A night at the neighbors


We had moved into a new house and were slowly getting to know the neighbors. On one side of our house was a single woman. She seemed middle aged and was relatively unattractive. Being married and basically more gay than bisexual, I did not pay much attention to women. I did notice that Jo, the neighbor, did have a fair amount of women coming by to visit. Many seemed to stay overnight. My suspicion was that she was a lesbian and was quite active sexually. I did notice a few men stopping by as well and most of them were good looking. They were in their mid 30’s to mid 40’s and all seemed to be in good shape. Noticing this, I decided it was time to get to know Jo a bit better. One day when she was out in her yard, I walked over and struck up a conversation.

“Hi, Jo, how is life treating you?”

“Not bad. How about you?”

“Boring, just hanging around the house. I can’t seem to get my wife interested in anything and I am sick of just watching TV and reading.”

“If you want, I have a few people over from time to time. You’re welcome to stop in anytime. Your wife, too.”

“My wife and I don’t socialize together very much. Our taste in people differ. To be honest, I am more into men than women and my wife isn’t into watching me or participating. Hope that isn’t too out there for you, but I have been noticing that you seem to entertain single women quite regularly and have a sneaking suspicion you like same sex relations as much as me.”

That last comment seemed to catch Jo off balance a bit. She sort of looked around as if she was checking if any of the other neighbors had heard.

“Why don’t you come into my house and we can talk some more,” she said.

Upon entering her place, she quickly closed the door and turned to me.

“Is my being a lesbian public knowledge around here? I have had to move before because some people are so offended by my lifestyle that they push me out.”

“I guess I am just a bit more observant than some. No one has ever said anything to me about you or who visits you. I pay more attention to the men you have over, to be honest. There appears to be some nice cock in that group.” I gave a smile and a quick lick of my lips to emphasize my appreciation of her male house guests.

“Those guys are mostly business acquaintances, to be honest. Most are married and I am not sure about the sexual preference of the single ones. They all know I am a lesbian and have no issues with it. We have worked together for years, albeit our company is not very close knit. I am having a group over tonight, if you would like to join us. It would at least get you out of the house.”

“I would love to. You don’t mind if I try my luck with some of the men, do you? I have been cock starved for a while now and wouldn’t mind a stiff cock down my throat.”

“Have at it! Like I say, some are married and some I don’t know about. We will be in the basement, but there are 4 bedrooms upstairs that you could have your choice of, if you got lucky. Just don’t make too much of a mess. The girls and I will be entertaining ourselves. We enjoy watching a bit of porn and sometimes that leads to some rather heated interactions. If we get too wound up, you boys may be asked to leave anyway.”

That evening I told my wife about the party next door and, knowing her answer already, asked her if she wanted to join me. She had no desire to be around anyone and was planning an early night. Bed by 9 pm and possibly a bit of reading. I told her I would be home late and not to worry about me. I would be right next door.

As evening settled in, I saw people begin to arrive next door. I had showered, freshly shaved my cock and balls to smooth perfection and put on clothes that were easy to remove and not hard to get cum stains out of. Always hopeful!! I walked over just as a man about 35 came to Jo’s front door. He was 5’10” tall with a tight waist and wide shoulders. He probably weighed 160 lbs and had short dark brown hair. His smile was broad and his bright white teeth flashed at me. I introduced myself as Jo’s neighbor and he said his name was Russell, Russ for short. We entered the house together and were immediately surrounded by the ongoing party. Women dancing with women on one side of the basement while the men hung around a bar and watched a basketball game on a TV mounted behind it. I was introduced to several other men there, all handsome and friendly. We commented on life in general and the game and the sight of all those women dancing together.

“That is an awful lot of wasted pussy” one of the other men said. A few others laughed and Russ commented,” They wouldn’t know how to give a good blow job if their life depended on it!” One of the others said, “Oh, and you would!?” That comment got quite a lot of laughs from all of the men. Without missing a beat, Russ said “ I know which end to put down my throat and when to start swallowing.” The other guys all laughed in a more nervous way and quickly turned the conversation back to the game. I, on the other hand, was fascinated by his comment and grabbed him by the shoulder to maneuver him away from the bar and into a seating area where we could talk.

“Quite a statement you just made” I said as I made direct eye contact with Russ.

“The truth is the truth. Most women I have been with couldn’t suck a cock right if they got lessons. They either try to pull it loose from your body or are so afraid it is going to squirt on them that they constantly take it out of their mouths and point it away from them. The few good blowjobs I got from women were from those few that really found the taste and texture of a good load shooting down their throats a wonderful feeling. And believe me, they are few and far between!”

“So do you suck cock or is that just your way of dissing the women? I mean, I am bisexual and the feeling of a cock in my mouth is the most wonderful thing I can describe, but I wouldn’t want to get the wrong idea about you. If you are straight, thats fine too. Just to let you know I would swallow your cock right now if you like.”

“Well”, Russ kind of stuttered, “While I said what I said, I am not really an expert at sucking cock. I have had a couple of opportunities to enjoy a stiff one, it only happened while I was on business trips and away from everyone I know. I wouldn’t mind exploring a few things with you, if you want to. My coworkers don’t know about my ‘interest’ in other men, so I would appreciate some discretion, if you know what I mean.”

Without any hesitation, I stood and motioned for Russ to follow me. I headed upstairs to one of the bedrooms Jo had mentioned. Russ didn’t follow right away. About a minute later he slowly entered the room. Without saying a word, he closed the door and dropped to his knees. I moved closer and loosened my pants, stepping out of them and my tidy whities. My shaved, 7 inch cut cock slowly rising as it hardened. My heartbeat quickened as I placed my swelling mushroom close to Russ’s parted lips. His hands raised up and one cupped my shaved balls while the other slowly stroked my cock. I held myself still, feeling his hot breath on my cock as he swallowed loudly. His saliva was filling his mouth as he anticipated my stiff cock sliding down his throat. The hand stroking my cock slowly moved to my ass and squeezed gently. As he did, he moved his face closer and pulled my cock to his waiting lips. His tongue slowly licked the precum from the tip of my mushroom and his saliva overflowed, drooling down the corners of his mouth. His tongue again sought my cock as he pulled me even closer. He opened wide and literally sucked my swollen cock entirely into his sopping wet mouth. My cock slides down his throat and I feel the contractions as he gags slightly. Immediately, his firm lips lock on my shaft and he begins to slowly slide his wonderful mouth back and forth, his tongue flicking and licking the bottom of my cock. My precum just keeps flowing. I can feel my mushroom swelling as the movement of his head, lips and tongue send me close cumming. Not wanting the feeling to end, I take his head in my hands and pull it back off my cock. He looks up with a hurt look on his face. “I need to suck your cock right now” I say as I lift him and lower myself. Russ had been busy while he was servicing me. His pants were off and his cock, 9 inches of cut glory, was fully engorged and throbbing. Before he had completely stood up, I had his cock buried to the balls down my throat. He started groaning before I had stroked it in and out of my mouth twice. His precum, which had glistened at the end of his cock as I gobbled it up ran down the back of my throat. The slick texture felt good. I tugged on his thick shaft with one gaziantep escort hand while I squeezed his balls, trying to get every drop from his beautiful shaft.
I could feel the throbbing of his cock increasing in frequency as I worked the cock in and out, down my throat and out of my mouth. Wrapping my tongue around the end of his cock, mushroom swelling so much I thought it might burst, Russ moaned and thrust his cock so far into my throat I gagged. Huge bolts of cum shot down my throat as I attempted to pull the massive meat stick back from my throat. Russ was groaning so loud I thought someone might come upstairs to see if everything was okay. He was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, the cum I couldn’t catch was running down my chin. Finally, after emptying his load in and on me, Russ stumbled back and fell on the bed behind him. My cock was still stiff as a telephone pole. I stood and approached Russ. To my surprise, he raised his legs to his chest and grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands. “Fuck me, fuck me hard” he said. His voice was low and almost a growl. I took some of the cum off my chin and mixed it with some spit. I smeared my cock until it was slick and quickly placed my mushroom against his tight ass. He strained to push his ass into my cock as I told him, “Unless you have done this before, it could hurt!” “DO IT!” was his only response. I pushed against his tight ass until my head popped into his hole. A moan erupted from Russ as he struggled to accept my cock. “Relax your ass. I will go slow, but you have to relax your ass. My cock will be sliding in easily in just a minute.” Without further prompting, I felt Russ’s ass loosen slightly. I slowly leaned into his ass as I began to thrust from my hips. Russ raised his legs and wrapped them around my waist. He pulled my cock to him and before I knew it my balls were slapping his ass. I pumped quicker as He moved his hips and legs rhythmically to a faster and faster beat. I could feel his sphincter tight around my shaft. My head was growing and my cock was again ready to let loose with ropes of cum. “I’m gonna blow my load” I said. Without hesitation, Russ pushed me off of him and slid off the bed. He grabbed my cock quickly and slid the shaft down his throat. I spasmed as my cum shot into his mouth. He swallowed and swallowed, trying to keep it all in his mouth. He couldn’t, and cum came flowing out both sides of his mouth. Spent, I pulled out of his mouth and sat on the bed. Sweat was rolling off my body as well as Russ’s. Seeing movement to my left, I notice that four of the guys from down in the basement were standing in the room. Their pants were around their ankles and their cocks were in their hands. “We’re next, you cocksuckers!” Russ and I smiled at each other and moved out into the middle of the room. Both of us got on our knees and motioned the stiff cocks to our waiting mouths. What a night! More to cum

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