A Teacher’s Business Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

Clay sat up in bed as he pushed his wife away. She got on her knees behind him and kissed the nape of his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. Again Clay shrugged her off. He stood up, shook his head and let out a small sigh.

“Look you know I love you its just I can’t keep doing this.”

“Doing what?”

“I can’t keep pretending for you. I no longer feel the spark with you that I once did and it’s more than just sexual. I mean you and I have nothing in common and sex used to be the only thing that made our relationship worth working at.”

Clay walked out of the room, leaving his wife sitting on the bed in a see through black lace night gown that cut off at her thigh. She sighed as she realized he was right. Since around the time of Halloween she had noticed her husband’s lack of interest in her. For months she had tried to get his attention back doing everything possible. But that night it was clear the spark was gone. Maybe it would come back during the summer when there wouldn’t be so much stress in Clay’s life. Or maybe they would be heading for the big D. Whatever the outcome Clay and his wife wouldn’t be sleeping together that night.

Clay glanced at the clock as he sat down at in his office chair. His office was his sanctuary when he needed to get away and going to work wasn’t an option. He pulled up the screen on his laptop, leaned back and unhooked his belt. He still kept it in the loops of his pants in case his wife felt the need to check up on him. He needed to keep a cautious demeanor for what he was about to do was quite risky.

Clay logged into the computer and watched as a couple windows opened up. Most of the applications he closed out of but one he kept open. He put his hands behind his head as he watched an instant message chat window log in and the list of available people to talk to popped up. Mostly everyone was offline but as Clay searched the screen he found the name he was looking for. COLLEGEGURL4ptO. Clay smiled and leaned forward to type a short sweet and to the point: Hey stranger

A small message at the bottom told Clay that COLLEGEGURL was responding and a reply came up: Hey you. Long time no talk 🙁

Clay laughed and responded: We just saw each other this after noon 🙂

The conversation continued rather mildly for a while before COLLEGEGURL sent the message: I have been thinking about you all night and now my panties are soaked.

Clay could feel his dick twitch and get harder as he read the sentence over and over again. Finally he knew he had to send back a: Oh really… 🙂 that’s a bit of a problem isn’t it?

Well what do you expect to do about it?: COLLEGEGURL asked.

Clay smiled, leaned back in his seat and unzipped his pants. He barely had to move the flap of his boxers before seeing his rock hard cock pop out. He grabbed it lightly and with one hand started stroking himself while with the other he replied: You’ll just have to wait and see.

COLLEGEGURL only sent back a simple smiley face before proceeding to tell Clay how she was rubbing herself and sticking a vibrator into her pussy as she thought about him eating her out and fucking her. Clay talked about how he wished she could be there to rub and suck on his cock.

The conversation proceeded until Clay felt mecidiyeköy escort his muscles tense up and a load of cum shot out onto his desk and trickled down onto his pants. He took a couple deep breaths before saying goodnight and shutting the computer.

After what had gone on in the bedroom earlier Clay didn’t bother trying to sleep next to his wife. He went out to the linen closet where he grabbed a small fleece blanket and a couple extra throw pillows. He situated himself on the couch and laid down. He could hear the faint buzzing of his wife’s vibrator and listened as she let out small moans trying not to give it away to her husband what she was doing. Clay listened to the sounds thinking about COLLEGEGURL and wondering what it would be like to see her thrusting a realistic looking pink dildo inside her and watch as she pulled it out to allow a trickle of cum to escape.

The thought was enough to get Clay hard for a second time that night and he quickly rushed back to his computer. He wasn’t planning on another conversation but sent one last message before closing the computer again and going back to the couch.

Knowing that cumming again without any type of aid, Clay decided to let it ride and fell asleep while looking up at the ceiling. His head was flooded with images and dreams that made it impossible for the hard on to go away. But still he slept through the night without any problems.

In the morning Clay could feel his wife shaking him to get him out of bed.

“Hun it’s time for you to go to work.”

Clay jumped up off the couch and ran for the bedroom. He was stripping out of his clothes and rifling through the dresser for new ones when his wife stepped in the room. Her hands were cuffed together and her eyes were focused on the floor.

“Listen Clay I think we need to talk about last night. I don’t know if you meant any of the the things you said I just know that I don’t want to give up on us like that. There has to be more and something that was keeping us together and strong other than sex.”

“Look I really don’t want to talk about this right now.”

Clay threw his shirt over to side and pulled on a clean button up. It was white with light blue vertical stripes. He accompanied these with a pair of black dress pants and a light blue tie. He looked in the mirror while he fixed his tie and tucked the shirt into his pants. This gave him the opportunity to hide the remains of his morning hard on.

Clay turned to walk out the door and saw as his wife picked up the pants he had worn the night before. There was a small white cum stain on the front of them. Embarrassed and to avoid an argument Clay lowered his head and walked away. He went to work that morning rather early. He figured sitting at his desk was better than staring at his sad eyed wife across the table.

“Mr S?” a voice said as the classroom door slowly creaked open. A nineteen year old girl stepped into the room. She had her long brown hair thrown back in a high pony tail. Her shirt was a short short sleeved tee shirt with a low cut v neck. She was wearing a pair of tight light blue boot cut jeans and a pair of white sneakers. To everybody else she was rather ordinary but Clay couldn’t stop himself from developing a boner as nişantaşı escort she came closer to her. She was smiling as she placed her laptop bag on the chair of the closest desk.

“Hera, what are you doing here already? After how late you were up last night you should be sleeping still.”

“I could say the same thing about you. And by the way I got that message you sent last night. And I brought what you wanted me to.”

“Oh really? You are a very risky little girl. And what if your boyfriend was to see that?”

“And what if your wife was to see the messages we have been sending back and forth. I don’t care just like you don’t. You are better than my boyfriend ever thought of being.”

“Is that so.”

“Yeah.” Hera said with a smile.

Clay got up from his seat and walked up to Hera. He pressed his hard cock against her side and lightly kissed the side of her neck. He ran his hands down her body stopping to fumble with the button of her jeans. As it popped open he looked to see the triangular front of a pair of white lace thongs. “Now tell me, ” he started lightly stroking the front of her pussy with the tip of his pointer finger. “What is it about me that you like so much compared to how your boyfriend does it.”

“I like how you tease me til I’m pretty much begging and pleading for you.”

“Mmm I like that too.” Clay smirked as he pulled his hand away. He ran his hand up Hera’s back and lightly grasped the back of her neck. He pulled her in for a kiss and she wrapped her arms around his neck to prolong the embrace. Clay spun her around so they were standing chest to chest and his hard dick was poking into the front of her.

While they kissed Clay brought his hand back to the front of Hera’s thong. He rubbed the front of her pussy and slipped his finger down to tease the area between her vaginal lips with the fabric of the panties. He could feel Hera shiver as her body moved in to feel a further embrace. Hera bit her bottom lip as she hoped Clay would stick his fingers inside her. She could feel the moistness of her pussy between her legs and Clay pulled his hand away.

“You said you brought something.” Clay whispered in Hera’s ear.

Hera pulled her bag up onto the desk and pulled a seven inch long dildo from her bag. It was made to look like a realistic penis and was made of glass. It was a see through orange and Hera started rubbing it the way she would if it was a real dick. While she did this she sat on the desk and made perfect eye contact with Clay. The light flickered off the rim of his glasses but even then Hera could tell he was intent on what she was doing. He moved in to attempt to pull her jeans off but she pushed him away.

“Umm you better let me do what I want. I am the one who controls your grade.”

“Like I need to do this for a grade. My screen name doesn’t say four point O for no reason.”

“Well I’ll take away whatever extra credit you get for doing this then.”

“If you’re gonna play it like that,” Hera jumped off the desk and pulled her bag over to her to put the dildo back in it. She threw the strap over her shoulder and started to walk away but Clay was quick to grab her and pull her back. He kissed her and lifted her up to let her jeans fall down around her etiler escort ass. Hera tried to push away from him but he set her back down on the desk. He kissed her neck and she pushed him away. “I’m not doing this for a grade.”

“Then why are you doing this?”

“You’re a fucken gorgeous teacher and from the first time I sat in this class I have dreamed about your cock.”

“Then let’s make your dreams come true.”

Clay slid Hera off the desk and turned her around. He laid across her back as he reached back into her bag and pulled out the dildo. “Have you ever done anal with this thing?” he asked.

“Yes but I haven’t had a real cock there before.”

“Patience my dear patience.” Clay stuck the head of the dildo in between the lips of Hera’s pussy before thrusting it inside her forcefully. He worked it in and out of her pussy before pulling it out and in a split second changed to her ass hole. Hera pulled forward a bit but Clay placed his hand in front of her and set back in the position she was in. He then got on his knees and while working the dildo in and out of her ass he licked her pussy.

Hera squirmed and tried her best not to scream as she had one orgasm after another. Clay stopped licking and stood up again. His cock was hard and nearly breaking through the zipper of his pants. He released it and began rubbing it while still working the dildo. He lined his dick up with Hera’s pussy and gave a good shove and listened as Hera gave a small squeak in an attempt not to scream again.

“You are truly the best student I have ever had. You know not to scream.” Clay smiled.

“How many other students have you taught not to scream.”

“None this semester. Don’t worry about it, you’re the only one I’m with right now. Plus like I said you are the best student I have ever had.”

“I guess I can work with that.”

Clay pushed his cock and the dildo in as far as they would go. “You guess you can work with that? How bout you work with it or don’t fucken bother coming to my class.”

“I can work with that. Now please don’t stop.”

Clay continued fucking Hera with the dildo in her ass and his cock in her pussy. He knew it was about time to stop so he pulled the dildo out and lightly set it on the ground. Hera pushed her hips out to get Clay to continue but he pulled out of her pussy as well. She tried to turn her head to look at him but he set her attention back facing forward. He started rubbing and stroking his cock and lined it up with Hera’s ass hole. He teased her for a few seconds before ramming his thick seven inch long cock inside her not pulling it back out until all seven inches were no longer visible. Hera let out light moans to show her appreciation and felt as Clay worked in and out of her at a real fast pace then would slow down. Every time he would slow up his speed he would start fingering her touching her G spot and feeling as she would cum instantly.

Clay could feel himself getting ready to cum and started ramming Hera as fast as he could before finally letting all seven inches slip inside her and the load to be blown. He fell on top of Hera exhausted and as he felt the last drip of cum leave his dick he pulled away from her.

“Well you might want to get out of here. My first class is gonna be here soon.”

“Okay Mr. S.”

Clay smiled at Hera as she put her dildo back in her bag and put it over her shoulder. She walked out of the room and Clay fixed his pants. No one was none the wiser to what had happened earlier as they filed in for class that morning.

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