Alice Pt.2


She told me that she had first realised in her very early teens. She had discovered her highly sexual nature at an early age, and always enjoyed the attention that she got from boys. But she came from quite a strict family, and really had no idea what sex involved, or what boys actually wanted from her. Her first explicitly sexual experience had been in secondary school when she had been in the toilets and had realised that a group of boys were trying to spy on her through a high window. She had found herself feeling very excited by this, and had made no attempt to let them know that she had seen them. Instead she had adjusted her position to spread her legs wide apart and give them a good look while she peed. Only as she finished had she looked directly up at the window, and straight into the face of the boy peering in. He had frozen in fear at being discovered, and the sense of her own power had excited her even more. As he stared, transfixed, she had even rubbed her clit a few times before pulling her panties back up and walking away.

Having made this first association between sex and pissing, she had never lost it. This experience had also given her a desire to see girls from the boys’ point of view. What were they feeling? What were they seeing? What might they want to do? Interested and excited by this, she had sought out opportunities to spy herself on other girls as they pissed. It had amused her to think how easily she had been able to fulfil this desire, and how jealous boys would have been to share the intimate moments that she was able to watch. The best were when other girls had slept over at her house, and they had prepared for bed at the same time, casually using the bathroom together. She had often wondered if her teenage friends had shared her curiosity or arousal as they had pissed in front of each other. On one glorious occasion she had even walked in to the school toilets at the same time as a girl who was reputed throughout the school to be, in their harsh, judgemental teen phrasing, a ‘total dyke’. The girl had not bothered to lock the cubicle as she entered, and Alice deliberately waited until she heard the sound of pee hitting the toilet bowl, then brazenly pushed her way into the cubicle. As the other girl had stared at her in surprise, she had reached down between her legs to feel her pussy – the first time she had ever felt another girl’s. The girl had been unable to interrupt her stream, and had carried on pissing as Alice stroked and fingered her. As soon as she had finished pissing, Alice had walked away and gone into the next stall. The other girl had followed her, and watched intently as she too emptied her bladder. But unfortunately she had not had the courage to touch Alice, and Alice had fantasised ever since about what might have happened had she done so.

Of course, Alice now wanted me to answer the same question. For me it had started even earlier when, in primary school, a girl had asked to watch me pee outside in the playground. I hadn’t really even known what I was feeling as I eagerly obliged her request, except that it was exciting, and somewhat naughty. Perhaps because of this early experience, I had always been a little turned on as an adult when girlfriends pissed in front of me, even though it hadn’t generally been an overtly sexual thing. It was just the intimacy and the mildly taboo nature of the act that aroused me. But then in my mid twenties, without any warning, a girlfriend had asked me to piss in her mouth. Even though I had read about this in books like Nancy Friday’s and been turned on by the idea, I was surprised and wrong footed. On top of that, the relationship was not in a good place and, for me, watersports, and sex in general, was never about being abusive or humiliating a partner. If I was going to do it, I wanted to do it with someone I felt really comfortable with, and who was obviously enjoying it just as much as me. So I let the opportunity pass, but continued to fantasise about it. Then, much later, I was with a partner who was up for almost anything, and everything was good between us, so I confided my secret fetish. Although she drew the line at drinking my piss, we tried everything else – pissing on each other, me pissing in her pussy or ass, her peeing on me while we fucked, or her peeing in my mouth, sometimes with her panties on, sometimes not. I had found it to be one of the biggest turn-ons ever, and only wished we would do it more often! But, perhaps sensibly, she had kept it for special occasions, which had only served to heighten the thrill. Besides, although she was more than happy to indulge my kink, it was clearly more my thing than hers.

By this time, having each talked for quite a while about our shared fetish, we were both naturally feeling very naughty again. We were still sat in the seats of the cab, but there was plenty of legroom. As I had been talking, Alice had begun to stroke my cock through my trousers, and now I couldn’t wait any longer. I leaned over and kissed her deeply. She pulled me into her and took my hand to put it on her breasts, and I fondled them through her t-shirt before stroking down her body to slip my hand into her shorts. For a minute or two I stroked her pussy through her cotton panties, then pushed them to one side to slide my fingers inside her. She moaned and bit her lip, then unzipped my trousers, and took my hard cock in her hand. I lifted my hips so she could push my trousers and pants down, and she wriggled out of her shorts and panties and then climbed onto my lap and slowly, ever so slowly lowered her self down onto me. I gasped as I finally felt her soft, warm, tight pussy lips engulf my cock. She was so wet and ready and I could easily have come inside her straight away. But I held back and she began to gently ride me, gradually getting faster and breathing harder as I lifted up her shirt to take her breasts into my hands and suck her hard nipples.

Her pace got faster and more frantic and our excitement built. Then, just as I sensed that we were both on the edge of coming she lifted her hips so that only the tip of my cock was still inside her, and paused. Kissing me passionately she panted and moaned and I felt her muscles tense, and a sudden gush of warmth as she let a stream of her pee hiss out onto me. As she did so she dropped back down onto my lap so that I thrust deep inside her. I reached down to pull her onto me, grasping her perfect, firm bum and could hold out no longer. As she continued to piss I came inside her, filling her young cunt with my seed, and she came too, her stream of piss pulsing as her muscles contracted rhythmically around me, as though milking every last drop of cum from me.

We rested for a minute, holding each other closely, her tits pressed against my chest, my hands still grasping her buttocks, pushing myself as deeply into her as I could. She ground her hips against me, and reached round to guide my hands to her anus. As I pressed my finger against it she pushed back gaziantep escort to ride my finger with her ass, and came again. Now it was my turn to pee. As my erection subsided slightly I kissed her again as I relaxed my muscles and began to flood her sweet young cunt with my piss, filling her completely.

After a while we lay back, temporarily spent, idly stroking and exploring each other’s bodies in glowing silence. We both still had beer left, so eventually I suggested we make ourselves more comfortable in the little bed above the cab, and we lay down to finish the beers and talk some more.

I don’t remember falling asleep, but I do remember waking up some time later, both still naked, with her lithe silky body pressed gently against me. Inside the cab we were in a warm cocoon scented with the sexy must of our lovemaking. But outside was a different story. The rain pelted down against the window, mixed with hail, and a driving wind. Predictably after all the beer, I needed to pee again. Alice stirred beside me and lifted her head to peer out at the storm.

‘I need to pee’ she said. ‘Me too’, I replied. ‘But I don’t fancy going out in that.’ Alice grinned. I was hoping you’d say that,’, she said. ‘Neither do I’.

Without another word she sat up and swung her leg over me to straddle my chest. She worked her way down my body, rubbing her wet cunt lips over me, then grinding against my cock before moving back up to sit herself over my face. My cock was rapidly getting rock hard again as I began to push my tongue inside her to taste her. She rode my tongue for a minute with her pussy and then moved forward to place her bum over my mouth. I eagerly pushed my tongue into her tight asshole and fucked her bum with my mouth. After a few minutes she swivelled round to take my cock in her mouth, and settled her pussy firmly over my mouth. I saw her muscles clench and relax, and felt a little spurt of hot pee on my lips. I needed no encouragement. I opened my mouth wide and pulled her down onto my face, sucking her cunt lips and flicking my tongue over her clit. And then she let go for a moment, her salty piss filling my mouth and almost overflowing. As my mouth filled I felt her muscles contract as she interrupted her stream to allow me to swallow, which I gladly did. As I groaned in delight she relaxed again to refill my eager waiting mouth. I was delirious with excitement as I tasted her fresh pee in my mouth and smelled the earthy aroma of her anus pressed against my nose. As I swallowed a second mouthful of her nectar she leaned forward and I felt her pert breasts brush my belly and her soft lips enclose my straining cock. Now it was my turn to relax my muscles and let her drink. It took a few moments, but soon I was returning the favour and pissing hard in her mouth as she sucked me and gulped my piss down. She began to pee again herself and we continued for some time like this, drinking each other’s piss straight from the source, careful not to let a single delicious drop escape. Finally as my stream slowed and the urgency abated, I felt my orgasm build, and Alice responded by sucking harder and bobbing her head up and down on my hard on, taking me deep into her mouth and wanking my firmly. She shifted froward slightly to get a better angle, and I found her anus against my tongue, and excitedly began to tongue fuck her ass again, pushing my tongue in as deep as a I could manage, stretching her tight sphincter until she came on my face, her anus contracting hard against my probing tongue. This was too much for me, and I now began to come as well, filling her mouth with my cum as she sucked hard and swallowed every drop. Just as I came, she moved back again to place her pussy over my mouth and I tasted her hot piss again, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my cock as I unloaded my seed in her willing mouth.

We both collapsed, exhausted and spent. But Alice made no move to climb off me, instead gently holding my cock in her wet mouth and continuing to caress it with her tongue, as I softly licked her pussy, clit and and bumhole. And then followed the most delightful hours of my life as we lay there for much of the night, each nursing on the other, each intermittently drinking from the other and then, naturally, needing to relieve ourselves again in turn, in a seemingly endless cycle. Over and over she filled my mouth with her piss, and over and over I filled hers, and we both drank deep and sucked each other dry. On several occasions Alice filled my mouth with her piss, then turned to kiss me, putting her tongue in my my piss filed mouth to taste herself as we then shared her piss together. From time to time I drifted into sleep, only to wake as Alice wriggled her pussy against my mouth to signal her need to relieve herself. And Alice too would doze off, but gladly wake again to drowsily suck my pissing cock.

By the time dawn began to break we had managed to sleep enough that we were ready again for some more vigorous activity. The sky was clearing, and with the brightening glow of first light behind her Alice turned round to kiss me, then mounted my hardening cock, riding me slowly. After a bit she lifted her hips and, to my delight, lowered herself down on me again so that my cock probed her tight arsehole, then slipped inside, deep into her silky soft bowels. I moaned with pleasure as she rode me. After a minute she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, ‘Piss inside me. Fill me with your pee.’ She held still for a moment to let me concentrate and then, as I relaxed and flooded her bowels with my piss she began to ride me harder again, gasping with pleasure. I felt the heat and wet of my urine inside her, stretching the soft skin of her rectum wide as her tight anal sphincter grasped and massaged my thrusting manhood. Before long I could hold back no longer. As she sensed my climax approach she leaned back and reached down to spread her pussy lips wide and shower me with her pee as I came in her piss filled arse.

We stayed locked together like this as our orgasms died away and our breathing slowed, Alice squeezing me with her pelvic muscles and pulling tight against me to press her breasts into my chest. When after a few minutes my cock began to soften inside her I felt my piss and cum running out of her arse and down between my legs. And then, as a final treat Alice slipped off me and wriggled down to take my cock back into her mouth, sucking and licking to taste her arse and our mingled juices. She then slid between my legs and pushed them back and apart so that she could lick all the way up my inner thighs, cleaning off every drop of piss. She continued all the way up to the crack of my arse, before rimming me deeply, just as I had earlier done to her. I couldn’t resist the temptation to clean her all over in the same way.

Eventually we had no choice but to move on and go our separate ways, but that wasn’t the last I saw of Alice. What kind of fool would pass up the opportunity to see a girl like that again?!

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