Thirsty for Her


[This is my first submission and I would greatly appreciate all readers interested in this subject matter to give their honest opinions of this work. I wrote it in part because I did not read many stories with scenes similar to this, a perpetual fantasy of mine.]


I’ll just jump right out and say it: I’m horny. I’m horny for you. I don’t care why; it’s just that something you have about yourself. There’s nothing special about today or now over any other moment. I went to work, came home, and we ate dinner. I bet robots could replace us-our life has been so monotonous lately. Seriously, because after dinner I did the dishes and you lazily sauntered over to the couch and clicked on the TV. Maybe it was then, when I saw your hips slide back and forth in your short sweat-shorts, whose writing wore off several loads of laundry ago, that I felt that desire, that need to pleasure you. I think I caught a glimpse of that lowest part of your butt cheek. Maybe tonight I’m a little jealous, it’s me staring at you as you watch television instead of the other way around, but all I want right now is pussy. Your pussy. I want to satisfy you. I want to make you want me. I want to lick your pussy. I want to go down on you. I want to make love to you with my mouth.

Perhaps you want me to kiss your slit, but there’s that possibility that you don’t. Maybe you hadn’t really noticed how horny you are; how much you wanted me to make you cum. It’s funny that you underestimate how much I enjoy making you cum, though. If only you knew how I felt, maybe you would make the first move. But you don’t, so I’m going to make the first move, and I’m going to tell you how I feel.

You are a fine wine to me. And like a fine wine, the complexion and taste changes over time. Your pussy has an intoxicating flavor that I long for. It is indescribable and personal. Sometimes it has those flavors of honey and nuts, and at other times the smell of high quality leather and good tobacco. And you age so well. You are a bottle I will both open and finish tonight. I will savor you, smell you, taste you, and drink you. But you haven’t noticed yet my addiction to your body. You are still watching that damn squawk box.

During the commercial break (so I don’t blatantly interrupt you) I sit at your feet as if to watch the show. I could complain about how I’m not on the couch sitting next to you cuddling, because I honestly do like the feel of your milk-and-honey skin against me, and I don’t appreciate it enough when I’m asleep, usually. But I want to be at your feet, with your legs on either side of me, looking at the TV while you begin to play mindlessly with my hair. You still haven’t noticed, but I could care less about what we’re watching. I’m still admiring you. Looking at your feet, I tickle your ankle with my fingernails. I don’t want to annoy you. I’m just brushing for a reaction. All I want is to see your legs get a few goose bumps. To extend the metaphor, I’m holding the wine glass in my hand.

I’m helping you relax more as I massage your other foot a little. I’m glad you let me know this feels good. I can smell the perfume of your body. The pheromones of your sex have me rapt in attention. While you continue to fondle my hair I’ve started to rub my head gently against your thigh. Slowly, almost uncontrollably, I wrap my arm around your leg and begin to kiss your right calf. One kiss, two kisses, thirteen kisses as I move up to the back of your knee. You gasp then because you’re sensitive there. You didn’t think I knew, did şişli escort you? But you gasped twice just then, and now I can smell even more of that pungent spice as I face you to give twenty juicy, artful kisses to your right thigh.

There’s no question now that you know I’m aroused. That lovely smell, it’s a sin to cover it up. I love it. I love that it changes with your cycle. So what if you sometimes notice your aroma? Don’t mess with it. You know your flesh drives me wild. It has me focused in an unbreakable, unquenchable way.

I am the hungry predator, stalking my yet unseen target slowly. My right hand trickles up your right leg, as if to meet my mouth, but my head moves farther towards you and I let my body roll to face you. My forehead presses oh so gently against the top of your shorts. My nose grazes your covered labia before I quickly shift to kiss the other calf.

Impatience gets the best of me. My right hand squeezes the top of your leg as I trace a line serpentine with the tip of my tongue from your knee to that point just under your shorts where I touch my tongue-point to the edge of your panties. My left hand has moved up the left leg too, in unison with my tongue, massaging that leg. Both hands slide to the sides of your ass, then up to the pins of your hips, and finally they press forward to come to rest at your waist. I press my head once again into you, awash with your delectable aroma. Salivating for it, I can feel your stare. I lift my head up to stare back.

A half second passes. I am staring at you with longing and desire. I regret not giving your legs equal service. Your poor creamy, sleek, strong, soft legs, they too deserve the worship your pussy is about to receive. You are all too willing for my adoration as I glide you down onto the soft carpet to be with me. Your comfortable clothes are my lingerie.

Our gaze is broken as you take off my shirt. I know you’ve been glancing at the massive bulge in my own shorts, as well as the rest of my body, but I’m your seducer tonight. I’ve eased you all the way to the ground. Overtop of you on all fours, I place my hand weightlessly on your soft round stomach, underneath your shirt. Looking deep into your eyes, you see love now, not only lust. I slide my hand up your midline and you remove your shirt for me. Twisting my palm to cup your breast you remove your bra, too.

At the sight of your breasts, those wonderful satiny globes you all too often criticize, I become your slave and master. They hold gravity for me and my head drifts down. I place both hands on them to cover their circumference. My left thumb and forefinger gradually squeeze and massage your left nipple, but the right one will be blessed. I place my whole mouth over it to bring warmth to it and let my tongue draw circles to wrap and press the nipple as I suckle you. There is a gentle suck and a heated breath as I roll my tongue to make it hard. I lean back to release your tit from my jaws only to blow on it while fingering your areolas. “Mmm,” I quietly moan as I run my stiff tongue under the boob, and then my whole head lopes around to make love to these mounds. Occasionally, I lean my head sideways an open my eyes to see you watching me, panting as I play with you. Like this I can hear your heart racing. You throw your hand under your panties and rub your now throbbing clit. I’m too fast and I snatch your hand away, pinning you down.

It gets me so hot to see you mad now. So hot I smile because I know you’re craving escort mecidiyeköy pleasure. It’s high time I get to work. Still straddling you, still touching my chest to yours, I lean back. I release your hands and you stay still for me. Without looking, keeping my chin over your bellybutton, I undress you completely in one effortless movement. God, I love you. The beauty of your body is astonishing. Everything about you from your scalp to your pinky toe is marvelous and I can’t help but think it again: God, I love you.

I run my fingers slowly through your pubic hair, and for my own pleasure, I press the back of my hand against my dick. Shhh, you didn’t know that. I’ve been continually focused on pleasing you, but I get so hard satisfying you. My hands still play with your pubic hair as I stick my tongue into your bellybutton, pressing your stomach. My hands slide down to your thighs then up to cup your wonderful, wonderful butt as I make a train of kisses to your mound.

“Mmm,” I moan again, and I shudder with excitement at your aroma. That taste! I’m almost there as I nuzzle your lips. I lap at them like a begging wolf. Open the doors to your treasure! You are so wet. The dew drips off your pussy and I nuzzle harder, opening the crease and giving you that first lick. I feel your chest heave in enjoyment, as you push that velvety fur against my nose. My nose is long enough I can nuzzle your downy bush the whole time if I want to.

My tongue is fast at work and I use my hands to spread you open further, pressing against your firm hips. As I wave my tongue up and down I curve it, so that it flips out at the edges and I let the smooth back of my tongue chase the rough forward thrusts as I search you. I taste everything as I go. Like melting ice cream your fluid dribbles down and I throw my tongue down repeatedly, desperate to not let a single drop escape. That’s right, I want all of it, all of you, delicious you. Ten orgasms are worth a vial of your pussy juice. All my senses are consumed with you. I can hear you panting. I can see you writhe in the luxury of my skill, I can feel you burn and sweat as I make your heart race further. And most important to me, I can smell and taste your amazing ambrosia.

I spread you open more and dig my tongue into your pussy. Up, down, left, right. Blind, I let my tongue explore you. Sweeping moist, hot circles I feel your thighs quiver and your ass clench. I know this place well and I now let my hands wander to other parts of your body, although both of us are so focused on your ever-flowing pussy I’m not sure if either of us knows where they go. My hands and your hands just drift of their own accord, hitting the right places and making us more aroused, without attention or complaint.

Suddenly your back arches as I touch that spot of pure arousal and passion. The feverish rubbing of your fingers pales in comparison to the way my starved tongue connects with your clit. Its sanctuary is a nook God designed for my tongue. I press your button like a four-year-old in an elevator. You shudder and moan. You want to cum? Not yet.

I slide my tongue into your pussy and literally drink the fluid out like a thirsty animal. I’m fucking you with my tongue and nuzzling your clit, just barely brushing it with a slow rhythm while I dig my tongue as deep and hard as it will go into you. Your tight pussy squeezes against my tongue and pushes it out, instinctively sending it back to your aching clit. The strokes against it are faster now, but still escort gecelik steady. The pressure is just enough to not make it raw. I’m aiming for endurance, but my own pained desire to please you outpaces my mouth. The washings of my tongue are too much for you and your legs squeeze my head in pleasure. My ears burn and my beatings slow, but I shoot precum in my shorts in the excitement. You release my head from your legs only to use your hands to press me hard into your moist lap. Instead of air, I happily breathe in silky flavors of your pussy. Those slow beatings of your clit turn into fierce, raspy lashings against your clit, and the abuse makes you whine with ecstasy as I asphyxiate myself on my goddess.

You’ll have your orgasm at my death, but I place my hands on your stomach and lift my head up, releasing you from my tunneling lingua. I bite your thigh just to distract and punish you, but I blow my breath of life out across the garden of your genitals and open up again my paradise. My movements are precise to control my own pleasure. I start my tongue on your extended clit in wide arcing to-and-fro’s to soothe it and slowly shift into stoking the area of your hood in tight circles with a narrow tongue. I won’t leave you now. You barely notice the finger caressing the outside of your ass; sliding up and down your crack in time with my kissing. All you feel is pleasure. Your waist, your whole body, tenses and relaxes and my tongue is the metronome, the conductor of this orchestra. You’re sweating hard now, hot, and pouring into me. My tongue darts left and changes direction. I lift my head up again to blow sweetly on your clit and your hand makes a second feeble attempt to satisfy you.

Minx! I interlock my hands in yours and pull them hard, down, to your thighs, forcing your hips to plunge into my face. I push my tongue back, hard and fast, against your slit. I hear you moaning pleas to cum and I gently circle your hood again. Your whimpers are my reward for delaying you more. I continue to wipe my tongue quickly against your clit. It races so fast you can’t tell whether it was up then down, or left. Fuck it, it just feels so good and you’re sooo cloooooose! I don’t stop and wrap my leg around yours. It’s spasming as I hold you on the edge of climax. The rubbing and your screaming make me wet. Once more I throw my mouth into the pool of your body. I squeeze and we couldn’t be closer. You throw your hands to the side. They grab the ground, then my head, and then back to the ground they return to hold you down. My hand slides to tickle your ass. My tongue slips perfectly in and out and back. In! Out! UP! DOWN! BACK! CLIT! CLIT! “FUUUCK!” you scream. YES! MOAN! I feel your body climax as you tense and shudder and cum in my mouth.

I will never complain and I haven’t stopped rubbing you with my tongue as you writhe. You try to look at me and lean forward but the orgasm I give you throws you down and makes your stomach pull your back to the ceiling. Eternities lazily drift by for me. We are like one. All I can think is, “More! Again!” My wish is granted. Your screams don’t stop and your sweetness fills my mouth again as I explode with lust. Aching, for each other, I let you go. Rising my chest up I insert my finger into you. One of your hands quickly grabs it and makes it gyrate as the other one grabs my shoulder. A third, final time, you orgasm, but this time you are panting and quiet. You collapse and let your head roll away from me as I slide my hand out to see you quiver one last time.

Tonight, for now, we are both satisfied. I lick my fingers like the sun licks at the last days of fall. Then I lie down and hold your beautiful, marvelous body. Cuddling, I kiss your neck once to thank you. You turn your head and give me that look of love, and then we both close our eyes.

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