my way down to her left breast as she fished Jack out of my pants so she could have an easier job of stroking him. I slid her bra out of the way and slipped her nipple into my mouth.

Maria: “I had dinner tonight with a very handsome man.” she… cooed?

Me: ‘Don’t go limp on me Jack! Give the crazy bitch a second to explain!’ I thought. “Uh huh.” I said.

Maria: “It was all he could do to keep from attacking me in the restaurant.”

Me: ‘Hold Fast, Jack! Hold – Fast, man!” I thought. “Uh huh.” I reiterated.

Maria: “It made me think of how much you’d enjoy seeing him fuck me.”

I Beşiktaş escort sat back on the couch giving a resigned sigh as I shook my head. She actually looked stupefied by how limp my cock had gone in just a few seconds. I put Jack away; stood up, zipped up and took the beer away from her. I walked into the kitchen and poured it out in the sink.

Maria: “Baby, what’s wrong?” She’d followed me into the kitchen.

Me: Turned to face her. “Well, shit girl. Take a wild guess.”

Maria: Shook her head in confusion. “I know you’d enjoy it.” she smiled.

Me: I took a breath. “Here’s what I know.” I nodded. “For the last few months, no matter how shitty my day has been… You open your mouth and manage to make it just a bit shittier.” She looked stunned. “You keep hinting about rewards for ‘being good’, like blowjobs or handjobs or whatever. If you -really- want to reward me, then give me the ONLY thing I want from you…” I nodded at her until she gave me one in return. “Stop – talking – to me.”

Maria: She was shaking her head. “No. No that isn’t how it’s supposed to work.” she looked incredulous.

Me: I shrugged. “That isn’t my problem.”

I started to leave the kitchen when she grabbed my arm.

Maria: “You’re bluffing.”

Me: Confused… Shook it off. “What I am, is going to bed. I have to go to work early in the morning. YOU will have to take care of Nate and Dani. Goodnight.”

I went to the guest room and locked the door. Then I turned my phone’s alarm on and went to bed. “Bluffing?” I thought. “What the hell did she mean by that?”

The alarm went off at 4:30 like always. I woke and stretched before doing my push-ups and sit-ups. I cut it short for lack of a better mood and took a shower in the hall bathroom. BY 6am I was headed to work trying not to think of my frustrating asshole future ex-wife. It was almost 6:30 am by the time I got to my desk. I wasn’t actually due until 9 but the idiot didn’t need to know that. I sat at my desk and began to get things in order for the day.

After an hour of getting things set for my team I decided it was time for a smoke. As I was leaving my cubicle I heard someone swear quietly. There were only two or three people in the building at this hour. This voice sounded like it had come from the offices of the accounting team. Georgia worked for the accounting team. Georgia, was a 25 year old Black woman just out of college. She had been with the company for a little over a year and was very bright. We had become fast friends. She was about 5’6” and had that thin but muscular body that some black girls have. You know? The one that has thin but compact muscles. Not an ounce of fat on her and you just want to run your tongue down the cleft of her back to that cute little bubble butt. She had small breasts but I did not care.

I headed down the hall toward her office. I could see the light was on as I approached. When I peeked around the corner I could see her sitting there cursing under her breath at what she saw.

Me: “What ya doin, Georgia!”

Georgia: “Lord Jesus!!” she screamed as she jumped out of her chair and almost tripped over it.

Me: Laughing. “I’m sorry. I’ve had a crappy night and couldn’t resist.” I said as I stepped into her office and around the desk to glance at what she was working on.

Georgia: “Fuck you.” she smiled as she sat down. She gave herself a little shake before motioning to the monitor. “The boss wants an updated report for the CFO and some of these items aren’t up to date.”

Me: “And you have to be the one to update em?”

Georgia: Nodded. “Yeah. It’s not a big deal. It’s just kind of a pain.” She looked at me. “What are you doing here?”

Me: I shrugged. “I’ve got some personal crap to deal with and I wanted to get my work done early today so I had time to deal with it.” She nodded in response. “I was about to grab a smoke. Did you want to go?”

Georgia: “Yeah. Just give me a minute to get this saved.” She stood up and leaned over her keyboard.

She had on one of those stark white half T-shirts that showed off her midriff. Her skin was the color of dark chocolate and the white really flattered her. I let my gaze run down her back until I saw she was wearing jeans with holes slit in the seat and the leggings. I could see a pair of bright white bikini bottoms peeping out through the slits across her ass. Pretty racy attire. But it was a computer game company so the dress code was fairly relaxed unless we had visitors. Now, Georgia and I had discussed some pretty risque topics since she started working here. We’d discussed a sex book she was reading that covered the how’s and why’s about a hummer blowjob, the hoover and how to find your man’s prostate with your finger. So while I stared at her magnificent little ass I of course remembered she had never tried anal. Did not want to try anal. Didn’t understand why any woman WOULD do anal… I took a step closer as she finished up on her desktop.

Me: “So, tell me again how you never want to let a man slide himself Taksim escort up your backend?”

I could see her smile and shake her head.

Georgia: “Is it really so complicated of a concept that it warrants MORE of an explanation?”

I stepped close enough to run my left hand over the exposed part of her back just over her left hip. I saw her stop what she was doing and turn her head slightly to the right. She was about to look at me but seemed unsure if she should. I gripped her just above her hip and began to caress her skin with my thumb. I saw her lick her lips still unsure about looking at me.

Me: “I was just curious why a young woman who states she does not want her ass screwed. Would then wrap it in something that draws so much attention to it.”

I rested my right hand on her right cheek and began to rub the material of her bikini bottoms through one of the slits.

Georgia: Cleared her throat before saying, “…That doesn’t mean I don’t want men to admire it.”

She gathered the courage to look back at me. I’m not sure what she saw in my eyes but she looked a little frightened.

Me: “Hm.” I replied just before sliding my right hand around to her stomach and then up to just below her breast. I used my grip to raise her up against me as I pulled her close. My God, she smelled good. She was still looking over her shoulder at me.

Georgia: “What… What are you doing?”

Me: I slid my hand from her breast to the snap at the front of her jeans and undid it. “I’m just going to have a look at what I’m never going to get.” I said as I slid the zipper down.

She looked as if she wanted to ask another question but was unsure of which one to ask. I slid my hand between her jeans and her panties. Her eyebrows went up and as she took a short breath. I began to rub her between her legs which pushed her pleasantly against my erection.

Georgia: “…Ted?.. I…” she was shaking her head. I slid my hand into her panties and began to rub her clitoris. “Ah!” she exclaimed as she closed her eyes and laid her head back on my shoulder.

I felt her grip my right hand with hers while her left hand guided my left up to her breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I smiled. I began to play with her nipple and massaged her tit as I leaned in and kissed her behind the ear. I kept rubbing and began to give little licks to her neck as I kissed her. I knew I hadn’t had any pussy in months and I didn’t want to blow anytime soon so I had to pace myself. Georgia however, did not have that kind of restraint. She suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled me in for a deep hard kiss just as she screamed her orgasm into my mouth. The intensity of the kiss became more gentle afterwards. I had slowed my manipulation of her clitoris. When our kiss finally ended I saw a peaceful look of contentment on her face as she closed her eyes.

I slowly bent her over her desk and began to pull her jeans and panties down to her knees. I wedged my right hand between her thighs and started to rub her pussy from front to back and back again. I kept my actions slow so I wouldn’t disturb the comfortable state she appeared to be in. Then I kissed each of her ass cheeks just before spreading them to take a good look at her cute little brown crinkle. It looked so crisp and perfect. Like nothing had ever been stuck in there before. I hoped that was about to change. I leaned in and kissed each cheek again just outside the boundaries of her sphincter. I heard Georgia give a light little hum of a moan. Then I ran my tongue across her ass.

Georgia: “Oh.”

That woke her up. I circled her ass with my tongue a few times before curling my tongue into a spike and jabbing at it. I wiggled slurped and sucked on her ass for a few minutes and she began to squirm on top of her desk. She turned to me in a panic.

Georgia: “You-have-to-stop-I’m-gonna-cum-and-I-KNOW i’m gonna scream!”

There -were- a few people in the building, even at this hour.

Me: “Take your shirt off and stuff it in your mouth.” I said before going back to her delicious young ass.

I watched as she almost tore off her shirt and bit down on it. I heard her give several whimpers just before her body locked up and she yelled into her gag. I was very proud of myself. I’d spent some of my time back here undoing my belt, pants and underwear. So after that last orgasm while she was recovering I just stood up and eased my cock into her. A couple of passes across her lips and Jack slid between her lips without issue. Oh sweet Mary this little girl was tight. I eased in until I felt myself nudge against her cervix. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her against me.

Georgia took this time to kick off her shoes and struggle out of her jeans until her left leg was free of them. With that accomplished she spread her legs a comfortable distance apart. I could hear her moan as I rubbed the head of my dick around her cervix. After several passes I started to pull out of her before slowly going back in. After two or three repetitions of that I would pull her in tight again and rub against her cervix again. Georgia moved her hips towards me as I was pressing into her. I watched as she let the gag fall out of her mouth when she turned her head to face me so she could watch what I was doing. She kept biting her bottom lip now and again

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