Suzy Q Pt. 01


Suzy rolled over and pulled the pillow over her head as the alarm on her iPhone began blaring at 5:45am. Daylight savings had just sprung forward and it was still dark out. The small coffee shop she works at opens at 6:30. Groggily, she reaches over and silences the alarm, knowing that the next one will go off at 6.

She’s gotta get up, but might as well make use of the available window. Reaching down into her panties as she rolls back over, she lightly strokes her furry mound with all four fingers, gently dragging her fingernails along her pubic hair she feels them rustle and bristle at her familiar touch. She follows through on the downstroke, cupping her labia in hand. She squeezes softly, feeling the fullness of her womanhood.

The cool air in her apartment causes a slight chill on her shoulders, and causes little goosebumps to form and run down the back of her neck and down her arms making the light blonde hairs stand up. Using her left hand, she slides the duvet cover up from just above her belly button and over her soft, round, full breasts lightly flicking her hard nipples. She pulls it right up to her neck as she spreads her labia with index and ring fingers, gliding them up and down her lady lumps to warm them up. Pressing in on the way down, she feels her pussy respond as her lumps become firmer, and start to push back.

She brings her middle finger down and runs it down along her moistening slit. Pulling it up, she feels the wet morning şişli escort dew pooling in her hole. Reaching her little nub, now protruding from her bush, she circles her wet middle finger around the head, coaxing it out of its protective hood and looking like a girlcock.

Using her whole hand she grabs her entire mound, squeezing harder this time and feeling the fullness and wetness of all her bits now that she’s aroused and erect.

She inserts her left ring and middle finger into her mouth and loops her tongue around to coat them in saliva.

Releasing her package, she reaches down, spreading her lips with right hand, and slowly slides her fingers inside herself. She lets out a soft, low, guttural moan from her belly as she feels a warm ripple of pleasure cascade upwards from her pussy through her clit as her palm gently smacks it, to her stomach as she relaxes and takes a full breath, allowing it to fill and hang, through to her center and chest, out her throat, and percolate into her head as lust begins to overwhelm her thoughts.

There is no friction as she slides her fingers in and out of herself, imagining a big, fat, juicy cock leaking with precum. She imagines cupping each of the two enormous, oddly squishy balls on the sack as she pumps herself a little faster, her palm, index, and pinky finger slapping her plump labia and sploshing her juice.

Suzy lets out a little “Hmmmph!” and purses her lips and furrows her brow as escort bayan merter in her mind she leans forward with wide open mouth and wraps her lips around the large, hardening, smelly cock. She uses her tongue to make circles around the head, and tastes the substantial amount of precum leaking out while squeezing both balls gently, on hand on each, palms forward. She thinks,

“I’m gonna such the milk out of these big fat tittes, right through this juicy boyclit.” as she starts slamming her fingers into her soaking, sloppy, firm cunt.

She’s bobbing up and down on this rock hard cock, feeling the lower ridge along the bottom firm up as she makes a cushion for it with her tongue. She begins squeezing and kneading the abnormally large, smooth, and squishy balls, as if she’s trying to get something out of them.

*slap, slap, slap*

She is furiously pumping herself, causing her bedframe to rattle a bit as she spreads her legs further apart.

She feels her labia get a bit more plump as her palms smack them; they are wobbling a bit as they’re filled with blood and protruding in an ovular shape.

She has the cock deep in her throat as she rhythmically pounds herself in time with the fellatio she’s giving. She begins to squeeze her own nipple and knead her tit her right hand in sync with her kneading those fat balltits.

She pops the cock out of her mouth, presses her face into the balltits, and squeezes hard on istanbul escort bayan them. She sticks her tongue all the way out of her mouth and, starting at the indentation between them, licks upward along the bulging ridge on the bottom of the cock, having now completely coated itself in precum.

She lets out a little “Mmmmm” as she licks up the precum and tastes its salty tang.

Slowing down her thrusting, she slides her fingers out of her vagina and uses her index finger and thumb to squeeze her erect clitoris, which is aching and so full it hurts a little. Pinching from the base, she moves up squeezing tight. She feels an electric buzz radiate quickly outwards to her labia and down to her toes as she stretches her legs forward.

Suzy begins masturbating her little cock while continuing to pinch her nipple and grasp her boob.

She grunts deeply, while as her fantasy balltits sprout little nipples near the bottom, which she immediately places her lips on and begins gently sucking. She raises her hands up above her head and uses both to start jacking off the big cock attaches to these gorgeous balltitties.

As she pumps and sucks, a milky, creamy substance begins to leak out of the ballnipple into her hungry mouth.

Imagining this, the 6:00 alarm begins to ring.

Suzy is frantically pumping her little girlcock, and as she imagines the big cock in her mind exploding she feels her tummy tighten, labia clench, and explodes as she spurts and squirts girljuice all over the bed,

“Ugghhffphh,” grunting deeply with satisfaction.

She gives her breast and mound a final firm squeeze, tosses off the covers, and begins to get ready for work thinking,

“Goddamn, I need some boypussy.”

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