69 Classic (rewritten)


“Damnit, damnit!”
I whined aloud to myself seeing the steam pouring out from under the hood of my rental car. I looked down at the temperature gauge and saw that it was off the charts.
“That’s what I get for renting a Ford Taurus… jeezus! These new cars just can’t handle highway speeds…”
I was mumbling to myself as I raised the hood of the new white Taurus, forgetting that I’d had the accelerator all the way to the floor. The heat of a July sun beat down on my bare shoulders as I stood there, semi bent over, hands on the driver side fender. I kicked the tire brutally, then wished I hadn’t.
“Guess I shouldn’t have worn these sandals.”
I reached through the window to grab my cell phone, exposing more of my toned rear end to the elements as the denim mini I wore hiked up my thighs. As I struggled to grasp the phone, my feet left the asphalt and I could feel the heat of the Montana sun warming my ass through my pink silk panties.
“Hey there… having some car trouble?” came a mocking voice from behind me.
Embarrassed, and turning as pink as the panties I wore, I eased my feet back onto the ground and turned to face the man leaning against the rear quarter of the Taurus. He was over six feet tall, wearing a pair of button fly levis, a white tee shirt and a black cowboy hat… a Stetson I think they call it.
“Car trouble? Is that what you call this? Here I am, in 90 degree heat, with a BRAND new car, stranded along side I-90. What do YOU think?!?” I snapped.
“Well then,” he laughed, “I guess you have it all figured out. Guess I’ll just be on my way.”
He turned to leave then, and I could feel the anger rising inside me. As he turned, I could see he had probably the nicest ass I’d ever seen. And as I looked beyond him, expecting to see a beat to hell Chevy pick up, instead I saw a gorgeous black Ford Mustang, a GT500.
Reevaluating my situation, I called to him, “Wait! Wait, please… I’m sorry I was so rude, but it’s… it’s just,” I gasped somewhat breathlessly, “just so hot, and I’m all by myself out here.” I pushed up the strap of my tank and walked toward him.
“Could you just give me a lift?” “Where to?” he asked.
“I… I don’t care – anywhere.” We flew down the interstate, the car taching six grand.
The black leather beneath me, began to stick to my thighs. I arched my back and pulled my skirt up, allowing the rushing air from the window to cool me down.
“By the way, my name is Lilah,” I said.
The driver said nothing, but I could tell he could hardly keep his eyes on the road. When I saw a turn off ahead, I suggested he take it. We could cool off in the shade of the trees along side the road perhaps? As he eased the car into the tall green grass beneath the trees, thunder crackled overhead and big heavy drops of rain began to fall.
I got out of the car, imagining how wonderful the cool rain would feel on my hot sticky skin. I placed my hands on the hood of the car… the metal burned my hands. As the rain fell, the metal cooled down and I became even hotter. My black tank stuck to me, showing very clearly my hard nipples beneath the light cotton fabric. By now, the mysterious cowboy had joined me in the rain. I turned and looked into gaziantep escort his eyes hungrily, then placed my hands back on the hood of the car.
He reached around me and unbuttoned the front of the skirt I wore, peeling it down my thighs and throwing it onto the roof of the car. Next, he pulled my wet top off… his eyes devoured my braless tits, nipples pink and hard, rain dripping of the erect nubs. He took the right nipple into his mouth, suckling hungrily, pinching the other between his thumb and index finger. He continued his assault on my wet sensitive nipples, pushing me down on my back to the hood of the car. He pulled my panties off, leaving my bare pussy lips exposed to the driving rain.
The heat of the engine radiated through the hood and mingled with the cool rain running down the crack of my ass. The cowboy lowered his head to my cunt, wet with my own juices as well as the rain. He drew the pink lips wide apart and thrust his tongue into my tight wet hole, driving me mad. He nibbled on my clit and continued eating my pussy as the rain beat against the hot metal and skin. Slipping two fingers inside of me, he began fucking me to ecstasy while sucking on my engorged pink clit.
I was moaning and crying out, begging him to let me cum when he pulled me off the hood and pushed me to my knees in the wet grass. I quickly pulled the buttons on his jeans apart and pulled the pants down to his ankles. I licked my lips when I saw the huge bulge awaiting me inside his underwear. I peeled the wet briefs down to reveal 10″ of engorged, delicious cock.
I took him into my mouth and drew him down into my throat. His cock was so huge, I began gagging, but I had to have it, so I kept swallowing until his balls slapped my chin. I began to suck, gently at first, then harder, pressing him against the roof of my mouth. He took two fistfuls of my hair and began fucking my face. His balls brutally slapped my chin and I thought I would pass out from lack of air. My nose was buried deep in his pubic hair. I could feel his muscles tensing and prepared myself for his load. All of a sudden, he pulled out of my mouth, pulling me to my feet and throwing me chest down onto the hood. The hot metal and cool rain sent shock waves through my body, as he pulled my legs far apart. He thrust into me brutally, holding me down with a hand in the small of my back.
I slid up and down on the hood with each thrust, gliding on the wet of the rain. I could feel the heat building inside me, his heavy balls slapping against my skin. He was moaning raggedly, grunting deep in his throat. I could feel his cock twitching as it slid in and out of me, harder each time. Again, I braced myself to take his hot load of cum, when he withdrew, pulling me down into the soft wet grass with him. He flipped me around and buried his head in between my legs once again. I took his hard dick in between my lips, sucking the head, then licking down his shaft. We sucked and licked there in the cool wet grass until we filled one another’s mouths with sweet, salty cum. As we lay there after, the rain receding to a drop here and there, both of us exhausted, I looked him in the eyes.
“What year is your car?” I yawned. He barely said “69” before he fell asleep

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