The Perfect Neighbor


You can’t really know a city until you know your neighbors. That’s what I’ve always believed and that’s what happened during my first week on my new job, on my new city. I was renting an apartment, whose only advantage was a big bedroom window facing the building across the alley.

One night I came back from work completely tired. I got undressed and sat on my bed. I turned off the lights and I put on my favorite jazz record. I was certain that I was going to fall asleep before the end of track 2, when I noticed the window across me.

A light was turned on and I saw a female figure walking. Another one who is working late, was my first thought. The shutters were not fully closed and that allowed me to watch more than just a vague shadow. She stood by the window. She was brunette, not very tall but her body was amazing. She was slim but even from my room I could see that her curves were perfectly rounded. She took a step back and caught her hair into a ponytail. She took off her shirt and I saw a black bra pressing two marvelous tits. My dick was getting harder by the second.

I tried not to move, I believe at some point I even tried not to breathe. şişli escort She took of her skirt. The stockings were embracing two tight legs. But what really sent me to the roof, was the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My dick was aching. I took off my boxers and I grabbed it in my hand.

She took off her bra too, and she stayed with her stockings. Her breasts were finally released! They were big, too big for her body. Two brown, large nipples dominated my eyesight. I started masturbating harder. She stayed there, in her window for a couple of minutes, naked, looking at the road. I was praying these moments could last forever, or maybe until I cum.

I was almost done! Then her eyes wandered off the road to my building. I was too late. She saw me cuming. The angry look on her face took away all the pleasure that her body had given me a few seconds earlier. I saw her mouth moving, probably cursing and she closed the shutters completely!

I was ashamed. The guilt didn’t let me sleep that night. The next few days I checked the road just before I came out of my building, just to avoid any chance of meeting with mköy escort her. Obviously I didn’t dare to open my bedroom window either! I was ashamed but I couldn’t understand why it had affected me so much. I mean it was just one hand job. She should be flattered!

I decide that I should be more of a man and don’t give a damn about her opinion. So, the fifth night after our unfortunate incident, I returned home from work and the first think I did was open my window. And she was waiting for me. Just across the street, sitting on a chair, wearing nothing but her stockings. I was amazed!

I got undressed and sat opposite her. She lowered her lights and put her feet to the window. A perfectly shaved, pink pussy was staring me. I got horny instantly. She licked two fingers of her right hand and she touched her nipple. I started stroking my dick. She touched her nipple until it became hard. He mouth was half open and her red tongue was moistening her lips. She lowered her hand to her stomach. I started stroking harder. My eyes, my brain were completely focused on every move she made.

Her index touched her clit. She closed her eyes and she güngören escort started rubbing it. She was enjoying and I was enjoying it even more. She made little circular moves, around her clit until it became red. The she slipped that finger inside her pussy. She started masturbating intensely and so did I. She tilted her head on the back with her eyes closed and her mouth open. I really hoped that she was moaning! The finger didn’t meet any kind of resistance. It was entering and exiting that perfect pussy and with every move her fluids were running down her thighs.

I was ready to cum. Then she stopped and she looked straight at my eyes! I was puzzled. A faint smile illuminated her face. With her other hand she took a dildo, put it all in her mouth, licked it and then with one move she put it in her asshole! I could almost hear her screaming from pleasure! She left the dildo in her asshole and started masturbating again! It was too much for me! I couldn’t last anymore! I came with a scream. I closed my eyes and I imagined her being between my legs sucking every drop coming out of my dick!

I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was smiling. She had lowered her legs and I couldn’t see her pussy. She stood up, let me have another look at her body and closed the shutters. That was the last time I ever saw her. Month after month I was waiting by that bedroom window, listening to my favorite jazz record. She never showed up again.

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