The Egg


They had flown into Chicago for a seminar he had to attend. Jasmine had the day to play and plan for the evening.

Antonio had a break and immediately called her cell phone.

“Hey Gorgeous, having fun?”

“Hi Handsome, wanna meet for dinner tonight?”

He immediately picked up on the playful tone in her voice and fell into the role-play of a new date scene.

“I would love it! How about at that Steak House in the lobby? I hear the food is excellent. See you at seven?”

“Seven at the Steak House!”

Jasmine had all day to shop and it was almost 6:00. Since they were meeting right in the hotel, she had plenty of time to freshen up before dinner.

She got back to the hotel room, “A nice bath would do me good.” With that, Jasmine peeled out of her blouse and jeans and rolled her panties to the floor in route to the tub. She drew the hot water and lit a few candles. The hot water soothing her body was relaxing. As she washed, her thoughts drifted to Antonio.

After the bath, Jasmine dried off and laid out part of her purchases on the bed. Since the restaurant was fairly formal, she chose a black dress with a matching silk jacket. She was feeling frisky and a little naughty; crotchless, black pantyhose would do the trick. They were frisky and no one would be the wiser (until she chose). Black heels completed the outfit.

Jasmine admired her reflection in the mirror. The dress fit perfectly. It hugged her waist and around her ass. The skirt was short and her legs were well displayed. With a quick toss of her hair, she declared herself presentable.

Antonio was waiting for her even though she was five minutes early.

“Jasmine, you look stunning.” She wondered if she’d ever grow tired of his sincere flattery.

“Thanks, Handsome,” she said as she slowly looked him up and down. “You look pretty good yourself.”

He took her by the arm and guided her with pride into the restaurant.

“Table for two, nonsmoking?” he queried the hostess while palming her few bills for the best seat.

The hostess smiled, “Right this way.”

The couple was seated in a booth in the corner of the restaurant. çapa escort The waiter took drink orders and disappeared. They quipped in a first date role-play for the dinner.

As Jasmine finished a most excellent prime rib dinner, she was relaxed enough to change the mood.

“Say something that blows me away?”

He chuckled. “Have you ever been fucked by a cold raw egg in the shell?” he questioned.

Jasmine laughed and said, “You’ve got me there!”

Well, the mood, the company, the lead up, and now the intrigue had them both dead to rights! When the waiter asked them if they wanted dessert or after-dinner drinks, Jasmine took the lead.

“Do you have a fresh raw egg in the shell?” She batted her eyes at the waiter.

“Yes, Ma’am, we do.”

She rimmed her wine glass slowly with her index finger, “Can I get one please?”

He confirmed the order by asking, “You want one fresh raw egg in the shell?”

“Yes, Sir, and the check,” Antonio added with a smile.

With an odd smile, the waiter nodded and scurried off to accomplish his task.

Jasmine blushed and nodded, nervous yet excited, as the waiter returned with the egg and bill. Antonio offered his credit card before the waiter could depart. In moments, the bill was settled. They snatched the egg and left.

Jasmine led the way to the room. Since he hadn’t been there yet, it was like she was taking him back to her room. She seized an empty elevator and they rode to the eleventh floor. Jasmine was feeling very playful and in control. They were standing arm in arm on the quiet ride up, when she suddenly got a devilish idea.

“Honey,” she whispered in her stunning southern belle drawl. “Looky here!” As she said it, she stepped away, bent over, and lifted her skirt over her ass to show off her new crotchless hosiery.

“Jasmine!” His eyes went wide with wonder.

She flipped the skirt back down as he grabbed her for a kiss. Suddenly, the elevator door opened and a lone young man stepped in.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” he stammered, realizing he had broken a passionate embrace.

“Not a problem,” Jasmine assured him. “You take chances doing fatih escort that in an elevator.”

At that moment, the couple arrived on the desired floor. Giggling, they exited the elevator. She led him to her room and opened the door. With a mischievious smile, he placed the egg in the room’s refrigerator.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt as she watched. Then he abruptly stopped.

Without a word, he moved closer to her and she reached for his shirt. She could not resist a quick touch as she worked. He rubbed against her breasts. Their eyes were locked. as he unzipped her dress. In moments, his pants and her dress joined his shirt on the floor.

“Jasmine, my God, you are stunning in every way,” he stammered while getting lost in her eyes.

He admired this woman who he completely loved. He rambled. “And those stockings… You shaved!” he purred appreciatively.

He guided her onto the bed. There they lay, he in his briefs and her in crotchless pantyhose. His erection was evident by the tent in his briefs. She could feel the hypersensitivity of her hard nipples and her pussy was dripping.

Pointing with her finger, she insisted, “Off with the shorts.” She could be a bossy southern belle when she wanted to be.

Antonio made a big show of it, ham that he is. He stood and with a whirl and a twist, he freed his beautiful cock from the stifling briefs. He twirled the shorts on his fingers as he made his hard cock dance. She giggled and enjoyed the show.

“Now, you must remove your stockings. But first, I’ve gotta get the egg,” he stated as he walked to the refrigerator.

Antonio got the egg. Soon, he was standing in front of her both of them nude in the dim light. With a firm but gentle hand, he laid her back on the bed and teased her thighs open.. He knelt in front of her as if she were a shrine to worship.

“Hmm, girl, you are already wet!” As he spoke, he touched the cold tip of the egg to her hot and already swollen pussy.

He eased the tip of the egg in just a bit. The cool shell made her feel even hotter. He wiggled the tip of the egg around, in just a little, and then around again. Then sarıyer escort bayan he pushed the egg into her a little more and pulled it back out.

All this activity was making her even wetter and his actions were actually milking the juices from her. The egg was a soppy mess and he gently sucked her juice from the shell! He took his thumb and began to work her clit. Tenderly at first, but as it got lubed up he got more aggressive. He penetrated her a little deeper, with maybe half the egg, as he massaged her clit with his thumb. She held fast to the top of his shoulders as he rocked her closer and closer…

He slowly pushed the egg completely in. She could feel the liquid yoke moving within the shell. It felt exquisite; better than any Ben Wa ball ever could. As Antonio massaged at the bottom of the egg, she could feel her muscles gyrate the wider end against her front pelvic bone.

“Oh, OH, I’m gonna CUM!” she exclaimed. Then it hit HARD! She threw back her head, arched her back off the bed and shuddered. Her muscles clamped down hard and he watched the egg disappear. Then it happened . . . she felt and he heard the muffled popping sound of her vagina breaking the egg. This brought an immediate renewed and intense orgasm, as if he’d just exploded his seed in her. She felt the yoke run down her thighs, her muscles quickly separated the shell from it contents and the shell pieces were ejected from her almost magically. The egg left her, and the bed, a mess. She started to get up but he climbed between her legs and pinned her to the bed with his weight.

He gazed in her eyes and poised his manhood at her messy entrance. Jasmine’s groin was still pulsating from the egg exploding inside her. His eyes never left hers as he claimed her again as his own. She felt egg ooze out of her essence as his girth filled her slowly with all 9 inches of his manhood. The egg provided a unique lubricant. As his 9-inch manhood repeatedly kissed the mouth of her cervix, she soon climaxed hard again. He followed and released the warmth of his seed deep inside her. The contrast of his warmth and the egg sent her over the edge again and she let the waves of pleasure flow through her.

They laid there while her body continued to convulse in aftershocks. He never ceased to amaze her. He watched in awe as the woman he loved slowly returned to earth.

She finally said, “I’ll never hear ‘go suck an egg’ the same again.”

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