Fuckpuppy Goes to the Doctor Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story “fuckpuppy goes to the doctor ch 1” It contains explicit CFNM, public defecation, gay male and puppy play. If you are offended by these themes, don’t read any further! You must be 18 years or older to read this story. All characters are fictional and over 18. Dogs refer to humans, not to animals.


The nurse who called us in looked ravishing. She had shoulder length, dirty-blonde hair and grey eyes. Her braless breasts filled her white shirt, dark nipples clearly visible. Her dark blue skirt was stylishly cut and hemmed above the knee. They highlighted her long legs and shapely calves. She wore her ID on a lanyard, and I saw her name was Mindy.

Mindy led us into a large open space with a couple of metal tables. There was no privacy – anyone passing through the hallway could see a pet being examined! The tables had belts and restraints, and above each table, stirrups hung from the ceiling. A door on the opposite wall led to the backyard.

Mindy turned to my Mistress. “Can you undo his leash, please? I need to check his behavioral responses.”

My Mistress nodded and undid the chain from my collar.

Mindy knelt down. “Come here, boy.” she said.

I turned my head and looked to my Mistress for permission She gave me a gentle kick on my butt crack to send me on my way. I quickly trotted over to Mindy.


I took a few paces forward to Mindy’s feet, then knelt by bending my elbows. I licked her feet and kissed them, then backed away one pace and lowered my eyes respectfully.

“Good boy. Beg.” she commanded.

I squatted on the balls of my feet, back ramrod straight, thighs spread out. My engorged dickhead pushed out of my foreskin and obscenely dribbled precum on the floor. My elbows folded at my chest and my tongue hung out. I was every inch a salivating, horny dog.

“Very good. Hump my leg.”

I wrapped myself around Mindy’s leg, my arms holding her inner thigh for support. I took care not to touch her cunt (dogs can’t do that without permission) but şişli escort felt her moisture on my fingers. With my swollen cock pressed against Mindy’s calf, I humped her leg slowly, hoping I wouldn’t spray her shoes with my cum.

“Hmm, I can feel his precum leaking on me!” said Mindy smiling. “Now let’s take you outside, fuckpuppy.”

Mindy held the door for me, and I trooped out the door to a large, enclosed backyard. In the ground were a couple of chemical toilets, designed for human dogs.

Mindy pointed to one of them. “Show me how you poop.”

I was used to public nudity and puppy play, but the only person who’d seen me poop was Mistress, who had spent hours training me to shit like a dog. I felt very unsure and vulnerable, and looked to my Mistress for help, my eyes beseeching reprieve.

She met my gaze. “Obey the command.” she said firmly, and I trotted to the toilet.

Just then, the door opened and the dog whose cock I had sucked in the reception stepped out with his Owner and another nurse.

“Mind if we watch?” said his Owner brightly. “It’ll help my dog learn.” Mistress nodded. The Owner immediately pulled out her phone and started video-taping me.

Now I was on display in front of four strangers and my Mistress, doing my most intimate act, and being taped in the process! My face turned red with embarrassment, and I felt more naked and vulnerable than ever before. It also made me more horny! My cock engorged even more, and I felt fresh precum on my glans.

I positioned myself over the toilet, arched my back and brought my legs under me, like I’d been taught. My butt pushed down and my asscheeks parted. My butthole was exposed and visible to everyone watching. I strained, and my poop slowly came out of me and fell into the toilet.

At last, I was done. Just as I was relaxing my muscles, the other Owner called out. “Hold it, boy!”

She turned to Mistress. “As a thank you for letting us watch, can my dog clean your pet’s bottom?”

My Mistress nodded. “Sure, thank you.” She said.

The taksim escort other dog trotted over to me. I spread my legs wide, and he brought his nose and mouth into my butt-crack. He gave my asshole a good sniff, then started licking me. I almost moaned in ecstasy as the dog’s tongue reamed my asshole. Now, if only I was allowed to cum…

All too soon, it was over. The other Owner pulled her dog back, and Mindy slapped my ass. “Party’s over, fuckpuppy. Let’s get back inside.”

We went back into the room. Mindy led me to a table, and used a remote control to lower it to the ground. I quickly crawled on to the table, making sure my legs were spread wide for easy access.

Mindy tied restraints to my calves, and raised the table to standing height. She held my face in her hands and kissed me and rubbed me behind my ears. “Now I am going to do a quick examination, okay? I promise this won’t hurt.”

First, Mindy started with my head, feeling for bumps and scrapes. Then, she held a tiny torch and peered into my eyes ears and mouth. Slowly, she ran her hand over my back and ribs, feeling my muscles. After what seemed like a Millenium, Mindy’s hands reached my butt.

She held my asscheek open with one hand, and pressed a finger on my butt hole. “Looks nice and healthy. Let’s see how he takes a finger-fuck.” she commented to my Mistress, and spread a good amount of lube on her fingers.

Holding one butt cheek open, Mindy slowly inserted two fingers into me. I relaxed my sphincter and pushed my ass out to make it easier to take. Mindy pushed all the way to her knuckles. “He’s pretty tight!” she said to my Mistress. “How often do you give his ass a workout?”

“I fuck him a couple of times a month, when I allow him to cum.” replied my Mistress.

Mindy smiled. “Most owners do just that, but we advise them it’s not enough. To keep your pet’s anus flexible, you should finger-fuck him every time you jerk him.

“Even when I milk him?” asked my Mistress, referring to the many times a day she would jerk me, but beşiktaş escort stops short of letting me cum (the “milk” is my precum, not semen!)

“Especially when you milk him. By keeping a finger on his prostate, you can jerk him till you feel it swell. It will take him closer to the edge.”

“That’s great to know!” said my Mistress. “Can you show me how?”

I’ll give the doctor a heads up, he likes to do it.” Said Mindy with a wink. She then withdrew her fingers from my ass, and I felt a vast emptiness in me. She brought her fingers to my mouth. They were coated with lube and my ass juice.

“Clean my fingers, boy.”

I took Mindy’s fingers in my mouth, tasting my shit. She slowly finger fucked my mouth.

“I am done with the preliminary examination,” she told Mistress. “I will pass on my notes to the doctor. He will be in shortly. But before I leave, may I flip your pet over and use him?”

“Of course!” said Mistress.

Mindy undid my calf restraints and told me to flip over. I turned over and raised my legs. Mindy secured my feet in the stirrups and punched some buttons in the remote. The stirrups moved forwards and sideways, raising my bottom and exposing my asshole.

Mindy adjusted the table’s height so my face was just under her cunt. She lifted her skirt and mounted my head, her feet on the ground, her soft thighs holding my face immobile. Her wet, hairless pussy pressed into my mouth and nose. I inhaled her juices and pushed my tongue into her soaking cunt. Mindy rested her hands on my chest, and rubbed her engorged clit back and forth on my face, moaning as she did. I. lapped up her juices frantically, my face, cheeks and hair soaked with her moisture.

Mindy came like a gale- force wind. Her thighs squeezed my face in a vice- like grip as wave after wave of her orgasm crushed her pussy lips on my mouth. Soon she slumped over, and slid off my face. I gasped for air. My face and hair were coated with Mindy’s pussy juices. I could taste and smell her well after she got off of me.

“That was a good show!” said my Mistress, smiling

Mindy blushed. “Thank you for letting me use him.” she said. Then she bent over and kissed my lips. ” It was a pleasure meeting you, fuckpuppy.” she said. and went out to get the next patient.

to be continued…

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