The Long Pull Pt. 03


Day 3


It had all been worth it. Waking up to Jana’s arse wedged firmly against his cock was one of the better ways to start the morning. She never did get her dress off and over the course of the night, said dress was hiked up near her middle so in the soft morning light, she looked naked from the waist down. Jana was still very much asleep with the rest of her dress all askew. Her tits were practically bursting out of the garment. In that moment, Jonathan had a burst of inspiration and went to fetch her bag of secrets.

Jana’s toys all held promise for the early morning rise, but it was the small sleek silver bullet which Jonathan decided would be the best way to wake up the sleeping vixen. Jonathan positioned Jana on her back with her legs slightly askew. Jana’s head was still lolled to the side, slight smile on her lips, and her body deeply relaxed. As he looked up on her lips, he remembered her taste and longed to see if her cunt matched the exquisite flavor of her mouth…but Jonathan was going to stick to the plan. Even if he could see her nipples start to poke out…begging for his hands and tongue…this morning was about the tease. Jana said she wanted to talk. Jonathan didn’t. What was going on between the two of them was simple, easy, and plain needful. Jana would want to get in depth about the hows and whys of it all, but Jonathan only wanted to see her cum in the morning light.

With that thought in mind, he turned on the vibrator. The soft hum broke the silence of the room, but it was her face he was fixated upon as he barely grazed Jana’s pussy with the device for the first time. Jana let out a slight gasp before her face regained a look of sleepy confusion and finally relaxation. Jonathan followed up the first touch of the vibrator with another quick touch through the fabric of her barely there thong. Again, he watched Jana’s body react and then settle. Jonathan licked his lips with anticipation. He reminded himself to be patient, but with his next touch, Jana let out a moan and suddenly Jonathan didn’t want to steadily tease and work her up in a state. He wanted her to cum, preferably with his cock, but for now, this would do. Jonathan began to work the hand held vibrator in earnest. He leaned in close enough so he could smell her musk and feel the heat coming off of her pussy lips as he moved the vibrator up and down her slit. He kept his pace steady and his touch light. Jana’s body began to respond to the touches with small movements of her hips, but it was her breathing, like she could barely take in air, which made Jonathan want to bury himself in her moist cunt.

His gaze traveled upward to see her lips parted as he listened to her small short gasps as he continued to stroke her. Desperate to see the evidence of her arousal, he pulled the fabric to the side exposing her glistening pussy lips for the first time. Just a taste he thought as he ran a finger around the top of her exposed clit and brought her flavor to his lips. For someone he associated with pensive concentrated frowns, he was a bit surprised for her to taste so fucking sweet. At first contact of her juice to his tongue, it was his turn to moan in appreciation. His cock was so hard, he had started to leak.

Still, she slept. Her body undulated to the rhythm of the vibrator and hands had started to grip the sheets, but her eyes remained closed. He wanted to make her cum in a way where she’d be desperate to be fucked after, so he kept his administrations to her needy cunt purposeful. He’d circle the vibrator around her clit before going up and down her pussy lips. He’d tease her hole before retreating his touch. She was so slick with need, she had started to soak the bed underneath her. The more he touched, the more he became intoxicated on the scent of those juices. He wanted to taste, to fuck, and to own-but he was committed to driving her absolutely mad this morning.

Jonathan was so focused on the way her pussy was reacting to his touch, he was surprised when he felt Jana’s hand cover the top of his head. He looked up to find her eyes, barely open and looking down upon him. She wasn’t the bright and intelligent woman of the day- she was the primal and needful woman from his imagination. Jana didn’t speak, but when Jonathan purposefully and firmly circled her clit with the vibrator, her head dropped back down and she let out a breathy moan. She was close and Jonathan wasn’t going to fool himself, if she didn’t cum hard and soon, he might beat her to the punch. He had started rubbing his cock, still tucked away in his briefs, alongside the bed…looking for any bit of friction to ease the need to fuck this woman. Jana licked her lips and gripped the sheets like her life depended on it. Her dress was hiked up around her middle still and her tits jiggled as she kept moving her body around, looking for the touch Jonathan was denying her. This was it. She was ready. Jonathan added pressure with the vibrator on her click with one hand and used his other hand on her abdomen to still her movements. şişli escort He circled her clit, faster and faster. Jana had turned her head to bite down on the pillow as a silent scream ripped through the very pulse of her. Her body froze as Jonathan kept rubbing the little nub hard until juices shot out from her pussy…onto the bed and onto his chin. Jana relaxed for a good five seconds until she shot up with a very crazed expression.



It felt like a dream. It had to be a dream…one of those feels like it’s real kind of dreams which keeps a person in bed. Everything felt so good. Jana was aroused like she hadn’t been in she wasn’t sure how long. Cool air kissed her nipples and a phantom touch seemed to stroke her pussy in this delicious pace where Jana wasn’t sure if she’d imagined it or if it would happen again.

Her eyes had opened to see Jonathan working her over, but still, she felt like she was lost in another world. This couldn’t be reality. She had never been this wet for anyone. Content she was in the midst of a very powerful nocturnal adventure, Jana leaned into it. The craving she had to touch Jonathan’s hair to see if it was as soft as she remembered, yeah, she did that. Letting herself be free enough to make whatever kind of sound she felt to his touches? Yeah, she did that too. It all felt deliciously luxurious, like the kind of morning which doesn’t have an ending or beginning.

But then the sensations grew stronger and her body started to build with a familiar tension within. Jana’s brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders, but her body sure as hell was alive. She wanted more. She wanted everything. The light touches on her pussy weren’t enough and she struggled with wanting to see if this was all real to wanting to be lost for as long as possible. In the end, her body made her mind up for her. Dream Jonathan worked her over like the beat of a good song. He was relentless, just like she needed, but would never say in the real world. As much as she wanted him to fuck her good and hard or hell, see how he tasted, she also wanted it just like how he was giving it to her. She wanted to be out of her mind and go until she absolutely couldn’t.

The build up crested and her orgasm seemed to come out of nowhere. She was so concentrated on the next touch, she missed the telltale signs of her body getting ready to cum. Her nipples ached. Her hands had needed to grab onto something, anything would do. She wanted to bite something, hard. The noises she emitted didn’t even sound like anything she knew she could do.

And then there she was, cumming like she never had. Her body seized up and she saw blinding light from behind closed eyes. It felt like every bit of tension she ever had was suddenly and irrevocably ripped up…gone…incinerated into nothing. Jana entered a state of bliss.

As she came down, the rest of her started to wake up to the fact that it had not been a dream. She felt, rather than saw, how her clothes were at all odds with her body. She heard Jonathan’s quick breaths. Her hands started to move along the bed, then her face…and then it hit her all at once.

Jonathan. Last night. This morning. Her mind was doing a million calculations inside of a second and the first thing she saw was Jonathan’s smirking up at her with a very pleased smile upon his face, despite her having screamed at him first thing.

“Morning princess.”

“Morning? Morning! Jonathan, we…goddammit…we were supposed to talk this morning. Not this. Last night wasn’t an invitation for whenever you felt like it.”

“You sure? Pretty sure your satisfaction with this morning is still on my chin…and bed…and well, sweetheart, you made a big old mess.”

“Seriously? You’re impossible. I’m getting up to get dressed and then we are going to talk.”


“What do you mean no? Like you suddenly have powers over my will?”

“We agreed we would talk. So talk already.”

“I’m not talking to you like this…I’m basically naked.”

“And I’m not talking to you in any other way.”

With that, Jonathan pushed her back down and brought out one of her vibrators. The how and why of his knowledge of said vibrator would have to be dealt with on another occasion. For the present, Jana was trying to squirm her way out of the bed. Jonathan looked fairly intent, but Jana wasn’t about to let him have the upper hand. She tried rolling out and off the side, but she felt herself being pulled back to him and held down by one of his elbows. While she squirmed, it didn’t seem to do any good. And while she tried to move and maneuver around and away from him despite him having a firm position on one of her thighs, he easily captured the other and found a way to have her hands locked underneath their bodies at the same time.

“Let me up Jonathan.”

“No, I don’t think so. Regardless of whatever is about to come out of your mouth, I answer to only your body which is begging to be beşiktaş escort fucked. So if you want to talk, best do it now. Your body is a touch on the insatiable side.”

And with that, Jonathan dipped his head down to lick at the tip of her nipple. Jana didn’t even realize she had let out a breath until it was too late. The smug bastard had her. Fine. If this was the way he wanted to play it, then she would treat him as an extension to her toys and get off and be done with it.

“Have it your way then.”

Jonathan looked into her eyes and whatever he saw, satisfied him enough to get up off of her. Just as she was getting used to moving freely, he grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her down the bed so her legs dangled off the edge. He was on his knees and somehow had the vibrator within reach.


“Jonathan, you’re impossible. We just can’t do this you know. We work together. We have the same circles. It’s just not advisable.”

“While you and I normally see eye to eye, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one.”

Whatever argument, rationale, thought, feeling, or signs of upper brain function Jana had, completely deserted her as with no preamble whatsoever, Jonathan thrust the vibrator deep into her cunt. While the toy was off, it was still a massive dildo for her and thick. She almost never used this particular toy because her cunt would be sore for days afterwards. Then Jonathan switched the toy into the on position and Jana really had a lot of trouble putting a sentence of thought together.

“You were saying?” He reminded her.

“Uh…I…” and just as she was able to think and say the word I, he pulled the toy out all of the way and thrust it into her all of the way once more. Her pussy went from zero to on fire with the feeling of being full…and despite Jonathan using a toy, feeling like it was getting a solid fuck.

Out and in he fucked her with the toy. Jana’s whole body was warmed with need. She wanted his touch, his taste…everywhere…anywhere. And yet, all he gave her was the steady in and out of the large vibrator.

“Jana, are you not taking this conversation seriously?”

“What? I…uh…oh…:” She didn’t remember the point of words or why she was trying to think in the first place. Seriously, thinking was entirely too overrated in her opinion. All she needed was the steady in and out of the vibe. Her pussy didn’t seem to remember that she had just had an orgasm. She couldn’t seem to remember her name.

“Well if you won’t talk, I guess it’s up to me. Jana, we will fuck. The door is open. That’s all there is to it.” Jonathan continued to fuck her. “I’m going to open your eyes to another world and at the end of it, you’re going to crave every bit of depravity I give you. And then it will be over and gone. We’ll get it out of our system.”

“Jonathan, you can’t expect me to agree…oh” Jana stammered as Jonathan had sped up his toy fucking incrementality and added a tilt, hitting her g-spot.

“It’s a yes or no Jana.” Jonathan’s voice was a little less clipped, but still in control.

“It’s not that…”

And suddenly, Jonathan stopped. He pulled out the toy and climbed up her body. She could feel his needy cock, hard atop her leg. He held her chin with his fingers so she would have to look him in the eyes.

“You’re mine for right now. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll cum and a host of other very enjoyable activities. But you have to say yes right now, or it all ends. I’ll find another hole to fuck. I’ll find someone else and call her you and be satisfied. Meanwhile, you’ll have missed out on all of the wonder only I can show you. So decide.”

Between his intense gaze, the feel of him upon her body, the need to cum…all of it was too much. And she really couldn’t think, not even if she wanted to…there was only this moment of now and in the end, it wasn’t a choice…but a submission of will. He had hers and that was all there was to it.

“Yes” Jana’s voice was barely audible and in no way sounded like her, but there it was and the world shifted.


Thank Christ. He had no idea what he would have done had she not agreed to be his. His threats to fuck someone else were not entirely empty, but nor was he entirely honest. He needed to consume her and no one else would have suited him in any real satisfying way. Did he use every trick in his arsenal to disarm her into getting what he wanted? Absolutely. But he was completely sure she’d regret it if he gave her any opportunity to say no.

Satisfied she was on board, he stayed put atop of her, but grabbed the toy and started to fuck her like both his mind and cock ached to it. He moved her leg to the side and shoved the toy as far up into her as he could, literally moving her whole body upward with the power of his thrust. Jana’s eyes rolled back into her head and she grabbed hold of him.

He fucked her deep and he fucked her hard. Each thrust of the toy, and grind of his cock on taksim escort her thigh, brought them both closer to the brink. In a sense, they both were past the point of no return. Whatever path this course took the pair of them didn’t matter. Only the need to cum mattered.

Jonathan tasted her lips like he had been dying to do all morning, but had held back until the very moment he heard the three letter word. She tasted warm and ripe. Soon she’d only taste like sin…at least when he was done with her. But for now, her honeyed tongue danced with his and he was one hundred percent on board. He teased her mouth just as surely as he pounded away at her pussy.

Every nerve in his body was dying to cum. His balls were tight. His dick throbbed. And the way she moaned inside of his mouth when he tilted the vibrator a little more? Yeah, that didn’t help. She was hot all over. Her arms had a death grip on his shoulders and every now and then she’d break the kiss so she could nibble and bite him everywhere her pretty little mouth could reach. Jana was fucking close and it was glorious to see her chaos up front and center.

Jonathan leaned up from her, breaking her hold, to see her face. Her eyes were closed. Her skin, flushed. Jana snaked her hand from behind his head and pulled him down hard so she could have his mouth once more. She used those lips of hers to suck on his tongue and dug her nails into his shoulders. For a second, he saw her tied down and helpless to pleasure and he moaned long and hard at the thought. Inspired, he whispered.

“You’re doing so well Jana. I can tell you want to cum. The question is, should I let you?” Jonathan’s tone was thick and dirty, intentionally so. For Jana’s part, she could only whimper.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”


“Words Jana. Now.”

“Make me cum…please sir…just…I need…”

“You sound like you like your cunt being filled.”


“Tell me how much you want my cock.”

“I do…”

“Say the words Jana.”

“I want you. I want it all…just let me cum…please Jonathan.”

He answered her plea by changing the speed of the thrust of the toy and pounding away at her juicy little pussy.

In that moment, Jana pushed him up and arched her back as her whole body entered another realm. Her whole being tensed up and she let out a deep moan that stretched and stretched until it became a horse cry.

As soon as she stopped shaking, Jonathan quickly withdrew the toy, turned her over and smacked her ass hard enough to change her pretty pale skin to a bright hue of pink. Gazing at the handprint on her ass and seeing her boneless state, Jonathan whipped out his cock. Barely a few strokes in and he was done. He starting to shoot his load all over her curvy ass. He painted her backside in ribbons of his cum and let our his own grunt of utter satisfaction.

Spent, he laid down next to her and closed his eyes, taking in the feeling of feeling perfectly fucked.


She had no words. She had no bones. She had no thoughts. The stench of sex intoxified the air and the only thing which penetrated the fog of her sexually sated mind, was the sound of their breathing. Hers, shaky. His, long and slow. Her heartbeat was still coming down and her brain gradually came back online.

Absently, she realized she could hear the faint buzzing of her toy somewhere in the room. The toy. Christ, she never realized it had that kind of potential and she had spent considerable hours figuring out just how she liked to give it to herself. Jana looked over at Jonathan then and noticed how peaceful he seemed. Men really were their truest selves right after getting off. From observation, Jonathan seemed to be happy with the world.

“So I’m your slave now?”

“Not entirely. For instance, I’m not going to make you order me breakfast or wear a toy while at work today.”

“Ha. Like I would.”

“Oh you would-because you enjoy pleasing me. But Jana, while at work you are safe for now, outside of work however…your body is entirely mine.”

“Awful sure of yourself aren’t you?”

“Yep. You’ve been neglecting yourself and it’s up to me to right the world again by making you cum again and again.”

“Do…I…have a say in any of this?”

“Not really. You love it. You want me and you won’t be happy or satisfied until you’ve had me.”

“Ah, but I have.”

“No Jana. You see, while your body is relaxed, your mind is going to keep going. Whenever there is a quiet moment or a long pause in the day, you’re going to be thinking about me and my cock. You’ll think and you’ll wonder. Then you’ll overthink and wonder some more. Jana, you won’t be satisfied until my cock is balls deep inside of you and you’re screaming my name. But there’s bad news I’m afraid.”

“Oh do tell! I like story time.”

Ignoring her sarcasm, he rolled to face her.

“I like to take my time. There are so many wonders for you to taste and try and I plan on doing them all with you. Until tomorrow night when this job is over, I’ll give you some glimpses into my plans, but you won’t have me. And Jana? You’ll be aching with the need to be fucked. By the time I am ready to fill you, you’ll be happy to call me Sir.”

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