Scott Gets Some Candy Ch. 03


It had been some time since Candy had seen her lover. The last night they were together, she realized that she was truly starting to feel something between them. It was impossible to shake the feeling that she was falling completely in love with a married man. After she had gone home that night, her sex still filled with his juices, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt that she had let things get this far. He was a married man, he obviously loved his wife, whether he could admit it or not, and she was just a home wrecker for getting in the middle of that. She had stopped e-mailing him, stopped texting him, and stopped replying to anything he had sent her. She figured it was better this way, just to let him think that she had moved on to greener (unmarried) pastures.

Scott had been beside himself for weeks after his last night with Candy. He knew he was starting to fall for her but he didn’t know what she thought about it. She always seemed more interested in the thrill of getting caught than actually wanting to tell his wife and destroy his marriage to be with her. He knew something was wrong though, when after four weeks she hadn’t replied to anything he had sent her. Perhaps he had said the wrong thing. Perhaps she had just decided it wasn’t fun to sneak around anymore. He wasn’t sure, but he kept hoping that one day he would see her again and at least be able to tell her goodbye, and thank her for all the wonderful memories they had. He probably would never have the nerve to tell her how he truly felt about her though, especially knowing that she could just give him up in the drop of a hat.

In the weeks after her last meeting with Scott, Candy had decided to pick up some more healthy habits than sex. She had spent lots of time at the rec center swimming pool, swimming lap after lap, timing herself and pushing her body to the limit. The result of this was a firmer, more toned body that she felt truly exemplified how she felt about herself inside. She wasn’t a slave to sex anymore. She still spent time with herself, in the middle of the afternoons usually, vibrator in hand, some sort of generic porn on the computer screen. At first her masturbation sessions were very tame, typical guy on girl porn, small vibrator, sometimes a medium sized dildo.

As time went on, about six weeks after she had last seen Scott, she started to crave something different. She had to find a way to make up for the lack of human contact by making the contact with herself more extreme. She wanted to feel pushed to the limit, stretched wide open, left gaping after she was done. One lazy afternoon, she went surfing the internet and found a sizable, but not obscene, dildo for an affordable price. Why the hell not? she figured and placed the order after reading some positive reviews.

Four days later, a brown box was on her porch courtesy of her somewhat cute UPS man. She prayed as she crept to the door that there wasn’t some ridiculously obvious name on the return address, she didn’t need her neighborhood escort şişli delivery man to know she was desperate enough to buy sex toys online to fuck herself silly. She opened the front door, and to her joy the writing on the box was simple, the only name on the return address was “shipping department”.

She breathed a sigh of relief and closed the front door tightly and flipped the lock. Her curiosity was peaked, she wanted to see this thing in real life. She pealed the tape off the box and opened it like a child on Christmas morning. Removing the plastic shipping bubbles, she found another box inside with a picture of her new toy on the outside. She opened that box, and finally saw her prize. It was bigger than the internet had made it seem was her first reaction. It was the length she was expecting, but the girth, it was much larger than any penis she had seen in real life. She felt a pang of sadness as she remembered how full Scott always had made her feel.

But this was a new leaf, this was his replacement. This was her turn to depend only on herself for pleasure instead of being at someone else’s mercy. She couldn’t wait to try it out, she hadn’t felt satisfied with her personal time in a few weeks and knew that this would be the cure to her problem. She quickly washed it in her bathroom sink and allowed a few minutes for it to air dry before she brought the large pink rubber cock and her laptop into her bedroom. Now to find something to stimulate the mind, she thought. She always thought it was strange how some women could masturbate only to thoughts in their minds, Candy loved the visual stimulation that was online porn. It made her want to try new things and taught her moves she had never seen before. In fact, online porn was probably the catalyst for her purchase.

She thought about double penetration, but that much cock seemed unnecessary to her. And she wasn’t really in the mood to think about cocks, she just wanted the fake one inside of her. So she settled for lesbian porn, with two girls going at each other with sizable dildos in the thumbnail picture. She clicked on it and waited for her video to buffer while she found her lube and began drizzling it onto the pink penis in anticipation of the tight fit. Then she grabbed her small vibrator just to get started and held it to her clit. She trembled deliciously as soon as she turned it on, and the girls onscreen began opening each other up for the camera. Candy really wasn’t into the lesbian lifestyle, but she could appreciate sexuality in many forms, and she did find the vagina quite enticing at times.

The girls onscreen continued to moan, as did Candy with her small vibe. Time to spice this up a bit, she thought. She put the vibe down on her bed, but didn’t turn it off, sometimes in the throws of an orgasm, it really kicked things up to hold it on her clit for just a few seconds, a few times she had even been able to squirt. That wasn’t her goal today, but an earth shattering orgasm was.

She touched the tip of taksim escort bayan the large dick to her opening which was already slick with juices. She began to insert the first inch into her. She wasn’t really in the mood for going all slow and sensual, she knew it was just her and the plastic, there was no romance, nor did she want to pretend there was. One inch in, then came the fun part, the width. She knew she wanted to ride this thing, so she dabbed some more lube around her pussy lips and onto the dildo, then pushed another inch inside. It felt amazing, her muscles were relaxing and accepting this large intrusion quite gracefully so far.

The girls onscreen were now slowly working dildos in and out of each other, their pussies making slurping sounds while they did so. Candy decided to make the process move faster as she turned the screen to face the edge of the bed, then got up and moved to the wooden chair where she usually kept her clothing for the following day. She used the hard wood of the chair to brace the dildo against her, and with her own body weight, began pushing it inside of her. The feel of stretching got more and more intense, she could already feel her pussy quivering, and she knew if she wanted to really feel this thing to its full potential, she needed to stuff herself with it was soon as possible.

She reached and grabbed the vibe off her bed and held it harshly onto her clit with one hand. With her free hand, she spread her pussy lips wider to allow for less friction and the rubber dick made its way inside of her. The pulsing vibrations on her clit made her want to sink down onto the dildo, and she rapidly impaled herself on its eight inches of glory and immense girth. Her ass hit the chair. She couldn’t believe this huge thing was inside of her, widening her lonely hole, causing her cunt walls to convulse rapidly around it.

It was then, in the throes of her orgasm, pussy clenching, vibrator humming, legs quivering, that she looked up at the screen. The lesbians had ditched their dildos and were doing something even more raunchy and fascinating. One girl had her arm sticking out of the other’s snatch! Candy immediately began moaning and bucked her hips back and forth on her huge rubber penis even harder, pressing the vibe so tightly to her clit she thought she was about to burst. Instead, she felt herself release a stream of ejaculate onto the chair and floor below her.

She continued to convulse on her pink friend for another minute or so, until she finally ran out of energy. That had been just the thing she needed to see. Her mind was ablaze with ideas, how could she accomplish that? She wanted to feel another person’s fist completely inside of her, she wanted to have someone feel her completely from the inside. Then her heart sank, as soon as she realized she was envisioning Scott’s hand inside her, his muscular arm being swallowed by her cunt at the wrist.

Disheartened, she looked back up at the screen, which had now stopped moving, escort beşiktaş her muses had finished their fun and the screen was asking her if she wanted to replay or leave that page. She wanted neither, she simply wanted to be able to turn her mind off and think of someone or something other than him. Being the other girl wasn’t something she could do forever, she reminded herself. Still certain she made the right decision, Candy decided it would be best to put the toys away and take an afternoon cat nap before a swim in the pool. Maybe something good would come to her in her dreams, she thought.

Scott, on the other hand, was trying to go about his life as normal. He tried to make love to his wife, but it had turned into a failure. She seemed uninterested in him, even while riding on top of his cock, she seemed to be thinking of something else. He figured she was thinking about work, or maybe if he was lucky, another man. At long last, she did a fairly good job of faking an orgasm (or so he figured), and he had rolled her off of him after a few grunts of his own. She fell asleep soon after and he found himself in a burning hot shower trying to forget about the woman he knew in his heart he loved. His wife was nothing compared to her, sure his wife was gorgeous, smart, funny, and social. But Candy was so much more, she emitted raw sexuality, she was warm and inviting, he could imagine her just laying in the sun doing nothing but enjoying the moment. His wife couldn’t, or wouldn’t do that. She was so absorbed in her work and vast networking events that she never stopped to smell the roses. If she wasn’t working, at conference, or sleeping, then she was at the gym doing her cardio while watching the news.

The hot water streamed down his back, over his ass and fell down around him. It felt good, it felt hot and passionate, a feeling that had been missing in the almost seven weeks since Candy had gone away. He remembered his last night with her vividly, each moment frozen in his brain in its purest form, her gasps, her moans, her sexy smile. He couldn’t forget it, he didn’t want to ever forget it. He needed release so badly, his hand had found its way to his cock and was gently stroking. He hadn’t cum in what felt like forever, he tried to fuck his wife and enjoy it, but he just couldn’t. He relished his solo afternoons, furiously beating his dick in front of the computer screen, wishing his beautiful mistress was there with him.

He knew he needed it badly tonight. Part of him was tempted to turn the water off, walk into his bedroom, and call Candy repeatedly until he got some sort of answer. But he knew that if she wanted to get ahold of him, she would have. He would just have to settle for his hand for now. He gradually quickened his pace and tightened his grip as he felt that familiar glowing feeling deep in his belly. He closed his eyes and an image of Candy bent over in front of him came into his mind. It was more than he could stand, ropes of cum began spurting from his cock and onto the shower wall. His legs went weak and he sat down on the floor of the shower. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but as soon as he sat down, he pulled his knees to his chest and began to cry. He knew what he needed in his life, and he knew he would never again have it.

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