The Sugarbaby Chronicles Pt. 02


After our first group encounter with the guys, I was sore. My boyfriend mentioned stretching me out before that night just because it was sexy. This time, it was a necessity. Having multiple partners and some that were well above average for what I could handle at one time led us to finally think about breaking out some more of our couples’ store purchases. Beyond the outfits and food stuffs, we had flexible dildos, bullets, and plugs. There wasn’t any time to use them since and, I needed to recuperate before trying anything else.

2 weeks later, it was a rainy Saturday, and we were both finally off from work. We leisurely woke up and just followed our normal morning routines before settling on the couch to find a good movie or series to binge on. I laid in his lap while he flipped through the channels, just looking at the beads dropping on the glass, trees swaying, and the occasional branch whizz by. For some reason, storms always made me horny. I wasn’t sure if it was because you were trapped inside, sometimes the power would go out and you snuggled up with a blanket, or because of the random energy in the air. Either way, I was enjoying feeling his warmth on my back and my head on his chest.

We finally found something and spent a good 2 hours watching episode after episode. The whole time I shifted in my little shorts and tank to rub up against him while giving his thighs fleeting rubs with my fingers. He pretended like he wasn’t aware of my teasing by not reacting, but I knew better. He played the game of tease as a professional with the understanding it would drive me crazy to be ignored and make everything much more exciting later when he chose to spontaneously şişli escort reciprocate my playfulness. We were starting to get hungry, so I asked him about lunch. He was content with whatever as he always liked my cooking, and I loved doing it for him.

I got up and thought about what he had, preheated the oven, and got to work. He walked and came in to keep me company for a bit, and I started working on the sides. Once those were situated, I put the pan in the oven. That’s when he walked up behind me, waited until I closed the door, and wrapped his arms around my stomach. I put my arms around his and he leaned me over the counter and says he loves to watch my butt wiggle as I walk around and bend over. He pulled my hair back and nibbled on my neck a bit while pressing his pelvis firmly into my ass. I feel him starting to sway just a bit and stand me up completely, then slide his hands down and up my shorts to squeeze. He let go after a few grabs, and I hopped onto the counter and pulled him in with my legs. We make out for 30 minutes as he intermittently tells me what he’s going to do with the toys. The timer went off, and I was eager to get through the meal.

It’s even darker now, and still heavily raining when we finish. I went to clean up our places, but he just grabbed my hand and took me to his room. There’s a pair of stockings and heels he loves more than and I always pack them in anticipation. He told me to dress in only those items, then kneel on the bed. While I changed, he laid everything out on the bed in order like a surgeon would his instruments. I got in the center, then on my knees as instructed. He came escort aksaray over and gave each nipple some quick tweaks, and told me to scoot down, turn around while still on my knees, and bent over the side of the bed. He picked up the lube, and applied it to the silver, acorn-shaped bullet first. I felt it shoved into my ass gradually, and he stopped every few centimeters so I could stretch easily. He got to the end, and I felt the disk at the base nested between my cheeks. I asked what was next, and he didn’t answer; just lubed up the long, thin vibrator and shoved that deep in my pussy.

He turned it on the first level, and then the setting where it goes up and down the shaft. With one hand he twisted the plug in and out and then intensified the vibrations and shoved it in more with the other. Both holes puckered with each sensation and I asked him to intensify the vibrations. He pushed the vibe deep as it could go, then went up two levels, and switched modes to where it all concentrated at the tip. He had a hard time pulling out the plug because I was tightening up from the concentrated pleasure spreading from the center of my body. He told me he wanted me to have enough juice to cover his cock instead of lube. I was always wet and made enough to spare with a little pouring out at the end.

I heard the vibe get turned up the highest level which made me start to shake and gasp to orgasm with my feet and then toes straightening. It was building up since we started, but that the last piece of the puzzle to send me over the edge. He kissed one cheek, took it out, and told me to lay down on my back. I was able to just crawl after a few seconds as kağıthane escort he took off his clothes. He sat between my legs already completely hard and ran his hands up and down the stockings stopping at my knees, then bending and pushing them back so that my feet rested in his elbows. He reached back to get the large round dildo and handed it to me. Then, he shoved his cock in a few times to wet it before nestling it in completely in my ass. I’m told to work the dildo in as he holds my legs back and watches while staying firm.

The soft silicone tip enters and it’s easier than others I’ve tried because I’ve already been stretched by the last guy at our meeting. In past years it was uncomfortable because I was narrow and never left it in long enough. I hear him say, “more babe, come on I want them both full”. I pushed slowly while looking into his eyes more as a tease. I felt my ass get tighter as now each hole was occupied. He had a little trouble pulling and pushing from the added pressure but loved the feeling. He pushed my legs out and leaned in giving his cock one hard shove and keeping it stationary as he took my hand off the dildo, and laid it back behind my head.

I felt it going deeper and faster like he wanted as he took the lead. I kissed him, nibbled, and sucked his tongue as we both moaned with him speeding up and hearing my juices move. He’s going harder than ever and I move both hands to the back of his head and neck as I prepare for my second wave. He’s back to fucking both holes and I hold on as I start to squeeze with each. I feel him tense and shoot in his favorite one while still moving that dildo deep. It stopped and we kept them filled until I loosened up and let go enough for him to slide out safely.

We played with the toys several times until the next meet up. Sometimes he would have me use them as he watched, or he would use them on me. It was clear I practiced enough to take more at our next meet up.

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