The Tutor


Kristen sat curled up on the divan. Her feet tucked up under her as she reread the letter. Although she had submitted her name to the agency to be a tutor for a child, the proposal far exceeded what she had been prepared for. She had accepted the job primarily because of the very generous salary and the opportunity to work with children, but this proposal was well beyond what she had expected.

To sum it up, the child she was to tutor was a young boy named Kirk. His exact age had been provided as 18, but she assumed it was a typographical error and assumed he would be in his mid teens at most. Apparently he had been adopted by a couple who were well up in years and wanted a child. As anthropologists who did field work, they never really settled down and the child had been home tutored. Apparently he was exceptional because his IQ was near the genius threshold.

The letter went on to explain that because he had been with them constantly and rarely in contact with children his own age, he lacked the social skills of his peers, or at least children of his own age. Her task would be to wean him into society so he would be able to cope with groups his own age.

Kristen welcomed the opportunity, and quite frankly, the enormous salary his parents had offered. Her plan was to live with him, more or less as an Au Pair but with sole responsibility for him. His parents wouldn’t be returning for several months and she was to act as a surrogate mother.

The following Friday she arrived at the home she would be living in and settled down. The boy would arrive on Monday so she had an opportunity to stock up on food and the other things a pseudo parent might need to begin caring for a young boy.

When the cab arrived around two in the afternoon on Monday she rushed out to help unload his baggage. That was the first surprise. Kirk was a strapping young man, and definitely not a child. Apparently the age on the form had been correct. To just say he was handsome would be an understatement, he was an Adonis. Broad shoulders, lean body and he had the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

She stood there dumbfounded, as the cabby and Kirk unloaded the bags and set them down. He paid the cabby and he immediately drove off. Now they stood there staring at one another. She was almost in a trance as she looked at him. She simply didn’t know what to say.

He was the first to speak, and in an almost childlike manner, extended his hand and said, “I’m glad to meet you ma’am. I’m sorry to be late. There was so much traffic.”

Kristen followed him into the house and spoke for the first time. “Your room is down the hallway to the left. Do you want me to help you carry anything?”

Kirk smiled and just mumbled, “No ma’am I can manage,” and picked up the bags and vanished. Kristen was aghast. She didn’t know whether to call up and back out of the arrangement or to give it a day or two just to see what would happen.

Her mind was in a whirl. She decided to start dinner and puttered around the kitchen getting a meal ready, but her thoughts were on him. How was it possible that a young man that was that good looking would need instruction in social graces? What would she have to teach him?

When he returned he stood in the doorway staring at her. Now Kristen was only twenty three and still had a beautiful body, long auburn hair, dark brown eyes and wore a 28C bra. A bra which she rarely needed except when going out. He watched her, not saying anything as she set the table. “God, she thought, he is awfully shy.” He was following her with his eyes, almost like a puppy dog would do with its master.

Dinner was quiet. Conversation was nonexistent and finally Kristen couldn’t stand it any longer. She began by asking questions. She wasn’t sure about what she was to do. Teach him to dance? How to carry on a conversation? What to wear? She was totally in the dark, but one thing was apparent. He was shy. So shy, in fact that she felt that that would be her first project. Bring him out.

From that point on she began to try and make him feel more comfortable around her. He didn’t pick up on her little jokes or respond too much of anything she asked. His answers were short and to the point. He wouldn’t keep any sort of conversation going.

Finally she asked: “Don’t you like me Kirk? You seem afraid of me. Is there something wrong with me that you don’t like?”

“No ma’am came his brief reply. I just never saw anyone as pretty as you and I just don’t know what to talk about. Mom and Dad said you were supposed to teach me things. Like what to say to people and what to do at parties, what to wear and other things so I would fit in. I sort of thought you would be older though.”

“Hell,” she thought, “you’re not a child and not exactly what I was prepared for either. Here I am a surrogate mother for a guy just a few years younger than I am. This is going to be one hell of a relationship.”

Kristen cleaned up the dishes, while Kirk washed and dried them for aksaray escort her. Then she took his hand and led him into the living room. Sitting down next to him she tried to start a conversation.

Though mostly one sided, she asked questions and decided several things. One, he was extremely shy. Two, he didn’t have much of a grasp of what people his age were up to these days and third, he was lost around girls. He was so innocent that it was almost unbelievable. His parents had kept him so sheltered that he simply couldn’t communicate.

Around nine Kristen put on some music and practically had to force him to put his arm around her waist as she tried to teach him how to dance. Strangely he was a quick study. Once she showed him a step, he had it down pat. The problem was he was afraid to hold her very close and he was a bit rigid. She tried to get him a bit more limber by telling him to sway his hips and try to move with her. Finally he began to relax but getting him to lead was another problem.

By ten they were ready to give it up for the evening. They both went to their rooms and once in bed, Kristen lay on her back and thought about her new charge.

Masturbation was a pacifier that she used quite often when she was stressed out or upset, and this evening was one of those times. One half hour, and three hard orgasms later, she was exhausted enough to drop off to sleep.

The next morning Kristen awoke to hear the shower. Curiosity took control, and she dared to crack the door slightly and peer in. The glass door to the shower was steamed up but she did get brief glimpses when he came close to the opaque surface of the door.

Perhaps it was her imagination, or perhaps it was wishful thinking, but what she thought she saw, had her heart pounding. If she was right, he was above average in the masculine attributes department.

Returning to her room she put on a short denim skirt, a pullover, and sandals. She made breakfast and after they had eaten, the plates were washed and stowed. Then they went down to the lake. When Kirk saw the rowboat tied up at the dock they decided to take it out.

As he rowed, she sat across from him and pretended to be enjoying the view. But the view she was most interested in was Kirk. Still wondering about what she thought she had seen, she began a conversation.

“Have you ever been with a girl before, Kirk?”

“Not very often, no not really,” he answered.

“Have you ever seen a girl nude,” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered. “In magazines and books mostly. Never in person.”

Kristen paused, then lifting up slightly, reached between her legs and pulled off her panties and holding them over the side of the boat, dropped them in the water.

“I think it’s about time you did. Give me your hand. Come on Kirk, your hand.”

Letting go of the oars he reached out to her. She took his hand and put it on her knee. Then she pulled her skirt up so it rested at her waist and whispered. “Come on Kirk, slide your hand up my thigh and feel how soft it is. Come on do it. I have to teach you and you’re never going to feel comfortable around a girl unless you learn to touch me.”

She took his wrist and drew his hand up along her inner thigh until she felt his fingers touch her soft pussy. She held him there, and stared into his eyes as he tried to pull away.

“See? I’m soft and warm, don’t you like touching me up there?”

He nodded.

“Now let me touch you. That’s only fair isn’t it? I mean I want to lean about you too.”

He looked frightened as she leaned forward and undid his belt and unzipped his fly.

Sliding her hand inside his jeans and under his shorts, she captured his shaft and wrapped her fingers around it. She silently gasped and asked, “Are you always this big? I mean you’re not even hard and you’re really big.”

He shook his head. “I guess. Sometimes, when it’s early in the morning and I just wake up it gets bigger and harder. But then it changes back down.”

“Have you ever cum?” He looked puzzled. “I mean ejaculated. Have you ever done that?”

He nodded. “Mom says they’re wet dreams and that it’s normal but those times it happens I get really big and hard.”

“Does it feel good? I mean when I hold you like this?” He nodded yes, then reached down and grasping her wrist, gently took her hand away.

“I never had anyone do that to me before. It felt real good but I think we’re doing something bad.”

Kristen was frustrated. The young man knew everything there is to know from reading books, but in the real world, he was completely lost. She decided to take another tact and when they got back to the dock she again took his hand and they walked up to the house.

A plan was developing and she was anxious to get started. Leaving him at the house, she drove into town.

She had taken his jeans, shirt and shoe sizes before leaving and did some shopping. She was going to do a complete makeover and she needed topkapı escort several things.

Returning several hours later she spread her packages out on the coffee table. The clothes she had purchased were more up to date, and rather casual. The five bottles of wine and two bottles of brandy were placed on the kitchen counter and the two books and three video tapes were laid next to the TV.

They were going to have a wine tasting party later, but in the meantime she wanted him to read the books with her. The tapes were of recent movies. Ones in which the characters did a lot of dancing.

The books were the typical, “how-to,” books on sexual techniques. He may have a good grasp of anatomy but to translate technical terms to those in common use, was going to be her task.

First she explained, “Intercourse is fucking or screwing or something like that. Fellatio is a blow job. Cunnulingus is eating pussy,” and so on. She went down the whole list and finally finished with a few of the words for vagina.

During the whole lesson he just nodded. He knew all the technical terms, just not the common translations, and she hoped that now he wouldn’t sound like a college professor when he was mixed in with a group of young people at parties and such.

Actually she was getting enjoyment from the discussion and although he nodded that he understood, she wished he had asked questions so she could go into more detail.

After supper things were put away, and she brought put out a tray of cheese and crackers. Opening first one bottle of wine, than the next, they sat curled up on the couch and tested each. He seemed to like dry red wines, not exactly her favorite, but it didn’t matter. They both were beginning to feel the effects of the wine and that was the whole purpose.

By the time they got to the Brandy, Kristen had become much more aggressive and suggested they get more comfortable. By that she meant more intimate, but in a subtle way.

A kiss on the cheek became a kiss on the lips. A kiss on the lips became a deep passionate kiss with parted lips. Tongues dueled and she slid her hand inside his shirt and began raking her nails across his chest.

Claiming to be warm, she took off her blouse and had him remove his shirt. Now her firm breasts pressed against his bare chest and her nipples became erect points of sensation. “Suck them, Kirk! That’s what makes me feel good. Do it. That’s what they’re for. Put your mouth over them and suck me.”

He paused. Almost as if afraid to do as she asked. But when she put her hand on the back of his head and brought his lips down to her left breast, his mouth opened.

Suddenly she felt the warm wetness of his parted lips as he sucked and draw her nipple in. His tongue began to flutter back and forth, lashing the erect surface, sending chills down and making her pussy contract.

He’s a natural, she thought. Tonight I need him, but am I going too fast? Can I hold myself in check long enough to go thru with this? Reluctantly she took his suckling mouth from her breast and stood up. He looked up at her puzzled.

“Did I do something wrong ma’am? Wasn’t that right. It tasted so good; I thought you wanted me to do it.”

“It was wonderful Kirk but let’s go slowly. Let’s go into my room and I want to do something with you that I think you’ll like.”

Reassured, he followed her down the hallway and into her room. “Take off your jeans now and lay on my bed.” He stared at her. “Go ahead, it’s all right, just do it, she repeated.”

And like a shy child he turned away and wiggled out of his jeans and pulled down his shorts.

By that time Kristen had removed her skirt and panties. He slowly turned to face her and as their eyes met, she looked first into his face, and then slowly her gaze lowered. Still huge by any standard, his cock remained flaccid.

“Lie down on your back Kirk, and stop calling me ma’am. I’m Kristen, OK?”

He nodded and did as she directed. When he lay on his back, she sat on the bed beside him and looked into his face. “Now don’t fight me on this. It’s perfectly normal and I want to teach you how to let yourself go. Just lay there and feel what I’m doing. If anything happens, it’s what I want to happen. Just relax and let me do this. Do you understand?”

Not quite sure what she meant, he nodded yes and laid his head back on the pillow. Kristen leaned over, her hair hung down over her cheeks and caressed his thighs as she grasped his cock in her left hand and lifted it to her lips.

As she sucked it into her mouth she thought:… “It must be something that he has to be taught to know and want. This is probably the best way to condition him, by having him experience it.

He responded very slowly but she wasn’t in a hurry. Quite the opposite, she wanted to enjoy him as much as she wanted him to enjoy what she was trying for. She wanted him to cum for the first time with a woman.

Slowly he began to swell. sarıyer escort She was learning his weaknesses and discovered that by pursing her lips tightly, almost as if sucking on a straw, then forcing the head of his cock into her mouth thru tightly held lips, he would moan.

Her head bobbed up and down as she repeatedly forced the head of his cock in before letting it slip out. By now her hand no longer needed to hold his shaft. He had swollen to an alarming size and length and she was forced to pause to gasp for air.

Now sometimes just licking up the bottom of his cock and sometimes licking his balls, she continued milk him with her hand. Almost a half hour into this, he began to squeeze his ass and gently lift up.

She stopped the sucking and now simply held the head of his shaft to her lips as she ran the tip of her tongue along the very bottom of its head.

Suddenly he cried out. “NO! STOP! I’TS GOING TO HAPPEN!”

For a brief second Kristen paused to whisper. “Give it to me! It’s all right. It’s what I want Kirk. Just let it go.”

He arched his back and suddenly Kristen’s lips were splattered with a thick stream of warm cum. Quickly she tilted her mouth down capturing his cock and felt the forceful jets of warm cum gush into her mouth.

Instinct took over. Perhaps she hadn’t intended to swallow or perhaps she needed to. It didn’t matter. The warm thick fluid coated her tongue and suddenly she was swallowing huge gulps of his sperm.

She had done it, and holding her palm under his heavy balls she gently rolled them between her warm fingers. She wanted every last drop of his sperm and just as he dropped back down, she slid her thumb the full length of his shaft, squeezing the remaining creamy fluid out and into her mouth.

Leaning over his body, she dragged her firm breasts upward and placing her mouth over his. Parting their lips, her tongue darted in. Again a deep and intimate kiss was exchanged and finally the both lay panting in each others arms.

It’s not the smartest question to ask someone just after you’ve sucked them off, but she was compelled to know. “Was it good baby? Did you like what I did? Wasn’t it fantastic? I really loved doing that to you. I needed it that way.”

He was quietly laying there, his chest rising and falling, catching his breath, when suddenly he turned to her and asked, “Can I do you now? I want to do that. I want to do that to you too. Can I?”

Kristen was floating. By now she was so excited that she couldn’t have wanted anything more in the world. Sure he would new at it but that was exciting too. She could tell him what to do and exactly what she liked most. She almost screamed aloud, “YES, Oh YES, I’d like that!”

He rolled off the side of the bed and stood at the bottom. Kristen moved to the center of the bed and inched her way down until just her butt was on the edge of the mattress. Kirk knelt on the floor and she put her legs over his shoulders. Then she felt it.

He had reached up around her thighs and grasped both her breasts, trapping their nipples between his fingers. Now, slowly rolling them back and forth, he lowered his face and pressed his lips firmly over her opening, stabbed his tongue deep inside.

She gasped. “My god,” she thought. “He’s fantastic. Oh my god he’s good.” Then finding her voice, she moaned aloud, “Please don’t stop. Your doing me just fine. Keep it up Kirk, just like that.”

He was thirsty for her. It seemed that she was oozing some aphrodisiac right into his sucking mouth. It coated his tongue with its sapid fluid and trickled down his throat.

She was slowly oscillating her hips up and down, almost as if trying to squeeze more of the creamy clear fluid into his mouth, when he paused and began to draw his tongue up and down the valley of her pussy. Its tip seeming to part the soft petals of each inner fold before returning to repeat it again in yet another place. She began to moan incessantly. Slowly he drew his right hand down and she felt first one, than two of his fingers slide into the depths of her pussy.

Instinctively they seemed to twist and turn as if searching for something. Then his fingers began to slowly curl and relax while his lips pressed firmly over her clit, forcing it out and exposing the swollen pink pearl.

The tip of his tongue began to flick back and forth over the exposed surface and she began to cry out.

“Yeah, Oh god yeah, oh yesssss, like that. Ohmygod, Ohmygod Kirk. I’m close. Oh baby it’s coming now. Yeah I’m fucking cumming baby! Oh god suck me like that, Oh babeeeeeee I’m gonna die. It’s so fucking good Kirk. Oh baby I am I AM! I’m cumming for you.”

There are just orgasms and there are indescribably intense orgasms, and Kristen had known both, but what was happening to her was much more than that.

Perhaps it was the thought that she was his first, or perhaps it was just that she was surrendering completely to this young man, she didn’t know, but her whole world was shaken.

Slowly she wilted and yet he continued. She wanted to tell him it was enough and to stop but as she lifted her hand to push his head away, she suddenly realized that she needed more. He was bringing her back up to that crest again.

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