The Barbarian Ch. 01


The Barbarian was an unwanted gift and it still lay in its carton below the bed gathering dust. Helen had laughed with embarrassment when her friend Sharon had presented it to her as a going away present. The mat black box had been placed right in the middle of restaurant table to the amusement of all her friends and a sly wink from a passing waiter. She immediately whisked it away and stuffed it in to the carrier bag with her other presents. When she eventually returned home, she tipped the contents out on to the bed, only to feel mortified once again by its presence. As well as being rechargeable, it promised many other things, including a naturalistic look and feel, a dual function control that allowed reciprocating motion as well as vibration, and a tireless motor: but best of all it guaranteed satisfaction. After a moment of staring through the cellophane window in the front of the packaging at the large rubbery phallus, Helen got down on her knees and slid it carefully under her bed, pushing it right to the middle next to her box of old diaries and childhood souvenirs. She wouldn’t entertain the notion of using such a thing, but she felt obliged to keep it until she could dispose of it carefully. This would have to wait, as her journey to Paris the next day took precedence over anything else. After all she would be there for three months and careful planning for such a trip had been required and there were several things she had to do.

The driver who took her to the airport smiled warmly as he dumped the bags in to the boot, as he felt sorry for this woman easing herself in to his back seat. She was obviously quite attractive, but no one had ever shown her how to make the best of herself.

“The airport please!” she snapped impolitely.

He nodded. Perhaps she had been shown he thought, but she just hadn’t listened. Helen settled in the seat and adjusted her black business suit, she was determined to look professional, even abroad. Especially in Paris, where she understood most of the women were reputed to be very elegant. She didn’t want her male colleagues to see her as a light weight. The driver looked in the mirror at her face, she was very pretty, but her uptight air made nothing of her full lips and big brown eyes. The way she sucked in her cheeks and pouted made her look angry, especially with her long dark hair pulled up above her head very tightly. Now there was woman, he thought, that wasn’t getting enough sex, if any at all.

Helen’s sister Maria had been charged with looking after her house n Primrose Street. She had been ordered to visit it at least twice a week, but so far she had been around just once in a month. She had assured Helen all was fine and she had been there almost every day. Maria was nothing like her sister. Helen was calm and organised, whereas Maria was rash, passionate and clumsy. She was also bright and bubbly, slightly overweight and much more fun. Her sister’s darker look were not shared either as Maria had short blonde hair that was cut in to a fluffy bob, with thicker crimson lips and big blue eyes.

She had checked escort mecidiyeköy the downstairs rooms in a few minutes, there were no leaks, very few letters and still nothing in the fridge or cupboards that needed disposing of. She climbed the stairs to check the bathroom and then went in to the master bedroom and opened the window to let some air circulate. Just as she was about to leave her cell phone rang. It startled her a little, she didn’t expect noise in an empty house, so when she tried to retrieve it from her bag she fumbled and dropped it. It bounced on the thick carpet and skittered under the bed. After a few seconds it fell silent. It was then that Maria found her sister’s Barbarian. In an effort to retrieve the phone, she lifted the edge of the duvet and lay down on the floor, waving her arms about under the bed, her slight impatience lead to her knocking the phone further under. She heard it thump against a box. She stretched a little further, causing her T shirt to become un-tucked from her jeans. Carefully, she hooked her fingers around the container, drawing it gently forward, sweeping the phone before it. Soon enough both objects emerged from beneath the bed frame. At first she was happy just to check her phone, and after registering the origin of the missed call she looked down at the box intending to replace it where it came from. The realization of what it was caused her to whoop with laughter.

“Well I don’t believe it, my straight laced big sister with one of these!”

Maria simply couldn’t believe her eyes. Before her was a very large toy, a deluxe and rather interesting looking object, that had not yet been taken out of its box. It was still sealed with a strip of tape and Maria realized from the tag attached that this was an unwanted gift. It read ‘You might need this in Paris, love Therese’. Maria had met her sisters friend Therese on several occasions , and realized it was probably part of a wind up and wished she had been there to see her siblings face. The monster in the box, put her own little hand bag friendly device in the shade.

She was about to put it back, but suddenly thought it was a bit of a waste to have something like this to hand and allowing it to languish unappreciated beneath a mattress. Carefully she placed it before her on the bed, slipping a finger nail beneath the tape, and running it along until it carefully peeled away from the box. With equal care she hinged open the lid and reached inside. The Barbarian was held in place by wires which she cautiously un-twisted until the plastic member was in her hands. It was about eighteen inches long, flesh coloured, and shaped in a relatively realistic manner for the first six inches of its overall length. It had a large soft tip and a more ridged shaft, sculpted for the most part like a real cock, but with a series of radial ridges and small flexible nodes around the front of a rounded base. Below this as an ergonomic grip which contained the battery pack and controls. She noticed it was heavy, its ha a rechargeable battery and the charger was still in the bayan escort box. She took it out, plugged it in and pushed the adaptor in to a little hole near the base. The red light on the charger flickered into life. The instructions informed her that it would fully charge in an hour. She licked her lips and placed the whole contraption on the bedside table. Then she went down stairs turned on the television and made a cup of instant coffee. Black with two sugars, she thought she might need the energy later.

Maria checked her watch and climbed the stairs once again. Sure enough the charge light was flashing, indicating full power. She giggled and unbuttoned her jeans. Stepping out of her kitten heel shoes, she rolled the denims down over her full thighs on to the floor. Then she climbed on to the bed and pulled aside the gusset of her panties. There was a dark spot of moisture on the cotton, an indication of her excitement and anticipation. Her neatly trimmed pussy was already quite wet, a delicate coating of moisture made her lips glisten and had left the little bush of remaining pubic hair slightly sticky. Maria always got damp when she was excited, earlier in the day when she was shaving the area and trimming her remaining fuzz in to a neat little triangle she had brought herself off with the rounded top of Jason’s shaving cream canister. Under normal circumstances she loved to hear him, her boyfriend lapping up her cum. But this was different, she was about to be unfaithful with her sister’s vibrator.

She thought of the little silver plated shaft lying unloved at the bottom of her bag in the car. Then she looked at the large rubber creature on the bedside table and thought it was about time she upgraded. She picked it up, discarding the wire, and flicked the switch forward. It vibrated in to life, then she twisted the base to the right and it increased its speed, then to the left it slowed down. On maximum it as very powerful, like sitting on a spin dryer, on slow it was merely a comfortable tingle. Flicking the switch the other way caused it to bob up and down, at first it took long gentle strokes, but when she increased the speed it worked its way up to being quite ferocious fuck. She was impressed, and feeling very aroused, so she put it on slow and offered it to her clitoris, placing it carefully at the top of her slit and pushing its soft tip down on to her little nub of pleasure. A gentle wave of delight crept through her as she pressed it firmly on to her spot. Her outrageous behaviour was definitely enhancing her pleasure. She slid the thing up and down a little, moistening more of its length with her own juice and teasing her deliciously warm opening. Her left hand crept down to increase the speed and then slipped between her legs, pulling her panties so hard to one side they ripped around one of the legs. The tear was big enough to reveal all of her, so Maria splayed herself apart, revealing the enticing pink inner folds of flesh.

She looked across the room and she could see herself in the full length mirror that her sister used for checking bayrampaşa escort bayan her clothes. She pouted at her own reflection and stuck out her tongue as though she was being photographed. The view turned her on, starring at her own pussy about to accept the unreasonably large shaft was a very erotic sight. The buzzing was quite loud, and by now was rubbing her very hard, so she moved the shaft along further until the rings were directly over her clit buffeting her centre of happiness about very vigorously. Her orgasm began to rise inside her, spreading outwards for a moment, bringing all of her pelvis alive, causing her to raise it from the bed, her whole body tensed and climactic until the overwhelming sensation weakened her legs and she slumped down. She could still feel the last tendrils of pleasure curling around her thighs. There was more to come.

She angled the tool so the end of it nudged her opening a little further down, the very end of it poking inside her. It felt good, almost like a real cock, but she was in control of it, she could make it do anything she wanted. She pushed it a little further until she could feel the movement inside her, the generous girth stretching her quite wide and making her insides glow. She flicked the switch, forgetting its current power and the vicious thing pummeled her pussy, causing her to buck around on the duvet like a pornographic rodeo star. The shaft was jamming up inside her really hard, rubbing the inside of her tunnel and the relentless poking causing her to groan with delight and summon another generous climax. It was in as far as she thought she could safely go, the end of it stimulating the sweet spot inside and towards the top

“Oh fuck!” she squealed. “Oh fucking hell.” She was making a lot of noise.

After several more minutes of punishment, and one last push, the flexible rings hit home, tugging at the mouth of her tunnel, pulling it back with the friction. Now it was deep, very deep, she felt impaled as the rubber nodes enthusiastically rubbed her clitoris and she understood why it was called the Barbarian. After her second climax calmed down she pulled the toy out with a slippery pop and she flopped back on to the bed.

She was worn out, her underwear was destroyed and her sister’s unwanted toy was very sticky. Gathering her strength she rose from the bed, intending to clean it up with a wipe and replace it in its box. She got up, swinging her lovely legs and plump backside over the edge of the bed and rising to her feet. But within a few steps she tangled her feet in her jeans and tripped over the adaptor wire. She fell forward and launching the Barbarian in to the air. It went straight out of the window.

Sharon slowed down as she wove her way between the parked cars. It had been a busy day at the office, then a few hours at the gym, but having the roof off the little sports car made it a more bearable drive home. Midway down Primrose Street she thought she heard a noise in the back where she had slung her hold-all from the gymnasium. She turned around momentarily but could see nothing, just the edge of her shorts peeking out of the bag, flapping in the breeze. She stuffed them inside and pulled the zip closed. Someone coming the other way sounded their horn and she decided she would concentrate harder on driving…

To be continued…

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