A vacation to remember.


I was on a bench on the promenade at Playa Las Americas with my coffee and the latest English language newspaper. Looking out over the beach and the clear blue Atlantic. Enjoying the warm morning sun. A vacation in Tenerife was just what I needed. A week away from a stressful few months at work. We’d intended for my wife to be there, but at the last minute she’d had to cancel because of her job. But she told me I should go on my own, anyway. Knowing how much I needed a break.

As I sat there, I was people watching. Vacationers walked up and down in front of me in a continuous stream. Some families, some groups of young guys, some groups of young girls. The warm weather, even so early in the day, prompting some very skimpy clothing.
Girls in tiny swimsuits were attracting my attention. I had on my sunglasses to disguise where I was looking. Then a strange thing happened. A young man about 20 passed in front of me. He was wearing speedos and nothing else. Just carrying a bag and a drink.
His slim, smooth body somehow distracted me. I turned my head as he passed and watched him. From the rear, I watched his bottom as he walked away. It moved like a girl’s and I found myself staring. He turned his head and looked at me. There was nobody near him. It was obvious I was looking only at him. He had caught me checking him out.
He smiled a sly smile, turned and continued on his way. Wow, what was that all about? I thought to myself. I’m not gay. I don’t get turned on by guys.
But I realized that I had been turned on by this youth. His smooth, suntanned skin and his feminine ass in those tight speedos had had an effect.
Too much of an effect, in fact. I had an erection. Oh god! I’d had got an erection from looking at a boy! What was going on? But one thing was going on. I was horny as hell.
I wanted to go back to my hotel but I couldn’t get up because my hard cock would be making a big tent in my shorts. I could hide it behind my paper, I guessed, but it would be so obvious. I decided I should just sit tight for a little while and let it subside. I opened up my paper and started to catch up on the sports.
My head was buried in the paper so I didn’t notice immediately that he was approaching. Only when a shadow covered me, I looked up and there he was! The same young man who had had such a curious effect on me a little while ago.
“Hello” he said. “Can I join you”?
I lowered my paper. He stood there, in front of me. The first thing I saw was the bulge of his penis wrapped up in his tiny swimming costume. It took an effort to look up to his face.
“Uh, hi. Yes, I guess” I was stammering.
He sat down next to me. Close. I felt his leg touching mine.
“I caught you” he said.
“Caught me?”
“Yes, you were looking at my ass”
“No, no, not me” I denied it, but I could feel the blood rushing to my face.
“It’s OK. I know you were. I think you liked it.”
“I wasn’t. Honestly.”
“Don’t be shy. You can admit it.”
I was silent.
Then: “No you’re mistaken” I told him, firmly.
“OK, if you say so” he said, although his tone of voice was saying ‘you are lying and we both know it’.
He went on his way. I sat for a few more minutes and headed back to my room.
My hotel was designed in such a way that every room had a balcony overlooking the ocean and each was private.
I enjoyed the opportunity to strip off my shorts and lie naked in the sun. There is no feeling like it.
As I lay there, my thoughts went back to the alluring young man I had encountered and I felt my cock stirring.
My hand slipped down my body and I idly started stroking myself. The sun lotion I had liberally spread all over made it easy for me to run my hand up and down my stiffening shaft and soon I was masturbating. My fist gripped my hard shaft and slid up and down its length as I released my inhibitions and allowed myself to think about the boy.
This was MY fantasy, no need to be ashamed while I jerked off. Jerked off thinking about…
In my mind I thought of his ass in those speedos. Recalled how his cheeks moved as he walked away from me.
I thought about the bulge I had seen as he stood in front of me.
I fantasized about what might have happened if I’d admitted to him that I had been looking at his ass and hips and body as he passed me.
The image of his ass in my mind.
Imagining how it would feel to touch him. To run my palm over the curve of his sweet behind.
Stroking myself. Oh god I was so hard.
Wondering what his cock looked like.
Stroking myself. Up and down. Harder. Faster. The boy in my mind’s eye.
It was only a minute or two before I came. Strong as I can remember cumming since I was a teen.
The cum shot out and up my chest. Most of it slithered down off my oiled body and onto the towel that was under me. A little pool formed in the hollow of my sternum.
On a whim I dipped my fingers into it and brought it to my mouth.
Again with the new stuff! I had never in my life been with a guy or thought about it. Yet here I was, having an orgasm thinking about a guy and now I was tasting my cum for the first time.
I sucked my finger tips and then pushed my fingers deep into my mouth. Something else new.
And, as I lay there with two fingers going down into my mouth, I thought about sucking that boy’s cock.

That night, I masturbated again to the same fantasies. It was suddenly becoming an obsession and I was regretting my denials to the boy that morning. I decided that I would definitely not do so again. And I went to sleep hoping that the young man took a regular walk along the promenade each morning, because I was definitely going to be there tomorrow, in case he passed by.

I was down there again early the next day. Eager. On the same bench, same coffee, same paper. Pretending to read behind my shades, but really keeping a watchful eye for the youthful adonis who had approached me the morning before.
My mind was made up that I would take him to my room if he stopped again. I had chosen not to wear boxers under my shorts today; it added to the frisson I was feeling.
And then…. there he was. Still in those tiny speedos, sauntering along the boardwalk. A beach-bag dangling from his shoulder.
He swayed his hips as he walked. Even from the front I could see the sensual movement of his hips and recalled the appeal of his tight little bum.
He turned his head towards me and made a wry little smile.
I lifted my sunglasses to my forehead and looked at him. Today I wasn’t going to pretend a lack of interest. In fact, today I wanted him to know that I was very interested.
He changed course and slowed to a stop, standing next to where I was sitting.
We both faced out to sea. His sweet ass barely covered in the silky fabric of his swimming costume was a foot from my face.
“So, Mr “I wasn’t looking”, how are you today?”
“Very well thank you.”
“Today you are looking at me.”
“Yes, and I was yesterday. I am sorry I denied it. It was rude.”
“Rude to stare at boys half your age, or rude to deny it?”
Hmmm which? What was the right answer?
“Both, I suppose.”
“Well, perhaps I will forgive you two times.”
“What’s your name?”
“Luke, what’s yours?”
“Michael”, I told him.
“Hello Michael, I am pleased to meet you.”
“I’m pleased to meet you too, Luke. I’m glad to see you today.”
“I think I can make you more pleased, Michael” he murmured. Still looking away from me. Still teasing me with the proximity of his youthful body.
“Would you like to sit?” I asked. I was intensely aware of his sexy bum so close to me and was fighting an urge to either lean my face towards it or to raise a hand and start fondling him.
He turned and looked down at me.
“No I think you must buy me breakfast.”
“Where?” I asked.
“Room service” he replied “which is you hotel?”
I told him the name. It was half-mile to the South.
“Come on!” he told me and walked off in that direction.
I stood to follow. I realized that I had another erection. Pulled my shirt down as well as I could and tried to hide it but it was too obvious.
He turned and saw my situation. Laughed, and then walked on more quickly.
I had to hustle to keep up and it made hiding the bulge in my shorts impossible.
The fast walking pace had my cock bouncing up and down inside the loose shorts, rubbing against the material and making me even further aroused.
Passers-by were noticing…. an older man chasing after a young fem-boy and with a hard-on.
But these were all strangers to me, I decided. I ceased caring and caught up with my new friend.
I reached out and put a hand on his forearm.
He checked his pace. We walked on together.
People coming towards us could still plainly see that I was sexually aroused. I saw many people young, old, male and female staring at the lump in my shorts, looking at this mismatched couple and I saw several different reactions.
There was shock on many faces as they jumped to the right conclusion.
I saw two men look at me with envy. We walked past one guy, around Luke’s age, sitting on a wall. I saw him looking at us and he moved his hand and quickly grabbed his package, giving himself a squeeze. I heard him “tut tut” quietly, bit the smile on his face was one of approval.
Another man was walking with his family. His wife was oblivious as her husband stared at my friend, looked to my lumpy shorts, looked back over Luke’s smooth, tanned body and finally into my eyes. The corners of his mouth came up in an almost imperceptible smile, his eyebrows raised and lowered in a flicker and he nodded ever so slightly as we passed. He knew. He was probably into it. A married man, with homosexual fantasies. Like me.
I should be ashamed…. It actually made me more aroused.

We headed into the hotel grounds, past the pool area and through the lobby to the elevators. Most people were coming down from their rooms and we had a car to ourselves. I hit 6 and the doors closed. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to feel his smooth skin under my hands. But I didn’t want to be seen on the security cameras, molesting a boy half my age, so we stood in silence. He moved closer to me. It took all my will power to keep my hands to myself. We got to my floor and I couldn’t resist. I put my hand on his sweet ass and steered him to the right, towards my room.
The maid had already been, so the place was tidy. But I hung the Do Not Disturb sign, anyway, and closed the door.
Luke dropped his beach-bag, turned to me and asked “what do you want to do?”
“Did you want breakfast?”
“No, that was just a joke. I want something else.”
I stammered…. now I had to confess something to him…
“I…. I, um, I never did anything like this before.”
“Oh I know, Michael. I know. But you want to don’t you?”
I did. I wanted to.
“Yes”. My voice was quiet.
“Shall I tell you what I think you want?”
“Yes, Luke”
“I think you want to suck my cock.”
His hand went down inside the front of his swimming trunks and he started rubbing himself. I watched his knuckles through the sheer fabric.
“You can touch yourself, if you like” he told me. I moved my hand to the front of my shorts and rubbed my hard cock.
As I touched, I noticed that precum had made a wet spot there. Had that been there as we walked past all those people? Oh no! How embarrassing!
But now it didn’t matter. I rubbed myself as I watched Luke gaziantep escort playing with his cock and balls.
“And I think you might like to fuck me, Michael” Luke said, and turned around again.
He bent at the waist and, with one hand on each hip, started slowly slipping out of his speedos.
The top of the crack of his ass came into view. He looked behind himself at me and grinned.
“You like my ass, Michael?”
“Yes…. yes I do”
I was entranced. Even if I’d wanted to I couldn’t have taken my eyes off his bottom as he slowly revealed it to me.
“I know it’s sexy. I knew you were looking at me yesterday.”
“I was. I was. It is so sexy. I never looked at a boy before you.”
“I know. I know. It’s OK, though. Just enjoy looking at me now. Don’t feel guilty.”
I was so hard. My cock felt like iron and I traced its outline with my fingers through the material of my shorts.
The speedos came down to the tops of his thighs and he straightened up.
I watched as he flexed the muscles of his ass, first one cheek then the other, making it dance for me.
His hand went back to the front and I watched him from behind as he stroked his cock.
I reached out and tugged his speedos down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and spread his legs.
“You can touch me if you want”
I moved to my knees behind him. My nose was inches from his naked bottom. Starting at his calves, I moved my hands gradually up. Hi skin felt as smooth as it looked. What little hair he had on his legs was fine and soft.
I moved my hands around to the front of his thighs and I pulled him towards me. On my knees, hugging him from behind. Placing my cheek against his ass. Feeling the skin of his body on my face.
“Yes, Michael. That’s right. Love my body. You know you want me. You want to suck me. You want to fuck me.”
He reached down and took my hand from his thigh and raised it so that I could touch his hard penis.
It was erect and I could feel that there was no hair anywhere. But it was smooth. This youth had waxed.
His cock felt wonderful in my hand and I stroked him from behind, still kneeling.
His beautiful ass was there and I couldn’t stop myself… I kissed the cheeks of his ass all over while I stroked his hard cock from behind.
But, I wanted to see it. His penis. Wanted to watch myself stroking him.
With my other hand I gently pressed on his leg… wordlessly asking him to turn around.
He turned towards the direction of the hand on his cock and I saw my hand on another man’s cock for the first time.
“You like doing this, don’t you Michael?”
“Yes Luke. I didn’t know. I didn’t know it would be so good to touch a hard cock.”
He moved his hips gently in time with the rhythm of my hand.
“Do you want to put it in your mouth, Michael?”
My hands went to his ass and I pulled him to me. I opened my mouth and took him inside.
His cock felt great in my mouth. He placed his hands on the back of my head and held me. I sucked and licked him.
“Yes, Michael. Yes, you like my cock, don’t you? You like sucking cock.”
With his cock deep in my mouth, I could only nod. “Mmmm Hmmm” was all I could manage. I didn’t want to take his dick out of my mouth.
“You might make me cum, Michael. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”
Yesterday I masturbated, thinking about this youth shooting his cum into my mouth. And, to add to my fantasy, I had tasted my own cum for the first time. While I thought about Luke.
Thought about his sweet bum, thought about sucking him off.
Having him cum in my mouth for real was fantasy turned into reality. I gripped his ass tighter and sucked harder. Bobbed my head back and forth on his cock. Sucked him until I felt his buttocks clench.
“I will cum in your mouth, Michael”
“Mmmmmmm” I held on. My lips tight round the base of his cock. Kneading his ass with my fingers.
“”Now, Michael!”
His sperm spurted from his cock. I opened up and some cum escaped, trickled down my chin, but I kept most if it in my mouth. He withdrew his cock and I closed my lips.
Then I was able to swirl his cum around in my mouth and was able to taste it properly. And then I swallowed. It was great. Tasted nicer than my own. Or maybe I was getting to like the taste more.
Before yesterday I had never tasted cum at all, and now I was able to make comparisons!
I stayed there on my knees for a moment, savoring the lingering taste in my mouth.

He reached down and grasped my hand. Lifted me to my feet. I stood in front of his naked body. His glistening cock was beginning to lose its hardness. As I looked down, I realized how petite Luke was. I stand at 6′ and he must have been a full foot shorter than me. But he was perfectly formed!
His fingers found the button of my shorts and the zipper and he quickly had them down. His hands worked their way up under my t-shirt and he ran his hands over my pecs and then his fingertips played with my nipples. It was such a fine sensation. I tugged the shirt off and then we stood facing each other. Two naked males. My hardon poking him.
“That was so nice. You gave me a fantastic cum, Michael”
I was pleased and told him so.
“Did you like it? Did you like sucking me? Did you like having a cock in your mouth? Did you like a boy cumming in your mouth?”
“Yes, yes, yes and yes”
“You made me feel special, Michael.” I smiled down at him. “Can we kiss now?” he asked.
He strained upwards toward me and I leaned down. I placed my lips on his. They were as soft and smooth as the rest of his skin. It was like kissing a girl. He opened his mouth, inviting me to put my tongue into it.
My hands roamed all over his tight smooth body as we continued for several minutes.
Then I put my arms under the cheeks of his ass as we kissed and lifted his slim body. He climbed up onto me. His legs wrapped around my waist. My erect penis was rubbing against the crack of his ass.
Luke broke away, still in my arms, still lifted off the floor and looked into my eyes.
“Do you want to fuck me, Michael?”
Oh jeez. Do I want to fuck this sexy boy?
“There’s nothing in the world I want to do more, Luke”
“I want you to. I want to feel your cock in my ass.”
“I want to fuck you Luke. Your ass is so sexy.”
He unwrapped his legs and slipped down to the floor. He went to his beach-bag and grabbed a bottle. Turned to me and winked.
“I like to be prepared when I meet horny older men.”
He squirted some lubrication onto my cock and rubbed it up and down.
“Oh Michael… look how big and hard you are!” I nearly shot my cum just from his touch. But he finished covering me with lubricant just in time.
Then I might have cum again just from the sight of Luke bending over and pushing slippery fingers into himself.
He watched my reaction over his shoulder.
“You like that?” he asked. I had no voice to reply. But he knew the answer and took his time, fingers going in and out of his ass while I stared at the show he was giving me.
Then Luke went into the bathroom and came out with a towel. Pulled back the covers on the bed so that there was just the bottom sheet, laid out the towel and, at last, lay down on his tummy.
His slim, smooth, sexy bottom lifted just off the bed.
“Fuck me Michael. You want my ass. I want your cock.”
I was on him in an instant. The sexy ass under me was quickly impaled by my hard cock. He was ready for me and I slipped my entire length into him in one thrust.
His ass gripped my cock gently and firmly at the same time. It was the most amazing sensation.
“Oh Luke, you sexy boy” I whispered into his ear. Beginning to fuck in and out of his sweet, tight ass.
Bouncy, bouncy ass. Smooth, soft, receptive.
He lifted himself up to meet me as I drove my cock into him again and again.
“You like fucking me, Michael” he said.
“Yes, Luke. I like fucking you” I nuzzled the nape of his neck as my cock went deeper and deeper into his bum.
“Boy’s asses, Michael. Now you know what you like”
“Now I know”
“Kiss me Michael”
He twisted under me and I lowered myself to reach his lips. Thrusting my hips over and over, pushing my tongue into his mouth; pushing my cock into his ass.
He wanted more intimacy and moved so that he was on his back and I was between his legs. His arms came up around my neck and his ankles on my shoulders. My cock drove deeper still into his lithe, slim body.
I gripped the sweet cheeks of his ass as I fucked him and, with his arms still clinging onto me, I raised myself. I was standing now, with this man-boy impaled on my cock. His ankles on my shoulders and my hands supporting his ass.
I walked out onto the balcony.
The sun warmed our naked bodies as I fucked Luke’s ass.
I laid him on the sunlounger and fucked him there.
I leaned him against the balcony railing and fucked him from behind as we looked out over the ocean.
I bent him over the table. Fucked him some more.
Then I took him back into my arms and he climbed back onto me.
Again I was holding him in the air by the cheeks of his ass and I lowered him down onto my erect cock.
His ass slipped over my meat and I lowered him down as far as he could take it.
He clung on to me. It was spectacular.
His lips were locked on mine and I was lifting his entire body up and down on my cock.
Soon, too soon – I wanted to fuck his ass all day, feel his ass enveloping my cock – I knew I was close to cumming.
With my cock still inside him, I carried Luke from the balcony back into the room and laid him down on the bed.
He flipped back onto his belly and lifted his ass up for me…
I climbed up behind him and started fucking him doggy-style, but soon we were flatter on the bed and my weight was supported on my forearms on either side of him. I liked feeling his bare skin against mine. I lowered myself again and he took my weight as I shoved my cock into his ass time after time after time.
The ecstasy was building. This lad, this femboi, this temptation, this unbelievably sexy ass that my cock was buried in….. was bringing me to my peak.
“I’m going to cum, Luke”
“Mmm yes. Cum up my bum. You know you want to. You’re going to have an orgasm from fucking a boy up the ass, Michael. Naughty man. Do you feel good? Does my ass feel good on your cock?”
“Fucking excellent!” and I came.
Like never before in my life.
More than that first shady hand-job behind the bicycle sheds.
More than that first ever blowie from the girl who’s name I never remembered but who’s mouth I will never forget….
More than my first ever fuck.
This was more. This was unreal. My cum filled his little asshole and with each thrust of my spurting cock some leaked out onto the towel he had put down.
I fucked in and in and into him. Cumming and cumming and cumming until I was empty. Until I felt like all my bodily fluids were inside this sexy kid’s ass.
I was spent. I collapsed onto him for a moment and then we rolled as one onto our sides. My cock stayed in his ass.
“Oh Luke, you were amazing” I breathed into his ear.
“You were as well, Michael”
He moved away and my cock slipped out. He got up and went to the bathroom. I heard the shower.
I lay there catching my breath and then I must have drifted off in the warm air coming in through the balcony doorway.
The sound of the room door closing brought me awake. Luke was gone.
But the memories he had provided would sustain me for years.

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